MAS sticks

anyone recommend these as good enough for tournaments? i have a sfac stick already

better way better

Hell yeah it’s better than the SFAC stick.Best American layout stick you could buy and they use good parts


then im buying it

:sad: they are not answering the phone

They can be pretty hard to get in touch with and are often backlogged. There is a reseller in Cali that just drives over to pickup orders. That might be your best bet. (I don’t remember the resller though… arcadeshock maybe?)

edit: If you don’t know anything about happ parts, you want either a competition stick or a p360. The competitions are the sticks that are in most American cabs. P360s are opticals–no microswitches or clicks. Avoid the ultimate sticks as they aren’t the ultimate. I would also recommend competition buttons as opposed to convex.

Another option if you find MAS too hard to get in touch with is modding your SFA stick. They are very easily to mod with arcade parts.

Here is a guide for modding the SFA stick:

I have both a MAS and a modded SFAE stick. Both are equally good (in my case, they have the exactly same parts, competition buttons and competition joystick). If you want an extra stick as a back-up, then yes, get a MAS. Otherwise, a modded SFAE stick will do the job just fine.

yes, but i cant find the difference with the 2nd 3rd and 7th stick, which is similar to the SFAC stick i like how it feels with the clicks, does the infra red one feel any different?

Hey dali get on aim. I can help you from there.

2nd one has competition stick and 6 convex buttons and is for ps2
3rd one has p360 stick and 6 convex buttons and is for ps2
7th one has p360, 8 convex buttons and is for ps2 and dc

p360s have no click its all optical.

You mean concave.

My dad uninstalled AIM

I think you are looking at the 6th stick, look one down, see i really like my SFAC the actual stick, but does optical feel any different?

yes, convex is similar to happ right? those are the kinds of buttons i want. they are similar to the SFAC buttons but skinnier

the 7th one is smaller then.
no, convex ARE happs, convex and concave are both made my happs, the SFAC buttons have knockoff chinese made happs.
get convex

but any differences on the competion style actual stick or the p360 0ptical stick itself? which is closer to the SFAC stick.

Opps! Yes. Convex = Competition, concave = not as comfortable.

Use that link, scroll down some. It compares the Happ competition, ulitimate, and the cheap knock-off in the SFA stick. I think the competition will be closer to the stock stick in the SFA stick than the P360, as they are both microswitch sticks, the P360 is not. The main difference between the actual happ stick and the one you’re currently using is that the happ stick is much more full of awesome.

by the way, anyone recommend a site to buy a ps2 to xbox converter and a xbox to ps2 converter?

I bought a used MAS stick relative cheap, came with Saturn and Dreamcast PCB. Removed the Saturn PCB and use it exclusively for Dreamcast. Couldn’t ask for a better american style stick.

I got mine from ArcadeShock very quickly, about a week and a half total, and if you are planning for just home use and have a good coffee table or something to put it on you might want to get a standard size MAS instead of the minis ArcadeShock sells.

Unless you are extremely gentle playing the stick the minis tend to dip forward a lot when you press down because smaller base = less stability. I still prefer the mini because it is a lot smaller but it’s just something for you to think about.