Matchup Thread -- M. Bison (Dictator)

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what Dictator players think about the Laura matchup : [Laura matchup thread](LAURA Match Up Thread

Dictator Frame data (when available) : Here


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Seems like one of laura’s easier matchups.

Could you give some me some insight ? I still have some issues with this matchup.

He has very few options on wakeup and no 3 frame light meaning he’s less likely to mash jab all the time which gives you a better chance at landing command throws. They’re not free by any means, but they certainly land more often if you’re not predictable. Basically I start the round waiting for him to come at me, carefully laying out fireballs to gain meter. If he jumps or tries head stomp/or you block and he does the follow up- anti air him with HP Bolt. Block the slide and punish hard. If he starts teleport dashing like crazy he’s mostly looking for throw- raw MP bolt can catch him and EX Bolt will pretty much shut down anything. That being said, be wary of his aerial teleport attacks in v-trigger. I still need to work on catching that. Scrubs will often perform that twice in a row if the first one hits. Once you’re in, you can beat his normals and MK/HP+ EX fireball v-dash shenanigans can absolutely tear him apart. I only have 3k player points but I’ve been able to beat way higher ranked Bisons by starting off patiently and capitalizing on their one mistake to get me in. This is one of the few matches where I feel like Laura can truly play a mix up game.

The lack of a 3 frame jab makes a huge difference to oki. After forward throw, Rodeo Break, and H Bolt you can do dash up jab and there’s very little he can do to respond to it. After a back throw you can dash in and use command grab without being jabbed out as well.

Its a 10-0 matchup depending on the player IMO. Because both Laura and Bison have garbage wakeup options, its whoever gets the first knockdown/mixup wins! Look for HP bolting his headstomp or devil’s reverse. Great tips above, but also watch out for his wakeup Critical Arts. Almost every Bison I’ve ever played has mashed it out. So if he has the bar for it, careful with any crossups you are doing. Be very wary of your command throw as well. Whiff it and you’re in for a world of hurt.

I keep losing to Bison. WTF is wrong with me?!?!

Overconfidence is a flimsy shield.
What are you having issues with in particular?

Blocked psycho axe(?) > to grab gimmick

His varying jump arc specials that beat hp elbow

Him being fucking positive after every blocked normal

It’s really pissing me off now cuz I know this is in Lauras favour.

Psycho Axe always was +1 on block. I dunno if he’s in range for st. LK but if he isn’t you can jab after that.
He’s + after most things but his normals are also slow so there are more gaps you might think of.
About her air specials, just be patient and remember that Laura’s H Bolt is upper body invincible on startup.

New Bison is overbuffed in my honest opinion but it is what it is. Basically he now can nonstop offense on us without worrying. He gained invulnerability frames on his EX devil’s reverse meaning we can no longer anti-air it at all, we’ll go straight into him and he will knock us down. Stay on the offensive with him, otherwise you won’t be getting out.

You can still fish his (i think its s.MK) with c.HP or bait with some claps.

Wait, seriously? I’ve been losing to him ever since switching to Laura. I’ve always had my share of issues fighting Bison so that’s partly just me struggling against charge characters, but the only times I beat Bisons players is when I go full YOLO and manage to land dumb command grabs and overheads.
I’m also one of those people who magically always use a slow poke when he dashes in with his friggin’s mini teleport so he gets a free throw/combo.

Yes, I’m not contributing. Sorry for that.

The matchup is 5-5 with Bison. You both will reak havok on each other the moment you get in. However i do think the matchup shifted a bit in his favor. You just have to really utilize your command grabs and vskill and know what is punishble to get youre turn back. Unless you want to lose, vtrigger will barely ever happen between you two because youll be expending it to get the other off of you.

What I habe noticed is that Bisons a CA happy. Its easy to try to bait because Bison player will panick when you rail him.

He is frustrating, especially when he can invisiteleport and you can easily mess up trying to catch him. They only pull off invisidash into either throw or

At the end. Its either which of you is crazier and willing to do unsafe foolery to get that damage.

I think you meant EX stomp, that’s the move that gained full invincibility and in VT only (regular version actually lost some invincibility).
tbh I don’t see how this MU has changed. His AAs are as bad as before, Psycho Blast has less pushback on block (so it’s even easier to punish), his target combo only leads to a mixup and is punishable with heavies on block, and who cares about the 3f st. LK when your command grab is now 5f and almost any light leaves you at +2 at least? Yeah his parry is now not completely useless, big deal…

Nope. I mean Devil’s Reverse. If timed properly he can bait out a HP Bolt and the invincibility prevents hit. I am thinking of the right move right? Devil’s reverse? Fakes a stomp into him going headfirst into the ground with his hand outreached? Yeah thats invincible

I’m still winning most of the bison matches. Basically I just don’t worry too much about teching unless they’re really obvious(I know I should but w/e) and accept that I’m going to eat a few teleport throws. Other than that, if you hold down back what can bison do? Has a 3 framer now but that’s sort of irrelevant to our new oki. I agree with zektback that a lot of them are CA happy. I love baiting that out.

Oh okay, but that move has always been invincible since day 1.

Him having a 3 frame move is huge because now we can’t stop his pressure at all. In season 1 we were able to force trades after df hp or ex scissor, now we just have to vreversal a lot