MAT tournament results

MVC2 team tournament (12 Teams)
1st - Team Toronto (G3nn/JS Master/Jiggabry)
2nd - Team Wildcard (Lord Magnus/Joker/Ratio1beatdown)
3rd - Team Shady (AznRetro/CB/AkenienG)
4th - Team Poulet Frit (Smokey/DaflipmastaXV/Gerjay)
5th - Team Tien (Mark/Pet/Samnang)
5th - Team AK Returns (PAYBACK/Arcade Kid/Heero)
7th - Team RSQ (Quan/Shaun/Spiral Guy)
7th - Team Upset (Ninja Sentinel/Victoire/Sandman)
9th - Team Cyrus (Green/MythicExile/Krasshole)
9th - Team 2K1 (Banshee/Mana-boy/???)
9th - Team Bundy Delta Force (Bundy/Mystic God/Crayz Penguin)
9th - Team Top Players (Tan/KimRan/???)

MVC2 Singles (32 Players)

  1. Jiggabry
  2. Gerjay
  3. Samnang
  4. JS Master
  5. Payback
  6. Sean
  7. Ex Matt
  8. Arcadekid
  9. g3nn
  10. Veasna
  11. John
  12. Ryan
  13. Shady
  14. Clock Jr
  15. Nadir
  16. Teddy
  17. Louie
  18. Andy
  19. Marc
  20. Adil
  21. Victoire
  22. Smokey
  23. AznRetro
  24. Joker
  25. Cyrus
  26. Quan
  27. Contra
  28. Banshee
  29. Roberto (Secret weapon)
  30. Roger
  31. Manaboy
  32. Howard

3S Teams

  1. JS/Yellows4
  2. FreddyLoco/Phoun
  3. Samir/Dice?

**3S Singles ** (29 Players)
1st - Samir (Yun/Ken)
2nd - YellowS4 (Dudley)
3rd - Heero (Chun Li/Ken)
4h - Phoun (Dudley/Ken)
5th - Freddyloco (Makoto)
5th - Chiritty (Urien)
7th - JS Master (Chun Li)
7th - Arcade Kid (Ken)
9th - Tan
9th - Gerjay
9th - PsychoKid
9th - JD
13th - G3nn
13th - Ranaku
13th - Temujin
13th - Dice01
17th - MythicExile
17th - Jiggabry
17th - Callmeanewb
17th - Victoire
17th - Pereira
17th - 1hitcombo
17th - Jason
17th - Bye
25th - One&Only
25th - IamJu
25th - Steph
25th - Portos
25th - BoringRyu

CVS2 team tournament
1.Pts-one/arcadekid/ Heero

CvS2 Singles

  1. Veasna (Heero)
  2. Roger (Ratio1BeatDown)
  3. Freddyloco
  4. Karamba

A3 Singles

  1. Tony (Temujin)
  2. Reagan (prez)
  3. Alex (Arcadekid)
  4. Eric (JS Master)

1st - Mass
2dn - Ajmal
3rd - BK
4th - Freddyloco
5th - Prez
5th - Jason
7th - Song
7th - Andy
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - Trent
9th - Ratio1beatdown
9th - Heero
13th - Khiem
13th - BoringRyu
13th - Gerjay
13th - Than
17th - AK
17th - Jimmy
17th - Giovanni
17th - Shah
17th - Temujin

Xmvsf (16 players)
1 - 1hitcombo
2 - jiggabry
3 - Martin
4 - ratio1beatdown
5 - contra / LMX
7 - Joker / CB
9 - James / Mystic / Arcade Kid / jreinert13
13 - krasshole / one and only / aznretro / lord magnus

Justin from Montreal

CvS2 Singlles

  1. Veasna (Heero)
  2. Roger (Ratio1BeatDown)
  3. Freddyloco
  4. Karamba

3s Singles

  1. Samir (Daigo Jr)
  2. Jay (YellowS4)
  3. Veasna (heero)
  4. Phoun (PTS One)

A3 Singles

  1. Tony (Temujin)
  2. Reagan (prez)
  3. Alex (Arcadekid)
  4. Eric (JS Master)

ST Singles (From brackets, dunno who any of these guys are)

  1. Mass?
  2. Ajmal?
  3. BK
  4. Freddyloco

Money Matches

  • Gerjay over Veasna for $50
  • Gerjay over Payback for $20
  • JS over payback for $20

Everything else isn’t worth mentioning.

I’m tired and will post a real log probably on Monday when I’m back in Hamilton. Just wanted to say thanks to Mao/Brian for putting together a fantastic tournament. It was a little bumpy at times organization wise but otherwise it was a lot of fun with a lot of great matches and the usual fantastic Montreal atmosphere. I hope we see lots of Montreal players bring it to T8 so we can show you the great hospitality you showed us.

what about xvsf?

Woooooo, ST!

Will footage be up soon?

nothing like a rushed up tournament where we dont get to do proper sets because peeps would rather do money matches.

Regardless of that, MAT was great, had a lot of good matches with the out of towners.

oh and Samir is a beast. Guy should get used to jap sticks and go to Boston.

GJ Samir for winning singles, you should have tried your luck at Cal Poly.

oh and Cvs2 team tournament

1.Pts-one, arcadekid, Heero
2.1hitcombo, jreinert13, Freddyl0c0
3.Gwai-Lo,CB, Ratio1runsawaythewholematchbeatdown

edit: do we still have footage of the AIR “Fred grab”

yessssssssss I have the footage hahaha this crazy shit is gonna be on you tube in about a week guys. Look for the semi final team tournament final match , final hit and you’ll understand.

BTW, I saw someone, maybe a girl (dont really remember anything from my victory hahaha, I was in THE ZONE lol) filming my match agaainst JS Master in cvs2 with a picture camera. If anyone know her, I need that match… for real. :looney:

best chuns in Canada:

Thats it.
Mana did u play dice or js in gg?
BTW I heard there was a default blue chun from Toronto that played. How did he do?

Karamba : Yes u did crazy shit …
it wasnt a girl is was Sun … ill try to ask him to put it on youtube this week.

Nice shit on ST … gratz to newcomer Mass, Ajmal and BK for winning it.

any1 have full result ?

And yes thank for every1 who attempt.

I thought I had theebst (and most flashyest) chun for xvsf in canada:sad:


Post the full results on 3s please.


All about a3.

Good shit for the 3s teams. Too much clutch going for both sides hahaha.

GG’s to all, especially Fred and Phoun. Assholes!

Good shit mtl, thanks for hosting as usual…

why gerjay didn`t get shot…

Great event. Will attend again. A+++++

EDIT: Alex makes the French language sound almost cool. =I

I played JS and I raped him so badly that the game told me I lost…Weird bug.

Good shit Team Ottawa