Mass Effect Andromeda Thread- Who has the biggest APEX penis

Positives are it isn’t ME3, what are the thoughts on it so far? I have been taking my time but enjoying it outside of Cora’s I need to see a manager haircut. I’m on MP as well if anyone ever wants to go in.

I\ve been enjoying all the webm’s and videos of how bad the game looks.

You know where all that money went. In dat ass.

I passed on getting andromeda. I’ll wait for a price drop or GOTY edition.

The only reason I want to play is because i really want to sleep with the female turian.

It is actually really fun so far, I played enough Bethesda games that weird models don’t bother me.

One of the reasons I keep living is to see when the Bethesda lazy game making finally gets shit on by the community.

I find the bugs comical, and the actual gameplay and MP looks dope. I hear the story gets pretty good around the second and third acts as well.

Probably get it when I can.

Gameplay is solid but that active cover can be wonky, I surprisingly don’t hate any of the side characters in your party.

sheeeit, I don’t care about the supposedly “wonky” faces… the action and gameplay looks great in this game to me; I will be getting it soon; I don’t think I can wait on a price drop with this one… especially since the folks I normally game and chat with will probably be into it as well.

Gameplay is vastly improved with the new movement mechanics and the fact that you can mix skills. Not being locked in a specific class is the best change that could’ve happened for this game.

Characters are surprisingly likable. Thought I wouldn’t have any to like and I’m constantly switching cause I want to use them all.

So far I think the story is better than past ME games.

I like weapon crafting and augments.

Multiplayer still good.

Solid 9/10 from me right now. Only negative is wonky cover and I’d only change my rating if the story turns to shit. Even then it would be an 8-8.5.

This game is an upgrade for @million who is still playing the 2012 version of Skyrim…

I’m not a fan of the fact that you can’t customize your allies and the pick any skill shit.

I leave them on auto level up. Lol

Yeah I don’t I like having control over my characters.

The mp feels kinda janky at times, the hitbixes for your char seem to extend outside the model, 3 had the same issue.

thoughts on the game at this point? didnt pick it up yet.

I enjoyed it alot, it has flaws but it is solid. Probably 8/10 good game to get, better than 3 for sure.

Once you get out of the tutorial phase the game picks up. If you can deal with some so so animations, the game is good overall. If I had to describe it in one sentence. It’s basically Mass Effect 1 with good combat and exploration.

I don’t understand people who criticize Andromeda facial animations but give Bethesda games a pass.

Bethesda always gets a pass. I don’t know why. I still remember the fan mods for Morrowind that improved the character and npc models while using fewer polygons. Not only did it make the game look better, it ran better. How they get away with buggy games that their fans have to fix is beyond me.

If anyone cares the latest patch released today. Here are the patch notes.