Maximilian's "Assist Me" Tutorial/Comedy Videos

It seems that the first season this great series of videos is comming to a close on its first season with a Jill Valentine tutorial. Hoping that Maximilian comes back another season for UMvC3 who do you want to see featured in a new “Assist Me”?

My picks: Dante, Strider, and Magneto.

Now if Max could just learn to play…


I’d love seeing some underrated character to be showcased. Enough with Magneto and Dante lol

What Max is decent! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your right Brennan, a tutorial on Morrigan would be cool see. Doom would fall in love again. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the Assist Me.
I’d rather he just had a tutorial on the character so that I didn’t have to skip through the rest.

I like the weird little subplots when it’s just goofy and not trying to be an action movie or whatever.

Anyone know how Max knows all these hot unknown actresses?

What Max does is good/cool. He knows his audience really well. He isn’t trying to appeal to anyone thats heavily into FG’s. He is trying to help out new players who want to get into the game and don’t have much FG experience. The subplots are cool and go well with his very basic stuff he goes over in his videos. If he was going for more advanced things im sure he wouldn’t have the subplots.

I want to see an Assist Me! with the best friends where they’re having a falling out after Ultimate because they both got nerfed.

Nah, his skill with his Wesker and Doom is definetely legit, I bet he can beat most people in SRK in casual play. It’s just that he’s not a tourney guy and he doesn’t do that well in tourneys. He probably will fare very well with Strider so it will be interesting to see how he does in UMvC3.

X-23 is his sister, idk bout Jill tho.

Psh, I ussually skip through the tutorial stuff the first time I watch it and go straight for the gold.

And his tutorials are very well made.

He’s transparent as glass. Predictable.

Whos Wesker isnt legit? I put my arcade stick in front of a plate of spaghetti once and it still was able to use Wesker effectively.

My pizza has a godlike Wolvie.


NissanZaxima and Piskooooo made this thread. WTB image thread based upon [inanimate object] that can play [character] best.

Agreed. The best tutorial video I’ve seen to date was the SF4 Cammy one posted a while back. Witty, downright wrong, and resourceful all at the same time. The terrible acting, monotone narration, and overall bad plot makes Assist Me beyond difficult to watch.

P.S. I once had to drop a duece so bad that I said fuck it and left my pad behind on the character select screen. When I came back, I not only had somehow won the round, but I also had hate mail. I beat my opponent with Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma without even being there to play.

Are you guys being serious? The humor in Max’s videos is great, and it’s also a nice change of pace because it really shows the effort and production value that goes into each video.

Humor is not easy, especially when interjected with a subject as seemingly boring and dry as video game strategies. Props to Max.

My vote to play Morrigan, Vampy:

The humor is dry, the acting is sub par, and he’s putting it on the internet where only the stupidest humor survives criticism of any flavor. Watch E equals 3 and you’ll understand what I mean.

Well I found them pretty funny. Just enjoy it for what it is and don’t be a critic about everything. The cosplay is pretty damn good. Those videos are also very well put together. Informative, entertaining and fun all in one package, and most importantly they’re accessible to new players without holding their hands or feeling like a chore.

There’s a reason why children’s educational shows use brightly coloured puppets and funny music. In order to make learning fun, you have to throw some glitter onto the clipboard.

These are awesome IMO. While none of them cover a character I play, I still watch them to learn basics just to be informed of other character’s options and abilities.

They’re funny enough to watch on their own, MvC3 rap battle notwithstanding.