Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Sakura

Post all you know, ask all you want, answer what you can.

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Sadly I keep getting stomped on in this match-up.

Should I be zoning? Come to think of it it probably would make more sense considering she can’t win in a fireball war against a Gouken.

Zoning has worked very well on alot of sakuras for me, and hp gohadouken when she has meter for when she does that ex jump double handed thing.

Also, if you are caught in one of those nasty tatsu block strings that never seem to end, is your best bet to either stuff one of the tatsus , or get in after one.

Zone and look for a hard knockdown so you can presseure her.

Her cr.hp is gdlk anti air but is has zero horizontal reach. Try not to stick your foot out if you just jumped at her and she is looking to cr.hp you.

Flip parry works wonders vs hercr.hp cause it is free back throw ultra. Haven’t tried anything else like max punish, but it could work.

You can ex tatsu her tatsu over fireballs on reaction, just be looking for it.

awesome points “rape and kill kids”(lyricist nod) also Ive beasted that cr.hp w a delayed gflip and or dive kick portion as they misread the gflip they press cr.hp then we press kick, they succumb to Gouken

I’ll openly jump at Sakura once or twice to get her comfortable with using cr.hp. When I need it, I can mk flip parry for the backthrow to Ultra. It’s a really hard habit for Sakura to break. Online it is a given. In a tournament I can see someone adjusting by the third game if need be. Either way, once they start doing crouching lks into a max punish that just means you are free to dive kick off mk flip or throw.

What about jump back Jump forwards Sakura has more AA options than you give her credit for, I think. She could even just dash underneath your dive kick.

EX Shooken is so slow that if you do a meaty jab you can recover in time to block (95% sure it works w/ Gouken).

Sakura can do a meaty lk tatsu for excellent frame advantage and armor breaking. However, you can EX tatsu or ultra this. I don’t think on reaction though. Just know that it’s an option.

If Sakura is doing an extremely early, you can actually focus crumple her for free. Besides that, I believe works fine as AA against it if timed early.

If you have time to backthrow -> ultra after the air parry, you probably should have done -> cr.hp xx EX palm. Or just s.hp xx EX palm.

Haven’t played a Sakura who does it yet, so I can’t offer any comment on it.

I’m not sure why any Sakura would use jump back hk or jump forward lk when c.hp is so god like as is. I mean, you’d have to fail a couple of times with c.hp before you all together abandon it and start using less reliable options.

When someone does a noob jump right at Sakura I’m pretty sure it is hard coded into their brain to hit c.hp at least twice. You reinforce it by doing a noob jump once or twice. MK flip is pretty much identical to a normal jump forward other than the noise he makes. In the heat of a match, if you’ve already reinforced that you will noob jump, and that c.hp will beat it…

Also note I said I can see people adjusting by the third game.

Anyway, if she starts doing what you said, then I would suggest that whoever is playing that Sakura find their own way around it :slight_smile:

Also jump forward and jump back attacks with most characters are going to stuff flips, although if you jump back attack and I parry I can in most cases EX tatsu your ass before you can get away, just saying :slight_smile:

c.HP with Sakura is actually not that reliable against Gouken. Dive kick timing will mess it up, so will Air parry. So if you see a Sakura position herself to do this as Anti-air. Use those two to break it.

It get scary when Sakura use mp.srk from a further range anti-air, scarier because it will beat all Gouken’s jump in option. Up close Sakura totally dominates Gouken. You pretty much can’t do anything but block and tech. Since guessing a EX Tatsu cost you ultra punish and even a meaty lk.tatus will takes 300~ damage. Not a good trade off. Do everything you can to get out of corner is your best tactic.

Her HK jump in also can beat Gouken c.HP. Use yeah.

Her focus is also very good against Gouken, since Gouken have no fast move that hit medium and she will dodges sweeps when releasing the focus attack, it can catches you quite easily.

Her dashing is also very good. Forward dash give her a low hitbox that can moves underneath cross up and dive. Plus her is very fast and can link into just about anything. Not a good position for Gouken. Don’t dive too high.

Even palm through fireball is bad because she can bait your palm out with a charge version of Sakura’s Hadoken, she can just hold the button and not release it if she see you flinched, relatively low risk for her to do since even if she read it wrong, you can’t really punish it unless you jump perfectly. And if it bait out a palm, it will hit you and actually does a lot of damage, and does not even trade.

Even fireball full screen can be scary as long as Sakura have one EX bar. Considers that we can’t punish Flying Fist Axe on block. EX version go through AA fireball. And on hit it put you in terrible untechable knock down if she wish, and actually does a huge amount of damage for a EX special.

I actually can’t think of one thing you can do to open her up., Against some good Sakura who know the match up, is going to be very frustrating for a Gouken since he pretty much can’t do anything.

Ex otoshi does NOT go through hp fireball

Any pointers on what I should do against Sakura st. jab pressure? All I can do is spam crouch tech but she can jab jab jab jab into overhead kick or into some sort of frame trap(?) --> combo or block string

Is it possible to ex kongo in between the jabs or is the time frame too small?

Also, when is it a good, or rather, safe time for me to jump the heck out of her block string pressure? After getting bashed up by a Sakura tonight I noticed that I seemed to be able to jump out if she goes into a light tatsu during the blockstring and I block it. Is it really safe for me to do this or can she stuff the jump (minus anticipating the jump and doing a jump attack herself) if she pushes buttons after the tatsu?


You can’t really jump out of most blockstrings. jab link LK tatsu is just slow enough that you can. You can mp kongo (?) the s.lp. You can jab her out of the overhead because it’s slow or block it and cr.lp.

She’s even on block after the tatsu which means her jab will stuff your jump. She can be plus on block if it’s a meaty tatsu.

She can get a combo if you hit a button during the s.lp’s. Kongo is your best option honestly. cr.lp works if she walks too far in between the jabs.

Well that changes things up a bit. At least I’m not completely free at full screen still.

just dont forget if shes crouching you wont be able to land really any tatsus on her or combo into any while shes crouching , she is one of those chars that is inconsistenly susceptible to any forms of tatsu when in crouch.

Played a 3 round game against a Sakura the other day, went two rounds apiece until I took it away when it came down to a sliver of health for both of us.

Kongo really helps to stop those retarded EX Shunpukyaku > air reset cross under shenanigans.

I hated it though, a whiffed EX Tatsu, and then a super long ridiculous dizzy combo took me out that round. That’s life with Gouken though. hahaha.

Only bad Sakuras will use c.hp as their only AA option. She has a ton of godlike AA normals.

I’m of the belief that any Sakura player will use this until shown they need to do otherwise. If this beats anything I can do, why would you use something else? Once you get baited with an air parry then ok, go use something else, but until then I don’t know of any jumping attack that Gouken has that stuffs a cr.hp from Sakura.

The problem is that it’s so bad on whiff, and any player worth their salt will know to bait it out with an empty jump and destroy you after eating it a time or two. I’ll throw it out a maximum of twice per round, as a general rule. I start mixing in s.mks and s.lps for my anti-airs as well (this is just in general when I play Sakura, not Gouken-specific.) Perhaps I’m just being odd, but it’s the way I play it at any rate.

Fair enough. I guess I never really thought to empty jump at her since that thing has 0 range…