Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter: Sequel to my X-Men vs. SF Fan Fic!

Hey what’s up everybody! Like the title suggests this is a direct sequel to my X-Men vs. Street Fighter fan fic that can be found here -

Since this is a very direct sequel that takes place after the events of the previous fic reading that one first is almost mandatory. However, I will briefly go over the events of the previous fic before I start this one while remaining as spoiler free if possible, if you wish to either read the first fic later or just start off with reading this one. Pretty much the same way Marvel does nowadays on the first page of their comic books, they quickly catch you up to speed just in case you haven’t read any of the previous issues.

This fan fic has way more characters than just Street Fighters and X-Men so each chapter will have some segments called “Info Bytes” where I help explain a few things, importantly just when the stories take place within the character’s comic book and video game storylines. Not everything will fit in perfectly of course as this story falls into a universe that’s not really Marvel’s world or Street Fighter’s world. But it will have lots of elements from both worlds.

Like the last story this fic will use the Japanese characters’ names. Master Bison will be called Vega. Akuma will be called Gouki. Charlie will be called Nash.

Usual sano fan fic disclaimer: If you want to read a story about why Blackheart has so many issues with his father Mephisto and gain a deeper understanding of his character, GO READ A BOOK! This story is going to be a non stop BRAWL!

So if you think there’s some nutty universe out there where Street Fighters stand a chance fighting against gods like Shuma-Gorath and Blackheart, read on!

Typing the first few chapters now. Hope you enjoy!



During a confrontation with the Mutant Cable, Apocalypse wound up in the fourth dimension and became invisible unstable molecules floating through our Earth without a physical form.

By chance he floated to Gouken’s dojo at the exact time he was murdered by his brother Gouki. Apocalypse was able to absorb the Ki residue of this battle to help anchor himself to this world. Yet he still was not visible to the naked eye.

He continued to follow Gouki and was with him when he defeated the Mutant known as Silver Samurai. The Mutant energy and Ki residue from this fight was so great that Apocalypse managed to become visible, yet he was like a ghost and did not have enough power to gain a physical form just yet.

So he put his plan into motion. In an Aztec Pyramid in the Amazon Rain Forest that was built by his worshippers long ago when he ruled the entire world he began kidnapping Mutants and Martial Artists so he could continue absorbing Mutant Energy and Ki from them.

Apocalypse soon manipulated the X-Men and other Street Fighters to arrive at the Pyramid and battle, for he gained even more energy when Mutants and Martial Artists fought against each other. The Pyramid was rewired to become a huge conductor sending all of this energy straight to Apocalypse.

This lead to a series of great fights. During these events, Chun-Li learned that Vega killed her father and both Juggernaut and Killer Bee lost all of their memories.

Soon Apocalypse had the power to return to our dimension more powerful than ever! Through a combined effort of the X-Men and Street Fighters working together Apocalypse was defeated, and during this fight Nash apparently lost his life.

Now our story continues…

Chapter 1: “Four Horses of Four Different Colors!”

The sky took on a reddish color as the sun was setting one late afternoon on Cape Citadel, a military base in Florida U.S.A. All seemed right with the world until something peculiar occurred. Four cloaked men riding on robotic horses in the sky appeared out of thin air. These horses flew around Cape Citadel like flies circling a light bulb. The mouths of these horses opened up and randomly began firing white energy beams at the military base! Yes, this was a declaration of war by the Four Horseman of Apocalypse!

Each of the Horseman wore long cloaks that covered their entire body. Even their faces that were exposed by the hoods of these cloaks were covered in shadow. The cloaks themselves had two colors. One was the main color that was present on the majority of the clothing. The second was of all of the ancient heiroglyphics on these cloaks, like the writing you would see inside of an Egyptian Pyramid.

It wasn’t too long before an alarm sounded and the soldiers stationed at Cape Citadel returned fire on their adversaries. The first Horseman to land on the ground inside of the base just before the tall gate that kept trespassers away was the Horseman of Pestilence. His robotic horse was white and his cloak was of the same color, covered in red heiroglyphics. Troops on the ground began firing at Pestilence as he rode his horse in their direction. These soldiers all started dying as soon as he was close enough to them. Pestilence didn’t even have to life a finger as one after the other fell to their deaths.

The second Horseman to touch the ground was Famine. His robotic horse and cloak were yellow and the heiroglyphics on his cloak were black. He road his steed into another wave of soldiers riding gun mounted military jeeps. When he galloped close enough to one of the topless ground vehicles with his right hand he grabbed a soldier on the passenger side with his hand over his face while taking a huge leap with his horse through the air. As this gray hand was over the soldier’s face he said, “…No… the starving… children…” and his entire body started to become thinner by the second! After Famine’s leap, when his horse came down on the ground he dropped the unconscious soldier who now had only a thin layer of flesh covering his skeleton.

The Horseman of War remained in the air. Fighter Jets began to attack this man flying around in a blood red horse with a matching cloak that housed blue hieroglyphics. War evaded gunfire and missile attacks with such ease it seemed like he was toying with the U.S. Armed Forces. He flew straight at an oncoming Fighter Jet and lifted his arms in front of him with his elbows bent at his sides. He fired two light blue columns of energy from his arms and instantly destroyed a Fighter Jet, pilot and all!

Lastly was their leader, the Horseman of Death and by far the strongest of the four. He rode on a pale green horse with a matching cloak, covered in purple hieroglyphics. Death landed straight down to an area where he was surrounded by 20 Military Tanks. He then took a huge leap off of his horse soaring as high as 50 feet in the air! With his right hand he fired about 100 red fireballs at the Tanks destroying them all!

It wasn’t too long before all of the soldiers at Cape Citadel were murdered and the base was under the control of the mighty Four Horseman who worked for the Mutant known as Apocalypse.

Info Bytes: Cape Citadel is a Military Base in Florida that appeared in the very first issue of X-men. Since then it has appeared many times, one of it’s more recent appearances was in Uncanny X-Men #394 back in 2001.

Apocalypse has often gathered four Horseman to do his bidding named ‘The Four Horseman of Apocalypse.’ Sometimes the identities of the Four Horseman are kept secret in the beginning much like they are here. Well, if you managed to figure out who they please keep the secret to yourselves and don’t post it up here! Besides, there will be more cloaked warriors for you to guess who they are so please be patient…

Next Up - Starting to type up the next chapter right now so check back in a few hours. We visit the X-Men and Street Fighters and see what they are up to since we’ve seen them in the last fan fic. Catch ya in a few!

Chapter 2: “Hadou vs. Cyke-O Power!”

Several hours later after the incident at Cape Citadel a huge black Aztec Pyramid could be seen at a distance towering high above many trees of the Amazon Rain Forest on a bright and sunny day. From a bird’s eye view parts of the jungle just in front of the Pyramid seemed to light up red, white and pink. It seemed like someone was having a fireworks display on the ground as these bright colors coupled with explosions shined through the thick forest, but that wasn’t the case at all. This was the aftermath of Cyclops’ and Ryu’s friendly match!

“OPTIC BLAST!” “HADOUKEN!” Yelled the two combatants. The red Optic Blast from Cyclops’ Ruby Quartz Visor slammed into Ryu’s Fireball creating a bright pink light while both attacks cancelled each other out!

The huge distance between the leader of the X-Men and the champion of the first World Warrior Tournament was cut short very quickly since both of them were incredibly fast on their feet. Ryu struck Cyclops with right and left jabs to his face followed by a kick to the torso but Cyclops managed to block all of these blows with the backs of his right and left hands. Next he quickly tried to strike Ryu with two right and left punches of his own but the Ansatsuken warrior blocked both of these strikes with his forearms while his fists were clenched. This rapid trade off of blows only took one second because both of these fighters were at the top of their game!

Just after Cyclops’ two failed punches he fired and Optic Blast at Ryu’s head at this very close distance. Ryu ducked and struck his opponent with his Rising Dragon Punch! “SHORYUKEN!” Cyclops was not about to be undone by this attack. While still in the air along with Ryu after being struck by the mighty uppercut he spun his body around and kicked Ryu in the chest while yelling “CYCLONE KICK!” The two managed to land on their feet, about twenty feet apart.

Both assumed their fighting stances and were breathing heavily, each with smiles on their faces since they were enjoying this little skirmish.

“Okay Ryu. Had enough?” “Not yet Cyclops. I’m just getting started!” To anyone watching this fight that would seem like quite an understatement on Ryu’s part since the two have been fighting for six hours straight with no clear victor in sight! Yet still the two fatigued fighters continued to pound away!

Originally Ryu wanted to have this friendly fight a bit deeper into the jungle but eventually with such a long fight where both opponents seemed to move through all wildlife dodging the others’ respective projectile attacks they wound up in front of the huge Pyramid. And as you might of guessed, all of the other X-Men and Street Fighters were watching!

Since this fight was as long as it was there was ample time to bring the X-Men’s Blackbird jet nearby and feed rations to the people that were hungry. From the Blackbird they also managed to acquire a floating yellow chair for Professor X. Also from the Blackbird, because most of Wolverine’s clothing was burned off during his latest adventure he was given a yellow and blue Outfit typically used by the X-Men while training in the Danger Room. This is also the same outfit worn by Forge during his time with the X-Men.

Other than Professor X and Wolverine the rest of the X-Men Blue Strike Force Team was watching Ryu and Cyclops fight. This squad consists of Cyclops as the Team leader (who is currently fighting Ryu obviously), Wolverine, Beast, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee and Psylocke who was holding hands with her boyfriend, the X-Men Gold Strike Force member Archangel.

Speaking of, the rest of the X-Men Gold Strike Force Team was present and accounted for. They are Jean Grey, Colossus, and Bishop. Team Leader Storm had her arms around X-Men Technician Forge. The final member of this team, Iceman was standing close to all of the Shadowloo soldiers and scientists they rounded up. He created ice bands around their waists with their arms on their backs so they couldn’t escape, all of them were kneeling on the ground with their eyes closed as if they were sleeping. For all intents and purposes they kind of were sleeping as Professor X had shut most of their minds down with his Mutant Powers, but Iceman put those bands around them as an extra precaution. Iceman used his powers to keep the circular bands cold in the blazing sun. His hands were glowing with his power over ice molecules.

There was also a handful of Morlocks present, these are Mutants that lived below the streets of New York City away from prying eyes. They were Healer, Tommy, Scaleface, Ape, Artie and Beautiful Dreamer.

Beside them were the special agents from the Russian Government. The two Mutants Darkstar and Garnoff along with the two humans Vazhin and Zangief.

Speaking of Zangief there were other Street Fighters present. Ken who had lost the top of his gi during his fight with Sabretooth was standing next to Wolverine, his new found friend. Also on sight were Dan, Sakura, Blanka and Rose.

Off in the corner on the many long steps leading to the entrance of this Pyramid Guile was sitting there looking down at his feet, sad that his friend Nash apparently passed away. Chun-Li had just met Guile but she knew of him from Nash who she was very close too, so she sat next to him with an arm around his shoulders to comfort him. Chun-Li, wearing her Street Fighter Zero outfit was also sad about discovering that Vega had killed her father. Yet she still managed to yell “GO RYU!” to support her friend.

After that yell the rest of the Street Fighters except for Guile and Rose started cheering for Ryu while those affiliated with the X-Men were cheering for Cyclops.

“YEAH RYU SENSEI! YOU CAN DO IT,” belted Sakura. “I have to admit. Ryu’s pretty good, just not as great as the legendary Dan Hibiki,” boasted the man in the pink gi. “Okay, someone’s been spending way too much time in the sun,” chimed in Ken. “What was that Ken? I still haven’t forgotten about our rematch! Next time you’re going down!” “…Yeah, next time Dan…” Ken rolled his eyes as he felt that Dan was no match for… just about anybody.

“Ryu doesn’t have a prayer against the boyscout. Slim could even give this ol’ Canuckle Head a run for his money,” said Wolverine. “Are you kidding me?” Ken strongly disagreed. “Ryu’s been training since before he learned how to walk, all he does is train. No way can someone who woke up with powers one day during puberty could even stand a chance.” “You mean that someone who’s helped save the world more times than I can count?” “First of all, who says you can count? And last time I checked, you couldn’t save the world this time without the help of us Street Fighters!” “Heh. Whatever Rookie, my money’s still on Cyke,” proclaimed Wolverine with a confident grin. “Yeah, well I have more money than you too,” smiled Ken. “COME ON RYU!”

