Masters of Their Craft

I watched this video, and my brain began to fry: [media=youtube]fO7_zkU9Ax8[/media]

This isn’t the only display of fighting game genius I’ve seen on YouTube. It’s just one of many.

My hope for this thread is that it becomes a showcase of talent (past and present) in fighting games. I would even like to see some videos of ingenious execution even when a good player loses. (For example: there’s a ST match between Dhalsim & Zangief where a cornered Dhalsim helplessly teleports while Zangief attempts the SPD, repeatedly.)

This thread can include:
[]the name of the player, along with their specialty character (i. e. “Kuroda/OUT is synonymous with Q” or “___ plays a pretty relentless ___”)
]blurbs pertaining to a player’s/character’s nuances (like Kensou’s super makes his fireball unblockable, etc.)
[]explanations of videos with ‘less-than-obvious’ shenannigans going on (i. e. the aforementioned Dhalsim/Zangief video)
]little known anecdotes (for example, about matches between ‘masters’ that didn’t happen, who discovered/popularized a glitch, technique, etc.)

While your choice for ‘master of their craft’ may differ from someone else’s choice, let’s be civil. This thread is not about arguing who’s C. Viper is better. It’s about showcasing fighting game talent. If there is some clarification of FACTS that needs to be addressed, let’s do so tactfully.

Your attention is appreciated. Let the posting begin…

Oh my fucking what god damn?

Some of that stuff in that video I’ve seen before, but the other stuff…Holy shit. I have nothing to contribute, for now I am flabbergasted.

I’ve never seen a charge character pwn so hard, Urien onws… and that Hugo shit was insane, thanks for the link OP really appreciate it sadly I don’t think I can find a vid that can top that :tup:

Even if you don’t have anything to contribute, just sit back and enjoy the thread. Something will happen soon, I hope.

One of the best SF3 videos Ive seen so far…I especially liked the necro stuff

Yeah that shit was completely beastly. RX is always awesome, and yeah, Hayao hugo is just so godlike it’s not funny. Parry>720 on fucking EVERYTHING.

Here’ s some contributions


[media=youtube]s8VHQ88XxuU"]Yuu just don’t [URL=“”[/media]

For the record, the Hugo vs Ryu red parried SA1 into Gigas was Kuroda, not Hayao. Funny how Kuroda used Hayao’s color on that…


I’m not sure if it’s A-cho playing or CAPCOM??, but just look at some of the stuff this Ken player is doing in TvC.

Combo resets, really ingenious combos, amazing use of meter and keepaway tactics, and he even has the gall to pull off an invisibility glitch in-match.

Royal Flush sums it up better than me:


damn those guys in that first vid have GREAT adaptation. I can only play that well against slobs… fuck

good thread. more players should learn to have adaptation this good. don’t be too mesmerized by these vids though. the shit is fantastic, not gonna downplay that at all, but it’s not as amazing as it looks. it’s ONE piece of a giant puzzle

I thought you would point out how shitty Twelve’s follow-ups are after parry. :wgrin:

A few of the Vampire Savior GOD’s…

[media=youtube]x3KRiNJZZsw[/media] (Kaji Lilith)
[media=youtube]lmRq-o3KuTY[/media] (Chikyuu Anakaris)
[media=youtube]NEtLOpjJ5AA[/media] (Oouchi Jedah)
[media=youtube]wxxd3uKPQ2k[/media] (Oboro Victor)
[media=youtube]TsDyQFFmPR0[/media] (Sako BBhood)
[media=youtube]xm1RaJdTZ3g[/media] (Sasachi LeiLei)
[media=youtube]sFovdUywZyE#t=2m03s[/media] (Shu Bishamon)
[media=youtube]Y5jSBnf0-68#t=4m09s[/media] (Sakai Zabel)
[media=youtube]ib2CwSr6W0E[/media] (Azuwan Demitri)

man those Vampire Savior vids were tight



saw that vid where Daigo plays Balrog and I’m confused. what do you do in order to make your jabs connect to the super?

I LOVE this video.

Buffer (keep your charge) whilst doing the jabs…

figured someone would say this. if it’s buffering then something must be seriously wrong with my controller. either that or I’m seriously doing something wrong, I’m only getting 5 hits. oh well, don’t know too much about ST in the first place