Matchup thread - laura

Boom, that’s how you win against Laura.

It might be a bit basic, s.HK beats her fireball if you do it on reaction.

Once she stops doing that she’ll resort to that overhead kick and dash grab which can both be stuffed by cr.LP.

This is the one match-up I think Zangief wins in SFV.

I think his basic objective in this match is making sure Laura can’t put much distance between you and her by using her superior movement speed. As long as you remain relatively close you completely nullify her projectile since you can HK it on reaction, fHP it, HP it and even just SPD her through it when close enough.

A lot of her tactics involve resets which put her at SPD range as well so it’s often rewarding to churn while getting comboed. Her throw mix-up game also loses to EX SPD.

Predictable wheelbarrow kicks are great to Iron Muscle into SPD.

I’m really struggling against Laura after getting knocked down, especially if I miss the quick rise window. I play a Laura player offline who is more experienced in general than me, and guessing on knock down is a nightmare. Any tips on defending against her mix ups?

This might be my worst mu, I don’t have a clue how to fight her. People keep saying Gief beats her badly so I guess I just need to learn more. Once she gets going I just die.

It’s her mix up/cross over game I struggle with the most. I get a lot of the ground game; stay close to prevent fireballs (easier said than done), stay standing outside of sweep range, or crouch to bait jump in/overhead, c.jab/c.short every time you see (Laura players like to use it as a pressure tool, but it’s -2), and anti air her jump ins. Neutral jump raw super. Get her in the corner and knock her down and pressure with meaties and armour beating set ups (I need to learn these, but I’ve been a bit lazy lately). Be wary of mixing her up when she has full super.

It’s just that once she gets a knock down, her mix up game is confusing, her jump in hit boxes are solid and her weird jump arc make anti airing cross ups less of a sure thing. I’ve also had a lot of instances where I block a jump in on the front and she crosses through me anyway, which is annoying. I’m going to try churning ex SPD more during pressure, as that’s been recommended, but it’s not an ideal method of dealing with her.

Walk forward throw beats lp bolt charge.
Lp fireball -5.
Is her wake up command grab reactable? I always try to react to it but never succeed.

It’s 6 frames, so no. Her CA is though. If they do it raw, you can neutral jump it.

Her command grabs often follow a light elbow. If you get hit, ex SPD is a good option, for the first time at least.

I was talking about her dash command grab tho. It’s a 19f move and can be set up as meaty throw. Most of her oki are mid range, she doesn’t have enough time to dash after KD but her limb and throw have long range.

I’ve not encountered a Laura who uses a dash-command grab set up on knock down. I generally run into players who use fireball set ups instead (or bad ones who run away and try to zone you).

From what you’ve described, it it’s being used as a meaty set up, she could also use (also 6 frames, +3 on block) making it a 50/50, and if the player is good at counter hit confirms its a 50/50 that will lead into a knock down in either situation.

Because she has two 6 frame options that can follow the dash, one that’s plus on block and one that beats block, and assuming the Laura player uses both options, I don’t think you’ll be able to react, you’ll need to base your decisions off a read.

I could be wrong of course, I haven’t seen the set up, and her may lack the range of the grab, rendering it useless. In that case, you may be able to jump/back dash/ex SPD on reaction to the dash.

@NaokiB4U says this is a 7 3 in Giefs favor. Do you guys agree and how does the match up generally play?

Hi from the Laura thread! Just to let you know, yes, the matchup is pretty much a lost cause for Laura.

Can someone please explain to me how this matchup is supposed to be 7-3 in Gief’s favor when even Itazan struggles against random-ass Laura players?

it never was. she could always punish wiffed buttons from very far with st jab 236p. and after that you were in the blender. most laura’s when the game came out just didnt know the matchup, it is even.

It’s funny because if you ask Laura players they mostly feel it’s her worst MU together with Guile and Chun, lol.

Really? What makes the Gief MU hard for Laura?

I guess the fact he can easily disrespect her fireballs, that every button pressed in mid range means getting SPDed and that all her -2 oB moves become therefore suddenly scary. But I think the real reason is that she can’t get away with anything against him and that you end up more often than never playing a lame keepaway game completely at the opposite of her regular gameplan.
The command grab buffs might help a little in the end, but since he still has a throw invincible command grab you will never beat him at the throw game in the long run. The best Laura can hope is probably to miraculously find herself plus in Gief’s face and hammer him with frame traps.

Laura bodies Gief imo but the Laura player has to know the mu. If they have no fear she bodies him. I thought she beat him in season 1 too but maybe that’s cause I suck but that mu always gave me problems. Reminded me of Abel/Makoto in 4.

i dont see how she bodies him. they both have the same goal. neither one has defensive options so it becomes who gets the knockdown and then who can press the advantage.

if you have played against a good Laura she is afraid of your options and has to respect them at all times, but the same goes for you.
If she knocks you down she can kill you with just a few mixups, and guess what you can do the same to her.
She has the speed advantage you have the damage advantage. its even.