A bit deeper in the Amazon Rain forest Juggernaut holding his helmet in his left hand was lying on the ground. Killer Bee approached him with water in her hands that she obtained from a nearby lake. She knelt down beside the big red giant and poured the water in his mouth. Juggernaut soon opened his eyes and gazed upon the beautiful blonde haired woman with a scar across her left cheek. He sat up on the ground and saw a campfire that had five wooden sticks with impaled fish stuck to the ground close to its flame.

Killer Bee spoke. “Oh… um… you’re awake. You… collapsed a while ago. I… figured you might be thirsty… and maybe… hungry…” Killer Bee grabbed a branch with a roasted fish and handed it to Juggernaut. “Ugh… okay… thanks.” He accepted the meal, put his helmet down beside him, sat up and started munching away even though he wasn’t particularly hungry.

Killer bee sat on a rock that was on the other side of the fire. She was staring at this man who was larger than life. “So… um… sir… you kept yelling ‘Who am I’ before you passed out…” “…Yeah, it’s strange… It’s like all of my memories are gone. But small fragments and pieces are coming back to me little by little.” “That’s great! Looks like you’re on the road to recovery sir!” “Okay quit the sir stuff. My name is Cain, I remember that much. What’s yours?” “Well… you see si… I mean Cain… that’s the thing. I too seem to have lost my memory. Only… unlike yourself none of it has come back to me…” Killer Bee seemed very worried that her memory was gone for good.

“Hmmm. You seem to be able to remember how to survive in the woods. Maybe your memory’s gonna come back to you soon.” “Um, your think?” She seemed to cheer up a bit when he said that. “I guarantee it so stop fussin.’ But for now we gotta call you somethin’… Let’s see… Hey now! I remember when I was a little kid we used to have a cat with a streak of hair coming down her face just like you! Her name was Cammy!” “…Caaammy… I like it! Okay, until my memory comes back you can call me Cammy! By the way, whatever happened to this this cat of yours, do you remember?” “Hmmm… vaguely… um… UH OH…”

Suddenly Juggernaut remembered exactly what happened to Cammy the cat. When he was a child he took four M-80 firecrackers otherwise known as blockbusters, lit them, shoved them up her butt and tossed her off of the roof of the building he grew up in that is now known as the X-Mansion!

Course he didn’t exactly relay this newest memory with Killer Bee. “Errr… um… she’s still around… she’s not as pretty as you though Cammy!” The now renamed Cammy started to blush and she looked down at the fire between them. The young woman in the light blue Shadowloo outfit started to bump her two pointing fingers together like a shy schoolgirl. “Why… thank you… C-C-Cain… you’re quite handsome yourself.”

Back at the Aztec Pyramid from its huge entrance a series of thunderbolts quickly came crashing down at the crowd watching Ryu and Cyclops’ fight! As the these bolts of energy struck groups of people quickly started vanishing! Within a quick second nearly everyone was gone!

Guile was struck with a thunderbolt but Chun-Li sitting next to him was fast enough to front flip out of danger while yelling “GUILE!”

A thunderbolt was raining down where Wolverine, Ken, Dan and Sakura were standing. Red flames began to encircle Ken’s fist. “SHORYUKEN,” he screamed as he struck this bolt of white electricity! The impact blasted these four away to safety, but Blanka and Rose who were also close by were not as lucky.

Two thunderbolts were on their way to both Ryu and Cyclops, but they quickly blasted them away with their respective “HADOUKEN” and “OPTIC BLAST” attacks!

These thunderbolts also stretched far into the jungle. Two of them managed to zap both Cammy and Juggernaut making them vanish along with Juggernaut’s helmet that was resting on the ground.

Another thunderbolt struck Sabretooth who was clawing his way through the jungle with his unconscious assistant Birdy over his shoulder.

Lastly, from tall blades of grass was a hand burned beyond recognition, rising up as if to grab something. A thunderbolt struck this hand attached to it’s rotting body and this person disappeared like all of the others.

Soon the Aztec Pyramid was covered with white electricity and it vanished off the face of the Earth leaving a huge gapping hole where it once stood!

Ryu, Cyclops, Chun-Li, Wolverine, Ken, Sakura and Dan were the only ones remaining. Even all of the captured Shadowloo scientists and soldiers were gone. The remaining six seemed to huddle together while not taking their eyes off of the spot where the Pyramid stood. No one was able to utter a single word.

The sound of a Black Tomahawk Helicopter broke the silence. Once it was a five feet off of the ground Captain America leapt out from its side. Right behind him was special agent Nick Fury from S.H.I.E.L.D., an eye patch wearing man who smoked a big cigar that he took out of his mouth whenever he spoke. “Well, looks like our super computer was right. Only six people remain, everyone else just got captured by the enemy.” “Captain America! Nick Fury! Mind tellin’ us what the blazes is going on,” demanded Wolverine. “All in due time Logan. Right now we need your help defeating Apocalypse. Please come with us to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Hellicarrier,” responded Captain America. “Defeating Apocalypse? But we destroyed him for good a few hours ago!” pondered Cyclops, and Nick Fury was very quick to disagree. “Destroyed him for good? Haven’t any of you mooks turned on a radio? Apocalypse is on the verge of taking over the world!”

Info Bytes: During the first X-Men vs. Street Fighter fan fic I laid out that the story took place loosely during Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s run on the X-Men in the 90s, which is still kind of true given the looseness of things and how slow time moves in comic books. Still during that story things began to progress so that it obviously took place after Executioner’s Song. For now it’s advanced just a bit further than that as this tale is taking place during the Fatal Attraction storyline, there will be more information on this when the time comes. The difference here being that in this world Forge still hasn’t left the X-Men and joined up with X-Factor just yet.

For those of you who are unaware of what the yellow and blue training outfit looks like that Wolverine is wearing in this chapter and aren’t too familiar with X-Men comic books in the 90s, Morph wore the same exact costume in the 90s X-Men cartoon.

Street Fighter - With the last fan fic a lot of Street Fighter Zero 2 (AKA Street Fighter Alpha 2) events took place. Here there will be a few Street Fighter Zero 3 events happening. Since both of those games have lots of characters with different scenarios, whoever doesn’t show up here chances are there stories can still play out in SFZ2 and SFZ3 for the most part. So for SF this fic takes places sometime between SFZ2(X-Men vs. SF) and SFZ3(MSH vs. SF) with not too much time passing between both stories.

Captain America - Like all of the Marvelites in this story they are all appearing loosely after the events of Infinity War. He is Steve Rogers and no longer USAgent since USAgent is John Walker now. And Captain America is leading the Avengers but since the Avengers won’t appear in this story, imagine any version of the Avengers you wish lol! Except of course for the current version with Wolverine and Spidey on the squad since it’s just a skooch to early for that…

Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. - Didn’t really have an ongoing comic book in the 90s and were used randomly during that time with Nick Fury leading, just like I’m doing. That was easy! More info on S.H.I.E.L.D. during the next chapter.

Next Up - I have a few things on my plate so I probably won’t be able to update until 2007, but I would definitely like to put up the next chapter before I go off on vacation in February. So next time the heroes gather, form an alliance and some more tidbits are revealed. Oh and more mysterious cloaked villains coupled with more terrible writing by yours truly lol! Take care until next time, happy holidays and everyone be safe!

Needs more Sakura.


There will be lots more Sakura in at least 2 upcoming chapters based in New York, and even her ‘evil’ version will come out to play, that should be fun heh heh!

Yeah that’s my own spin on how she got the name Cammy. In Masahiko Nakahira’s Sakura Ganbaru! Manga, Sakura named her after a cat, so this is my comedic take on it. In Studio Udon’s comic, Rose gave her the name. In oooold SF2 storylines, Wolfman gave her the name Cammy after seeing a pendant say CAMM and a few random numbers, it’s in one of vas’s posts, I’ll look it up. Ohs well then she appeared in the Zero/Alpha series it seems like her name was always Cammy as Vega(Cape) always called her that, but since I just called her Killer Bee in the last story and had all of her memories erased by Rogue, figured it was a good way to have her renamed for this micro-verse. Plus I get to do another unrequited love crossover romance where nothing happens thing like last time with Dhalsim and Storm ha ha ha! Camm & Jugs will be back in this story much much later. :smile:

Okay found vasili10’s post, it’s on the link below. From Gamest SSF2 Wolfman named her Cammy from an old pendant she had when they found her that read “CAMM 740106.” Which was likely to inspire Masahiko Nakahira having Sakura name her Cammy and later Studio Udon having Rose name her Cammy.

Chapter 3: “Clothes Make the X-Man!”

Barely a word was uttered amongst the group as any attempts of communication would of been drowned out by the loud noise of the Tomahawk’s chopper. They were at least informed that their friends were captured and being held hostage to help put some of their minds at rest some what, given the extraordinary circumstances. Soon the Black Tomahawk descended onto the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, a massive aircraft carrier that floated in the sky. Once on deck the crew of Nicholas Fury (called Nick for short), Captain America, Cyclops, Wolverine, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Sakura and Dan made their way inside this dark gray metallic base of operations. While walking down a vast corridor Nick Fury lead the crew and spoke to everyone in a loud commanding voice with his Cuban Cigar in his hands.

“To get introductions out the way the name’s Nick Fury and I’m the Executive Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division. S.H.I.E.L.D. is an extra-governmental intelligence and security organization dedicated to protecting the entire world from global threats. You may have heard of us, our existence is known to the general public even though most of our missions are covert operations.”

Nick Fury stops in front of a metallic door where he has to input a ten digit code on a small panel next to it so it can slide open. Inside there is a round platform that rises off the floor. This small dark gray room’s walls seem to be composed of machinery and circuitry almost as if it was straight out of a science fiction movie. Dan was the last one in the room and the door automatically closed behind them.

“First things first before I start yapping about why you are here and what is going on, some of you mooks need a good change of clothes.” “Um… I will need just a bit of privacy…” “You don’t understand, Miss Chun-Li is it,” questioned Captain America. “Heh heh! Just Chun-Li is fine.” “Chun-Li, this is a highly advanced… thingamabopper… well… I don’t know what the technical term is but let’s just call it a Costume Changer. Just stand on the platform and think of repairing your torn costumes or coming up with different outfits entirely and the device will read your mind. Through the use of miniature unstable molecules it will create the outfit you are thinking of. Cyclops, Wolverine, you may recall we used a similar device on Battleworld a few years back.” “Battleworld,” pondered Ryu. “Was that some kind of tournament?” Cyclops responded, “Of sorts… it’s complicated. Long story. We have a device like this over at the X-Mansion, well we did before it was totaled… I’ll show you how it works.”

And that’s exactly what he did. Cyclops stood at the center of the platform and faced the crowd. Soon with just a thought all of the cuts and tears of his outfit were repaired easily. “Wow! That’s so cool! You don’t even need a sewing machine,” said Sakura in excitement. “Wolverine, how about a second demonstration?” “No prob Cyke.”

Wolverine stood on the platform staring at the crowd and imagined himself wearing a black leather jacket, a white tank top, black jeans and black cowboy boots and next thing you know that is what he was wearing.

“WOLVERINE,” yelled Cyclops. “Lemme guess. This is about tights.” “Super-Heroes wear costumes! If the X-Men ever want to be perceived as heroes instead of outlaws we have to do the same!” The Canadian Mutant cursed under his breath, imagined his yellow and blue costume that appeared on his body and stepped off. Ken had a good laugh at Wolverine’s expense! “HA! HA! HA! Look at the bright side Wolverine. If we’re in a group and are attacked by a bunch of snipers, they will try to shoot you first with your bright yellow outfit and you’re healing factor can take it! HA! HA! HA!” “Grrr… just get up their rookie. Without the top of your gi you look like a Playgirl Model Reject!” “Touchy, touchy old man!”

Ken got up on the Costume Changer and soon he was wearing a brand new red gi, much like the one he wears in Street Fighter II The Animated Movie and Street Fighter II V. "Ah, a brand new gi, what do you think? Hmm, on second thought it makes it look like I haven’t trained as hard as Ryu. “Seems accurate!” Ryu poked fun at his sparring partner. “Wow, even Ryu’s making jokes, the world really must be in danger!” Ken’s gi appeared the way it always looks in the Street Fighter Zero games with the sleeves torn off and the pant legs torn at the edges. The pony tailed young man stepped off.

Dan ran up there since he was very eager to change his outfit because he pissed in his pants during their last run in with Apocalypse! “Okay it’s my turn! I think I’ll wear something that shows off how strong Dan Hibiki is, the Master of Saikyo Ryu!” With but a thought he was wearing Gouken’s outfit, complete with beads around his neck! He folded his arms and had a rather serious look. This pissed off both Ryu and Ken who always saw Dan as quite the buffoon and did not want him dishonoring the memory of their master like that. Ken was the one to act on his feelings and not Ryu. “DAAAN!” In a matter of seconds Ken Masters beat up Dan with about ten punches and kicks. While Dan was lying on the floor Ken imagined Dan with his pink gi on, but at least it was stain free. “Owe… and you say Wolverine is touchy…” Ken kicked Dan off the platform and he landed on the ground unconscious. Ken stepped down once again.

Chun-Li saw that Ryu was still a little ticked off and spoke a little louder than usual to get his mind off of things. “Ah… well, my outfit is perfectly fine but I could use a wardrobe change!” The young Interpol Agent got up on the Costume Changer and changed from the Street Fighter Zero outfit she was wearing to her classic Street Fighter II outfit. “Wow, even my bracelets are identical! Ryu, you’ve gotta try this!” “Huh,” said Ryu who managed to crack a small grin. “No thanks Chun-Li. My outfit is fine the way it is.” “Yeah, I’m with Ryu Sensei,” agreed Sakura who had on her school outfit like always. She tightened up her white headband and proclaimed, “I’m already in my battle uniform!” “Awe, come on guys, this machine is fun,” urged Chun-Li one more time.

Suddenly Chun-Li started humming and she was wearing Rogue’s costume, with long straight brown hair and a few white hairs in front of her eyes! She struck a model pose and then repeated the action, this time wearing Storm’s costume and her long brown hair turned white! Her last transformation was Psylocke’s costume! With long purple hair Chun-Li put both her hands behind her head and lifted her left leg up in the air, a pose models usually perform when stepping out of water. Suffice it to say she was quite a sight for sore eyes. Finally Chun-Li stopped humming and winked at Ryu while asking him, “So, what do you think Ryu?” “Uh… you look very nice Chun-Li… I… think I have a nose bleed…” Ryu pinched his nose to stop the small trickle of blood pouring from his left nostril. Chun-Li closed her eyes and giggled since she enjoyed teasing Ryu this way.

“Man, you crazy kids are taking forever. Allow your good buddy Ken to help you out!”

Ken pushed Ryu onto the platform with Chun-Li. He got up there as well, put his arms around the shoulders of Ryu who was to his right and Chun-Li who was to his left while facing the crowd. He closed his eyes and thought for a second. Next thing you know Ryu was wearing a tuxedo and Chun-Li was wearing a wedding dress complete with a bouquet of white flowers in her hands!

“WHA… KEN,” said Ryu and Chun-Li at the same time. “Hey, what’s the problem? Just your future Best Man speeding things along! I even made sure you were comfortable Ryu, you’re not wearing any shoes or socks! HA! HA! HA! HA!” Ryu looked down to see that he was indeed barefoot!

Ryu spun around and kicked Ken in the back of his head pushing him a bit forward! Now that he was in front of the pair Chun-Li sent her right leg up kicking him between his legs from behind right in the family jewels! “AAAAH! Cupid… is defeated… again…” Ken held on to his crotch and fell of the platform, he was in pain but he still managed to smile even if there was a tear in his left eye!

Captain America, Cyclops, Wolverine had a good laugh. but when they stopped laughing Sakura was still at it, her laugh was very loud yet sounded a little uneasy, a bit uncomfortable as if the laugh was forced a bit. She placed her left hand behind her tilted head as she chuckled. “HA! HA! HA! RYU SENSEI! MARRIED! HA! HA! HA…”

Ryu and Chun-Li looked at each other in these outfits and almost like mirror images the two looked away, blushed a bit, imagined their proper outfits (Ryu with a white gi and white headband and Chun-Li with her Street Fighter II outfit) and stepped off the Costume Changer.

Nick Fury who didn’t find any of this amusing dropped his cigar on the ground and stomped out it’s flame much like he was about to rain on their parade. “Uh, darn youngsters these days always wasting time. If you’re though playing dress up we’ve got a world to save!”

Info Bytes: First off for fans of Marvel Ultimate Alliance or people who are planning on purchasing it down the line the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is the very first stage in the game just in case if you need an extra visual.

When Cyclops and Captain America talk about Battleworld they are referring to the planet where the original Secret Wars series took place. A God named the Beyonder pitted heroes and villains on this planet to fight it out for supremacy, which is why Cyclops called it a tournament of sorts. Interestingly enough, the costume device used on Battleworld is how Spider-Man first got the black and white symbiote outfit which would later join with Eddie Brock to form Venom.

I vaguely recall the X-Men using a similar device for clothing but I can’t recall the issue. Still, they have used unstable molecules in the past so it’s not such a big stretch. Colossus used to have blue pants in his outfit that would disappear when he armored up due to unstable molecules for one. During the 90s the X-Men’s technology was really at its height with the use of Shiar Technology, AKA Alien Technology, along with Forge building all kinds of stuff for them.

As for S.H.I.E.L.D., they have flying cars so I figure they must have a few cool rooms like this hidden away for just such an occasion! They’ve also dealt with Alien threats in the past so I figure they must of carved up a lot of Alien Tech and figured out a trick or two.

Cyclops and Wolverine’s argument is a shout out to a similar argument that they will have years later on in Astonishing X-Men #1 written by the great Joss Whedon. For a time, the X-Men did not wear costumes and had on leather outfits like the live action movies. After some time Cyclops demanded that the costumes return for the same reason about Super Heroes wearing tights. Cyke told Wolverine who was against wearing tights, “And quite frankly, all the black leather is making people nervous.” LOL! LOL! LOL!

Chun-Li’s final pose with the Psylocke outfit is a shout out to Psylocke’s very famous Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit issue pose pin up drawing by Jim Lee. While Chun-Li isn’t sitting and not in a bathing suit but wearing Psylocke’s outfit, the pose is close to Psylocke’s. Check it out and wonder how Psylocke became so popular heh heh heh!

Lastly, Ryu not wearing shoes or socks is a shout out to Studio Udon’s Street Fighter comic where he got dressed up for Ken’s wedding rehearsal but forgot to put them on ha ha!

Next Up - Sorry for the long delay but I did have been really busy the last few months. This was a fun chapter that I wanted in there to balance out some of the heavier and more serious fighting that’s coming up ahead so hope you enjoyed! Next time Nick Fury fills in the crew on their captured friends and Apocalypse’s plan to take over the world! Don’t worry, it’s not as evil as all the crazy stuff Iron Man’s been doing in the Civil War comic ha ha! The next chapter should come in within a week or so. Excelsior!

Progress Report - The next 2 chapters are all written out on paper, but since it’s late in the day for me I will get to typing it all up this Friday since I have off because of Good Friday. And if obstacles get in the way I still have the weekend. It’s basically Nick Fury explaining the mission to everybody, I intended it to be one chapter but it spilled into two. Oh snap there’s a lot of stuff going on lol! It’s always funny how you see things in your head and when you write it down it comes out either shorter or longer than you thought it was. Well, after all of this stuff is out of the way I can get into the non stop dragged out really long fights that I like doing so much, so please bear with me. :wgrin:

Chapter 4: “New New Avengers Reassembled!” Part 1

Our heroes sat on one side of a large rectangular table that was dark gray like the rest of this War Room in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Sakura, Dan and Wolverine were drinking green tea while Cyclops and Captain America drank coffee. The caffeine was welcomed graciously by this crew since most of them did not sleep much in the last 24 hours.

The only one that was standing was Nick Fury who had a small remote control in his hands. By pushing a button a holographic display would appear floating above the table for the Street Fighters and Super Heroes to see. The first image Nick displayed was of a TV Broadcast of Apocalypse that aired around the world recently.

“I AM THE APOCALYPSE! The age of man has come to an end. The time has come for Mutants to rise up against their oppressors! No longer shall you persecute Mutant kind for we are genetically superior to you flatscans in every possible way!”

After Apocalypse spoke the image shifted to four cities around the world via a four way split screen. New York City of the United States, Moscow of the Soviet Union, Tokyo of Japan and Pisa of Italy. Suddenly, all four cities suffered terrible earthquakes killing hundreds of people in their wake! Buildings fell! Streets opened up to swallow pedestrians and vehicles! Monuments such as The Empire State Building, the Tokyo Tower, the Kremlin and the Leaning Tower of Pisa were all but destroyed!

The image shifted back to the X-Men villain. “This is but a sample of the power of Apocalypse! I can create an earthquake anywhere on the planet Earth at any given time! Leaders of the world, you have 24 hours to appoint me ruler of the Earth or I shall murder each and every one of you! The weak shall perish and the strong will inherit the Earth. Your choices are a lifetime of servitude under Mutant rule or death. Choose wisely! Apocalypse has spoken! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!” After his laughter Nick turned the hologram projector off.

As you can imagine everyone was quite stunned by the footage they just witnessed, with the exception of Captain America who was already debriefed. Still, he was quite saddened by the horrible imagery.

“This footage aired on every TV screen around the world a few hours ago. Those four earthquakes ravaged those cities for about 52 minutes a piece,” stated Special Agent Fury. “A few hours ago? That’s impossible. Cyclops, Ken, Wolverine, Nash and myself destroyed Apocalypse for good!” “Oh it’s possible Ryu. Our enemies tend to return from the grave again and again,” said Cyclops. “But… even still. How can he put such a plan in motion shortly after his defeat?” Ken inquired. “You never know. We might of been fightin’ a clone and his entire operation in South America could’ve been a way for him to keep us X-Men busy while he kicked off his master plan. Hard to say with these major villain types,” responded Wolverine.

“I’m not exactly sure which version of Apocalypse is an imposter or if they are both the same person somehow but it seems that having all of you Mutants and Street Fighters so far away was part of his master plan indeed. And just before me and Cap arrived it looks like he took everyone there hostage except for you seven,” relayed Nick Fury.

Another click of the remote displayed four hooded soldiers riding robotic horses.

“In the meantime, Apocalypse sent his new Horseman of Apocalypse to capture the rest of the Super-Heroes around the world.”

“Wait a second. You mean to tell me these Four Horseman captured all of the Super-Heroes? The Fantastic Four? The Avengers? X-Force? X-Factor? Alpha Flight? Excalibur,” questioned Cyclops. After a five second pause, Nick Fury simply repeated, “In the meantime, Apocalypse sent his new Horseman of Apocalypse to capture the rest of the Super-Heroes around the world.”

With another push of a button Nick displayed holograms of portraits for just about every Super Hero in the Marvel Universe! All of the teams mentioned by Cyclops were present including the X-Men captured in South America along with plenty of single Heroes like Daredevil, Elektra, Dr. Strange, Cloak, Dagger, Power Man, Iron Fist, Punisher, Blade along with many many other Earth based Heroes. Missing were the portraits of Spider-Man and Hulk, but still there were over 100 characters present! “The only reason I was not attacked was because I was away on a Top Secret Mission known only to a few. Since I am still an active S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, they called me right away after the Avengers Mansion was attacked and my team was defeated and captured,” said Captain America.

“That’s not all. Several Martial Artists around the world were also kidnapped.” Next Nick displayed images of various Street Fighters that have been kidnapped. This included Geki, Retsu, Lee, Eagle, Joe, Birdie, Adon, Guy, Maki, Sodom, Rolento, Karin, Rainbow Mika, Edmond Honda, Fei-Long, Deejay and Thunderhawk. Also present was Haggar and the entire cast of Slam Masters 1 and 2 - Alexai Zalazof, Lucky Colt, Mysterious Budo, Titanic Tim, El Stinger, Sheep the Royal, Missing “IQ” Gomez, Jumbo Flapjack, Astro, Victor Ortega, The Wraith, Rip Saber and Black Widow. And of course there were Street Fighters present that they already knew were captured - Blanka, Guile, Zangief and Rose.

