Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter: Sequel to my X-Men vs. SF Fan Fic!

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Chapter 9: “Me and My Agent Shadow!”

While she was not present to witness his final battle, she was told that Nash gave his life destroying Apocalypse once and for all (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter). You can imagine the shock she was receiving seeing him stand before her, now going by the name Shadow.

He wasn’t exactly the way Chun-Li remembered him. His skin and clothing were a much darker tone, as if he was standing in the shade like his name implies.

“Huh huh huh! The man you knew as Nash is dead! He has been reborn as a loyal Agent of Shadowloo. Now he is more machine than man. Shadow, how about a demonstration,” commanded Vega.

Shadow took off his glasses and put them away. He stretched his arms out before him as far as he could, almost like he was about to start sleep walking. While his hands remained a dark orange tone, with but a thought from Shadow they instantly took on the look of an advanced science fiction robot’s multi-segmented hands. The edges of his fingertips opened up creating ten square holes at the end of each of his digits. From each of these fingers Shadow started firing a multitude of bullets at Chun-Li (much like his ending in the Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter video game)!

Chun-Li performed a few side flips to her left to avoid the gunfire and edge closer to the firearm she tossed to the far side of the room. She wasn’t able to get anywhere near Marz’ gun. Shadow’s fingers quickly returned to normal and he chased after her. No longer one to shout out moves while he performed them he nabbed Chun-Li in the stomach with his Somersault Shell!

Our heroine yelled in agony after receiving this deadly blow. The effect was quite different from getting hit by this attack by the Nash of old. Her entire body was covered with light blue flames! She instantly remembered getting hit by attacks like this when she fought against Vega (also during X-Men vs. Street Fighter) so she was fully aware that Nash was using Psycho Power just like Juni and Juli were! On top of that, Shadow’s skeleton was entirely metallic now. It wasn’t as strong as Wolverine’s Adamantium laced skeleton but all the same, getting kicked by Shadow in the stomach was the equivalent of being struck with an aluminum bat going 80 miles an hour! With the added touch of Psycho Power, well you can understand why Chun-Li was screaming for dear life. It was just as Vega said. Nash’s entire body was rebuilt from the ground up. He really was more machine than man.

After the Psycho flames dispersed Chun-Li rose to her knees clutching her stomach in pain. She vomited quite a bit of blood on the floor. As much as the attack hurt, it was nothing compared to pain in her heart. Just knowing that she would have to fight against one of her best friends was enough to upset the rather soft hearted young woman. Able to stand up she bent her knees, placed a fist in front of her face and another to her side. The battle for Nash’s soul was about to commence.

“CHUN-LI!” Captain America ran to her aid. He stopped dead in his tracks once Vega teleported in front of him! With his arms folded and a huge smile the leader of the Terrorist Organization proclaimed, “Captain America. Why don’t we leave those two lovebirds alone while we have some fun!”

Bending his forearms while putting his palms in front of him, Vega’s entire body was engulfed with light blue energy. His smile dropped from his face and the aura that surrounded his body stretched out and struck Captain America (like his projectile attacks in Street Fighter II The Animated Movie)! It wasn’t enough power to set the Captain’s body ablaze like what happened to Chun-Li since Vega held back a bit, but it was enough to send him quite some distance away and on his backside! Cap knew that he would have to take down Vega himself before he could offer Chun-Li any help. Only then could they fulfill their mission’s objective and destroy the Island Smasher located in the base once and for all.

“Nash… I don’t know how thorough Vega’s brainwashing was, but if I have to beat some sense in you to snap you out of it than so be it!” “Negative. My name… is Shadow…”

Dashing towards her opponent she tried to punch the brainwashed victim in the face about five times, but her left and right punches were blocked away by Shadow’s speedy elbow movements, deflecting each and every blow. She did manage to punch Shadow square in the chest, but this move caused the Interpol Agent more damage than her adversary! It was the equivalent of punching a tank! After the clang her fist made from striking his chest, Chun-Li let out an “OW!” while she hopped back a bit, clutching her injured fist. Shadow gave her no time to heal, sliding forward and kicking Chun-Li in the neck with his Step Kick! She was pushed back even further and the same left hand that was caressing her injured hand now covered her neck! After this blow she had trouble breathing!

While grasping for air the Street Fighter who was currently taking a beating thought to herself, “His body… is like steel… Punching him with my bare fists will have no effect. I must find another way.”

Shadow’s next move was his Spin Back Knuckle. Chun-Li ducked just in time to avoid the blow. With her Crouching Medium Kick she did a half turn on the ground and kicked Shadow’s feet with her extended right leg. Since she was wearing white boots her feet could absorb much more of the impact against her opponent’s steel interior than her bare fists could. After this kick Shadow’s balance was thrown a bit off so on her way to standing up she delivered another right kick to his left oblique. This caused his body to fall over and shift to his right. Taking advantage of the situation, the now fully erect Chun-Li with a back knuckle maneuver rammed her right bracelet into Shadow’s face! One of the metal spikes on her bracelet’s edge probably would not of dug so deep into his face if she hadn’t also used the momentum of him falling to his side! Normally, the spike would have struck just in front his right ear but the new Agent of Shadowloo turned his face towards her bracelet at exactly the wrong moment so now there was a hole just below his right eye! Chun-Li had successfully begun to chip away at the armor surrounding her opponent. Unfortunately, she did take on a bit of damage, receiving a mild spark that traveled from the cyborg’s body, to her bracelet and on to her person, so she quickly hopped away. The electric shock was enough to subdue a normal person, but Chun-Li has experienced far worse during her tenure as a Martial Artist. Besides, there was no way she could let up now.

Shadow was edging back, having trouble regaining his footing like some kind of drunken sailor. Chun-Li came after him rapidly and when her hands were just before the area between his chest and stomach she yelled “YAH,” letting out her Reishiki Kikouken! During this standing fireball move, a white orb of her Ki formed in front of her hands with this smaller version of her Kikoshou Super Art! When the attack struck Shadow sparks started to fly out the hole underneath his eye since Ki attacks do damage to the insides of opponents as well! Already stumbling, this was enough to send Shadow soaring and he fell flat on his back!

He was down but far from out. Shadowloo’s mindless puppet rose up at a speed that didn’t seem humanly possible and performed his Backward Dash, taking a hop back. Now he was about 12 feet away from Chun-Li. “HUH,” he expressed while firing off his one armed Sonic Boom! Chun-Li dodged the spinning projectile by leaping straight up in the air, about ten feet. Shadow jumped towards her but when he was close enough, Chun-Li brought her powerful legs to her chest to soar ten more feet in the air! He was no match for her Double Jump! When he turned his head up in the air so he could follow her movement all Shadow saw was the bottom of her left boot! Her downward kick, the Yoso Kyaku nabbed him right in the face and sent him straight down!

Like a cats are known to do he landed on his feet and Chun-Li landed on the floor space right in front of him. Kneeling down on the ground her body began to charge with white energy. “HAZAN…” she said and once she began the attack she yelled “…TENSHOU KYAKU!” This Super Art, a much more powerful version of her Tenshou Kyaku juggles and lifts her opponents in the air while she rotates and kicks them with her extended split legs! It’s like her Spinning Bird Kick only she isn’t upside down and her body is tilted at an angle. Very few Martial Artists can survive the full brunt of this attack!

Even so, it had no effect on Shadow whatsoever since he blocked every single kick! At the same time Chun-Li commenced her attack he leaped up in the air and spun is body around at an even faster rate than she did! While Chun-Li’s body turned counter clockwise his turned clockwise, they were like two gears in a complex piece of machinery! With his fist before his face he used his right elbow that was a bit before his chest to to continually push the back of Chun-Li’s feet into the direction they were already spinning, so she missed every single time! Chun-Li was attacking with both legs and Shadow was blocking with one arm, so he was that much faster than his former partner!

After blocking the last kick of her Hazan Tenshou Kyaku while they were still in the air, he countered with his Aerial Somersault the Moonsault Slash! Once more her body was covered with flames and she went crashing down to the ground.

The flames vanished yet again and she tried to stand up but Shadow was not about to let that come to pass. The tables had turned this time since now it was Shadow that fell to the ground and knelt before her! His body charged with energy much like Chun-Li’s did earlier and there was a twinkle in his eye (like what happens prior to all of Shadow’s Super Arts in MSH vs. SF). You guessed it, he performed his Final Mission Super Art! Smacking his former partner with a massive uppercut she went flying high up in the air. Next he jumped after her and all you could hear was the massive beatdown she was taking as everything was blanketed in a bright white light!

Bruised, battered and bloody the young lady even had the misfortune of the back of her head landing on the floor first, right on the same area that was wounded during her fight with the Twelve Dolls! After the loud thud her body collapsed like a lifeless rag doll. Showing no signs of remorse Shadow landed and adjusted his jacket with both hands (just as he does after performing his Final Mission Super Art). His hands took on a robotic appearance once more and he started firing bullets at Chun-Li!

Even though her eyes were closed and she seemed like she was in a deep sleep; was it her natural fighting instincts, her will to survive or the body of a woman who has trained extensively in Martial Arts acting on it’s own? We may never know, however after hearing the first bullet being fired Chun-Li managed to get up and leap to her left away from all of the gunfire! She did not go unscathed however, a bullet grazed her right thigh! Another horrific yell escaped from her lips, if she wasn’t fully awake before well she was now for certain! She fell to the floor one more time. With this new injury on top of all of her other wounds, there was no way she could avoid Shadow’s bullets again.

