Matchup Thread -- Zangief

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what Zangief players think about the Laura matchup : We need to wait for a thread to be created

Zangief Frame data (when available) : Here


Very hard to use Clap in neutral in this match. Zangief seems to be able to use 5HK on reaction and beat it clean.

Need to be careful putting pressure on his wakeup. V-Skill armor starts on frame 1.

Having CA stocked shuts down a lot of your options for getting in. No more L Bolts, no more 6HP.

Going to be doing a lot of counter pokes and surprise dashes in.

Also his ex pile driver is throw invencible, so I often go with meaties instead of throws

His armor reversal doesn’t have armor until frame 3, so meaties are the way to go if Zangief has meter.

Zangief’s knee hop thing is I believe -4. so if they’re trying to be slick, stand jabxxlp elbow or super for the punish.

Zangief has frame advantage off I believe strong spd? He can dash in cr.lp before you get anything so be careful there.

Zangief hop is -3 on block and +3 on hit

Strong AND Fierce, but yeah.

When Zangief sucks you in V-Trigger, what can you do to punish it on block?
I feel like it pushes you to different ranges on block.
It pushes me too far away to land a cr.MP.

It’s -3 on block so it is hard to punish because Laura’s quick moves don’t reach far enough.
You can try CA because the jump has a 5 frame startup but other than that… I just block.
Although you can 5LP if he doesn’t push you when using the v-trigger.

That’s the problem. I can’t tell when he’s gonna push me or not.
With that V-Trigger I can’t Clap, nor can I jump cuz I feel like I’m getting caught by the suction every time I try to jump away.

With no Reversal, I feel like this MU is super terrible for Laura.
Once Laura is KD, it’s pretty much game over.

Can’t Clap cuz I’ll get a boot in the face.
I’m getting SPDed when I’m trying to frame trap.
When I jump at Gief with a MK or stm, he 99% of time does the charge HP and I can’t do anything afterwards.

Is there anything that is safe I can do against this guy?

You can 5LP most of his stuff because pile driver has a 5f startup. So if you feel too much pressure -> 5LP (there even is an OS jab/throw).
A lot of gief don’t want to throw so there won’t be much tech but still be aware of it.
Then you need to punish hard every jump in ! That will keep him on the ground and you will be able to start some things.
Don’t forget that the knee is -3 and that the lariat is easily punishable if he uses it too much (against FB).

You can’t get hit by SPD on your frames traps,unless your timing it very wrong
You shouldn’t be jumping on anyone expecially gief
Boot is real got be carefull at mid range
I think the way laura should play is wait for mistakes
His st.hp only has upper body armor so you can sweep, st.hp is -4 if he don’t charge so you punish
Bait those moves get knockdown and go crazy

That 5LP eh…I’m terrible at combo-ing that into LP Bolt. But I guess I’ll have to master it. I do 5LPs and usually it ends there with 1 hit doing almost no damage and I’m back at square 1 or I get DPed midway cuz I mess up the timing of the LP Bolt. If I do a random LP Bolt on Gief’s wake up, I get waked up SPD.

That knee into SPD covers a lot of range… it’s ridiculous how far I’m standing and I still get thrown from that lol.

Yeah my frame trap timing is prob. off.
By the time I wait for Gief to make mistakes, I’m already all the way in the corner :frowning:

Against gief on wake up I go with> … if I see a counter hit on I cancel my into qcf lp and go crazy
If he starts blocking to much,you can go for command grab or back throw on wakeup ( his ex spd beat throws be carefull)
Or you can xx ex fireball mixup
Or > xx vskill foward if you they are sleeping on block
He can’t spd you with this frame trap
Don’t go with qcf lp if you not sure it gonna hit, stick with normals
Another thing you can try if he is button presser, is > > xx vskill foward into safe mixup
The reason why is that, if he dont press anything will whiff
But if he press it you be counter hit and you cancel into v skill for a free mixup
After command grab do qcf lp if hit you can combo into st.lp xx qcf lp into mixup
Yes you got master this, its not hard, just jab and do the motion as fast as you can

yeah I’ve been doing that w/o confirming it from the Counter Hit. that’s prob. why I’m getting SPDed after the St.Mp.

" > xx vskill"
Sounds great.

Most Zangiefs I’ve been dealing with just spam the LP or something when I’m close.
so > > xx vskill foward into safe mixup will be a great technique.

"After command grab do qcf lp if hit you can combo into st.lp xx qcf lp into mixup"
I’m assuming this combos because the QCF LP would be a meaty from the Sunset Wheel distance?

Thanks for the strats. Will put it to use in the battlefield :slight_smile:

One thing I would like advice on is in the neutral game.
Should I just stick random 5HK and spam claps? I’m actually too scared to use claps against Zangief in Neutral.

You definitely don’t want random/raw claps in neutral, his HK (among other things) will plow right through them.

I’m very bad at whiff punishing, but against gief’s charged hp you have all the time you want. I usually stand at st hk range and if he starts charging, I vskill backward and punish with st hp xx mp elbow

This isn’t a top Zangief(lol), but it probably is still worth watching for seeing how the Laura approaches the match

The video didn’t help. A good Gief iwll not let you jump in like that.

This matchup feels extremely difficult. I was playing against a really solid platinum Gief again (Sikabonzai) and I have no idea what to do in neutral. I can’t throw projectiles, because of his and it is hard to get around his cr.lp either as he slowly walks forward.

Does anyone know what the frame advantage/disadvantage is after you eat a command throw from Gief and he dashes forward?

It feels like you can’t do shit in this MU. We all know Laura is a low tier character but it really shows here.

You can’t do anything in the matchup. Its one of Gief’s few highly favorable matches. Not sure what you mean by advantage/disadvantage after SPD…he already SPDed you so of course hes positive lol. If you mean his vulnerability after you quick rise and he dashes foraward? Hes at an advantage unless you have a throw invincible move. Don’t have the exact frames on it though. SPD is 5 frames so i think you can potentially Jab but i haven’t tested the exact distance if you quick rise and he dashes forward. Most likely anything faster than 5 frames you can do will not reach him.

I’d say bait with claps but that shit trades so frequently…i’m kind of afraid to throw it. Its rough.