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Any tips for fighting this piece of shit?

Fuck up once and you’re spending the v reversal to -maybe- get her out of your face.

She can CC most of his long pokes with her st.RH, so there’s really nothing to do but put up a wall of and wait for her to walk into for an EX Chop confirm, or wait for her to jump in for st.lp.

Do you just have to play patient in this matchup or what? Feels like a game of sumo and she can push you back into the corner freely.

there’s no reason not to throw out flash chops as they eat her projectile(well i guess you’d need to ex vs her charged/trigger ones). I can’t say anything other than that tho right now

If she’s dumb can get her right through most of her fireballs except for EX I believe.

I don’t like using flash chop because I feel like it leaves me vulnerable to jump ins…though of course once you establish you st.lp all jump ins that’s less of an issue.

f hp through her fireball works wonderfully.

Standing Jab is the best Anti Air in this match up without a doubt. It leaves you open to go in and tear some shit up while getting her out of the air. Every time I threw my shoulder out at her, she snuffed it.

I think her can avoid should because it’s a low profile move

I’m completely stumped in this matchup. She can bait any counter pokes/pokes with her blockstrings into command dash backward and CC punish with She knocks you down and you’re dead. Her AA is superior to yours and only a bad Laura cannot do her air grab AA on you. Her massacres your pokes like Ken, only she can move in and out of your inside range much better.

I get much better results just forgetting about trying to poke her and just trying to play defense, luckily her wakeup is shit too so you’re forced to make the most of it, but for the most part you’re on the ropes vs a good Laura I feel.

When she does her shoulder dash on block into either x st.lp x lp chop or powerbomb tick.
Only bad lauras charge bolt in front of you, but you can do all the stuff listed above to hit her through it.

I’m gonna try seeing what results doing LP Chop get me, hopefully it means being able to put out some hitboxes without getting’d to death.

She we not be trying to cross up Laura? I feel like 8 times out of 10, i just flat out jump over her low crouching hit box and completely whiff

So, after being ripped apart on this matchup I trained it with an awesome player

Her main is Chun, but he is learning Laura.

We had really long sets, so I couldn’t get the best matches (they were overwritten)

This matchup is RIP.

Just play a character that can poke and has an actual reversal. Alex can do nothing that isn’t completely obvious once Laura gets going.

But…so I can stop being salty and contribute something useful to this thread, here is a vid of StormKubo (best Hugo in SF4) playing against a Laura.

Once laura get in v rehearsal and jump that’s what gonna do
If she gets in often your mistake is there, alex has good anti air , footsies, armor , parry

Alrighty… So this match-up is just really bad for me. I even took the time to make an account for some guidance from insightful players. Never felt so helpless in a fighting game before until I experienced this last month. Personally I’m a character specialist, from the start to a game and the end lifespan I stick to my guns. Gonna shrug off any advice that tells me to switch characters. Right, try to practice as much when I have free time, offline I play three of my close friends competitively. One of which mains Laura, never had trouble with him / her until I switched to Alex prior to his release date. (Planned maining Alex before he was available, played a handful of characters until he was released.) At first I thought, ‘‘Cool he’s getting better at SFV.’’ Until I played a bunch of different Laura players online. Noticed a theme quickly after… I. Get. Destroyed. Of course I will win too, but not as often as I would like.

Maybe my approach to the MU is all wrong? Dunno. I noticed if attempting to go with footsies most of the time I’ll get crossed-up or pressured with 3frame jabs and S.HK. The worst part about this is I can’t seem to find a way out of the pressure. A good percent of the time she’ll get a counter hit over me when I jab back. Which can cause me to continuing blocking from what almost seems like a frame trap. When I decided to apply pressure with Air Stampede / Head Crush / Light Slash Elbow it almost never works because most Laura players (Including my friend) are always jumping around.