Shadow aimed his fingers at Chun-Li ready to end her existence.

“…NASH! DON’T DO IT!” “Negative. My name is…” “NO! YOUR NAME IS NASH! The way… you move… and fight… You are exactly like the Nash I remember! Before you started this fight… you took off your glasses… and put them away… Just like you always do before a fight starts… You… don’t even need glasses… You only wear them because you think they make you look cool…” “Negative… I have no interest… in silly human… characterisi…” “DON’T YOU SEE! THOSE ARE NOT ACTIONS OF A MINDLESS ROBOT! I KNOW YOU ARE STILL IN THERE NASH! YOU HAVE TO FIGHT WHAT VEGA HAS DONE TO YOU! YOU ARE THE HERO THAT SAVED US ALL! WAKE UP!”

Shadow’s body started to shiver. For the first time since he woke up after having his body remade into that of a cyborg’s, he was confused and didn’t know what to do. His orders were to exterminate anyone that went up against Shawdowloo, yet he was having trouble firing that last shots at his old comrade Chun-Li.

In his state of confusion he plucked Chun-Li from the ground by her head only using the edges of his robotic looking fingers. With his fingers to the sides of her face, it was a lot easier to blow her head away at this range. His fingers were so tight around her head that she was bleeding from both sides, it was almost like he was trying to crush her head like a melon but that wasn’t the case. His body continued to quiver and he was still in a state of utter confusion.

Her eyes were dim and her vision started to blur, but her face was close enough so she could look into Shadow’s eyes. In a whisper Chun-Li said, “Nash… don’t… Nash…”

Somehow, at that moment a streak of dark brown machine oil poured down the hole that was beneath Shadow’s eye, from the injury she gave him from her bracelet. All of his bodily fluids have been replaced with one liquid substance or another. Much like we may never now exactly how Chun-Li’s body rose up at the correct time to avoid the gunfire, Chun-Li will never know if this was just a coincidence or Shadow’s attempt at shedding a tear.

Info Bytes: You know, I avoided re-reading Udon’s take on Chun-Li vs. Shadow, other than their dialog that I used in the previous chapter, yet there are still similarities! Her attacking Shadow with a Super Tenshou Kyaku was the only one I planned on as the nod to Udon that I mentioned earlier since I clearly remembered that move, (she used the regular Tenshou Kyaku in the comic) but after writing my chapter on paper first like I always do I rechecked it and noticed Chun-Li also attacks Shadow with a Crouching Medium Kick, he hits her with a Somersault and she jumps straight up in the air to avoid a Sonic Boom! ACK! Though I felt the sequence of events went down differently in my fight and if you for whatever reason don’t believe me feel free to think I gave Studio Udon even more nods than I originally intended lol! Say, no one’s ever done a comic where Captain America and Vega fought right? No! Hooray next time I’ll be in the clear har har! Well there are still differences, I made Shadow much more robotic then he was in their comic, just like he is during MSH vs. SF, and in his ending he REALLY looks like a robot but I didn’t go that far lol! It’s also similar to Shadow Lady in Marvel vs. Capcom too given how robotic she is. His body doesn’t clang when you hit him the way Spider-Armor Spider-Man does, so I was having a bit of fun with Chun-Li’s punch to his chest. Plus, his moves in MSH vs. SF are a little different from the way Udon depicted them, he really does set you on light blue fire with his attacks. I was very close to giving him the Shadowloo symbol on the back of his jacket the way that Udon did, but I stopped because you can’t see that in his sprite when he shows his back. Of course his body is really dark, but still. Well, I didn’t say it wasn’t there so if you want to imagine it there in my story don’t let me stop you. :slight_smile:

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Chapter 10: “Thumbs Up Psycho Soldier!” Part 1



Right off the bat these two came at each other with their very powerful Super Arts! Vega’s body was covered with light blue energy. His left hand clutched his right forearm that was before his body. His open right palm radiated with power. Flying a few feet above the ground while he rotated he was heading straight towards the Marvel Super Hero.

While Captain America may have said Charging Star this was actually his Hyper Charging Star, a much more powerful variant than the one he used to defeat Noembulu moments ago. He charged forward with his shield in front his entire body was engulfed in white Ki. From a distance he looked like a bullet leaving a trail of white energy.

Vega’s right hand slammed into the star that was at the center of the Captain’s shield causing quite an impact, covering their nearby surroundings in a shade of white that had a small hint of blue. It was quite the explosion that these twin Super Arts caused!

And the winner of this face off, was Captain America! The Shadowloo Leader’s Psycho Crusher didn’t stand a chance against the Avengers Leader’s Adamantium and Vibranium shield, two of the hardest alloys known to man! Add this to the fact that Steve Rogers is stronger than the average man and was using the full extent of his Ki and you can see why he was off to a great start! Vega’s hand was pushed back by the shield and the armament rammed into his face! Being pushed away he did a back flip in the air and floated to the floor gently landing on his feet. The caped villain gritted his teeth while a small stream of blood trickled out of the side of his mouth.



Yet another face off of two moves from the adversaries who were currently seventeen feet away, and this time it was their projectile attacks! Vega sent a ball of light purple energy at the costumed crime fighter, who in turn used his Light Punch Shield Slash which travels a few inches off the ground, the shield went under and past Vega’s Psycho Shot! Unexpectedly Captain America dashed straight at his enemy’s projectile!

Was Captain America some kind of masochist? I think not! At the last possible second he avoided the ball of power with his Zenten. “AH,” yelled the soldier while doing a carton wheel to the side of the Psycho Shot avoiding the blow. And after that he kept on rolling right on to his opponent!

The low shield came at a rather blind spot for Vega, underneath his own bright fireball and at the incredibly fast pace it was traveling, he didn’t spot it until after in struck his feet! Like a tree downed by a lumberjack he was about to fall flat on his face!

Course not too far away from his classic right white and blue cylinder was the owner, the speedy Captain himself! Catching his shield with his left hand he stood right before the diabolical terrorist! Not even letting him fall the floor he caught him with his Double Kick which is composed of a left kick to the head and another to the stomach! You may ask why he caught his shield with his left hand instead of his right this time. Well that’s because he was gearing up for one of his favorite moves, heck this is a favorite move of the majority of American Super Heroes! You guessed it, a right punch to the face!

With the American icon’s above average strength the blow created a thunderous noise! He instantly broke Vega’s nose, splitting it in two so it took on the appearance of a boomerang! Never having been punched that hard in his life, in the evil man’s mind it felt like he was being punched in slow motion! Spit flew out of his mouth like a boxer catching a strong right hook. Even so, Vega still managed to bounce back from this punch pretty fast considering the circumstances. “Heh,” uttered the current Apocalypse underling while the corner of his lip curled up. With his right thumb he snapped his nose back in to place and it looked just as it did before! The mighty hero attempted to strike him with his shield next but he missed because the target vanished before his eyes!

After performing his Vega Warp, there where four Vegas around Cap and he didn’t know which was the real one. Each of them had their hands folded and were in a grand standing position. There was one right in front of him and another floating above that one, and there was another floating behind him with yet another one floating above that one. Cap’s head turned to quickly glance at all four but he decided to go for the one in front of him thinking that the least obvious choice would be the correct answer, and it was the easiest target for him to take a shielded swing at. But before he could even connect the one that was floating above his back called him “BAKA,” AKA stupid in Japanese, a term he had heard from Japanese soldiers during World War II more times than he could count. Following the sound he turned to face that Vega with the remarkable speed that he was best known for. He was still too late as the other three Vegas vanished and his adversary rammed his two feet on top of Captain America’s cranium with his Head Stomp!

Steve Rogers was dazed by the blow and Vega then performed his favorite follow up to his Head Stomp, his Somersault Skull Diver! Finally tossing his shield from his left hand to his right, he raised it above his head like an umbrella without a pole stopping the attack of the Psycho charged hand. Still aerial Vega performed his Hikou and levitated high up, about 30 feet and flew backwards looking down on the foe he thought was beneath him in every single way.

Captain America jumped after him and rose 15 feet diagonally, and Chun-Li wasn’t the only one who could perform a Double Jump! Bringing his knees to his chest he cleared the remaining 15 feet and he was rising until he got just before Vega’s waist coming in fast!

A mighty Aerial High Punch from the Horseman of War smacked Chun-Li’s current partner in the head setting him on light blue flames, just like Shadow did to Chun-Li earlier! He struck him in the same spot where he got him with his Head Stomp moments ago. Vega took pleasure that his knuckles were covered with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent’s blood that had seeped through his blue costume. A second after that punch the deadly foe sent an Aerial High Kick to the top of his head! He came flying down to the ground at an eight o’clock angle.

And who was there to catch Captain America upon his descent? Chun-Li? Another hero who had entered the scene? No! Vega himself! he teleported to the floor and caught the star spangled shoulder by the back of his neck with one hand!

With his right hand he had Captain America in the air and charged his entire body with raw Psycho Power! This was quite a sight to see. While he was being burned with light blue fire he was being electrocuted with light purple energy, both at the same time! The electrocution was so strong that at times you could see parts of his very skeleton! Captain America was in excruciating pain, however he was not one to yell out in agony. This wasn’t the first time he has been tortured by an enemy and it was far from the last.

“HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! The mighty Captain America! After all of your missions, after all of your adventures, this is how it all ends! You will fall at the hands of Shadowloo! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

And at that moment, Captain America’s survival instinct kicked in! He is usually very careful not to strike people with the razor sharp edge of his shield, the rounded part tends to strike first unless you tilt it the right way. Still, in this dire situation he paid no attention to that and swung his shield behind him just below Vega’s chest, slashing him like a sword would! About a third of the shield entered Vega’s body! “AAAAAAAH,” yelled the wounded Street Fighter who fell to the floor. Such a wound was a fatal and any man who didn’t receive medical attention on the spot had small chance of surviving this rather deep and long sword like slash!

Once he dropped the American hero he fell to his knees, finding it hard to breath. After a few seconds, he noticed half of this shield covered in Vega’s blood. The star on it’s center was cut right down the center, one half was fine and the other half took on a crimson hue. “NO… I Couldn’t… VEGA!”

He turned to face Vega on the floor, who wasn’t moving at all. His eyes were wide open and so was his mouth. There was blood everywhere, his bleeding wasn’t stopping any time soon. In an odd way, he almost looked like he was at peace. Maybe, for the first time in his life.

“Vega… I was only… trying to get you to drop me… I didn’t mean… You may have been a monster, but even you deserved a fair trial to atone for your crimes. Rest in Peace, and may your sins be forgiven in the next world.”

Captain was quite angry with himself. Even though he has killed in the past in times of war it was always something he tried to avoid at any cost. Regardless, he had to put his feelings to the side for now since Chun-Li needed his help. So he started to dart off towards his partner.

“Huh huh huh huh…”

His red boots froze dead in his tracks when he heard Vega’s laughter. He looked back to make sure and Vega was still in the same motionless condition.

“No… My mind… must be playing tricks on me.”

So he went to run once more but before he could take another step, he heard laughter once more. This time it was a little louder than the last.

“Huh Huh Huh Huh…”

He turned to face his fallen foe one more time. He was still on the floor, not moving so much as an inch. A few bone chilling seconds passed and Vega’s lips widened to become a grand smile. The imagery was enough to give a weaker man nightmares for the rest of his days.


Yes, now he was full on laughing! The fourth lord of Shadowloo stood up all the while chuckling away! The slash across his chest turned light blue and when this bright light was gone, so was the damage to his body! The slash on his clothes was even gone and the blood from his body evaporated in a split second! It looked as if Captain America hadn’t struck him once during their entire battle!

“It seems the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Just… What are you? Some kind of demon?”

“Heh. I’ve been called worse! So long as there is evil in this world my immortal soul can not be destroyed! Frankly, you are quite a strong adversary. If this was a year ago, I don’t think I would be able to defeat you. However, when my body was repaired and in this new shell I gained more power than I had ever possessed! I was fighting you at the same level of strength I had when I fought against Cyclops. I see that I will have to use the full extent of my powers to finish you off! C’MON CAPTAIN AMERICA! Give me your best shot!” He put his clenched fist to his side and stuck his chest out, ready to take on anything his enemy could dish out.

“CHARGING STAR!” Once again he came at Vega with his Hyper Charging Star Super Art! When the white Ki that surrounded Captain America’s body struck his foe’s chest, it created a bright white explosion blanketing all!

When the light died down and everything returned to normal, Vega was standing there and hadn’t budged at all! Captain America’s attack had no effect on him! With his shield brushing against Vega’s chest, his pupils widened while he saw Vega in an entirely different light. The Horseman of War’s smile turned into a frown at the drop of a hat. “So this is your strongest move? I thought you were also holding back a moment ago. Now I am very disappointed, Captain America.”

With his High Punch Vega dealt him a mighty uppercut, sending him high in the sky with this Aerial Launcher. Once again our hero was set ablaze and electrocuted at the same time, and now you could see his entire skeleton throughout! Such was the power that Vega was wielding. One punch had the same effect as him grabbing on to you and charging you with Raw Psycho Power, only know the attack was more intense! Captain America had never experienced such pain in his entire life! It felt like every single fiber of his body was being attacked all at once! His teeth bleed from him grinding them so hard. Still even with all this pain he would never scream out in pain, never. Cap flipped up high in the air and landed on the hard metallic ground face first!

As soon as he tried to stumble on his feet, Vega teleported in front of him and rammed his right foot to the back of his head, slamming his face against the harsh cold floor for a second time! "Kneel before Shadowloo! You will crumble beneath my feet and so will your precious United States. And soon the entire world will follow!

“No… Freedom… Will… PREVAIL!”

Captain America managed to lift his head somewhat while struggling against Vega’s boot. With his mighty shield still at hand, he summoned all of his remaining energy to perform his “STARS AND STRIPES!” He rose several feet in the air with this deadly twirling uppercut that was identical to a Shoryuken only with his armament in hand.

Unfortunately, he missed because Vega teleported away at the precise moment! Not only had he performed his Vega Warp once again, this time it was on an entirely different level. During the Stars And Stripes maneuver while the Captain was still in the air, he saw what looked to be hundreds of Vegas floating all around him, one above the other! All of them wore serious expressions on their faces while folding their arms, and each of them let out the same word. It sounded like audience of thousands speaking in unison. “BAKA,” every last one of them uttered just before vanishing, except for the real Vega!

The real Vega who was high above his head nabbed him with his Somersault Skull Driver! His right hand went right over Cap’s face electrocuting and frying him yet again! An explosion of Psycho Power emerged when he rammed Cap’s back to the floor!

When the smoke cleared, our hero laid still on what looked to be a crater, only filled with small metallic cracks all around. His blood came from behind him and poured all around the cracks of this circle that surrounded his body; this almost looked like a bizarre occult sacrifice. Captain American couldn’t move a single muscle, yet he still remained conscious. True to nature, not a single scream escaped from his lips.

Now standing before his fallen enemy, he still housed a serious expression. After contemplating a bit, Vega spoke to the downed veteran.

“You and I are a lot alike. We are both soldiers of war. In fact, I have fought in many wars throughout countless generations. There were times I took over the entire world and there were other times I came very close, though just like you I’ve fought hard to preserve my ideals and way of living.”

Captain America’s mind wandered back to a time during World War II, when he spotted Adolf Hitler in a German base that was being attacked by American soldiers. Adolf Hitler cowardly abandoned his men and tried to escape through a secret exit. He was intercepted by a younger Captain America. His outfit was a little different in that his neck was exposed and he wielded a triangular shield, but you could tell it was the same great American icon. With his shield in his left hand he gave Hitler a well deserved right hook to the face knocking him out in one blow! Behind Cap approached Nazi soldiers, firing there weapons upon him. In the center of the four soldiers was his arch nemesis, the Red Skull! As his name implies, his face was really that of a red skull. A gigantic Nazi symbol was marked smacked dab on the center of the chest of his green outfit, you could see it from miles away. While their tommy guns fired the greatest war hero the world has ever known charged right at them while deflecting every blow with his shield.

Back to the present, our downed soldier stops reminiscing and responds to his enemy.

“No. We are nothing alike. You and Apocalypse are cut from the same cloth. Men with delusions of grandeur bent on world domination. You are the same kind of men I fought during the war and continue to fight to this very day.”

“I will admit, being soldiers of fortune is where our similarities end. Who knows, you may have had the power to defeat me. If only your Ki was developed as well as my Psycho Power.”

“My… Ki?”

“Captain America, you have trained in multiple forms of Martial Arts. However, for you at the end of the day it’s just a means to an end. All substance over style. In combat you utilize techniques to take down your opponents as quickly as possible letting most of your training go to waist. You only release your Ki during powerful attacks, like your ‘Charging Stars,’ but even then it is all in one shot, in order to defeat your opponent quickly. It’s similar to how you became Captain America. Instead of going through extensive training to enhance your body you took the Super Soldier Serum and became a warrior overnight. You find the quickest routes to achieve your goals. Myself, Psycho Power is quite the opposite. It flows in every single one of my moves. I train every day to perfect my Psycho Power. There is no quick fix, only hard work and sacrifice.”

Vega continued, “Ki flows through all things, it is the perfect rival for my Psycho Power which comes from the evil that dwells in the hearts of man. Had you developed that power, with your enhanced strength the outcome of this battle may have been quite different.”

The boasting villain looked across the room to see Shadow still clutching Chun-Li’s head in his hands. Finally smiling, he proclaimed “That man over there is quite the exception. Not only has he perfected his Ki, he’s even invented his own style of Martial Arts. Such a man is rare in the United States Military, and now he is a member of Shadowloo!”

Holding his right hand, the deadly villain began to charge his body for his next Psycho charged attack.

Info Bytes: Captain America punching out Hilter and his costume and shield being described as looking different is a not to his first comic book appearance several years ago in 1941 (before Marvel itself existed). Here’s the cover I was referencing.

Next Up: The conclusion of both of Captain America and Chun-Li’s fights! A flashback of two character’s first meeting! And those Marvel and SF Zero guess stars I mentioned way back will show up! I have next week off from work so it’s a good bet that everything will be up then. Remember like Cap always says, “DREAMS DON’T DIE!”