After seeing Rose’s portrait, Ryu remembered something. “The other night, Rose… she told us that there were not that many Street Fighters left (Chapter 3 of the X-Men vs. Street Fighter fic that precedes this one), as if many of them have been captured. But when we arrived at the Pyramid in the Amazon Rain Forest, there were only a handful of fighters present. Perhaps… with her special gifts… she somehow sensed that there were more Street Fighters held hostage, only taken to a different location?”

Dan added, “When we were all captured… Apocalypse was absorbing all of our powers to return to the Earthly plain and become stronger. With all of those Heroes and Street Fighters… if he absorbs their powers as well… he just may be strong enough to last five minutes with the great Dan Hibiki! YOSHA!” After this comment, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Sakura looked away like they didn’t know who Dan was…

Info Bytes: The S.H.I.E.L.D. War Room in this story is modeled after the debriefing room in my favorite TV Show, La Femme Nikita. Only uses holograms as there is never any paper used on that program by Section One, the secret organization of that show. Also it’s a little like the anime Witch Hunter Robin who has a similar room, and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but that Anime shares some similarities with La Femme Nikita too.

And hey about the Kremlin, the President shows up in Zangief’s SF2 ending so don’t say I offed any world leaders lol! Apoc’s gotta take down one governmental spot to be taken seriously, ya know? SF2’s story is still intact in this world and I’m not really messing with that ha ha! If the Kremlin thing bugs anyone, or any other cities or monuments for whatever reason since none of this is real I have family members that work near the Empire State Building oooh…

There will be some more info of how the characters got captured in the next chapter that I will work on right after this goes up. By Earth based heroes I mean they didn’t capture cosmic people like Silver Surfer, Nova or Adam Warlock who were probably off in space anyway, let’s not go crazy now some of those guys are way too strong lol! Over 100 is a good estimate of heroes that were captured, there was prolly a lot more heroes present during the 90s but I figure they caught most of the major / active ones at the time and I didn’t want the number to be too high…

For the SF characters I wanted to stretch the number out a bit even though I could never get to the same amount of characters for SF as I can easily get to with Marvel characters, unless I start naming people from random Capcom games and I don’t want to go there… not yet anyway ha ha! So that’s why the Slam Masters were tossed in there. At this point, Final Fight 2 and 3 have not occurred yet so I’m basically dealing with after FF1, Sodom and Rolento seem to be the most active after FF1 and they are SF characters too lol! The rest of the Mad Gear Gang seems to random for Apoc to bother with. Maki’s in handheld SFZ3 versions so that’s why she’s there. Cody’s in jail right now. Project Justice / Rival Schools characters… I’m still not sure if they and the SF characters exist in the same world (but Morrigan shows up in MVC1, ack…) but I think they would just be dismissed as a bunch of kids and teachers for the most part by Apocalypse… okay I do have Sakura and Karin here though… well I guess I can’t win… Sakura’s capture in X-Men vs. SF will be explained later and perhaps Karin’s won a few local championships to gain her some recognition and stuff I figure. PJ/RS never plays a part in any of the Marvel games… okay neither does Slam Masters but there’s at least Guy’s connection to SF, who knows Haggar, who was a Slam Master… there is of course the Captain Commando of MVC1 and MVC2’s connection to Final Fight also… ack…

As for SF characters I skipped over, I didn’t want Gen to be among the captured because if he is defeated before his match against Gouki it takes the sting out of him. But as far as I’m concerned since I won’t deal with Gen at all if you want this to be a world where Gen is an old man that is knocked out by Ryu in SF1 to less complicate things so be it! Lee, even though he ‘may’ have been murdered by the Chinese Mafia in SF’s story for losing SF1, I figure he is still on the run and they haven’t found him yet… Ohs well he shows up in the Sakura Ganbaru! manga anyway so at least he shows up somewhere after SF1 (no this story is not connected to Sakura Ganbaru! arg… too many Marvel comics for me to deal with to try to start tying in manga lollerskates!) The Four lords of Shadowloo are with Shadowloo, not exactly kidnapped, more on that in the next chapter and later on in the fic there will be a bit more on that. Ditto for Cammy, Juni, Juli and the Twelve Dolls. OK the 12 were kind of kidnapped but before the events of the fic occurred… I didn’t forget about Mike, I just feel that even though Mike and Mike Bison are probably 2 different people that is still one of those things best left to gamers to decide. You know, since I have Maki in here I love Ingrid but I figure she is cosmic like the Marvel characters like Silver Surfer so she’s not among the captured. Yun is just too young for Apocalypse to care about. And it’s still to soon for SF3 characters to get recognized, or even mentioned here I feel.

Yeah, Capcom’s known for re-releasing SFZ3 and tossing in more characters, but if that happens I can always come back and edit the captured list if I’m hardcore about it ha ha!

Next Up: The explanations continue as our heroes set out on their journey to save the world. Gonna start typing right now so check back in a few hours or come back tomorrow!

Chapter 5: “New New Avengers Reassembled!” Part 2

Wolverine was having a hard time grasping the situation at hand.

“This makes no flamin’ sense. You tellin’ me that these four are powerful enough to capture all of these Heroes and Martial Artists in such a short amount of time?” Nick Fury always ready with an answer informed, “We have no doubt that these are very powerful enemies but that wasn’t the only factor. Unlike some of the Martial Artists, many of the capes are New York residents and were captured during the earthquake Apocalypse created in the city. They quickly teleported from area to area taking Heroes down one by one. In other cases like taking down the Avengers they had help.”

After this lengthy response he displayed an image of ten hooded warriors who much like the horseman you couldn’t tell who they were. Their hoods were all blue with red hieroglyphics. All of them were about the same height give or take except for one towards the center who looked to be extremely tall and wide. Hunching down in front of them was an eleventh warrior, who seemed to be a large man as well. His cloak was bright red and had several large nine inch spikes randomly sticking out from all sides.

“These are Apocalypse’s Dark Riders, soldiers that do his bidding and also aided in taking down many of the Super-Heroes. You see the one in the Red Cloak? He’s been transformed into a Hound, someone who can track down heroes with powers. We have some theories as to who the Four Horseman are and some of these masked warriors but at this point it’s still speculation. We believe that some of them may have been brainwashed to follow Apocalypse, but we are not certain of that either.”

“Brainwashed?” Chun-Li thought back to her fight with Rogue when she absorbed Killer Bee’s mind and instantly became a servant of Vega. (Goes down in Chapter 8 of my X-Men vs. SF Fic) “Could Shadowloo… still be working with Apocalypse?” The young Interpol agent asked the Special Agent. “While we know that Apocalypse has brainwashed soldiers to follow his orders in the past, him working with members of Shadowloo is a definite possibility.”

Ken blurted out, “Hang on a second, just how do you know all of these people are being held hostage?” “Two reasons. First of all, there’s a spy on Apocalypse’s side sneaking us Intel. Of course for the Informant to avoid capture, the information S.H.I.E.L.D. receives is limited. Second of all, we know all of this due to D.T.N.Y., a highly advanced computer program that utilizes alien technology we’ve acquired from the Skrull and Kree races. The egghead scientists under our payroll would spend two weeks explaining it to you but to some things up it can predict the future with a 99.9% accuracy rate.”

“Wait a second, the Skrulls, the Kree, they are real? I thought they were just conspiracy theories! So Aliens exist,” questioned Sakura. “…No comment…” responded Fury who for a second forgot there were civilians in the room who didn’t know that aliens were in fact real. But at this point it was way too late to convince anyone in the room otherwise. “Wow, Aliens are real that’s so freaking cool! Tell us about Area 51! You’re secrets safe with me!” Sakura pulled out her little light green camera. “If you have any Alien bodies lying around how 'bout you let me take some pictures for my personal scrap book?”

Obviously Nick couldn’t speak anymore on that subject. “Moving along…”

“Okay, you’re taking the word of E.T.'s personal computer. That’s just stupid,” Ken interjected. “Well, it did predict that you seven bozos would be the last ones remaining when we arrived at the Amazon Rain Forest.” Everyone in the room was a bit stunned except for Captain America and Wolverine who remained skeptical.

“D.T.N.Y. huh? And what does that stand for bub?” “That information is classified.” Logan took a whiff in the air and snarled. He suspected that something was up but he wasn’t really sure. Quite some time ago Wolverine was an assassin for S.H.I.E.L.D. and he knew from experience they couldn’t always be trusted.

“D.T.N.Y. has also laid out a plan on how all of you are gonna take down Apocalypse. According to it you guys are the best hope we got. Cyclops, Wolverine, you may recall this machine.”

When they saw the hologram of a the huge metallic cylinder the X-Men recognized it right away. “The Island Smasher! Of course! Magneto used that machine to destroy Varkino in the Soviet Union by causing earthquakes and raising volcanoes in that city! That machine tapped right into the Earth’s gravitational pull on the center of the Earth and reshaped the globe by destroying several islands and raising others,” remembered Cyclops. “But when Kitty Pryde destroyed the Magnetic Memory Cores of its computer panel by phasing through it she ruined a lifetime of work, data that was next to impossible to replace. How is it that Apocalypse can use this machine?”

“These new machines are not as strong as that other one Cyclops. For one, we know that this time there are two machines at different points of the globe. And both of these machines are more dependent on being controlled by someone with Magnetic Powers.”

“Magnetic Powers… could it be that Magneto is still alive?” Ryu wanted to know. “Like I said before. Our enemies tend to return from the grave again and again. I suspect Magneto is controlling one machine and my brother Havok’s fiance, Polaris is controlling the other one. She must have been brainwashed by Apocalypse to do his bidding,” deduced Cyclops.

Two more holographic images appeared before the group, one of a Black Aztec Pyramid rising from the Earth in the middle of a jungle, another at the center of a city. Soon huge Magnetic semi spheres of energy covered both not unlike Magneto’s Force Field. Some time elapses as fighter jets were shown trying to penetrate these Force Fields but it was pointless.

“These two Pyramids rose in The Savage Land and in Madripoor, we believe that this is where the Island Smashers are located. This ends our presentation so you yahoos follow me.”

In another room they witnessed a black cylinder on the ground with large pink circular lights above it. Also around the room where plenty of scientists wearing white lab coats typing away at their respective computer panels.

Sakura complained “Another round floor panel? Don’t tell me we need more costume changes…”

“Hey what gives? This is our Teleporter from the X-Mansion! Last time we used it me, Cyke, Gambit, Psylocke and Beast went to Magneto’s Avalon Base to take him down a notch. You goin’ through our garbage Nick?” “Wolverine, it’s all yet another prediction of D.T.N.Y. that you had a machine like this, and we need to follow through with the plan D.T.N.Y. laid out, even if there is only a 43.5% chance of success but that’s the best percentage we got.”

Sakura’s thoughts were going wild. “First Aliens and now Star Trek Teleporting machines! Wow, what’s next - Dinosaurs roaming the Earth?”

“…To continue, with this machine we want to teleport two of you into the Aztec Pyramid in The Savage Land, another two into the one in Madripoor. Once inside you’re to destroy the computer panels that control the machines inside. Be on your guard. Chances are Horseman and Dark Riders are lying in wait. Scenarios we ran of sending S.H.I.E.L.D. agents through D.T.N.Y. all ended in failure, you’re our last and final hope. If you fail the governments of the world are prepared to detonate both bases with Nuclear Missiles and no one wants to start World War III.”

“Also as laid out by D.T.N.Y., these teams of two will be combinations of Super Heroes and Street Fighters.”

“Heroes and Street Fighters all right! Me and Captain America representing the U. S. of A oh yeah! I read all of your comic books growing up Captain, you’re the greatest hero in the world and I’d love to work with you,” Ken exclaimed with glee. Captain America grinned at Ken’s comments because under his civilian guise as Steve Rogers he used to create the Captain America comic books based on his own adventures. Cyclops stepped in, “I think it’s best if we keep the same teams we were paired off in the last mission. That means you and Wolverine, Ken.” “Darn it, stuck with the old man again.” “I’m not exactly doin’ a River dance either bub,” Logan said with a smile. “What do you say Ryu? Want to team up once again?” “I’d be honored Cyclops!”

Nick Fury declared “Then it’s settled. Ryu and Cyclops will head off to The Savage Land and Captain America with Chun-Li will go to Madripoor.” “Eeeh? One eye, are you listening to us? What about all this talk about pairing me up with Wolverine?” “Calm down, rich boy. We have yet a third mission for you two. As a back up plan Apocalypse has taken over Cape Citadel, a Military Base and he now has access to Nuclear weapons. There’s also a huge Force field surrounding that area. We’re teleporting you two in there to take control of that base. If all else fails and we have to go Nuclear to take the Pyramids out Apocalypse sitting on that much ammo won’t make things pretty.”

