Mastering Tick throw set-ups, and avoiding them

I noticed a very weak part of my game is getting throw hundreds of times in a row. For some reason I’m to slow to recognize the set-up and try for the tech throw. I get a tech throw about once every 4 games in if I’m really paying attention to the players style of game.

Any tips on what to look for in the tick throw and when to tech a throw? I’ve noticed I attempt to wake up throw, but when I’m playing aganist Ken I eat a dash back SaIII.

either that or you’re opponent is just good with concealing his mixups.

use crouch lp+lk. its safer, and if you dont tech, you get a c.lp. hold downback most of the time. every overhead isnt too hard to stop in the game (except dudleys.) even with dudley you can listen for the sound.

but yeah about tech throwing, if they can kara throw (which is most characters) then throw range isnt a factor anymore. but vs some specifics like ken as you mentioned, or ibuki or someone with no kara throw, you can rule out that they cant throw you out of throw range. so if they’re out of throw range just block.

vs kara throwers like ryu and chun, well, mixups are just that good. theres always a timing where you can get hit, and the slightest second they alter it when they catch onto your pattern (which will be after the first round if you keep doing the same thing.) but me personally what i do is think when the or kara throw would hit then from holding downback, i lp+lk.

for example: i time my lp+lk while holding downback so that IF he did throw out a, it would have blocked it. but if it was a kara throw, it would have teched. the slightest delay could ruin this though. thats why its just better to block. if you block a normal you’re pretty much safer than you would be.

i’d say mix it up with doing that, then just blocking altogether once he tries to alter the timing.

remember, getting thrown 3 or 4 times may look a bit worse, but in reality, its around the same damage if you didnt block and ate a super. keep in mind that you’ll eat some crouch damage (which is more) when you try to crouch lp+lk.

yeah this happens to me a lot versus Chun-Li.
I can get throwed 2 or even 3 times in a row, then I eat a crouching MK --> SAII

dont wakeup throw very often. like very very sparingly.

if they are trying to straight up throw you on your wakeup, usually a fast normal will beat them and you can hit confirm into super.

(ken, necro back+lk/mp, chun close s.rh (which is unthrowable too) it just depends on the characters.

Learn to counterpoke and counterpoke boldly. I stuff throw attempts a lot easier by counterpoking than teching. Also, what character do you play? Some characters have good moves with throw invincibility.

eh, counter poking is good, but blocking is best.

getting too “bold” with counter pokes gets you option select parried, or worse counter poked yourself.

Jumping is also underrated. A swift jump back with a heavy can help you out. Just watch out, people have scouted this. Notable chun-li’s d.HK and yun/yangs close s. mk.

yeah jumping is good too if they are REALLY intent on throwing you, but it can get you fucked up hard too.

stuff like chun li,,fp will fuck you up if you try to jump.

it really just depends.

I thought Chun close HK was just a stupidly high-priority meaty, not necessarily unthrowable.

its unthrowable too.

pretty bs eh?

Just tried in arcade version… apparently it can be thrown, but it’s difficult because the move comes out so fast that you have to grab during what appears to be the first frame or two of the animation. Anything after that and it stuffs you.

yeah you’d have to throw it before the startup.

(3 frames)

add this to throw invincibility on wakeup, if someone tries to straight up throw you on wakeup, this move owns them.

^Thanks for the info, I’m using Oro so I try to avoid getting backed in the corner for the mix-up’s but lately I’ve been eating way to many wake-up throws and short.short. SaIII Ken shit. Straight up blocking is working well, but alot of videos I watch teching and wakeup moves happen very often. I definately need to be more aware of Ken’s ranges and what he can and can’t do.vs. Oro. I even eat the UOH to saIII which is clear as day to spot.

I threw immediately after pressing HK with Chun.

Don’t have much to contribute that hasn’t already been said. Basically, know the difference between a defensive tech and a counter throw. Sometimes if the opponent is in a dash or something, you’re better off throwing first if you know they can’t beat you to the punch. Personally I don’t use crouching tech against characters that have good close meaties (which crush easily) and don’t use kara throws (ie. Ken, Ibuki, Dudley, etc.) and the damage those characters get from a parry is dirty which makes a low jab even more risky.

I never use Oro, but I would imagine that wakeup MK can be decent if the opponent is shifting around but not in your face. If a Ken walks or dashes out of throw range, most likely he’s going to hit low or option low parry, both of which lose to Oro’s MK (correct me if I’m wrong).

Can you really tech a throw from a crouch? Am I understanding you correctly? Just want to be sure.

only late tech, aka after you’ve already technically been grabbed. if done at the same exact time as a throw you will get thrown depending on char because of faster throw startup.

The best thing to remember is that good players wait a bit more than you’d expect before they do things in hopes of baiting you out. Scrubs will bust their load before it becomes a bait. So basically, IMO anyways, always wait a split second longer than you think you have to and THEN tech or try to counter the throw.

PARRY PARRY AND KEEP PARRYING let them throw you cause if you can get one parry you can punish them and it WILL STRIKE FEAR IN THEIR HEARTS!!! :annoy:


bad info!!! :annoy: