Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)


Anyone excited?

I already have it for PS2, but if the one on PSN has online then it’s a definite buy for me even though I’m more of a 3S type person.

I wonder if there will a be new marvel crossover game in the future now that MVC2 is finally being released…

so its a fact that mvc2 is coming to ps3 and its gonna be online cause they said it was for the 360 and im like no. if its for 360 its gotta be for ps3 but im not an online person but if this is all true im getting a ps3 asap

Where is the news article of this announcement? Please either edit it into your first post or link it to me. Thanks.

EDIT: I found it for you.

It’ll probably be the PS2 port. Which isn’t exactly any good. Have fun.

Thanks for providing a link, totally forgot lol.

I guess I can finally pack up my Dreamcast…

:u: Don’t count on it. We still don’t know which version we’re going to get.

good lord 360 now ps3. whats next?

If they emulate this shit like they did A1 - in all its PS1 port glory - i’m gonna have to seriously question Sony’s intentions.

I’m hoping they aren’t trying to incite riots… :rofl:

A slightly fuzzy DC emulation would be worlds better.

“With the a total of 56 playable characters in the game spanning two vast fictional universes, hopefully Capcom doesn’t plan on charging us $1.99 per character download.”


Someone have capcoms email? I cant find it on their page and want to tell them not to fuck this shit up by giving us something other than naomi.

Well hopefully it’ll be like the DC version so then I can finally own this game

i guess we all know what we want for our B-DAY!!!

Sooo… do we post tag names and teams now?:confused::rofl:

…Do we?:confused:

1)Better be the Dc port
2) better have GGPO online net coding
3) This better not be BS


When does this come out anyway?

I just wish Capcom would release something sometime soon. I don’t want to hear them working on something else when I’m still waiting on them to bring out HD Remix which I am now going to pass on.

Most likely it will be a port and depending on when they plan on releasing it, it could include the GGPO netcode, so we’ll see. Hopefully this news means that Capcom will bring more of its fighters onto X360/PS3.

lol at the ebay sellers then the value decreases

something tells me I’ll be happier with my dc port in the long run, but I might get it anyway.

i just hope its arcade perfect. dreamcasts can only last so long from all the bluescreens.

Quick noob question, what’s the difference between the DC and the PS2 version? How about CVS2?