Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Hakan

Gouke vs. Hakan. NO VASELINE!!!


Just a match and a little bit of gasoline…

Crouch all the time. He have pretty much no jump in options if you just stand there and block well. His jump in when you are ready is lousy, Nothing he can do will beat a well timed c.hp or All of his special are extremely punishable. Long as you are not predictable. you should be good.

Feel free to throw fireball if he is not oiled up, he can’t get under fireball without oil or without the exact spacing. But with those you can block anyhow.

Block his slide but be prepared and watch for the good ones that immediately do his command grab…this sucks for us and will punish our punish. Neutral jump is an option here but it’s 50/50. You might neutral jump and he does his air to air which seems to me to win most of the time, then you land into another oil dive. This match can be tricky against a good player.

Hakans U2 is the best Anti Air in the history of Street Fighter.

jump at hakan’s u2 on his wakeup and then tatsu like a flying troll.

That stupid FA crumple into U2 is annoying lol

He has a setup after his knockdown where he does his flying command grab (rocket?) and it grabs you on your first frame. This sucks. Any outs besides using meter?

If you are righting a Hakken who have that down (Timing is incredibly tight and oil rocket is extremely punishable) Just don’t quick stand to get out.

Shared from the Hakan match up threads by DontDoDat. Thanks dude.

Being covered in oil gives:
DNC (The ability to cancel dash with a normal attack.)
Increased attack range and dash distance (due to sliding property)
Chainable Cr.Lk
Increased SPD Range
Additional damage to special attacks
additional 50 damage to both Ultra combos
10% damage reduction

In 2012, he starts out oiled and oil stacks so every time he does it it adds to the time left that he is oiled.

Basic tip: Hit him while he is oiling and keep him down if possible.

Crouching Short.

Here are some things to note.

Don’t throw fireballs against an oiled Hakan. Also be wary of throwing any pokes out when he’s oiled as well, you may very well get parried.

When has you knocked down, Gouken is very vulnerable to a meaty slide. You can’t backdash (Hakan can spd your backdash recovery), you can’t jump, you can’t EX tatsu, and you can’t parry. You can EX flip out, but as far as I know Hakan can punish it.

You probably want to mainly throw fireballs, cause Hakan getting oiled is gonna be a pain in the ass (can’t speak for 2k12; I don’t have to work to get anything lolol)

He shuts down our zone game. Delayed fb does nothing, makes it worse actually. The only choice here is to be relentless on attack, stay out of SPD range, and stay on your feet.

Even though Hakan is considered a low tier character, he is a difficult match up for us. Air to Air is bad for us, toe to toe is bad for us, zoning is bad for us.

And things will get harder in 2012

I picked hakan by accident in training mode and discovered that you can cross him over int he right corner with a jumping fierce punch. This is a brilliant cross over option, better block stun damage, hit stun etc. I think you can do it in the left corner too, I’m not sure though, I was only at it for a while.

This is because of his stupid wide hurtbox, alot of other stuff is probably possible against his fatness that would not be otherwise possible.

If the Hakan player is familiar with Gouken at all (and has decent skills in general) this match can be pretty tough and guessing wrong can make it end pretty fast for the old man. It’s for sure an uphill battle regardless of what strategy you use unless there is some secret tech against him i don’t know.

  • The secret tech against hakan is that he is not Zangief or Hawk. He has no good reversals, meaning he has to take huge risks to avoid being locked on.

  • If you attack him, the only reversal he can use is spd, so randomly jumping up to avoid it will not get you killed cause you can troll tatsu roflcopter away of his ultra.

  • THIS IS NOT A ZONING MATCH-UP. Shin-sho is the ultra here.

  • This is you frame-trapping him and trying to knock him down over and over again, so you can walk up to him and do the same mix-ups you do on chun-li’s wake up:

  • meaty poke/jump up to bait reversal and max punish/back dash punish.

  • safe jump his ass until he gets ultra, bait it, safe jump him until death.

I swear Hakan has some dirty Rocket Oil grab on Gouken’s wakeup. You can’t jump, EX Tatsu, EX Flip or Back dash. He gets it for free!

cr. lk/cr. tech should avoid it. Only problem is he snatches you for free with the other grab if you guess wrong. LOL

I saw some dirty setups that Hakan could time a Rocket Oil Grab before a Shoto (e.g.Ryu) could DP after getting up!


Standing far light kick is surprisingly good to stuff medium range non EX slides… Had a longer set (10+ matches) against a good Hakan recently and throwed out randomly. I was amazed how often it stopped the slide from far away. Seemingly the slide has a strange hurtbox.