MAS Systems Xbox 360 Joystick

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you all know that I should be getting my demo joystick from MAS Systems in the next week, and I’ll be putting it up for sale on the website here shortly. For anyone interested, be sure to keep your eye out on the website or PM me here with any questions you might have. Has anyone else on the boards received theirs yet? I’m sure it will be the same quality that they offer in their other sticks. I’m looking forward to getting this and jumping back online to play SF2 on Xbox Live!! :wonder:


I must have good close up internal pictures ASAP!

There’s no mention of it anywhere on the MAS site.

You’re right. I just found out about it today myself. Once mine arrives, I’ll have it online and ready for everyone to order. I’m pretty hyped as it was really the only thing from keeping me away from SF2 on XBL.

I just recently picked up my Mas stick and the lady working there showed me the Xbox 360 stick. It looked pretty nice. It’s a 9 button layout and the face picture is specially made for the 360. Sorry I don’t have any pics, but it looks pretty nice though.


if you get a x360 MAS specific stick, will it work on PC and PS2 w/o an adapter?

PC might be possible, I’ll have to test it when I get it. It won’t work with the PS2 though. You’ll need a seperate controller for that.

I thought most MAs sticks had a PS1/2 as the “guts” and then they add some parts to that to mak eit compatible w/other systems.

The reason I ask is I would like a mas with ps2 and 360 support w/o glitching and under 150 US

At the moment, the Xbox 360 version of their joystick is Xbox 360 only. There aren’t any options for additional systems at the moment. PC might be the only possibility since it works with USB.

i see
thanks for the help soulhadou…


Anytime. Hope that info helped. I will post more info as soon as my controller arrives, and will update the site as well with pictures and videos.

Soul, how long will we start seeing universal Mas sticks with 360 support?
I’m leaning towards this, ps2/DC/360/PC compatibility

Heh. In order to get the multi-console sticks to include 360 support would require them either getting a contract to be a third party peripheral maker from MS, or him cracking the protection on the controllers.

I’m still thinking it’s probably hacked controllers, like we do. But, we wont know for sure until someone cracks it open and gets me some damn pictures :slight_smile: If it’s anything other than a hacked controller, I’d be damn curious to know how it was done.

Thx Toodles. By the way, great work you did on the DC fighting compilation games 12 in 1.

I’m not sure. I don’t think it’s on their agenda right now, but I’m hoping soon. :slight_smile:

Im sure it uses the 360 PCB. I just finished the conversion of my MAS to 360. It also works with PS2 and Saturn but I had to rewire everything to multiple DB-25’s to do it. The other issue is the 360 does not use common grounds so its a real problem.

anyone have a picture of the stick?

Mine is on the way and I should have pictures up by or before Wednesday.

Hey guys. I just got the stick this morning and played a few games on Xbox live to test it out, and I’m quite impressed. I should have pictures and videos posted on the website very shortly.

Since you live in orlando, is it possible for me to test this out before ordering one? I’m sure people would be interested in an outside opinion and I’d like to try it before purchasing one.

That might be possible. What side of town do you live on? PM me and I’ll set it up.