“What will I be doing,” asked Sakura. “There are still two heroes that are missing and we are flying both you and Dan to America to help locate them, when all is said and done we will need their help to free all of the captive hostages once we locate them. Sakura, D.T.N.Y. says you’re vital to this mission, but I’m not sending child into harms way. You’re to aid locating a Super-Hero and then come right back. All though our sensors are not picking him up, we have it on good authority that he is still alive, somewhere in New York City.” “Awe man, grown ups have all the fun. And who am I supposed to look for anyway?” “You may have heard of him. His name is Spider-Man.” “SPI, SPI, SPIDER-MAN! No way, he rules! I just have to spar with him one time!” “Spider-Man? Isn’t he a criminal,” asked Ken. “You believe way too much in what you read in the papers rookie,” answered Wolverine. “Yeah Ken! He’s a Hero! Haven’t you heard his theme song? Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a Spider can…”

"Ahem… as for you Dan, we need help finding another hero. He’s called The Hulk. Hulk and S.H.I.E.L.D. have had a few run-ins in the past and we haven’t always been on good terms. Perhaps being approached by a civilian might entice him to help us if we need his assistance later on. “Don’t worry sir!” saluted Dan. “If Hulk doesn’t want to help save the world I will convince him with my bulging biceps!” Dan flexed and yelled, “OYAJIIIIIII!” “Okay, now I KNOW that Hulk is a criminal. I don’t think sending Dan after The Hulk is a good idea…” “Not to worry Ken Masters. He’s in the phase of what we call… Professor Hulk. He has all of the intelligence of a scientist and all of the brawn of the jolly green giant. He’s not a villainous monster that’s running around destroying cities anymore. Unfortunately, General Thunderbolt Ross will always try to track him down with a Military Unit and try to destroy him. Let’s just say the two have a personal grudge. Hulk just foiled another one of their attempts and is on the move in the Arizona Dessert.” “No problem! The power of Saikyo Ryu shall prevail! YA WOO YAHOO!”

A scientist with a small gun that worked almost like a needle used in a hospital said “This will only hurt for a second.” He poked Cyclops in the neck with the device. Since the leader of the X-Men felt no malice emanating from the scientist he didn’t move a muscle. Soon he went on to poke the necks of Ryu, Captain America, Wolverine, Ken and Chun-Li.

“We’ve upgraded your Teleporter just a bit. You’ve been injected with a small microchip that in 48 hours will dissolve and turn into healthy nutrients for your body. In the meantime once you’ve arrived at your destinations and your missions have been completed all you have to do is press down on the injected area and say a specific word to teleport right back here. Any person that you are touching at the time will be teleported along with you.”

Captain America finally spoke, “It was my responsibility to choose the specific word. It had to be something that was quite rare, just in case you were struck in the neck and said word slipped out from someone in the area it might accidentally send you back here and we don’t want that.” “So what’s the magic word, is it pretty please,” joked Chun-Li. “No. It’s BAMF!” “Cute soldier boy, really cute,” commented Wolverine. Captain America let out a chuckle. He knew that each of them were about to depart on dangerous missions and they could use a bit of levity. ‘BAMF’ is the noise that former X-Men and current leader of Excalibur Nightcrawler makes whenever he uses his Mutant power to teleport. Nightcrawler is also one of Wolverine’s best friends and among the captured heroes. Preparations were made as Captain America explained ‘BAMF’ to the Street Fighters.

Moments later Captain America, Cyclops, Ryu, Wolverine, Chun-Li and Ken were standing on the circular platform. Sakura took a quick picture of all six standing there. Nick of course grabbed her camera, exposed the roll of film to light and gave it back to her. She sighed for a bit and waved the heroes good bye. Dan gave the group a huge thumbs up as they teleported away. Little did the six heroes know that they were in for the fight of their lives. Even Dan and Sakura were in for quite a bit of a struggle before this adventure was over and done with.

Info Bytes: The Blue and Red on the hooded outfits of the Dark Riders are the same colors that the Dark Riders wore in the Apocalypse vs. Dracula limited series that wrapped not too long ago. The outfit is very different though, it was similar to the red and blue outfit Wolverine wore when he was a Horseman of Apocalypse for a brief time.

The red hooded one with the spikes sticking out, AKA ‘The Hound’ is a shout out to Rachel Summers. In the future where she is from she was turned into a Hound used to find Mutants, given a tight red leather outfit with spikes. So Apocalypse created his own Hound too.

And yeah, Apocalypse has brainwashed people in the past. The big one a little prior to this point in time was founding X-Men member Angel who he turned into Archangel and made him into his Horseman of Death. But Apoc working with Shadowloo who may have better methods of doing this isn’t out of the question in this story mwahahahaha…

That bit is true about Captain America actually drawing his own comics in the Marvel Universe ha ha!

You know, as I was doing my Marvel Research I found it kind of funny how in the 80s and 90s they never seemed to actually name machines in comics. The ‘Costume Changer’ in Secret Wars never got a name and neither did the other devices in comics I’m using, just found that to be amusing.

The first piece of machinery, the Island Smasher was never actually called that, I figured that it would be a name that the X-Men would log it under in their files to give it a name. I thought of Island Raiser as it did raise the Island that Magneto turned into a base, but Smasher sounded more threatening to me lol! Kitty Pryde finished off the machine just like Cyclops said. Magneto used this device to destroy Varkino in Uncanny X-Men issue #150. It’s also the same story where he sinks the Russian Leningrad Submarine which was referenced in the X-Men vs. Street Fighter fan fic. This is one of the greatest X-Men versus Magneto stories ever written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Dave Cockrum, Josef Rubenstein and Bob Wiack way back in 1981. RIP Dave Cockrum thanks for all the great memories! I made sure to give your favorite X-Men character a nod in this story Nightcrawler at least. :slight_smile:

The second piece of machinery, the Teleporter, also not given a name was used by the X-Men in issue #25 back in 1994 as part of the Fatal Attractions storyline. To clear something up, in that story the six who teleported to Avalon were not the people that Wolverine mentioned in the fic. In that story it was Wolverine, Gambit, Jean Grey, Professor X, Quicksilver and Rogue. The team I mentioned was only of five, Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit, Psylocke and Beast are the team that used the teleporter in the Capcom side scroller video game X-Men Mutant Apocalypse. Well OF COURSE the other X-Men video game by Capcom has to tie into this one lol! So essentially, X-Men #1-3 by Claremont and Jim Lee still occur where they fight Magneto on Asteroid M there (The X-Men Children of the Atom video game ending is covered here heh heh) and in this world there is a separate story where these five teleport to Magneto’s base later and prior to X-Men vs. SF. Actually, Capcom’s side scroller game was a combo of X-Men 1-3 and the Fatal Attractions story, so this works out well. Plus, there are a few other reasons why I made this switch to the Capcom version but I can’t go into all of that yet…

Just to point out, Sakura can reference Star Trek as a TV show because that Star Trek and X-Men crossover comic never happened, in any reality, ever… work with me here lol!

Spider-Man’s name was dropped so he fits loosely at the very beginning of Maximum Carnage and / or moments prior, more details on that when he has a physical appearance. During this time he is married to Mary Jane. Also at this point in time there are clones of his birth parents running around and he thinks they are his parents come back to life but I’m not gonna mention that in the story ha ha ha!

Since Hulk’s name was mentioned, when exactly does he fit… it’s kind of an amalgam of a few things. It’s kind of like if the 90s cartoon advanced a bit just to the point in the comics where he’s Professor Hulk. He’s Hulk 24/7 during this time. His role very loosely falls right about the time he was a member of the Pantheon, but the Pantheon is way too complex to get into this story so it won’t be mentioned in the actual story. I’m, not too sure if Ross was um… dead or alive at this time but I figure him going after the Hulk is pretty common and known by just about by everybody, referenced in all cartoons and his live action movie. Which brings us to Betty… I’m gonna have to read some more comics around this point in his life to figure out if they were married and / or separated at this time. Hey you know, I love ya Peter David but he really put Hulk through a lot of changes during the 90s making it difficult to actually place stuff and figure out when things happen when you are missing a whole bunch of issues in your runs… to the comic book back bins Robin! :slight_smile:

Next Up: FINALLY SOME FIGHTS! Captain America and Chun-Li meet up against the Horseman of War and a bunch of surprises. Like before, if you guessed some of the identities of hooded characters, please keep it to yourself as soon the unveiling shall commence! See you back here in two months and I’m hoping after I take care of a few things during these two months so I can update this monthly. Sayanara, Happy Easter and take care!

Working on the next chapter right now, I’m shooting for it to be done in about 2 weeks from now, most def before the end of September.

In the meantime, pretty interesting read on how time works in Marvel, particularly Spider-Man - this is the kind of stuff I think about when merging Capcom and Marvel timelines. And yeah I’d like to keep this link somewhere within one of these fics for future reference. :smile:

Joe Quesada of Marvel now says that the Marvel Universe is only 7 years old. From the time Captain America awoke from the ice, Fantastic Four was created, Spider-Man got his powers, X-Men first came to be - 7 years to right now. Now that model may work for some things but for the purposes of my story from X-Men vs. SF to MVC2 heaven help me if I get that far 7 years is too short so I am going with more of a 15 year model like the link lists above, giving leway here and there of course. By the time of this fic it would about Marvel’s 10th year or so…

It’s weird because in SF time is moving forward, but I won’t mention specific timelines and dates within the fic because such a thing won’t work for Marvel. Well, right now for SF it would be about 1990, the date SFZ3/A3 takes place. But by Marvel going by either a 15 or a 7 year model and it being 2007 now so to speak it doesn’t work as well in their world as they try to constantly keep the characters current. But yeah so the fic may seem ‘timeless’ I won’t mention the year 1990 in the story, though in case you want a year that would be it officially kind of lol!

I suppose if the same universe of SF characters exist like Marvel minus them restarting everything I’m sure things like birthdays will be dropped, unless there is a reboot down the line.

Oh, not sure since this may be misdirection on Marvel’s side but it seems after Spidey’s One More Day storyline that starts this week Marvel may do a reboot, make it so Spider-Man was never married to Mary Jane Ack! While I do try to work in current Capcom/Marvel stuff when I can like Chicken Sentinels in the last fic and some nods to Udon’s stuff like Ryu in a tuxedo without shoes but the destruction of the marriage is gonna be ignored in this story 'cuz during the games they were married. And personally if Marvel goes ahead and does that I think it will be a flop and they’ll put things back the way they were anyway, like the Clone Saga or when they tried to kill off MJ. But even if it’s not a flop I like Spidey married so there. :razz:

Ack, rambling lol! Just to let you know the kind of stuff I think about even though not everything will fit in perfectly - like I say this is a seperate universe from Marvel and SF’s world anyway lol one where Spidey and MJ will stay married FOREVER gosh darn it! :rock: Still doing research AKA reading comics and playing video games ha ha so update coming soon. :sweat:

Pregress report - Still doing research for the next chapter, which involves looking and playing two video games, reading old comics and looking up info and checking the SF Plot Guide, yeah research right I’m having a blast lol! Really trying to get the next chapter up today or tomorrow but there are still a few things I have to check into and Thursday through Sunday I have other things I have to do. So if there isn’t an update within the next few days there should be something the week after or so.

Update - I came across something during my research of Capcom characters and decided to make Joe one of the people Apocalypse had captured, so I edited the chapter that named the captured Capcom characters to add his name. There was something I was planning with him much much later on towards the end kind of sort of, but now I think I’m better off not doing it for the time being. Well, this will all make sense when the story is finished and I’ll explain everything. I guess I can still change my mind later on… ah gotta love the Edit button. :rofl:

In the process of writing up the end of the next chapter, as what usually happens with me it’s so big it has to be split up into 2 chapters. So one part will be up later today if all goes according to plan with the other one going up next week or so. Would of been up sooner but real life got in the way a few times. Thanks for your patience! :sweat:

Chapter 6: “Charging Marvel and Capcom Stars!”

