Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

Just wondering about this game. I wanted to get back in to it, just couldn’t find much info.

Mainly I’m lookin to get combo info on Blackheart and Shadow. Tier listing would be nice too.

Wolverine owns all. After him is Omega Red.

I will have to agree, Wolvie is just that damned good in MSF, virtually everyone else is nerfed in comparison.

Shadow is basically an ass (and I mean ASS) version of XSF Nash. Stupid eye twinkle thing makes his supers slow.

BH… not so much combos as he is harassing with his normals and pinning them down with demons. In that regard he’s better off as a battery, building meter for the other character. -> air Judgment Day is all I ever do. :B That super has serious block damage going for it too.

J.hp is your friend. So is all forms of his mk (the hair attack).

I’m curious in learning more about this game as well. At school, this is the only game people over want to play. And I refuse to believe I’m as bad as I am in this game…

I remember seeing a topic on MSHvSF awhile back, though actually I think it was a MvC1 topic that digressed into discussion of MSHvSF.

Anyways, people said Omega Red, Wolverine, and Spidey were tops and that Sakura, Dan, and Shadow were bottom. Yes, Shadow is actually worse than Dan.

1.Pick Wolverine
2. Super jump over and over until meter reaches one level
3. Activate Berserker Rage (qcb+pp)
4. Crouch fierce the opponent over and over until dizzy
5. You should have enough meter to activate Berserker Rage. Do it again.
6. Repeat 3-5 where necessary
7. ???

Anywho, Wolverine is really, really good in this game, Berserker Rage, fills up the meter really fast (for the double team supers), easy to pick up, and uber rushdown (and maybe a few infinites).

After him, it’s probably Omega Red since the Omega Strikes are cancelable, and his rushdown and life drain abilities aren’t bad. Spider-Man/Armored Spider-Man are up there too I guess, and Mech-Zangief is there to counter Spideys/Wolverine. On the zoning side of things, Dhalsim and Blackheart are good. Ryu is really solid as well. (At the end of the day though, I do believe it all boils down to Wolverine…maybe a little Omega Red, but at any level of this game, expect to see Wolverine in vs. A lot.)

Not sure if Dan’s at the bottom, he’s slow but he’s got a few tricks. Wicked throw pattern with hk throw-> manual jump + air throw. Shinkuu Gadoken combos off a (2 hit) or s.hp. But yeah, normal Sakura/Shadow Chuckles are definitely bottom tier.

i remember seeing some weird corner loop / inf possibility involving Ryu juggling Bison in the corner doing repeated dash fierce, roundhouse into a shallow hit Shinsho, then repeating until death, anyone care to elaborate on how to set that up?

edit: i know it’s hard to see but it’s actually at about 7:33 in this vid

Wolvie is tops. SJ mp charges up meter soo fast. Then you can use it for Berserker Rage super which automatically puts the opponent on defense.

Omega Red is probably 2nd. Excellent zoning and meter charging abilities with his omega strikes. Devastating combos.

Spider-man is good. Good normals, infinite. Typical Pixie. Regular is probably slightly better then armored.

Blackheart, Mephisto, and Dhalsim probably round up the top tier… possibly Ryu.

Shadow, Sakura, Chun-Li are garbage.

Has anyone discovered any kind of SIGNIFICANT difference between Blackheart/Cap and Mephisto/USAgent???

lol cyclops owns. hes with omega red and wolv. spidey is there too.

the last time i played this game was when i got 2nd on kaillera. who still plays this and is good? this game is pretty shitty though i gotta admit.

also cyclops xx SOB does around 40-50% depending on that marvel mash you got.

spidey is just all around a homo. armored spidey is worse. hard to hit cuz of hit hitbox, slips out of things.

cyclops can zone and fight close all that good stuff.

wolv is great…fatal claw combo unpunishable here and does about 50-60%.

omega red is good too…drain combos all day. hard to touch him too.

Give a tier list and explain where who’s placed where, I would love to see the details about this game. Considering, I only saw this game at our arcades for about 2 months before it got switched out for something else.

I always felt Wolvie and Omega Red where the best, but I didn’t think they where that sick in MSHvsSF. I also would like to know what made Ryu solid in this game, as I always thought he felt average only.

Again, yeah, would love to see a tier list and some better in-depth statements of characters.

Man, this topic made me go and replay MSHvSF for the first time in like 6 years.

This game is probably my favorite Marvel game, though I don’t really know why…

Probably because mashing MP with Wolverine as he’s flying is fun. I know for one that when Wolverine takes to the skies, HI-LAR-ITEE ensues.

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My team in that game is Wolverine/Omega Red.
Ironically enough, I used to hate Omega Red a long time ago. I played him on my emulator one night (out of boredom), and I realised “HAY. Omega Red kicks ass!”

Since then, played him and Wolverine almost religiously in this game.
Sometimes, I take Norimaro for a spin (we have the Japanese version in some arcades down here.)

What are some Ryu setups that I can learn and utilize??? Also, what are his bad matchups as well…I want to know those as well. Also again, forgive from repeating myself but I was hoping again that someone with well/solid knowledge of this game can make an overall tier listing of this game, so that I can get an idea of it.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Wolverine is #1 and Omega Red arguably #2, but where does everyone else fall.

What are the differences between Armor/Regular Spidey excluding the Super Armor? Is there some kind of speed variance or different combo strats?

I remember back in the day there were ostensibly speed and hit stun differences between the different versions, though it was never proven.

To this day I don’t think there are conclusive differences between the two Blackhearts and Cap/US Agent

Armored Spidey has lowered attack power but increased defensive stamina (in addition to the Super Armor) I think.

I think they have the same speed but Armored Spidey is considered heavier by the game’s physics engine so he’ll fall out of some combos that regular Spidey won’t.

Now, I’n very sure that what I’m about to put up here is pretty inaccurate according to general consensus, but here’s what I’d interpret as the tier listing for this game. Feel free to correct me where I’m wrong.

Top Tier

Wolverine (Spamming MP + Drill Claws + Berserker Rage Infinite = WHEEEEE!)
**Omega Red **(Coils have good distance, combos do a lot of damage, ducks extremely low to the groud, retractable Omega Strike is advantage.)

High-Mid Tier

**Cyclops **-(Double Jumps, decent keep away game with FP and FK)
Spiderman -( Stance is low to the ground, and has some decent combo damage)
Captain America/U.S. Agent- (a simple LP, D.LK, D.FP, Shield Slash combo can do some heavy damage. Also, double jumps combined with jumping FP is pain.)
Dhalsim - (I’d only say so because his Yoga Fire + FK has some potential to keep an opponent boxed in. Too bad his Supers are crap, though.)

Mid Tier

**Akuma/Ryu/Ken **- (Hmm…tough call for me. They don’t have the overwhelming advantage that the higher tiers have, but they can handle things on their own. Grouped together in that order.)
**Chun-Li **
Hulk - (Fairly quick, normals do some good damage. No Gamma Quake in this game makes him a tad more vulnerable on the ground, though)
Armored Spiderman - (You know…he may be Spiderman with armor, but he does far less damage than the original. What’s the point? He can still play pretty decently, but Spiderman is capable of inflicting damage after a couple of combos that would put a person into trouble very quickly. Armored Spiderman has to work harder to achieve that.)
Sakura - (Sakura can do some damage, but you’d have to learn to capitalise on mistakes if you want to catch anybody off guard with her Supers.)
Dark Sakura - (Sure, she’s more like Akuma with longer range fireballs, but, basically, still a Sakura who dishes and takes more damage. I placed her lower for that last reason.)
Shadow - (DAMN that twinkle. Makes his supers slower)
Shuma Gorath
Blackheart/Mephisto - (longest range pokes in the game, but can’t chain Inferno => Heart of Darkness like in the later game. Poke and spam demons is all I can think of.)

Mecha Zangief - (Higher up than regular Zangief because you can’t knock him down that easily. However, still low down this list because most people can just stay away and blast him for free.)

Low Tier

Zangief - Capable of causing trouble with a jumping U + FP, but the faster characters can easily overwhelm him.

M. Bison - (I find him hard to pull off effectively. His combos from XSF were basically nerfed, and his Psycho Crusher doesn’t pull off well in an Aerial Rave as it used to. His normals are rather slow, and God FORBID you crouch and try to quickly Super Jump with an attack, because he might do that stupid Fly move instead. He’ll get creamed by Wolverine and Omega for sure.)

**Dan - **(No real ground combos, Crappy Supers, takes damage like a sissy girl. And that’s the Dan we all know and love. Too bad the rest of the cast doesn’t feel the same way.)

Garbage Tier


Well, I took a stab at it.
Any comments?

No offense, but you’re clinically insane if you believe Blackheart and Mech Zangief are worse than Sakura or Shadow.

Also, I don’t believe Bison and Zangief are that low and I especially don’t see what makes Norimaro the worst in the game.

If I was going to make a stab at tiers (though my personal opinion doesn’t really matter since I was never a top player at this game):

Omega Red

Armored Spider-Man
Cap America/US Agent

Mech Zangief
Dark Sakura
Shuma Gorath



Eh Sakura a mid, not quite sure about that about that one. Her supers aren’t particulary safe in this game than say the alpha versions. Her fireballs aren’t good at all with the fustrating angles, meaning you’ll have to work twice as hard than the Dark version to get something going.

Ken could beast in this game if played effectively, so can Akuma because of his movepool. Ryu is like average in every game he’s in, he’s playable it’s just that his mixups are low to me than say Ken/Akuma.

Shadow is eh. He’s lucky so many characters are around mid/low in this game. But even that’s not saying much, I think he sucks but that’s just my opinion.

Dan is a sure garbage/shit tier. His fireballs are laughable, picture throwing leaves him vulnerable, weak mixups, list goes on. It’s very rare to encounter a good dan player in this game, and they may surprise some people early on…but eventually as the match extends the gimmicks will catch up with him. Plays a hell lot better in the alphas.