Matchup Thread -- Urien

Info consolidated from the general matchup thread and I’m adding to it from various sources.

Season 2 Urien Hitboxes

General Strategy

Meter Management

Footsies/whiff punishing


Vs Ex Headbutt

Vs Projectiles

Vs EX Tackle

Vs Dive Kick

Season 2 Balance Update (Coming end-of-April)


  • Vitality
    Reduced from 1025 to 1000
  • Crouching MK
    Advantage on block changed from +2F to -2F
  • Jumping LK
    Expanded the hitbox downwards
  • EX Dangerous Headbutt
    Increased the recovery on whiff from 15F to 25F
  • EX Chariot Tackle
    Increased the disadvantage on block from 0F to -2F
    Reduced the pushback distance on block
  • Developer Comments: Urien has seen a significant climb in the ranks since the Season 2 update went into effect. That said, we noticed a few key attacks that have very minimal risk, yet high reward associated with them being used more than his other attacks, reducing his overall strategy.

We think with these new adjustments, players will be motivated to use his other attacks and figure out newer strategies to defeat the competition. However, the increased risk on a few of these attacks will require players to properly weigh the risk versus reward of using said attack, especially with Urien’s vitality returning to the former value that is was in Season 1.

What else you got?

cr. HK doesn’t really work against cr. MK since it’s 9f vs 8f (unless you meant to whiff punish it).
I think his cr. MK is probably the most retarded poke in the game right now. You can’t walk in, you can’t press buttons after that (because for some reason they decided it had to be +2 on block), you just have to hold dat. Imagine if they left it special cancellable as in the July beta version… :confused:


The first post wasn’t talking about cr. MK but his standing buttons + quarrel kick.
I need to test and see if it’s really good for whiff punishes. Wouldn’t cr. HP work fine as well in general?

My bad, struggling to multitask and cite sources on a mobile screen. Grabbed the wrong quote first.

Imo crhp is a great whiff punish too, I believe crhk has more reach though, which may be why the original author recommended it.

Could be wrong.

It surely has more reach, but it’s also 2f slower. I dunno, I’ll test tomorrow.

Wouldn’t you be pushing it preemptively anyway?

Added your advice and some other stuff + attribution to OP

I haven’t had much luck with 2HP versus 2HK, and yeah I tend to press it pre-emptively a lot. So that’s why I put it there.

In the heat of the match I haven’t had success with it either. I have noticed a lot of them like to open with regular headbutt. If I get a read on that, opening the round with St. HP= Crush Counter heaven.

Last night I was experimenting with crmk os elbow as a whiff punish to stmk. Seemed ok in training mode, anyone have luck with this in matches?

The only thing I’m thinking to experiment right now in this MU is bleach.

This is just pure misery. I honestly give up. Shes at no advantage anywhere and he can say fuck you to the neutral game easily with little risk. Dude hs no recovery frames on anything except EX DP and maybe his knee crash depending on the hit spot. He recovers meter too fast and his DP has so much range.

Hes gonna dominate the entire year along with Guile and Rashid.

The only luck I have is spending the entire round up his ass so I never have to footsie from neutral

Then HA HA, BE GONE and you’re in the opposite corner with half of your life bar gone and you have to eat 3 mix-ups.
Seriously I thought S1 Chun or Gief were frustrating enough, but I really never felt so free in a MU before. His cr. MK owns me like Illuminati own America.
vanishes in a cloud of salt

Now that I’m fighting good ones, I totally agree it’s in his favor but I’m still having semi-decent luck just playing fireball wars until he gets desperate enough to jump or shoulder. Then when I’m in I just block instead of trying to mix up because 90% of them will mash his (seriously stupid) ex DP every time. If they don’t, I back dash and get out. But they do lol. The ones that really rape me are good at abusing his throw range after normals where visually I wouldn’t even think to tech. Then I finally start teching and get Cr MK into aegis of course :confused:

Even though Laura has less problems with mid-tiers and especially the shotos and Necallis of this world, I feel like she struggles more against the top-tiers of this season, namely Urien and Guile.

Also, matchmaking is such a dumb feature. I had to play the same Urien four times in a row last time I played. Lost a ton of LP in the process as he was only Gold or so. I won against a Platinum Urien later but after that I just had enough of that guy.

Yo, you can super between the 2 parts of ex tackle. Not sure how practical it is but it’s possible.

You know, I think many Laura players sleep on her lp thunder clap but it’s an amazing tool to stop rushdown and against Urien players that like to shoulder tackle/knee drop in. Of course proper spacing and timing is a must, but done correctly makes it hard for him to come in for free.

When do you most often toss them? what lvl charge?