On the island of Madripoor that is located South of Singapore stood a gigantic Aztec Pyramid in the center of it’s main city known as Hightown. The large black Pyramid towered over all of the tall skyscrapers in its vicinity and had a huge magnetic force field covering the entire area in the shape of a hemisphere. Try as they might, American fighter jets swarmed around the light blue sphere firing at it with an endless barrage of missiles and gunfire but it was to no avail.

Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers and Chun-Li teleported inside the Aztec Temple. Its interior took on a light reddish purple coloring in sharp contrast to its exterior. The area where they landed took on the appearance of a military base despite the bright color. “I can see a door up ahead. We should be very close to the area where someone, most likely Magneto or Polaris is powering the Island Smasher. Once we take them out we can drop the force field around the base and the military can take care of the rest,” stated Captain America. He started to walk down the large corridor being very careful of his surroundings, always mindful of possible traps. Chun-Li walked behind the great American hero.

“So we are in Madripoor. Lots of criminals that escaped China’s grasp have taken residence here.” “Yes Chun-Li, this is a nation of the worst criminal scum the world world has to offer. Madripoor was an island inhabited by pirates years ago and in many ways not a single thing has changed. Things are even worse now after the ruling Prince passed away. The terrorist organization known as Hydra and the ninja order called The Hand are in a deadly civil war waged to decide who will take control of the island. With no ruling power the UN took it upon themselves to violate Madripoor’s Airspace and attack this Pyramid for the greater good. We haven’t met any opposition from The Hand or Hydra at all. S.H.I.E.L.D. has a few theories that the two organizations may be in cahoots with Apocalypse, yet currently they are laying low. However, it’s something that we cannot confirm or deny at this point.”

“The Hand and Hydra… Interpol has had quite a few run-ins with them over the years,” his female companion pointed out. “You are quite young for an Interpol Agent, aren’t you?gh” Chun-Li smiled and took this as a compliment, even though it truly wasn’t one. “Why yes, I’m the youngest woman in our division. I can assure you I’m up to the task.” “Just, be careful. I lost a young partner, once.” Steve Rogers eyes dropped to the floor and he wore a gloomy expression for a brief moment when he said this. But being an expert combatant it was only for a brief moment; his eyes soon continued to dash around the room while walking ahead, always ready for any sudden attacks.

Since this was a very sensitive topic Chun-Li took a second to chose her words carefully. “Your old partner… Bucky Barnes. Even though he passed away during World War II, with you being encased in ice all of that time his death must feel like it only happened a few years ago. I am very sorry for your loss. Still with all due respect, when you entered the War you were quite a young man yourself, correct?”

Her words caused the Captain to draw back his lips and show his teeth with a small grin since he knew the lady was right. He was but a sickly teenager when he volunteered as a test subject for a muscle enhancing chemical otherwise known as the Super-Soldier Serum. With the heightened endurance and strength the formula granted him he went off to fight against the Nazis and became the American embodiment of freedom and justice.

“I suppose you’re right. I apologize. Still, watch your back. We don’t know exactly what we are up against.”

They were coming up to the door he spotted earlier. It was large and rectangular looked as if it would slide open like a garage door. After a bit he picked up the conversation again. “You know, you sure know a lot for a young agent.” “Heh, what can I say, you are quite popular in China.” She exclaimed with glee. “It’s not only Ken, I also have a few of your comics…”

Chun-Li’s sentence was cut off when they were fifteen feet away from their destination. A panel high above on the cieling opened and twelve girls came dropping to the floor, all wearing dark blue outfits that were similar to Killer Bee’s! (Yes, it was exactly like Juni and Juli’s Street Fighter Zero Three Intro!) Soon the young sixteen year olds spread out and formed a line across the large door!

With a raised shield the Captain was ready for anything. The war hero studied his opponents, already formulating an attack in his mind while quickly coming up with endless scenarios on what was the fastest way for him to take all of these women down before advancing. He was quite the honed warrior. Still, he found it a bit ironic that he was a tad harsh on Chun-Li for being a little young when the people they were about to go up against looked even younger than she did!

Lacking the overall experience of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Chun-Li’s jaw was practically on the floor. “The Twelve Dolls! Then it’s true! Shadowloo must be involved!”

The girls were all lined up from left to right, in month order so to speak as each of their names corresponded to the twelve portions of the year.

Enero, the pink haired Spanish girl had an earpiece in her left ear that extended to her lips. With this com link she could communicate with the other dolls via microscopic nanochips implanted around the outside of their right ears. She could whisper and they would be able to hear her just fine. She had two fingers on the earpiece to keep it turned on for when she was ready to speak. Her other fist was raised in the air and her knees were slightly bent, she could attack at a moments notice. There was also a microphone that was holstered on her leg that had an extendable cord attached to one of her gloves, for situations were stealth was not necessary.

The French girl Fevrier who also had pink hair right off the bat looked to be the most dangerous of the lot. She had a huge pistol aimed at Captain America and she held it up with both hands.

By sharp contrast Marz didn’t seem as threatening. She had one knee on the floor and on her other bent knee was a laptop computer that had a Shadowloo symbol on its back. She typed away with one hand while staring at the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Interpol agents. Marz also had an earpiece similar to Enero’s since she was their intel specialist. Her free hand was at her side with her fingers wide open in quite a menacing way.

The squad’s medic Aprile, the Italian Doll had both of her hands at her sides and balled up as fists. In the spaces between her fingers she held six syringes, each one carried a deadly green fluid that would kill in an instant.

Satsuki had a katana that was sheathed on her back. Her right hand was hovering about the hilt of her sword and she was bent down low in a squatting position like a samurai of long ago.

Juni and Juli had no weapons or accessories and stood in their fighting stances, shifting form left the right very slightly like boxers and always ready to go off.

Santamu, the Vietnamese Doll wielded a spear. There was also a Golden Lion Tamarine Monkey on her shoulder whose collar had a wire attached to Santamu’s glove.

Xiayu had two nun chucks, in each hand she held one end and the other two ends rested below her armpits. The other Chinese Doll Jianyu was holding her quarterstaff.

The young Indian girl from Mexico Noembulu had twin hatchets with extendable cords attached to her gloves.

Last but not least was Decapre, the Russian Doll. Decapre looked like Killer Bee only she was wearing a black mask and had a slightly darker skin tone. Both of her gloves had three small yet very sharp razor like claws.

The first to speak was Juni in a very robot like fashion. “Target identified. Data match for ICPO Shadowloo Investigator Chun-Li. Recommend immediate elimination.” Marz backed up her report by accessing Shadowloo’s file on Chun-Li and the Power Rating they had on file for her. “Chun-Li. Power Rating. Strength, 2. Intelligence, 3. Energy Projection, 4. Fighting Ability, 5. Durability, 2. Speed, 2. Proceed with caution.”

Juli spoke next. “Target confirmed. Captain America. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and leader of the American Super Hero group known as the Avengers. Recommend immediate elimination.” Once again Marz looked up the Power Rating Shadowloo had assigned to him.“Captain America. Power Rating. Strength, 3. Intelligence, 3. Energy Projection, 1. Fighting Ability, 7 Durability, 3. Speed, 2. Proceed with caution.”

Once Marz finished she closed her laptop and brought the leg she had it resting on straight up in the air, breaking the PC in half! As an extra precaution Fevrier pointed her gun above her head and shot at the PC several times without even looking at it! In case their mission failed the Twelve Dolls could not allow the enemy to procure a laptop that could access the Shadowloo data base after all. As the small pieces of the shattered PC fell before both Marz and Fevrier she once again pointed her gun at Captain America. Enero formed a battle plan and was seconds away from whispering it into the ears of the rest of her team. The fight between Captain America, Chun-Li and the Twelve Dolls was about to begin.

Info Bytes: This story takes shortly before Viper, formerly known as Madame Hydra takes over Madripoor Island. She has already taken over the castle from the ruling family after the death of the Prince, but she doesn’t gain control of the island until her temporary marriage to Wolverine, which hasn’t occurred yet. So at this point, Hydra and The Hand are still battling it out for control of the island. This is one of those instances where this story is pretty close to that story going by X-Men’s/Wolverine’s timeline so this all works out very well, of course that won’t be the case every single time.

The Pyramid rising in Madripoor is a shout out to Xtreme X-Men when the alien Khan’s fortress appears on the beach front, but the Khan story doesn’t happen until much much later. I didn’t use the beach front because it would be a bit redundant and I figure a Pyramid rising in Hightown, the rich part of the Island would have a much faster rate of being repaired after this tale finishes when all is said and done than the poorer section, Lowtown. Yes Madripoor is divided into two parts, well I guess three if you count the beach front, and there’s mountains too going by artwork of the island but that’s another story. IE another comic book story I haven’t read lol!

Regarding Bucky Barnes, it is eventually revealed that he didn’t die and is alive now and going by the name Winter Soldier, but that happened very recently in Marvel comics and will have no effect on this story at all. Suffice it to say that a lot of people don’t stay dead in comics. Captain America is dead right now in Marvel comics, there’s a very good chance that he will come back to life sooner or later. And you thought Nash was bad ha ha!

The reason I wanted to have the Twelve Dolls here is because they play a huge part in Street Fighter Zero 3’s storyline and just like a few major Marvel events will take place in this story so will some big-time Street Fighter events. Plus to me Captain America is always at his best when he is taking down multiple foes, and you probably don’t need me to point all of the Doll/Shadowloo/Nazi comparisons so it’s all in good fun. And on top of all that since this is all comic book based, Studio Udon used the Twelve Dolls a lot in their SF comic so it seemed fitting to have them in this story too.

Speaking of, a very HUGE shout out goes out to TiamatRoar, fan artist Ataru and Studio Udon’s comics, all three which I referenced to describe what the Twelve Dolls looked like. TiamatRoar through the Street Fighter Plot Guide (First link in my sig forever!) Studio Udon and Ataru through their artwork. I put a little spin on some of the characters but so did Ataru and Studio Udon in some areas so I figure its all good! Oh and Ataru once mentioned my name on his site (he reads, WOW!!!) so if by chance he reads this thanks so much as you are one of the people I dedicate this faq to! Ataru’s site is here -

And you can find a lot of his drawings here. See if you can find all Twelve Dolls!

I also have to shout out MNeidengard for his translation of Namco x Capcom, and of course Namco and Monolith and even Capcom’s involvement for creating the game in the first place. I used almost the same speech Juni said to Chun-Li in the game regarding her stats since that is a game where they speak and all. Juli’s too a bit. You can check out his Script Translation here and don’t worry about me asking you to read a lot since Juni and Juli (Yuni and Yuri, these are two characters that I use the American names since the Japanese ones don’t seem that different to me) speak to Chun-Li at the very beginning of Namco x Capcom! Okay by the very nature of writing a fan fic I’m asking people to read a lot lol!

Lastly, the Power Ratings Marz is rattling off is based on the Power Ratings Marvel has for their characters, so I used Captain America’s Power Rating from the Marvel Universe books. Chun-Li’s is also based on that rating system, keeping in mind that this is still a younger Chun-Li. It seemed to be a bit more fun to me with this being a crossover and all instead of using Juni and Juli’s HP/BP stats. Some people disagree with Marvel’s Power Ratings saying they are made by tempts that don’t know what they are doing lol but Captain America’s is one of the ones that seems pretty dead on to me, give or take. Course if you disagree with his Power Rating or even the one I gave Chun-Li then hey, you can always say Shadowloo messed up, or they also have tempts who don’t know what they are doing ha ha! I will write Captain America as being very fast, but keep in mind that there are people who can run at the speed of light in Marvel so a Normal rating for Speed still seems to fit IMHO. If you want to know exactly what the Power Ratings mean check out post #60 below. :slight_smile:

NEXT UP: C&C Music Factory vs. 12D lol! That’s Captain America vs. Twelve Dolls, sorry it’s 2:00 AM and just about everything is funny at the moment to me ha ha! Street Fighter 4 announced this past Wednesday in case you’ve been dwelling in a cave, HOORAY! Check back in one week for the next installment!

Dont you mean “War” then took a huge leap…?
Sorry, i got confused.

just a word on the 1st chapter. I agree with your call on how would you introduce four mysterious figures into the play; coming out of thin air and just doing damage to cape citadel. Very smart to launch a initiative to weaken to opposition, ensuring the advantage when the war officialy begins, even though i doubt such strategy would really be needed, seeing how easily the 4 horsemen defeated the military base. Apocalypse was smart to set out his horsemen to control earth’s military firms first and foremost.

