MAS sticks

dude, try one first. I’m used to happ sticks, and played on a sfac fine for a long time. I tried a MAS stick and hated it. It has a very different feel. Don’t take the plunge before you give it a test run

What stick was in the MAS you used? If you’re used to Happ parts, the MAS is probably the best commercial product.

MAS makes great sticks. I have a 360 which just feels better and doesn’t click like the sfac stick. the convex button on the mass are skinnier than the sfac convex buttons. the sfac has a slightly slower feel, but i think that varies from person to person. be sure to get all the adapters u want on your mas when you order - its worth it. customizing the buttons and colours of the sides makes it a lot easier to recognize your stick at gatherings, which is important if your stick gets ‘lost’ or ‘borrowed’. gg

MAS is very difficult to reach by phone. if you can get them by email, or can order via someone else ie arcadecontrols, do it. even better, just go to their warehouse in LA.

I got my MAS stick from MAS about 2 months ago. I was able to reach them by phone pretty easily. However, since I didn’t want to pay for shipping, I drove over there (since I lived only about 15 minutes away from them) and waited as they built it and put it together. I paid them when I got there and I waited about an hour or so for them to finish. I got mine with the p360 and with the convex buttons. And my stick works great… no problems for me =].

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