Saw one of the videos here with a Hugo player from Japan use Alex against a Laura player. Interesting stuff, V-Reversal might just be a tool that can help me in this MU since both recoveries for Alex/Laura are redundant. (Without meter.) Any feedback would be seriously appreciated. Out of all the characters I’ve fought, this is easily my dreaded match-up / Don’t plan on throwing in the towel anytime soon.

@meianoite666 That’s definitely easier said than done for me. But I WILL write that down on my notes as a reminder.

Like said before she has problems getting in so you got be extremely careful about jumps and dash
I’ll be more specific
If start her blockstring with she can go after in or or grab or command grab
Jump ins are the same
And getting hit by her elbow is the same
In those situations I jump or v rehearsal(parry doesn’t help much this matchup), you will probably get an air reset or can punish her command grab
If using back throw in the mix things can be hard, because he can punish or jump neutral with fierce elbow, and back jump with ex elbow, is kind of a option select
In this case you wanna defend a little and press grab, option select against meaty and grabs, be aware the shimmy
She has an okizeme after everything, but the most dangerous is the back throw, other things you can just block on wakeup
Use your meter well, ex elbow or stomp vs fireball ex knee smash vs jumpins is negative on block same with, normal fireball, elbow, any fierce,, vskill,
Laura was my main before Alex, know everything about her, feel free to ask

Podemos treinar e discutir sobre matchups, se vc me adicionar!

what the fuck do you do against her goddamn fireball jesus christ. It’s like the dhalsim fireball/teleport mix up or fang’s critical art but it lasts the entire match up.

I think you can reversal powerbomb her fireballs on block. As well as poorly spaced st.Hks since they are (according to frame data) -5 and -4 respectively

I’m pretty sure alex wins this matchup. Here are my thoughts:

  • fireball can be very annoying to deal with at first since you wont always have charge for stomp or ex elbow. F+hp is a really good answer if she tries to do it too close to you. Once she wisens up and does it from further away, you have enough time to see it and ex flash chop through it. Even if she gets a charged fireball off from too far for you to punish, as long as you have ex flash chop, you are in a pretty good spot since you are safe even if she blocks it. If she tries to jump at you from behind her fireball, just snipe her out of the air with ex knee. If she doesnt want to jump and just dashes at you, cr. lp xx ex chop, or just doing ex chop while she is trying to walk behind her fireball is really good.
  • it is pretty easy to see her v skill cancel strings. you can easily reachion confirm with cr. jab, cr. jab, ex chop
  • Be careful of where you use cr. mp. Her St. hk hitbox is really good against it. Her st. hk is very slow though, so if you can bait her to do it, you can get some pretty heavy punishes with elbow xx super or st. hk vtx
  • use your command grab to really make her afraid of doing the -2 elbow. yes, this loses to her 3f jab, but if you can get her to press buttons in a -2 situation, you can punish her with counter hit st. lp, st. mp. This link is really good since you can confirm any special, super, or v trigger activation of the st. mp.
  • Another good way to make her afraid to throw out st. hk is to throw st. hp xx mk elbow buffer out in far range footsies. You will usually win, and your payoff is much bigger since u can confirm to super.
  • ALWAYS v reversal a blocked ex fireball if u can. you get grey damage, a knockdown, and she just wasted a meter. Its a huge matchup swing. Bad laura’s will try to continue their pressure mostly with cr. mp or st. mk xx vskill dash forward. Better ones know that is not real and they will try to continue pressure with ex fireball for the guaranteed frame advantage adn reset opportunity if the fireball hits. If you can recognize when the laura is trying to pressure you, its pretty easy to v reversal ex fireball on reaciton.

Sorry since , Season 2 hit, I been having ALOT of trouble with Laura. In season 1, she was 1 of Alex’s top 3 hardest matchups IMO, but now!!! wow … I’m completely at a lose with what to do against her :confused:

All you can do is try to AA her consistently our buttons still reach further than hers beat her on the ground and keep her out of the air, I’ve been treating her like Zangief in season 2. It’s hard but it’s doable