Math genius, rejects million dollar prize, lives with mom

Basically there are 7 questions in math that were part of the millennium challenge. If you answer one correctly you get a million dollars.

*   Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture
* Hodge Conjecture
* Navier-Stokes Equations
* P vs NP
* Poincar Conjecture
* Riemann Hypothesis
* Yang-Mills Theory

Questions have been around for hundreds of years, yet no one was able to solve them.

A russian guy solved Poincare** problem in 2002, but took mathematicians years to understand his answer and verify it (lol), finally they said it was correct and offered him the 1million dollar prize. He rejected it and instead prefers to live in poverty with his mother and sister, he has his own apartment but apparently it is full of cockroaches.
He also rejected a fields metal for “his contributions to geometry and his revolutionary insights into the analytical and geometric structure of the Ricci flow”.

When he was a teenager he won a gold in the IMO (international math olympics) which is fucken hard to do. Not only did he win Gold which is retardedly hard to get, but he got a perfect score. This leads me to believe that he has aspergers or autism, which would explain his retarded social behavior and rejecting 1million dollars…

He grows a big beard and long nails and likes to pick mushrooms. He doesn’t like academic math anymore either because he finds math itself tedious or the ethical standards of the academic community are lacking.

Another russian mathematician said that a problem of this stature has only been solved once in the last 1000 years, so this is a pretty big deal lol

yeah, he’s one of those “technically smart… but also a dumbass” people. Actually, you can just look at the picture of him and tell right away that he’s probably “not all there”. heh, like I’m one to talk. Anyway, no regular person would turn down such money unless they were already rich…so this makes absolutely no sense.

Some people like to deny it…but money really is the gamebreaker god-mode shit in this world. When you turn down a large amount, then you deserve to be laughed at forever.

^^That makes that man that much more awesome.

“Fuck you stupid m’fuckas. Wtf am I gonna do with $1mil when you couldn’t even use it to solve a simple math problem?”

And that’s why he’s a math genius. Now he can pursue the lucrative career of shroom farmer.

Ya he said the joy he got from solving the problem overshadows any amount of money they could offer him.

I kind of get him, he already has everything he wants, he probably has some money saved since he was a university prof for a while…but still, it’s free money and you never know when you’re gonna need it.

He’s a smart man. Mo’ money, mo’ math problems.:razzy:

So for him, it was np imo

Wow, dude has my respect.

I like his “yeah, i solved a math problem you idiots couldn’t solve. So what?” attitude. i don’t see it as idiocy, i see it as arrogance. Yes, asperger’s is a possibility. I see an arrogant eccentric genius in the likes of At least that’s how i WANT to see him anyways.

The nigga gave up a million dollars and is still lame… so he isn’t that smart… end of story. Well I guess he’s a champion and he deserves the drink of all champions…

just cause that fool values math and doing his own thing over money, doesn’t make him an idiot. he just values different things.

And he’s a bad ass because he’s so damn arrogant.

So that dude won gold in math olympics, got a perfect score also, solved a supposedly impossible math question and finally realizes math sucks? I realized that way back in grade 8. What a fucking dumbass.

He’s not really good at math if he doesn’t understand that 0 < 1,000,000.

if you read his reasoning the rejection has to do with the politics involved in these prizes and how he wasn’t given full credit before and how it affects your reputation, they basically screwed him over once so now he’s like fuck you i’m not gonna be your poster boy

you probably ‘realized’ that because you sucked at it

he realized that because he mastered it and probably understands its limitations in a very transcendental way that you can’t even comprehend

he basically beat the game, you quit the game


…and Asperger’s is possibly the funniest name for a condition I’ve ever heard. How is one supposed to take that seriously when it sounds like you’re talking about “ass burgers”?

Math is awesome. I breezed through that shit all through my school years. Hell, I still have to use it when programming. Where the hell is my million dollars?

I guess we all know what kinda mushrooms he’s picking that allows him to solve unsolvable math problems and refuse a million dollars.

Can he solve a rubiks cube?

You can be smart in one way and a dumbass in another… he still lives with his mom… yet he gave up a million dollars… he lives with his mom… YET he gave up a million dollars, just repeating this for emphasis/