Mass Effect 3: The Reapers are screwed

[media=youtube]BnEej1RfqTs"[/media] is all we have so far, but I will be sure to keep this thread updated as new information arises.

Get hype as fuck.

saw that today…MP is pretty much confirmed, and from what I read at IGN, Earth gets attacked

Well, yeah, the trailer shows Earth being attacked. The narrator appears to be a British man. I saw Big Ben in the trailer.

Time to kick some Reaper ass…and hopefully, the Illusive Man’s ass too.

meh… try harder

I swear, I want to stick it to that self-righteous asshole so fucking bad. I hope I actually get to bust into his station and pitch him through the window or something equally dramatic.

Alllll fuckin day sir. I am gonna be one of the people that pretty much doesn’t come out of his room until I beat this damn game…And then I will probably do a marathon run of all 3 games. this is how much I love this game

Planning a marathon run of ME1 and 2 before MvC3 comes out.

Oh Holiday Season 2011… how long will I wait for you to bring me the Normandy and Ashley Williams back…

And I’ve always loved the little things in ME, like even how they play on your background and birth at times, being an Earthborn, I’m curious how many unique dialogue options that will open up for my Shep…

meh… EA ruined ME2 for me
made it streamlined, the stupid LEVEL COMPLETE shit, cant backtrack, no random item drops, weak plot of “build your team, then finish the game” story… fuck EA

ill just playthrough ME1 again, at least that game had me immersed, instead of telling me when i beat a fucking stage… there are no fucking stasges, this isnt Super Mario Bros. you stupid fucking dipshits

Who said there’s going to be MP? MP would be sick if the biotics were balanced.

I’m just glad its coming out on PS3 as well. I didn’t really like ME2 outside of a few Loyalty Missions and the last stretch where you go apeshit on the collectors.

I agree. As it stands right now, Sentinel would be Sentinel tier, Vanguard would be Iron Man tier, and the next best fucker would be Adept, and Adept would be, like…Charlie tier.

I think IGN “pretty much confirmed” it.

and fuck all you Illusive Man haters. Martin Sheen will save us all

Fuck that, I ain’t NOBODY’S puppet.

that man has one thing on his mind. Humans #1, period.

at the end of the game


if you choose to destroy the Reaper base, he doesn’t even get super pissed or devastated or nothing. He’s just disappointed in you for letting down humanity.

I hope the reporter chick is in it again. I can see her doing a war story in the middle of a battlefield and just see shepard walk along then reacquaint her face with his/her fist again.

And yea about MP, or biotics in general, I wonder if they are still keeping the armor system where biotics won’t influence you at all if you have even a sliver of shields or something. I know a lot of people on the bioware forums did not like that nerf when adepts went from godly to gimped on insanity from me1 to me2. I think adepts should at least effect you somewhat with shields like make you move slower or harder to aim if you get hit by a pull. I know singularity at least slowed enemies down when shielded in me2 though. Though vanguards better be keeping charge as beastly as it is, I found it the most fun class even on insanity just because everything dies really fast or you fuck up and die real fast. Infiltrators should also get something cool to go with cloak like a unique melee attack when coming out like Kasumi when she does shadow strike. So this is at least an alternative for close range combat instead of cloak up and play chicken to the next hiding spot (though I know some people on the me forums tried shotgun infiltrators, I tested it a bit and found out its more for “cleanup” after sniping. Plus I love the widow too much on the infiltrator).

I want them to add more variety to the classes like adding grenades as a regular skill instead of just a bonus like for the soldier and its variants, more unique biotics, etc. Cause honestly a class like soldier will at least get something to be more interesting besides slowing crap down and pop out and shoot. I also want carnage and the assassin shot thing back. I don’t want crap like marksman or the assault rifle skill back, where it’s hold R to kill.

And for the hell of it, let us try to play as other races in MP. I want to play as a Krogan and kill fools with the Krogan charge. :looney:

Actually thats one of the ways EA is fucking it up. Any game developed on one is usually better than any game that’s made for both. No matter how good it looks, you will always have to wonder, if they didn’t waste time building this also on PS3 ow much sicker would it look? I would bet ME3 will not look as good as ME2.

Anyway, I would love to pirate this game and Dragon Age 2 just because…FUCK EA

Honestly, people vastly over-exaggerated enemy protection and its effects on adept gameplay. Warp (on armor and barriers) and a few gunshots (not to mention your teammates’ powers and firing) was enough to take care of armor, barriers, and shields.

Adepts really only have a difficult time in the beginning of the game on the insanity difficulty (largely because the cooldowns of your abilities aren’t shortened yet), but once you’ve gained a few levels to improve your abilities, you’re already able to go on Warp explosion rampages.

I actually thought that adepts were one of the easier classes to play on the insanity difficulty; without enemy protection, biotic powers would make the adept class completely mindless.

I wonder how in-depth the ME1 interactive comic will be concerning choices. The major ones are obvious, but what about the not so obvious choices?