I also like how you were able to showcase each of the horsemen’s unique abilities. Famine’s was executed with a touch of being demented, and eratic. While the Horsemen of Death’s was done in such a way that his strength does’nt need explanation.
“No…the starving…children” was nice. I take it as a way of hinting that Famine was either once a good fellow gone bad, or he has an wierd sense of honor, being that it is ok to kill armed soldiers, but you must always think about the children. lol.

either way, i know next to nothing about the 4 Horsemen, so im just giving an outsiders opinion. my bad.

I advise more detail on the carnage. All im getting is what the Horsemen are doing, and how its done. nothing on how the soldiers felt. In my opinion, describing the soldiers traumas, and utter shock towards the powers of the Horsemen can potentialy do a better job at describing the terror of these 4 soldiers. It’s better than adding a “!” at the end of each sentence when you’re describing the scene.

Yeah I meant Death in that paragraph, I spelled ‘road’ wrong too, see these are mistakes spell check doesn’t catch. :rofl:

Thanks for the advice and thank you for reading. I’ll give more thought to describing trauma in the future. I will also go back and edit the soldier’s reactions a bit later on, after I get the next chapter up. I appreciate any and all help. :smile:

Chapter 7: “Guys and Twelve Dolls!”

Speaking very quietly Enero instructed her other teammates using her com link. “Fevrier, Aprile and Santamu, we will engage Captain America. If you manage to kill Captain America instantly Fevrier train your gun on Chun-Li. Marz, Satsuki, Xiayu and Jianyu attack the Interpol Agent. Noembulu, Decapre, Juni and Juli hang back for now and study your opponents’ moves. If we should happen to fail Noembulu and Decapre, finish off the Captain. Juni and Juli, we will leave Chun-Li to you.” “ROGER,” yelled the other eleven women.

Eight of the Twelve Dolls started running to their opponents with Fevrier leading the pack, firing her gun at Captain America! His shield managed to protect him from gunfire, and both himself and Chun-Li ran towards their aggressors. “SHIELD SLASH,” screamed the legendary hero as he looked like he was throwing away his shield, but he tossed it to move in a clockwise direction (going from 6 O’clock where he would be standing to 12 O’clock where Fevrier was) like one would throw a Frisbee while evading oncoming bullets by running a few feet to his right. He wouldn’t have to evade gunfire for long since shield struck Fevrier in her head taking her out!

Fevrier’s gun went soaring high up in the air. When Captain America’s shield was at the 3 o’clock mark returning to him Chun-Li quickly stepped on it with her left foot and leaped high enough in the air to catch Fevrier’s gun! His shield was back in his hand and Steve Rogers was really surprised with the young lady’s skill level! Being the expert marksman that she was all while still being above the floor, the young martial artist fired at the feet of the seven attacking Dolls, forcing all of them to move back! Jianyu used her staff like a pole vault and went high enough to strike Dohrai’s daughter down, but when she was close enough Chun-Li spun around and slammed the gun to the side of Jainyu’s face knocking her out cold! Soon as her white boots touched the floor Chun-Li tossed the gun away because it wasn’t her style. She assumed her fighting stance, smiled and motioned with one hand for her opponents to come attack her in a very Bruce Lee like fashion!

Since he was able to read Enero’s lips earlier on the Marvel Super Hero already knew the three other women that were going to attack him. He figured it was best to indulge them and let Chun-Li handle the rest. Santamu’s monkey made a ferocious noise and jumped at the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Steve knocked the monkey unconscious with a karate chop to the neck! Santamu didn’t do much better with her spear, the instant it made contact with his Vibranium/Adamantium shield it snapped in two! A second karate chop to the pressure point between her nose and upper lip ended that skirmish.

Aprile threw all six of her syringes at Cap. With incredible reflexes he bent his left index finger and rammed its center into all of the syringes coming towards him, destroying them all while not letting the broken glass or poisonous fluid the contained touch him even though they came at him with remarkable speed! Still the deadly needles may as well have been frozen in midair with the Captain’s quick reaction time, turning his forearm six different ways to shatter the projectiles was a small feat to the highly skilled war veteran! Throwing his shield vertically at Aprile’s forehead made one less opponent he had to square off against today. His weapon bounced off her head going about as high as Fevrier’s gun did moments ago.

Lastly Enero yelled “HEEYAH,” when she came at him with an Axe Spin Knuckle. Cap dodged the back fisted strike, gave her left and right punches to the stomach and a spin kick to her right cheek! While soaring away Enero grabbed her microphone that had an extendable cord attached to her glove and she lassoed it around his neck! Ignoring the pain of being choked to death and before Enero’s feet hit the floor Captain America gave the cord a good tug. Enero went straight at him and was greeted with a mighty head butt! It was all over for Enero. She went down and the cord around his neck loosened. His shield came down finally and he caught it with his right hand.

Meanwhile Chun-Li evaded Marz’s kicks to her head, mid section and legs by bobbing, moving back and making a small hop. She sent a right kick to the right side of the doll’s face and in one motion guided her head to the hard metallic floor!

Xiayu attacked with her nunchucks swinging away, the young Street Fighter did a back flip to avoid her weapons. At the moment she was upside down and her back was facing Xiayu she quickly wrapped both nun chucks around her arms! While it seemed that Chun-Li was at a disadvantage she speedily managed to turn things around. Once her back flip ended and her arms were wrapped up by the silver chains with Xiayu standing before her, Chun-Li jumped straight up in the air with her assailant in tow. An aerial somersault kick not only knocked Xiayu out but at the same time this caused the nunchucks to drag down Chun-Li’s arms and eventually the chains snapped once they made contact with her steel hard bracelets! Upon coming down Chun-Li had two halves of the the twin nunchucks in her hands, grasping them by their chains!

Satsuki drew her katana sword from her back and began to swing wildly at Chun-Li. Flinging her two nunchuck halves and blocking with them and her bracelets when necessary she managed to avoid all of the sword strikes! All that was heard was a series of clangs as metal clashed against metal time and time again! The two kept moving in circles with Satsuki attacking and Chun-Li blocking. This was quite the spectacle, it looked like a beautifully over rehearsed dance! Still every dance along with every battle must reach its inevitable end. When Satsuki raised her sword high above her head to split Chun-Li like a log of firewood the woman who was determined to destroy Shadowloo quickly choked up on her nunchuck halves so she was holding them by their pole ends and not by the chains. In an instant the Street Fighter rammed both of the nunchuck halves into Satsuki’s ears! Everything went black for the young Japanese Doll, she dropped her sword and was the last of the eight to fall.

With numerous front flips Noembulu and Decapre came at Captain America. Decapre struck first with a lightning speed barrage of claw strikes which created an endless array of sparks across his red white and blue shield, it looked almost like an extreme close up of a fourth of July fireworks show. Soon Steve sidestepped, got behind her and and kicked her in her right kidney! This is a very effective way to take someone down from behind and never mind that this blow was delivered by someone who can lift twice their own body weight! Decapre dropped to the floor!

About seven feet apart lay Noembulu and Captain America. She attacked him with her twin tomahawks that were attached to long extendable ropes connected to the back of her gloves, much like Enero’s microphone. The Captain rolled back a few feet to dodge the hatchets that were swinging all over the place. Kneeling down he blocked all of the blows with his shield, it looked like a perverse game of double dutch since the ropes connected to the tomahawks moved in almost circular motions, hitting Cap’s armament again and again. With his keen battle instincts he waited for the exact moment when the two long ropes were not blocking his path to avoid getting tangled up in them. This task was next to impossible for a normal man, given the speed of the ropes made them look almost invisible. Though of course, Steve Rogers was far removed from being a normal man. Cap quickly took advantage of the split second the ropes were not in front of him and the path from himself to Noembulu was clear. “CHARGING STAR!” He rapidly dashed through the open path and rammed his shield into Noembulu’s chest knocking the wind out of her and knocking her out at the same time!

Captain America lowered his shield to his side thinking his fight with the Dolls was over but that was a faulty assumption. Decapre expeditiously rose up and shoved the claws in her right hand into Captain America’s right shoulder blade! The living embodiment of freedom and justice let out a small yell in pain and hastily spun around to strike her with his weapon! He missed since Decapre vanished right before his eyes thanks to performing Juni’s Mach Slide move! The speedy evasive maneuver put her at Captain America’s side and when he turned to face her she Russian Doll’s claws dug deep into the star on his chest making three diagonal claw marks through it! At the same time he was falling he let of the straps on his armament just for an instant, but it was long enough for Decapre to kick his shield away!

With Cap on the floor Decapre leaped back a great distance and began throwing kunai at him. These blades that were in the shape of a leaf and had a pole handle with a ring on the end typically used by Ninja came flying at her opponent as if Decapre was a human gatling gun! She had several kunai hidden amongst her body but her arms were moving so fast you couldn’t tell where she was getting all of the weapons from which seemed to number in the 100s!

Despite his wounds and with his back now towards the door the dolls were standing in front of prior, Steve Rogers got up and sprinted all the way to the corner of the wall with a steady stream of Kunai just seconds behind him! The noise the blades made against the metallic walls was something like a metallic version of hail falling on your window, the blades clanged on the wall and as they hit the floor over and over again! A while after Captain America turned the corner, almost as graceful as an ice skater he jumped in the air while moving forward and spun around catching two kunai by their handles! Still soaring, the war hero tossed one of the blades through the path of oncoming kunai and it managed to strike the lower edge of his shield that was now a few feet behind Decapre and a bit towards her right! The shield went flipping high up in the air like a coin toss! Decapre saw the shield and figured out what Cap was going to do next, so she stopped throwing kunai and leaped backwards. Still, making the necessary adjustments in his head Cap whose feet have still not touched the ground spun again and tossed a second kunai at the lower side of the shield making it spiral down at an angle and strike aerial Decapre on the top of her head! Yet again, the armament went high up in the air after the large thud, almost touching the ceiling.

Decapre was having a hard time remaining on her feet with the blow to her head coupled by the attack on her kidney earlier, she was shifting from side to side like a drunkard. She still managed to pull herself together long enough to attempt to finish of her opponent. The Russian Doll started running and eventually her feet left the floor. She was hovering just above the ground, her right knee was bent and her left leg was stretched out. Her two claws were at her sides as this move was similar to one of Balrog’s (ninja) moves. The young 16 year old’s Ki was so strong that the floor beneath her claws left streaks of sparks even though they weren’t touching the floor! Cap ran up to his assailant and her reaction time was a bit to slow this time due to her injuries. Cap managed to slam his knee right into her mask causing her to land on her back! In the same motion since Cap had performed a somersault knee strike, he back flipped through the air and like always caught his shield upon its decent. Next, he dropped to one knee and carelessly let half of the shield cut inside of floor while he was still holding on to it. He began breathing heavily because Decapre’s wounds did effect the great American hero, even if this was yet another fight that he was able to walk away from in his long history of fighting.

While Captain America fought Noembulu and Decapre Chun-Li faced off against Juni and Juli. Side by side the two girls walked forward slowly like two fashion runway models. When they were close enough to the Interpol Agent they raised their fists and started bouncing back and forth while remaining in position. Chun-Li also raised her fists at her opponents and this face off didn’t last for very long.

Caught unaware by her sudden speed Chun-Li fell victim to Juni’s Hooligan Combination. Rolling herself like a ball and flipping toward Chun-Li she attacked her mid section with both of her hands folded together. Quickly she followed up with a low kick to knock her off balance. Then not long after Juni put one foot and her opposite knee on both sides of Chun-Li’s face and slammed her head into the floor with her Cross Scissor Pressure move! The minute Chun-Li rose up and still a bit dizzy from the harsh blow, Juli attacked with a Sniping Arrow trying to kick her her in the face with this lunging kick. The beautiful Chinese woman blocked the move with her bracelets that she had crossed in front of her face, however she was driven back a bit. Still, before Juli landed on the floor Chun-Li stepped in and gave her a really good punch in the eye! The sixteen year olds’ right eye started to swell up very fast, it was a really good blow!

The two Dolls flipped away from their opponent and when they stopped Juni was behind Juli. “HAAAAH,” exclaimed the dirty blonde while sparks came out of her hand and entered the brunette’s body. Yes, Juni performed her Psycho Charge Alpha move! Juli’s swelled eye was instantly healed! “This energy… feels familiar… this is… PSYCHO POWER,” deduced Chun-Li.