Edit: I accidentally posted Chapter 10 twice in the last post, and that’s why I thought I exceeded SRK’s word limit but I didn’t, at least not this time ha ha! Well everything is in Chapter 10 in one part now on the last page instead of me splitting it up into 2 chapters. The conclusion of “Thumbs Up Psycho Soldier!” will be coming next, which will be the real “Thumbs Up Psycho Soldier Part 2” like I originally intended. I’m heading back to finish up the spell check for Chapter 10 and everything should be good. :smile:

Chapter 11: “Thumbs Up Psycho Soldier!” Part 2

Chun-Li tried to speak to Shadow but could only manage a few whispers while trying to maintain consciousness. Her head was still clutched within his powerful grasp, and similarly he also held Chun-Li’s fate in his hands as well. “Nash… Don’t you remember… when we first met…”

Astonishingly, Chun-Li’s words caused this memory to flow right to the front of Shadow’s mind. He started to recall that day which occurred a few months ago.

In a dreary, barely lit weapons warehouse in the Frankfort, Kentucky Nash had a rather large table sprawled out before him. He sported a five o’clock shadow and there were heavy black lines under his eyes. It looked like he hadn’t slept or shaved in a while. Standing over yet leaning on the map with his hands on both sides he belted out orders to the other three men that were around him, all dressed in standard military attire.

“When we infiltrate this Shadowloo Base in Cambodia, we should also set up explosives here, here and here. That should send the entire fort crashing down.”

“HEY NASH GOTTA SURPRISE FOR YA!” “HENDERSON! You are supposed to be keeping watch outside,” responded Nash to the fourth soldier who just walked in the warehouse. “Yeah but you’re girlfriend just showed up. You’ve been riding us pretty hard lately man figured you REALLY need the company…”

“My… girlfriend?”

“Hi honey!”

Nash saw the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on running towards him. She had a pretty red chinese dress that exposed her shoulders. She also had long dark hair that flowed down her back. Before Nash could react she gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek!

Still hugging Nash the young woman spoke, “I missed you darling! When are you coming home? We’re supposed to go to the Pocono’s soon, remember?”

Nash was blushing and his heart was beating fast as he could feel her cleavage against his. “HA HA HA THAT BOY IS WHOOPED,” exclaimed Henderson. The other three men continued to laugh right along with him.

“I’ve… NEVER MET THIS WOMAN IN MY LIFE,” yelled Nash, who quickly shoved the young lady off of him. “What… but then how did she know where… A SPY!” Henderson finally realized. Himself and the other three soldiers pulled out their pistols ready to fire! The mysterious lady leaped high up in the air, faster than the eyes of anyone there could follow! The next time they saw her was when she fell to the floor after this huge quick change back flip. Nash and the other four men saw who we all know as Chun-Li wearing her Street Fighter Zero outfit, jogging pants, sneakers and all! She stretched out her right hand to her side and down fell the chinese dress she was wearing moments ago right into her palm, and it was neatly folded at that! The black wig she was wearing fell on top of Henderson’s head, right on top of the green cap he was wearing, and boy did he look goofy! Nash, the only man who was unarmed raised his fists. But before he could do anything a wallet fell from out of the sky and onto his head! After it bounced off his cranium he caught it and took a gander inside.

“ICPO… Chun-Li… Guys, lay your guns down. We’ve been found out.”

He tossed the wallet to Chun-Li who dropped her folded dress on the floor to catch it. Next she placed the wallet into the right pocket of her pants.

“But… NASH!” “HENDERSON! I SAID PUT IT DOWN!” Henderson lowered his gun and angrily tossed the wig on the floor. The rest of the men also lowered their arms.

“Interpol finally caught on to our operation, taking down Shadowloo strongholds piece by piece. I suppose you have a full armada coming down to take us all in,” said Nash.

“Actually no. I came by myself.” “By, yourself?”

“Nash, I know that you and your men are working in secret to take down Shadowloo, because that terrorist organization has corrupted the United States Military and they won’t make a single move against them. Shadowloo has also infiltrated Interpol, so I am faced with a similar problem. My father… has disappeared and no one in Interpol is allowed to chase after Shadowloo, the organization I believe kidnapped my father. Nash, I wish to help you in any way I can. I have a few connections at Interpol still. I can help keep your operation secret if you’ll let me.”

“Nash… I don’t know… Think we should trust her,” Henderson asked.

Nash gazed into her eyes, you might even say he saw past her eyes and looked deep into her soul. He was an excellent judge of character.

“Those eyes… those are not the eyes of a dishonest woman. Welcome aboard, Agent Chun-Li!”

Chun-Li smiled, stood up straight and gave Nash a salute. “Tee hee! Special Agent Chun-Li at your service First Lieutenant!” Seeing Chun-Li’s salute, Nash smiled. It was the first time in weeks that he seemed genuinely happy. “Hmph. We’re informal around here. It’s just Nash.” The two shook hands and this is how their partnership and friendship began.

Now we shift back to the present which just may be the very end of their partnership and friendship.

“You… were… wearing… a red… dress…”

The young girl’s eyes widened, surprised that Shadow was able to recall that much! She was still in excruciating pain so she responded softly, “Y-y-y-yes… and remember… you’re best friend Guile?” “G…G…G…Guile…”

A myriad of images representing Guile flashed before his eyes. He remembered training Guile, playing pool with him, drinking at bars and the many times they were in combat together. He was indeed, Nash’s best friend.

Chun-Li’s two hands trembled until they rested on both sides of Shadow’s head. While Shadow was holding Chun-Li’s head harshly, she was gently caressing his. “You… tried to keep Guile away from Shadowloo for his own safety… Yet he still wound up being captured by them in the end. Guile was so sad… when he thought you died… Nash… he was captured by Vega… the man you are working for… Please… Help us… save Guile…” Chun-Li’s hands dropped and she was out like a light once again.



Meanwhile on the other side of the room, three Vegas appeared and each of them kicked the Captain America that was laying on the floor during this Knee Press Nightmare Super Art! Upon impact an incredible surge of Light Blue Energy blinded everything and the heavily wounded soldier went soaring back!


The now very confused Agent Shadow spun around a few times still holding Chun-Li’s head in his hands like a child abusing a doll during a temper tantrum! When he stopped spinning he tossed Chun-Li away and she just happened to crash right into the soaring Captain America! Both of them landed on the floor and had lost consciousness.

Vega teleported behind Shadow and a few feet to his left. Their backs were now facing the large door Captain America and Chun-Li entered through earlier on, only to it’s far left. The heroes remained on the floor approximately 30 feet away from Shadow and Vega.

“Excellent work Shadow! Allow me to finish them off once and for all with a more powerful version of my Psycho Crusher!”

Like a scarecrow caught in a twister, Vega put his arms to the side and started spinning around like a top. During this rotation he was covered with light blue Psycho Power energy from head to toe (just like his Psycho Crusher pre-charge he performed in the Street Fighter II V anime). Standing straight up and spinning, he was gathering all of his energy for his strongest move yet!

And while he was charging his power, his words “Allow me to finish them off once and for all…” continued to echo over and over again in Shadow’s mind like a broken record. “Tee hee! Special Agent Chun-Li at your service First Lieutenant!” Chun-Li’s words to him when they first met also resonated in his mind. He even recalled Chun-Li introducing Ryu and Ken to him (back during X-Men vs. Street Fighter) -

“I’d like you guys to meet my partner…” and before she could make a proper introduction Ken ran up to the man walking behind Chun-Li and shook his hand. “Wow! The famous Nash! I’m Ken Masters. I wish you would’ve competed in this year’s US Martial Arts Tournament. The competition was pretty lame this year.” “Ah, unfortunately I was called away on duty. Perhaps next year we can meet up in the final match.” “I’ll look forward to it, Nash!”

Next he recalled the words he spoke to Gambit, (also during X-Men vs. Street Fighter) when he told him “I also plan on living a long time.” Then he remembered the moment he took down Apocalypse and went soaring down a huge pit with his arm wrapped around his enemy’s snapped neck, all while his friend Guile was screaming “NASH! NAAAAASH!” While Guile screams couldn’t be heard at the time by most since he was in a glass capsule, somehow the words of his best friend managed to reach Nash’s mind at that time, this was likely due to their strong and everlasting friendship. And finally, he remembered what Chun-Li yelled at him moments ago. “YOU ARE THE HERO THAT SAVED US ALL! WAKE UP!”

After hearing that yell in his mind one more time, almost on cue all of his memories returned to him!

Vega stopped rotating and stood there for a while charging his right hand with Psycho Power.


Sadly, it seemed that Nash’s memories had returned to him much too late! Vega’s new Psycho Crusher was MASSIVE! As he floated high up in the sky, light blue energy covered ten feet above him and ten feet below him! It was similar to the white streak that Captain America’s Hyper Charging Star left, only it DWARFED that move by comparison! (Yes, this is Final Vega’s powerful Shin Psycho Crusher that takes up the entire screen in Street Fighter Zero 3!) He went spinning and flying towards Captain America and Chun-Li! The two heroes did open their eyes, just in time to see massive wave of power heading towards their way! They may have been better off remaining asleep! Like two deers frozen by the headlights of an approaching vehicle, both of them knew that there was no escape and their lives were about to come to an end.


