Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Vega (Claw)

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Question: What to do versus his backwards hops?

Sweep Him, and pressure his wake up.

I lose this matchup as soon as one thing happens. He starts wall diving like crazy. Now most Vegas know this is unsafe, unfortunately for me, I don’t know how it is unsafe. I tried crouching MK and can get stuffed, I tried tapping level 1 FA’s I get minimal damage so longas it is in the right direction, and jumping attacks just always get thrown or hit for some reason.

What am I doing wrong? If I block this how do I punish it?

I usually just parry it, And it usually puts 'em off.
They can start wall diving into a grab (But it think it’s timing strict when your own the ground) A nuetral HP will sort em out.

As for comboing after a blocked wall dive, i usually dont risk blocking. And therefore haven’t combo’d after; they seem to recover quite fast though.

jumping mp destroys wall dives. neutral, diagonal, whatever. now that we can cancel to tatsu, i guess diagonal would be even better.

For wall dives, I find that good vegas can snag you with dive grab even if you try to j mp them. It works fine as long as they don’t get a solid read on you, Im pretty sure its really tough to do on reaction so.

MP Palm when he hops (both versions)?

If you are jumping in with a dive kick (and you should) OS a mp palm or let the sweep come out. Don’t let this mother breathe. ATTACK and KONGO when appropriate!

I hate this matchup more than any other if for no other reason than his shrill voice and snarky taunts and laughter. Freaking corny character with corny moves.

A claw? Really…a freaking half screen claw?

Oh easy one. Just do jab palm…err…oh wait, that’s gone.


The wall dive is unsafe vs characters with good reversals. You as Gouken have to kongo high or focus and hope he doesn’t grab. Watch the focus. If it is in the correct direction, you will hit him with a lvl 3. Follow with a juggle combo for almost half life.

Playing theory fighter, anyone who is good at instant air tatsu should be able to punish this every time on block. I, however, am not. The timing is too tight and I can only do it 50% of the time in training, with no lag.

My problem is not the wall dive but the other one, the spear or whatever it is. Fast and armor breaking and crosses up.

after they leap from the wall, wait till their shadow makes it halfway across the screen then use the jump mp, and dont make it meaty.

the funny thing about VEGA(claw) is that when you jump in w/ mk and he back sommersaults you simply land and keep walking towards him and you will be in sweep range, but the key here is to keep right on top of him and maintain the pressure dotn be fooled by them dumb ass backflips get right on top if that ass!

^ That’s the way I’ve played the Vega match up since Vanilla.

The only difference has been the Vega’s who spam cr. mp, and then try to to go EX Dive/kara throw as a frame trap. But mk crouch tech, stuff’s that bullshit dive before he can even make it over your head to land on the wall, and if he kara throws you tech it.

I played a Vega today called Zeusthegod and let me tell you, there is no hope for me against a good claw. This guy had the footsies on point, knew how to break my zone, and for the life of me, I could not get out of his wall dive grab on wakeup. Duck, I get thrown…dash…I eat claw…ex tatsu, I eat grab or claw or he waits for me to land…kongo=lol…ex flip was safe until I got near the ground and then it was more claw for breakfast…the only thing I could do was jump back mp but it was not consistent. It really depended on his timing, not mine. At one point he was pulling this shit off like three times in a row and maybe was stopping out of pity or boredom.

Fucking ass tier gouken. Fuck you crapcom.

Zeusthegod is probably the best vega I’ve played, last I played him he beat me like 6-2, no shame in you losing to him.

As a last resort try sort of like how you do it with Akuma.

Natural jump HK beats it EVERY time, but you have to jump at exact timing where he is right over you as you hit the HK button, that way he can’t extend his claw after crossing over nor can he grabs you yet. Incredibly difficult to pull off and only work if you are not on wake up. IF you are on wake up, you can only hope he mess up his timing and jump mp > tatsu away.

Thanks for the tip. This guy is on point with his timing and I can see exactly what you are saying about hoping he messes up his timing. If he got me down near the corner, he just looped that wall dive wake up grab and it was lights out unless he messed up like you said, at which point the only thing that worked was the but I didn’t try neutral HK. Matter of fact, I don’t ever do neutral HK. Thinking about it, how would that kick hit him? Are you sure you don’t mean diagonal jump HK?

As a Vega player, it is advisable that Gouken does NOT do wakeup parries, ever. A Jumpback HP from Vega will set off the counter, but make it miss, and he can then land and do a Cosmic Heel into Scarlet Terror link, with the added jb.HP damage, it HURTS. And I fish for it all the time. EX Tatsu blows up jb.HP though

i have played against foutskazuya’s vega a lot.
he says that there isn’t any one thing that you can do every time against wall dives.
you have to change up your responses or vega can figure out a way to damage you for whatever it is that you keep doing.
jump away, jump towards, c.hp, counter and focus are all decent responses, but not if you keep doing the same one.
also, you have to treat vega’s ex with respect.
if he waits for movement and then does ex barcelona from across the screen, you are in danger of getting hit by that, it’s crazy fast and safe.
your high fireballs are pretty good though, he doesn’t blaze through fireballs like some other characters do and will try to get over them sometimes.
you should also practice blocking his eagle claw thing, where he crosses over you and hits you from behind.
vega can do that for free damage if you don’t have reflex blocking on it.
ex tatsu was a huge gift for gouken in this matchup.
it’s a lot harder for him to jump on you now.
before, you couldn’t do anything but block against some of his jump ins.