Coming to interrupt this exchange of energy she tried to kick Juli but Juni got in the way and blocked with a Psycho Shield, surprising her once again since the block created what looked like a thunderbolt effect upon collision! After that Juni slid behind Chun-Li and her partner came before her. Both of the Dolls attacked her with their Double Super Art, the Death Cross Dancing! The Shadowloo Agents struck her with a wide array of punches, kicks and other blows ending with both of them kicking her face and soaring to either side of her while Chun-Li spun around and landed on her back!

“I can’t… say between them… I must… distance myself…” Chun-Li thought to herself. Remarkably she was able to stand on her feet despite the beating she took. A few huge jumps Chun-Li style and she was up against the door all 12 Dolls were in front of earlier and form here she did a wall jump. Juni who chased after her was just in time to receive an aerial High Kick to the stomach! Right below the two on the floor Juli raised her fist to execute her Psycho Charge Beta, energy swirled all around her and soon enough she had enough power to nab her enemy with her Reverse Shaft Breaker Super Art! This Cannon Drill that rises straight up in the air vertically instead of coming at you horizontally hit the young Asian a few times and sent her falling back down spiraling out of control, head first! Not content letting her just fall that way, Juni who landed on her hands when she was kicked in the stomach quickly sprang up and put both her feet around the falling woman’s neck, spun around like a clock attempting to ram her head into the floor with her Frankensteiner! Seemed like Chun-Li was about to loose this fight, her eyes were closed and all appearances indicated that the Reverse Shaft Breaker took the fight our of her.

But of course she wasn’t done just yet! Chun-Li also landed on her hands and that stopped her head from making contact with the floor! While she was upside down with a windmill like motion she twirled around and kicked Juni three times! The harsh kicks sent Juni away and Juli who tried to attack was next! “HYA! HYA! HYA!” over and over again she yelled and her Lightning Kick, the Hyakuretsu Kyaku was too much for Juli to handle knocking her back! The multiple kicks she received at a machine gun’s pace were some of the harshest blows Juli had ever been struck with! Juni seemed to have wanted more punishment and was greeted to a knee to the back of her head with Chun-Li’s Kaku Kyaku Raku! With this move (performed DF + HK) she flipped over and behind Juni and struck her from behind! Now while behind her she put her hand in front of Juni’s face and threw her with such force that she landed on Juli and knocked her back down since she was trying to stand up!

Realizing that the tide of the battle turned around really fast both of the Shadowloo agents rose up. Juli attacked with a Spin Knuckle and Juni with a Spiral Arrow, but Chun-Li stood on her hands and spun herself around with her legs stretched out. “SPINNING BIRD KICK!” Her famous upside down whirlwind maneuver interrupted both of their attacks while striking both of them many times, spinning and juggling the two in the air before they finally lost consciousness! In the end, Juni and Juli were both powerful opponents but they were no match for Chun-Li’s lethal kicks!

When all was said and done she walked over to her partner. “Captain America, you’re hurt!” She noticed the three slashes on his chest and the small streams of blood that dripped from them. He rose up forcing his shield out of the floor. “I’ll be fine. My wounds aren’t that bad. I may not have Wolverine’s Healing Factor but I do heal up pretty fast.” “Yeah, I remember. Shadowloo gives you a 3 for Durability,” she quipped. “Heh, they may have to raise your Power Ratings as well. Nice work Chun-Li, I’m impressed! Do you have any serious injuries?” She placed her hand behind her head and looked at it. Her hand was covered with some spots of blood. This was from Juni’s Cross Scissor Pressure move. “Ah, I’m gonna have a nasty bump in the morning but I’m as well as can be expected.” “Good, now let’s finish this job…”

The giant door before them started to slide open. Inside of the room that housed many computer screens all around its walls stood two figures. The one standing in front was wearing a red cloak with blue hieroglyphics and to his left but behind him was another person wearing the exact opposite, a blue cloak with red hieroglyphics. Far behind them was another huge door much like the one that just opened up before our heroes.

“It’s… A Dark Rider… and in front of him, it’s the Horseman of War!”

With one hand the Horseman of War removed his red cloak with blue hieroglyphics away and underneath was Vega, the leader of Shadowloo! While showing all his teeth he started to laugh like a mad man! “VEGA! YOU’RE ALIVE!” Chun-Li grabbed Fevrier’s pistol that was on the floor and aimed it at the evil dictator!

Info Bytes: Chun-Li vs. Juni and Juli is based on SFZ3(SFA3) and Chun-Li on Xism in that game. Having Chun-Li fight Juni and Juli in the game as a mid boss battle is one of my favorite things about SFZ3 so I had to have that in my little pocket universe! Oh and she doesn’t have the Spinning Bird Kick in any of the Marvel games but she does have it in Xism in SFZ3, so I got to use the move too just this once but it will probably be the only time, heh heh! :slight_smile:

Next Up: One Horseman revealed, 3 more to go! Again, if you’ve managed to figure out who the other three are please stay mum about it. And who is that Dark Rider that is standing behind him? Anyway next time, Captain America faces off against Vega and Chun-Li fights the Dark Rider! There’s a few other things I have to take care of but I am hoping that I will be able to update this in January. Catch you in two months! :slight_smile:

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Chapter 8: “Smacked to the Future!”

Chun-Li kept Marz’ gun trained on Vega, still surprised to learn that he was the Horseman Of War. Captain America kept a close eye on Vega along with the cloaked Dark Rider standing behind him.

Much like the hallway our heroes just left, this room also had a light reddish purple coloring to it. There were various flat screens of both sides of this large area. Far behind Vega and the Dark Rider was another huge rectangular door that could slide open vertically just like the one Chun-Li and Captain America entered through. The Twelve Dolls of Shadowloo were all knocked out cold and in the hallway; the door the superhero and Interpol Agent entered remained open for the time being.


Chun-Li’s gun toting hands trembled as these words managed to find their way out of her mouth. She pulled the trigger back just a bit, only not enough to unload. There stood the man that killed her father. It really wouldn’t take too much effort to convince her to blow his head off, even if chances are doing so still wouldn’t mean the end of the leader of Shadowloo.

“Huh! Huh! Huh! Since these will be your final moments on Earth I have no problems granting your last request by answering your question! Huh! Huh! Huh!”

“After I was defeated by Cyclops (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter) my charred and broken body remained lying on the ground of the Amazon Rain Forest. Slowly my flesh started to regenerate. Still, as the hours passed I was barely clinging to life. Even with my amazing Psycho Powers, the damage down to my body was too great for me to survive. Everything started to go dark, until I sensed a ray of hope.”

“A ray… of hope,” questioned the young woman who was puzzled by his choice of words.

“Yes. I sensed an amazing power, a rival even to my Psycho Power.” With a rather serious expression on his face, the Dictator lifted up his right hand and looked at it when he uttered these words, “I raised my disfigured hand up in the air to feel this energy. My hand was struck with what appeared to be a lightning bolt!”

“That energy… The same power that made all of our friends disappear and caused the entire pyramid to vanish,” added Chun-Li once more.

“It is one in the same. When I awoke my Shadowloo scientists along with the aid of Apocalypse managed to repair my body. Good as new and now I am more powerful than ever! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Your story doesn’t make any sense.” Captain America finally spoke up. “During the time you were fighting against the X-Men and Street Fighters the Horseman of Apocalypse were capturing heroes and Martial Artists around the world. If what you say is true, than how can you be the Horseman of War? How is it possible for you to be in two places at once?”

“Heh. Time Travel.”

“TIME TRAVEL? What do you take us for, idiots?” “Oh my sweet Chun-Li, I am many things but a liar isn’t one of them.”

Vega continued, “You see, when Apocalypse fell into the white orb in his temple and seemingly imploded (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter), that orb had the the power to make him travel back one year in time. It appears that the orb is quite a powerful entity. It was able to speak into Apocalypse’s mind and reveal it’s ultimate plan. It also gave Apocalypse the power to grab as many people as he could take along with the entire temple itself, back to one year in the past.”

“I think… I’m beginning to understand. Capturing the heroes and martial artists, The Island Smashers, the nuclear warheads, setting up bases on The Savage Land and Madripoor that rose from the Earth… Everything was coordinated to occur around the same time many Mutants and Street Fighters were fighting it out in Brazil. At least half of your opposition was occupied. Going back in time you knew full well when it was the right time to act.”

“Ah, the white star hero gets a golden star for the day! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Time Travel… Magical balls of light… None of this makes any sense!” “Believe me Chun-Li, during my tenure as an Avenger I’ve seen quite a few things… Let’s just say that Vega’s story isn’t outside the realm of possibility…”

Vega’s toothy grin instantly turned into a frown. “Now for more pressing matters. DOCTOR SENOH!”

Upon his yell all of the various computer screens on both sides of the room turned on and revealed a bald little scientist (the same scientist from Street Fighter II The Animated Movie). “Yes Vega Sama!”

“The Twelve Dolls have been a huge disappointment. Teleport them back to Apocalypse’s base. He can drain them of all of their energy if he wants to. When he’s done you can dispose of them. There is no room for failure in Shadowloo.”

Juni woke up just in time to hear Vega’s words, even if she was too weak to allow herself to stand up. Her pupils shrank when she whispered the words “We are… to be disposed of?”

“Yes Vega Sama. Right away.” Doctor Senoh pushed a few buttons and both Chun-Li and Captain America turned to see all of the girls teleported away after leaving a bright flash of pink light. Shadowloo was obviously using a similar technology used by Captain America and Chun-Li to arrive at this destination. The door behind the remaining cast of characters finally closed, sliding down slowly. All of the computer screens immediatly shut off.

Chun-Li turned her head to face Vega, her gun remained pointed at his forehead throughout, even when she was looking at the girls vanish. “These children… You brainwashed these girls to do your evil bidding! How could you? Your acts are unforgivable Vega!”

“HA HA HA HA HA HA! You amuse me child! Okay then… I’ll let you earn the right to be my next guinea pig!”

“We don’t have time for this!” Commanded the mighty Captain. “Vega, where is the Island Smasher in this temple?”

“Huh. Looks like it’s time to get down to business. The Island Smasher is in the room that’s right behind me. If you want access to it, all you have to do is get passed me and my little friend!”

Still angry about the fate of the Twelve Dolls, Chun-Li tossed her gun to the side and raised her fists. “VEGA! I WILL DEFEAT YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!”

“HEH! I’ll play with you another time, future guinea pig! Instead, why don’t you see if you can defeat my latest guinea pig?”

The man with the blue cloak covered in red hieroglyphics stepped in front of Vega, a bit to his left. With one arm he tossed his cloak aside. Chun-Li was shocked to see who was underneath!


Speaking in a rather robotic fashion, the Dark Rider replied “Negative. I am Shadowloo Agent Shadow.”

Info Bytes: Doctor Senoh returns, I used him in X-Men vs. Street Fighter as well. In Street Fighter II The Animated movie itself he doesn’t have a name, but Saiki of the Street Fighter Plot Guide fame said his name was Senoh according to Capcom, I’m assuming that’s the name they gave him for his one time video game ending appearance so I’ve just been going by that. Eh I just like his look better than the other scientists from Street Fighter anime, even if I know what their names are LOL!

Chun-Li waiving the gun at Vega is taken from Street Fighter Zero 3 as she does in her scenario from that game. Some of the dialog comes from the English translation of that game too, when she starts talking about the innocent children and Vega calls her a guinea pig. Oh and her line to Nash and his line back at her comes from when Shadow appeared in Studio Udon’s comic, I just swapped out Charlie for Nash and Shadaloo for Shadowloo since I just like to spell it Shadowloo heh heh! Their fight here will be different from how Udon did it though, I haven’t worked out the scenario just yet, okay might be one more Udon nod during the fight but that’s it lol! Just wanted to give a few nods here and there to some Street Fighter related stuff instead of the Marvel stuff I’m always shouting out. :slight_smile:

NEXT UP: Captain America vs. Vega! Chun-Li vs. Shadow! Plus guest appearances from SFZ characters and another Marvel character shows up too! Man what’s coming is so good it makes you wanna slap your momma! P.S. Two seconds after I typed this my momma slapped me, OUCH! Hopefully I can get the next chapter up in a few days if all goes. Like Stan Lee used to say in Marvel’s letter pages a long time ago - Face Front! :stuck_out_tongue: