Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Seth

Seth thought Gouken sucked so bad he didn’t bother copying a single god damn move. Show him how wrong he is! (Post strats, answer questions, ask away!)

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Can be rough, but I found U2 comes very handy if Seth teleports a lot.

Bait it while spamming Demon Flip -> Dive Kick/ Command Dive kick into U2.

I find my Seth opponents like to Jump off the far wall HK to get in,
I usually like to bait this with Hado’s and Kongo but sometimes it can get me in trouble. (Sometimes they jump off the wall so fast)

If successfully blocked they’ll either crossup and repeat or do a jumping down HK.
(Both can be kongo’d but jumping down HK has a delay in the air, like Goukens & Akumas, So you have to be aware or you’ll whiff.)

A Seth doing Chun-li’s jumping head stomp i find Kongo’ing will activate but completely miss.

I think this matchup depends on your ability to adapt. I usually find a Seth will use certain tactic.
Some are Sporadic Grapplers, others are teleporters, others just BnB’s.
All use the same BnB’s

New technology alert! Not game changing but interesting.

When you are right next to Seth, like Seth is rubbing his robo nips on Gouken, a forward jumping mp gives you the first hit which can be canceled into tatsu. Tight timing because of the drastic motions. I guess it’s kind of like doing an spd mption but with two buttons.

This probably works on Sagat, Zangief, and T.Hawk too…three of the four have a command grab that basically makes being this close really stupid, and Gief has lariat, Sagat has uppercut so…

sounds like IA tatsu

Very similar to IA tatsu but you are hitting with the mp first and are scoring more damage.

works great @ their wakeup if you need chip for win! also jump in mp>air tatsu(any kick) works on all standing and some crouching opponents, lk is good if you need quick chip for win , mk is good if you need a couple hits and , rh is good if yu want to cross them up w it.

forward throw, st.lp, jump forward, EX tatsu corsses up and stuffs all his shoryus. Forgot to test teleport.

EX tatsu as you are going up or coming down?

Jump at him and as you are coming down, right before you land, do EX tatsu and hold forward. There is no way in hell he is going to be trying to block a cross up. cause you are so far out in front of him.

mess with it, you’ll see.

Also, no air tatsu hits people standing in a corner crossup. You’ll wind up just spinning above them wildly waiting to get punished.

If he does U1 do ex demon flip to punish.

AA walldives with EX tatsu, kongo, jump back mp, and, depending on spacing.

If you guess right when he’s trying to tick SPD you, he loses when you land j.hp -> cr.hp xx EX palm.

You can’t safe jump Seth because of EX SPD. Safe spaced dive kicks should probably work, but delayed mp uppercut from Seth might win. Super should beat it in AE because of its invincibility, but I’m guessing there.

Seth’s uppercut beats air kongo if he does it late because it absorbs 2 hits. And then he gets stomps. Which is hilarious.

Just have to watch for dive kick off wall jump if you are using EX tatsu for wall jumps and he is full screen wall jumping.

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He’s extremely salty right now b/c he caught an L. Sending all types of dirty messages…

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Not me. People get too salty online. I get upset when I lose cause of the lag but I never send hatemail.

This mofo sent me like 15 messages… mad as hell. I looked him up, he had about 12k bp and then was salty b/c my Gouken is approaching 4k BP.

I guess telling him I haven’t played Ranked, or really haven’t played Gouken at all since April/May doesn’t hold too much weight. I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail for beating B+ and up b/c my BP is so low right now!! LOL. I love it!!!

I’m just trying to shake the rust off, enjoy the game, and hopefully have 10k before the patch. Is that too much to ask???

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Can you guys help me with one thing? After Seth does his Tanden Engine (the one that brings you close to him), is there anything I can do?
He will either elbow launch, spd or shoryuken. Can I backdash or jump out? Is there a normal to stop one of these?
I have trouble dealing with tick throws from grapplers. Abel for example, step kick > Tornado Throw.
The same thing applies to Gief and T.Hawk. He would do a normal or jump in normal, and then spd.

What are my options in those cases?

Old, but here’s your answer lol