After saying these words segments on Nash’s chest started to flash red, and electricity of the same color covered his entire body! Running extremely quick, he caught up to Vega and jumped on his back, causing him to stop spinning! Almost like performing the Heimlich Maneuver, he wrapped his arms around Vega’s mid section and hoisted him up in the air, lifting the soaring villain just high enough so his wave of Psycho Power would pass right above Captain America and Chun-Li missing them completely! That’s not all, the red electricity that was pouring out of his body was frying Vega, and the collision of that energy and his Psycho Power created a purple globe that covered the two men who continued to fly forward! Vega had inserted a very strong self destruct mechanism inside of Shadow just in case he was ever captured by an enemy. However, little did he know that it would lead to his downfall!

In incredible pain while being fried by this power and still flying forward, Vega yelled “SHADOW! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Chun-Li, also worried about her former partner yelled “SHADOW!”

Still holding Vega, Nash turned his head as much as he could and yelled back with a smile, “NEGATIVE. MY NAME IS NASH! CHUN-LI, CAPTAIN AMERICA, TAKE CARE OF GUILE FOR ME!”

At that moment, Nash’s dog tag snapped off his neck and went flying back. Captain America raised his left hand just in time so he could catch it.

Nash forced Vega’s soaring body more to the right so they would collide smack dab in the center of the gigantic door that was on the farthest end of the room! Once the door crashed down Captain America and Chun-Li could make out what looked like a rather tall man standing there with long white hair, but beyond all of the light blue energy of the Psycho Power it was really hard to see clearly. Both of them naturally assumed it was Magneto, and he was the Mutant who was controlling the Island Smasher in that room.

Sporting a grin that could only be worn by someone who’s had the weight of the world lifted off of his shoulders, Nash closed his eyes and thought to himself. “Chun-Li. Before I met you I was obsessed with taking down Shadowloo, to the point where I wasn’t eating or sleeping. Just by your introduction, you taught me not to always take things so seriously and to learn how to relax now and then. This is the second time you’ve saved my life Chun-Li. Thank you.”

Nash’s body self destructed and caused a gigantic explosion destroying the entire room that housed the Island Smasher! Nash’s body instantly vanished in the explosion and Vega’s body was torn to shreds! “THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! I AM IMMORTAL! I CAN NOT BE DESTROYED! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Vega’s limbs and his entire body went flying off in different directions and pretty soon not a single shred of Vega was left(just like what happens during the majority of Street Fighter zero 3 endings)!

“NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH,” yelled Chun-Li as tears flowed down her face! Using only her elbows as she was still on the ground and found it hard to move, she tried to edge herself closer to the room that just exploded. Of course this was an exercise in futility but her emotions got the best of her.

With the room that housed the Island Smasher destroyed and the person who was controlling it taken out of commission, the Magnetic Force field that surrounded the temple finally disappeared. Outside, the missiles that were fired by various airplanes got through and the temple was being destroyed!

Bit by bit the ceiling started to fall down around Captain America and Chun-Li, the base was rumbling since it was under attack. Chun-Li was oblivious to this fact and kept edging herself closer to the room where Nash exploded with Vega, even if she wasn’t making much progress.


Captain America who was still lying on the floor sprinted his body as close as he could and with the same left hand that held Nash’s dog tag he grabbed Chun-Li’s right hand. Silently, he said the word “Bamf” while tapping his neck and both teleported away while Chun-Li was still crying and yelling “NAAAAASH!” Seconds later, missile fire destroyed the entire floor.

Captain America and Chun-Li were whisked away to the same Teleporter they used back at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier earlier on. Both were on the floor of the circular Teleporter’s center. Chun-Li was crying and trembling.

The doctors at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base went running towards the two. One of the doctors yelled, “CAPTAIN AMERICA! CHUN-LI! SOMEONE GRAB A STRETCHER, QUICK!” Stumbling, Captain America managed to rise to his feet. “I’ll be able to walk myself to the infirmary. Look after Chun-Li.” As he took a few steps, Chun-Li was already being placed on a stretcher and was being tended to. She closed her eyes and went to sleep.

While everyone’s attention was on Chun-Li, no one noticed Captain America shedding tears. He hadn’t walked really far, just a few feet left of the Teleporter. He clutched Nash’s dog tag tightly in his left palm, where it still remained.

“I swore… after Bucky… Never again… Nash, I’m going to save Guile if it’s the last thing I do.”

Several white dots swirled around Captain America’s body when he uttered these words. He wasn’t aware of this at time, but his strong desire never to lose anyone else on the battlefield even though he couldn’t stop Nash’s death took his Ki to a whole other level. Still clutching Nash’s dog tag he slammed the side of his fist into the metallic wall beside him in anger. After that, he proceeded to walk to the infirmary. Soon the dots of Ki that encircled him were gone. The other thing that Captain America wasn’t aware of was the small crack he left on the wall he punched thanks to his Ki.

Info Bytes: My description of how Nash and Chun-Li met is based on how they officially met, only I fleshed out the story here. Though yes she did pretend to be his girlfriend to infiltrate a weapons warehouse in Frankfurt, Kentucky that he was working in to take down Shadowloo.

Lots of flashbacks to my X-Men vs. Street Fighter fic here, so for those who hadn’t read it please do so! I hope it still kind of works without having read it though, I think at this point it’s tricky for me to recap everything for those who hadn’t checked it, since this really is a direct sequel. Ah, the link to X-Men vs. SF is still in the first post in this thread heh. ^_^;

Chun-Li’s quick change here is inspired by the fast costume change she performed in the “Sakura Ganbaru!” manga, where Chun-Li also changed out of a chinese dress and had long hair quickly, manga/anime style lol! There she changed into her SF2 outfit, but in this story I had Chun-Li change into her SFZ outfit since it was her first meeting with Nash and all. Besides during my X-Men vs. SF fic she was wearing the SFZ outfit before anyway.

Always loved that spin Vega did during Street Fighter II V to charge up his Psycho Crusher, I wanted to include that in my X-Men vs. Street Fighter fan fic but couldn’t find the opportunity. LOL if you can’t tell by now SF2 The Animated Movie and SF2V are the two anime that influence everything I do since I like them both a lot. Anyway, Vega just performed a Super Art on Captain America so I figured he could use that SF2V spin so he could “Whiff” his Super Meter back to perform his powerful SFZ3 Psycho Crusher. Hey it beats me writing about him punching the air a bunch of times ROFL!

Nash of course had to die and take out Vega here (I’ve killed him in every Capcom fan fic I’ve written and will continue to do so ha ha) since I am telling the story of SFZ3 here. Oh, in MSH vs. SF if you lose a match with Shadow in MSH vs. SF, he will actually explode and leave no corpse so that’s where the self destruct idea came from.

Yeah I wouldn’t worry too much about Nash really. You know he survived this! Last I checked, Shadow can be spotted in MVC1 and Nash is in MVC2. Ditto for Vega, who heck has to return for SF2 and a few days ago it’s been confirmed that he’s coming back in SF4! I can’t show you all of my cards this soon but alls I can say is don’t lose too much sleep over either of them in this world. Oh and hey, if all else fails this story is at least 1/2 based on Marvel comics. Death means NOTHING in Marvel comics, a lot of dead people in Marvel comics come back to life sooner or later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next Up: A rather small chapter, which I would of just included with this chapter but I figured the Nash / Vega death thing was a good time to break things off. The next installment will wrap up this “Madripoor Arc.” This is all typed already and I just have to copy and paste, so check back here a little later today. :slight_smile:

Chapter 12: “One Door in Madripoor Closes and Another One Opens!”

Back in Madripoor a short woman who appeared to be a preteen with long white hair that had two crest buns on each side, wearing a light purple dress that had a small skirt exposing brown pantyhose on her shapely legs stood on top of a tall skyscraper in Hightown. Ingrid watched the temple in Madripoor being destroyed by the fighter jets that swarmed around it. She had arrived a few minutes after Captain America and Chun-Li teleported away. The temple itself was being reduced to mere ruins.

Ingrid thought back to a couple of weeks ago. Outside of the Palace of Mystery in Italy she had just had a fight with Rose (The Palace of Mystery is Rose’s Street Fighter Zero 3 background). Ingrid stood there looking at her opponent inquisitively and Rose was in her fighting stance breathing heavily. As powerful as Rose was in her own right, Ingrid was quite a match for her.

“I can’t see your future. Or your past. All I see is a white haze. Who are you? And why are you after Vega?” Rose wanted to know. Ingrid responded, “You have the power to read the streams of time, don’t you? Interesting. All I’m at liberty to say is that Vega is on the verge of destroying the entire world. I have to stop him before that comes to pass.” “I… have faced Vega in the past. He is quite formidable.” “It shouldn’t take me more than fifteen minutes to get rid of Vega. Though it’s quite a nuisance. There are only certain gaps in time that I’m allowed to intervene. Or I’ll create irreparable damage to the Space Time Continuum or something like that, sigh…”

After sighing Ingrid turned to walk away. “Who are you? I still can’t see your future.” “Remember me as a messenger from the stars… Fate has different plans for you Rose and I’ve already helped set you on the right path. Farewell, Rose.” Smiling to herself while waving by with two fingers behind her back and not meeting Rose’s gaze, she left her with the parting words “Hang in there,” and after a burst of warm light she disappeared.

“Setting me… on the right path…” after saying that, Rose finally collapsed as the wounds she endured during her fight with Ingrid had finally taken their toll. Moments later, Magneto appeared above her floating in his Magnetic Force Field. This was the exact moment that Rose was captured, prior to the X-Men vs. Street Fighter event.

If Ingrid hadn’t worn down Rose, who knows she may have defeated or have fled from Magneto in time. If it wasn’t for Rose’s capture, she couldn’t of aided Professor X in stopping the X-Men and Street Fighters from fighting each other when they first met. Who knows if they would of even teamed up in the first place if not for Rose’s help. Perhaps Ingrid did set Rose on the right path indeed, all while gathering a little more information on Vega.

Ingrid continued to watch the temple go up in smoke. “I no longer feel Vega’s presence. Looks like I showed up late to the party. Ah well, there’s one more loose end I have to tie up before this assignment is over.” Ingrid jumped off the building and after another burst of warm light in the air she was gone yet again.

Info Bytes: Since Ingrid was the last wrinkle that Capcom had tossed into the SFZ3 saga with the SFZ3 PSP game, I wanted to include her in this world, at the very least give her a small part. Another reason is that I just like the character and I am selfishly playing with as many toys as I can get my hands on in this self made castle of sand ha ha!

Most of her dialog comes from the English translation of the dialog she had with Rose in the game, although any references to Vega using her power or power that comes from her crests have been removed. If you still feel that is the case game-wise, feel free since I’m not contradicting that, I’m just not mentioning it since it would give Ingrid a larger part than I can kind of allow since she wasn’t in any of the Marvel/Capcom games after all lol!

Another reason I gave her an entry is that it was kind of convenient for me. Rose vs. Vega is a battle that’s difficult for me to tell here, but it’s at least one of the major events of the SFZ saga. So I had Rose mention they had fought before at least, which would be their SFZ1/2 match. In Rose’s SFZ2 ending, she wins the fight. I’m not going to stress who won the fight here (I don’t want to give Vega another loss now officially…) but of course, even if she won in this world Vega wasn’t at his SFZ3 level prior to this story, he would of been at the level he was when he fought Cyclops, so to speak.

Ah and I got to show how Rose got captured in the first place, so it was a nice window for me to show a bit of the past. I won’t be showing how every character got captured prior to X-Men vs. SF or MSH vs. SF, but I will show a lot more down the road.

There is yet another reason why I included Ingrid since it helps me tie up yet another loose end in SFZ3, but she won’t show up again until waaay later, during the epilogue. At the rate I’m going, well that won’t be until '09 or later ha ha!

Next Up: You’ve just read Chapter 12, so now get ready for Chapter Zero! That’s right, I’m going so slow I’m actually going backwards ROFL! Next time we will see from Apocalypse’s perspective what happened after his defeat in X-Men vs. Street Fighter leading up to the Amazon’s Temple’s disappearance like what happened in the beginning of this story, Vega explained a lot of what happened so now it’s time for me to flesh out more of the details. Apocalypse! Magneto! Shuma-Gorath! Featuring a guest appearance by Doctor Strange, Rose shows up yet again and… we will even see an MVC2 character!!! Well sort of, LOL! Next update coming in May. Like Ryu said at the end of the Street Fighter II Animated movie if you watch it in Japanese with subtitles, this entire “Next Up” has been just one gigantic “TEASER!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Some stuff:

Edited the Info Bytes of “Thumbs Up Psycho Soldier!” Part 1 to include this image of Captain America’s first appearance, that I was referrencing before in that chapter -

Also, I had forgotten that I named the chapter with Captain America and Chun-Li walking and talking in the base “Thumbs Up Soldiers!” since that conflicts with the “Thumbs Up Psycho Soldier!” chapters, so I renamed chapter 6 “Charging Marvel and Capcom Stars!”

Hooray! Tatsunoko vs. Capcom announced! And no I don’t think I’m nutty enough to reference that game at all in this fic… Arguably Gatchaman has to fall into a different reality entirely, and if they toss in Evangelion, Samurai Pizza Cats, Speed Racer, Macross and Mospeada, etc. OH NOOS! My sympathies will go out to whoever attempts to write that fan fic and tries to put that all the same planet Earth leaving out people traveling from different dimensions, ack… :sweat:

Oh some funny stuff. Recently at the New York Comic Con I asked Joe Quesada, Senior Editor at Marvel if there would be a chance for either a Marvel vs. Capcom comic or an X-Men vs. Street Fighter comic if Street Fighter IV puts SF on the scene again. He told me there are no plans at this time. Not that it won’t happen, but there are no plans at this time. Ah well, at least I still have this fic to keep you entertained since there is no comic book for the forseeable future… Hey, who’s booing? :rofl:

And I also asked Joe Quesada if we would see any more of Shuma-Gorath. JQ said “WHO?” :rofl: I told him he was a god, a big eye with tentacles and JQ said “NO. I hate it already.” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: This was during one of Marvel’s panels and the entire crowd got a big laugh, and even more laughs when someone on Marvel’s panel asked writer Dan Slott, “Dan Slott, what are your plans for Shuma-Gorath?” :rofl: Hey, I tried! But don’t worry, Shuma-Gorath’s coming in this fic in the next couple of chapters! Okay, who’s booing me this time? :looney:

Heading off to a pool party soon because it’s Memorial Day here in the United States. I wanted to spend today updating this fic but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. What I’m going to try to do is jot everything down on paper today since the next chapter isn’t a big one before I head off and then I’ll toss it up here when I get a free minute.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! For those in the United States, please take a momeont to pay your respects to the real life superheroes of the United States Military who have fought for our rights over the years.

Oh and have fun! :party:

Chapter 13: “Gonna Take You For a Time Ride!”

Some time ago about, a half hour after Apocalypse was defeated by Ryu, Ken, Cyclops, Wolverine and Nash during the X-Men vs. Street Fighter affair we find En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse’s birth name) waking up the bottom of a pit in his Aztec Temple. Lying on the floor, the world’s first Mutant sits up and holds his head in pain.

“So, you have finally awoken.”

Magneto slowly approached Apocalypse. His helmet was off and you could see his long white hair falling a bit below his neckline. Most of his armor housed gaping holes and was in pretty bad shape throughout.

“Magneto? You still live?”

“Somehow, I was teleported to this area by that white orb floating in the air.”

Upon hearing these words, Apocalypse looked up and saw the familiar gigantic white orb floating several feet above his head. This was the same orb he and Nash fell into, prior to vanishing.

“It’s strange. In some way, the orb instructed me to remain here and wait for the arrival of others. Also, to help keep this man alive, the same way I have managed to avoid bleeding to death after my deadly battle with Ryu. By using my Magnetic Power to control the iron content found in blood, advancing the healing process in myself and this young warrior.”

Magnus waved his hand and Nash’s body floated before Apocalypse. Hanging in the air lifelessly, he looked like a dead cat on a string. He was unconscious and had a weak pulse, but Nash was very much alive.

“…I see,” uttered the Egyptian Mutant.

By Magneto’s will Nash floated away and laid on the ground, far off to Apocalypse’s left. Still on the floor, Apocalypse folded his legs in the same Yoga position Dhalsim constantly assumes. He put his hands on his knees and closed his eyes. He then spoke to Magnus, refering to himself in third person as he was known to do at times.

“The orb… It was created by an ancient Aztec Civilization, 5,000 years ago when The Apocalypse reigned over the entire world and had pyramids such as this one on every corner of the globe. Just with but a thought, I could teleport to this temple at any point in time thanks to the orb. The technology used by that civilization was quite ahead of everyone else at that time, in some ways it was superior to the scientific minds of today. Unfortunately, The Apocalypse did not reign long enough to have more of these orbs created. It was crafted near the end of my reign.”

“The orb has spoken to me as well. It had a secondary purpose. The Aztecs of that time predicted that The Apocalypse would rule the world once again thousands of years later. It was programmed to aid me on that day and the time is almost at hand. The orb even spoke it’s true name in an ancient version of the Nahuatl dialect, Abahextl (pronounced A-ba-ees-t’l).”

“Or, Abyss, for short…” chimed in Magneto, since that was much easier for him to pronounce and he was not as fluent in as many languages as Apocalypse was.

“…ABAHEXTL…” continued Apocalypse, ignoring the suggestion “…has teleported the three of us a full year into the past. It’s future self from the time we were fighting with the X-Men and Street Fighters and it’s past or for us, it’s current self have combined into one and now float above us. With two objects fused as one, it is more powerful than ever before. Abahextl has bestowed upon The Apocalypse a gift, with but a thought I can summon anyone found at the temple a year from now to this very spot.”

The power hungry villain opened his eyes, raised a palm in the air caused the orb to become even brighter, omitting a humming noise.

A year from this time just like En Sabah Nur stated, after everyone cleared out of the area where Apocalypse was defeated in (the last stage of X-Men vs. Street Fighter), Storm and Forge remained embracing each other. Slowly, the gigantic god Shuma-Gorath rose from the crevice of this area (Storm’s ending in X-Men vs. Street Fighter). The rather large purple being that housed one eye with a green pupil and several tentacles decided it was time to revert to his true form and take over the world!

Simply put, that was not meant to be. From the area where the orb seemed to implode before (at the very end of the X-Men vs. SF fan fic), a lightning bolt rang out and struck Shuma-Gorath causing him to disappear in an instant! His entire appearance and reappearance went unnoticed by Storm and Forge who were simply happy holding each other in their arms.

Returning a year into the past, the same white thunderbolt came from the orb floating above the unconscious Nash and our villains. It struck an area close to Magneto and Apocalypse, off to Apocalypse’s right. Shuma-Gorath appeared but he was a lot smaller, the same size he was when he was entrapped in a glass case a year from this time (the same size he is in all of the Capcom games). His one eye was shut and laid on the floor motionless like a dead octopus.

“Yes… Abahextl knows of this being, called Shuma-Gorath. He is a god that lords over his native dimension and has attempted to rule Earth several times. He was even successful at lording over Earth for a time during the prehistoric age of man, over 1,000,000,000 years ago. He only allowed himself to be captured by us a year from this time, solely for his own amusement. Thanks to the power of Abahextl, we have successfully taken this demon god out of commission. It is no mere act of playing possum this time. Shuma-Gorath will remain asleep for several days, so by then we must find a way to contain and possibly control him. THE APOCALYPSE NOW HAS POWER OVER THE GODS THEMSELVES! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

Magnus was taken back a bit. He has seen many things that defy explanation ever since the day that he took on the name Magneto. Still, even this was a bit much for him. His thoughts ran wild. “A glowing ball called Abyss, that can take people through time? A demonic god who ruled Earth long ago? It all sounds like sheer madness! However, if Apocalypse can truly create a world where Mutants take their rightful place as rulers of this world than I shall put my disbeliefs aside and follow him, for now.”

Placing his raised palm on his knee once more, the deadly X-Men villain closed his eyes yet again. “I must continue to meditate and communicate with Abahextl. We have knowledge of events that will take place one year from this time. We will devise a plan that will allow us to take advantage of the fact that we now of a time where many of the world’s Mutants and Martial Artists will be occupied dealing with our future selves. The ancient prophecy will be fulfilled where I will rule this world once again. Still, the details of the prophecy can not be altered, so we must concentrate.”

Remaining on the floor with his legs interlocked, if one didn’t know any better they would think Apocalypse was either a statue or in a deep sleep. Speaking of, Magneto walked back to the nearest wall and rested his back against it, dosing off.

Six hours had past, and finally Apocalypse opened his eyes! Letting out a maniacal laughter he lifted his right palm yet again! Soon enough, thunderbolts came flying down from Abahextl and at their feet were several Mutants and Martial artists laid about, knocked out cold (yes everyone who vanished in chapter 2)! Even Vega’s mutilated corpse was present! Magneto awoke, rose up and was surprised to see many of his adversaries knocked out in front of him, along with Professor X himself!

“This… power… Even my mortal enemy Charles Xavier is no match for it! Yes! Apocalypse can not be stopped! It is fate, no, his destiny!” Magneto thought to himself once more as he wore a devilish grin on his face.

En Sabah Nur ceased his insane laughter and still with his arm up in the air proclaimed, “All that remains is to transport the Aztec Temple of the future along with ourselves to a destination where we can work in secret, away from prying eyes.”

“If outer space isn’t out of the question, I have a suggestion.”

Instantly knowing what Magneto was referring to, Apocalypse began to laugh yet again. “HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!” In the blink of an eye, everyone vanished from the area after a flash of bright light. Abahextl, now that it’s future self went along with Apocalypse, Magneto, Nash and the rest of the captured heroes and villains along with the Aztec Temple of the future, it went back to being a single orb yet again in the past. It stopped glowing and remained in place, taking on the look of the giant orb you can see at the end of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 right after you defeat Abyss.

Now we take you to our present. Apocalypse finished remembering these events of the past. “To think, I have come so far since then. It is only a matter of time…” he continued to ponder.

He was found walking down the hallway of the same Aztec Temple, only the look was quite different. The walls and floors where composed of white sheet metal. Behind him was his trusted aid and scribe the living statue Ozymandias, who was noticeably absent during X-Men vs. Street Fighter. This was because he was in fact aiding Apocalypse with his current plot in this hidden locale at the time and could not be found.

Ozymandias spoke. “My lord, do you not worry about the legend, with all of these warriors captured on this base?” Still walking ahead with his fists folded behind his back, Apocalypse responded, “Legend? Do not speak to The Apocalypse in riddles Ozymandias.” “Forgive me my lord. I am referring to The Twelve. According to the legend, there are Twelve Warriors that will put an end to your existence once and for all. If the hostages manage to free themselves…” “RUBBISH. That is an old wives tale told to small children eons ago when I ruled over Egypt, nothing more. I am fated to rule the entire world from here to eternity. Nothing can prevent The Apocalypse!”

Both of them entered a room where a giant door that slid open in front of them and closed behind them. Inside this room that also housed a white metallic floor with corresponding walls was Shuma-Gorath! He was in his actual size, as big as a baseball field! There was a vast number of O-Fuda stuck around his body; rectangular pieces of paper that hung vertically and housed Japanese lettering, an item used to keep demons at bay. All of his tentacles were spread out and held aloft by magical chains made from Hellfire (just like Ghost Rider’s chain is) keeping him high up in the air! Beneath him was a giant magical circle drawn on the floor housing ancient Necromantic texts, used to keep Shuma-Gorath at bay! At the four corners of the circle rested powerful mystics chanting in an ages old Latin dialect to aid in keeping Shuma-Gorath still. Each of the four was brainwashed by Shadowloo and followed Apocalypse’s orders to the letter. At the north end of the circle was Doctor Strange. To the south of the circle and with her back turned away from Apocalypse and Ozymandias was the Scarlet Witch. To the east was Rose and to the west was a very young gypsy woman wearing attire commonly found on fortune tellers named Madame Celeste (from Final Fight Streetwise). Even with all of that Shuma-Gorath was still struggling, rattling his chains and trying to free himself!


“My lord, Shuma-Gorath grows more and more difficult to restrain! Early on with Rose and the Horseman of Famine chanting only once a week, it was enough to contain him along with the O-Fuda, Hellfire chains and Necromantic circle. Now it takes 4 mystics chanting 24 hours a day! With the Horseman of Famine otherwise occupied, Madame Celeste, Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange are helping Rose. Stephen Strange has the power to send him back to his own dimension, but we do not dare allow him to use the full range of his powers for he may become too strong for us to contain. It is best we keep him brainwashed and only allow him to use his power within his limits. Still, if Shuma-Gorath frees himself we may have to chance it…”

“Huh! Huh! Huh!” Apocalypse wore a ghastly grin as he looked up to speak to Shuma-Gorath, in a tone that seemed like the demonic god was beneath him! “Fret not my one eyed friend! You shall have a region of Earth to lord over under the rule of The Apocalypse very soon.”

Even though Shuma-Gorath continued to struggle, he was intrigued by Apocalypse’s words.

Info Bytes: In Marvel’s comics, Apocalypse never did rule the entire world, at least not in the past. He ruled over Egypt only. So that’s a change I made for this world, it’s something that will help me extend things to a much larger complex planet Earth where Capcom characters dwell in, but that will come later. I mean, from Ancient Egypt to the other times Apocalypse woke up, it’s still very vague so it’s possible something like him lording over the Earth, might of happened? Eh probably didn’t in Marvel. But yeah, it’s one of the curiosities of the world why there are pyramids in Egypt and in South America, so maybe this is just a partial fictional explanation for this world, heh!

On Abahextl’s name. I tried really hard to come up with something that sounded like a name of an Aztec god, but at the same time would sound like Abyss. I kind of struggled with it and I don’t even think there’s a “b” sound in Nauhatl, so in the end I’m just writing it off as an ancient version of that dialect, ACK! Yes, Magneto calls it Abyss for short, already and Apoc denies that name ha ha! How often does anyone get to insert a bit of comedy into Magneto and Apocalypse dialog ROFL! Seriously, Marvel has two versions of characters named Abyss and another legion of people calling themselves ‘The Abyss’ just showed up in Nova’s comic - and none of them have anything to do with Capcom’s version of Abyss! So I wanted to make it so Abyss wasn’t his real name, even if he / it will adopt that by the time I get up to MVC2 of course. And yes, I’m building a backstory for Abyss because he… REALLY NEEDS ONE lolerooney! I had the orb become the Abyss orb at the very end of X-Men vs. SF too, so I always wanted it to be the one plot device that plays through out the Marvel/Capcom games. Oh and it’s a happy accident that Abahextl kind of sounds like the Sabah in En Sabah Nur, like the Ancient Aztecs jumbled the letters a bit heh heh!

Shuma-Gorath is purple here because he is purple on the last stage of X-Men vs. Street Fighter and in Storm’s ending. Capcom originally made him purple as a possible nod to his earliest appearances, where he was purple. In MSH vs. SF, he is green, the same color he is now in Marvel’s world. Don’t worry, Shuma-Gorath will be green when the time is right. It’s naturally assumed that as a god he can change his appearance. When he appeared in Conan The Barbarian’s comic back when Marvel had the Conan license, he had a mouth and sharp pointy fangs! Whoa…

Yes Shuma-Gorath in Marvel’s world did come to Earth a million years ago and was feasting on cavemen! Don’t worry, he got tossed out eventually. This all went down in Marvel Premiere #14. A whole lot of Shuma-Gorath info BTW -

Regarding Ozymandias - I like the character and wanted to bring him out and explain why he was absent during X-Men vs. SF. Well he’s not in the games… I may have spent more time describing him and his past but since he’s only here as a way for me to further avoid revealing more cloaked warriors needlessly… If you really want to know more about him, I suggest you go here and pardon my laziness… Always hate leaving a Wiki link instead of a one but doesn’t have much on the guy…

O-Fuda is used in anime / manga a hell of a lot. If you watched Sailor Moon at all, Sailor Mars was constantly throwing them at monsters! So just using them here to get a feel for a lot of the anime / manga themes I’m bringing across to Marvel’s world.

Yeah Doctor Strange is like crazy powerful, for not being a god or a cosmic Marvel being and all, but even he has fallen to brainwashing / controlled by evil spirits, beings and evil villains now and again. It pretty much goes with the territory of being a Marvel character. At the very least I wanted him to show up since he really is Shuma-Gorath’s #1 enemy.

Recently in Marvel comics, Scarlet Witch has been shown to be INSANELY powerful. Hmm, I’m just going to say that it was only fairly recent that she started warping reality and doing broken stuff like that… Oh and ditto for Mephisto - NATCH! And yeah even if she was that strong at the time I’m sure Apocalypse had no idea… and neither did she really…

Why Madame Celeste of Final Fight Streetwise? The thing was if you know your fan fiction black magic, you know you tend to need 4 characters for strong spells, incantations, circles, etc - and I wanted to depict that, even if I refer to a time when there was only two - when Rose and the Horseman of Famine could hold Shuma down. So I wanted a balance, two Marvel and two Capcom characters. Now, I can throw a stick and hit 10 Marvel mystics easy. If I was using all of Capcom, I could probably find a few mystics. It’s just that at this stage I wanted to keep things Street Fighter based and Final Fight has an obvious connection to SF. I thought of Oro since he’s omega powerful, but again I feel it’s too early for me to mention SF3 heads and he’s not really mystical. There was Ingrid but I can’t have Apocalypse lock down 2 gods now… Thor, Hercules and guys like that who might be captured aside, drat… So a younger Madame Celeste just makes sense to me. Oh and if you play Final Fight Streetwise and you pay attention, you’ll realize that Cody does in fact sleep with her, so there is a SF connection there - ZING! I know it’s not a popular game and Capcom USA doesn’t care for it, they might even retcon it out of existence down the line but does that mean that a random psychic can’t exist in my pocket universe? I’m gonna say no. :stuck_out_tongue: Personally gave FFS a 7 out of 10, like EGM said, it’s good stupid fun if you don’t take it too seriously and the SF Plot Guide mentions FFS a hell of a lot at least. I suppose if you don’t ever want to play FFS and this fic is no inspiration, here she’s younger so you can just imagine a random gypsy girl and there you go! Ah, and no need for me to edit the Capcom captured list I described earlier on since Madame Celeste would naturally fall beneath SHIELD’s notice. :slight_smile:

Next Up: Hey I updated in May just like I said, hooray for once I’m not a liar! ^~ Chapter 14 should be up in July since next month I have to give attention to other things. The next Chapter, is HUGE! My favorite Marvel character, SPIDER-MAN will finally show up! I’m so excited to write dialog for my favorite hero, even if I fail miserably yikes… Spider-Armor Spider-Man will also be in the house, I didn’t forget about that! The Fantastic Four will show up (how can you have a Marvel story WITHOUT The Fantastic Four) and they will face off against the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse! Sakura and a few other MSH vs. SF characters may show up in the next chapter, as usual I have a broad idea but I can’t be sure until I start writing things down. Catch you in two months. FACE FRONT! ^^

Re: Info Bytes from the last chapter - Special thanks to KiplingKat of Newsarama on Magneto’s name not being Erik L. Glad I didn’t use that name ever in my fics lol! I suppose it was a slip up of sorts by Bendis by using his name Erik in New Avengers recently. Anyway -

Speaking of, there will be a new series that tells his origin and they will probably put an end to all of this and offer Magneto’s real name. Well I will probably keep on using Magnus either way. :smile:

Ah, next entry’s still slated for July… :sweat:

Chapter 14: “Fantastic Foreshadowing!”

A metallic hand with a distinctive web pattern emerged from Central Park Lake that night. Spider-Man dragged his body out of the twenty-two acres of water. The self proclaimed Wall Crawler’s outfit was silvery white and gray. “Ugh… Did someone get the license plate of that Flying Horseman? How long was I out for? Wait a second! THE FANTASTIC FOUR! FRANKLIN! NO!” Still on the ground, Spider-Man thought back to the events that occurred earlier that day.

In his original red and blue outfit, Peter Parker otherwise known as the Amazing Spider-Man was surrounded by the Fantastic Four clad in their navy blue and white costumes in the Electro-Mechanical workshop located on the third floor of the Four Freedoms Plaza. This famous skyscraper that housed four number ‘4s’ on the roof of each side of the building was the headquarters of one of America’s most renowned teams of super-powered adventurers.

Genius inventor and leader of the quartet Reed Richards AKA Mr.Fantastic had a mechanical watch in his hands. By Reed’s side was his beautiful wife Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman. Standing by was one of Spider-Man’s best friends Johnny Storm the Human Torch. And the ever loving orange rock creature, Ben Grimm The Thing was present and accounted for. Franklin Richards, the very young son of Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman was running around the room with a toy version of the famous Fantasticar, the flying vehicle used by the team. He held up in the air and pretended to make it fly while making his own sound effects like “Zoom! Zoom,” just like a normal child would.

“Here you go Spider-Man, finished building it this morning. I added a few modifications but the design was based on the specs you gave me. Beneath that mask beats the mind of a brilliant scientist.” “Thanks Mr. Fantastic. I knew paying attention to Doctor Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker on The Muppet Show would pay off sooner or later!” Reed handed the watch to Spider-Man and he rolled up his sleeve so he could place it underneath his left web shooter.

“So receiving a watch, already? Let me guess, you’re retiring from the superhero business,” joked The Invisible Woman. “Yeah. Ain’t it a hoot that when people retire the companies they work for give them a golden watch, but why does a retired person need to tell time if he doesn’t have to wake up in the morning to punch a clock? But no, I’m not hanging up my webs yet. Besides, the ‘Men in Tights’ 401K plan sucks!”

Peter Parker went on, “That nut job Carnage escaped from the Maximum Security Institution Ravencroft about a week ago. Last time it took both me and Venom to take him down. Venom’s doing his anti-hero thing in San Francisco and I say let sleeping symbiotes lie. Speaking of lying, or laying… Carnage is laying low for now. Just gonna need a little help smacking him around during round 2.” “Hey if you need a hand Aunt Petunia’s favorite blue eyed nephew and the rest of the FF’s only a phone call away chum!” “Thanks Benjamin Grimm. I appreciate the help but I just don’t know when Carnage will resurface and you guys tend to be away saving the universe every other day of the year. No worries…” While Spider-Man was speaking he pushed a button on his giant watch. Billions of microscopic nanotech robotic spiders came out of the watch and quickly covered his entire body. With a flash the red part of his suit turned white and the blue area turned gray. “…It’s nothing me and my new Spider-Armor 2.0 can’t handle!”

“I don’t know, I liked your other costume better,” added Johnny Storm. “Which one, the Red and Blue? Black and White? Were you following me around when the New Enforcers destroyed Spider-Armor 1.0 man I knew I had a stalker…” “Nah webhead, I’m talking about that time you had us take that symbiote suit off of you and you ran out of here in a blue and black Fantastic Four outfit with a bag on your head and a “Kick Me” sign on your back. The Bag-Man outfit, now that was a keeper!” “Funny matchstick! Next time we meet up on the Statue of Liberty’s Torch remind me to bring a Fire Extinguisher! Anyway, let’s test this bad boy. Thing, give me a love tap on the old bread box and don’t hold back.” While speaking these words our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man patted his stomach and this made a clanging noise. Next he stood erect and rested his balled up fists at his sides in a classic superhero pose. “Yes, I believe a demonstration is in order,” agreed Reed Richards, motioning for everyone other than Thing and Spider-Man to step back.

“You asked for it Bug Boy!” Thing punched Spider-Man’s stomach as hard as he could, creating an even louder noise and causing the room to shake a bit! Franklin Richards lost his balance and dropped his Fantasticar toy, but Invisible Woman stopped it from hitting the floor with a floating invisible forcefield. Once the room stopped shaking the boy went to grab his floating toy and the bubble dispersed seconds before he got a hold of it. “Thanks mom!” “Anytime sweety!” Franklin went back to playing with his toy.

Even after that powerful hit Spider-Man still remained standing there as if nothing happened! “Good old Nano-Technology! Billions of microscopic robots working in harmony to protect yours truly! Didn’t feel a thing, Thing! Okay… maybe just a little, oooh…” Peter put both his hands and crouched down just a bit in pain. “Someone’s been eating their Wheaties…” “Still, that blow should’a flattened ya Spidey. Carnage won’t know what hit him!”

Reed spoke while walking back to the spot he was standing earlier with Sue and Johnny following. “I’ve coated the armor with a mix of Titanium Steel and Vibranium, not as strong as Captain America’s shield or Wolverine’s Adamantium skeleton but it will do in a pinch. On top of that, there’s a new stealth alloy I’ve been experimenting with that I’ve added so you won’t show up on any radar tracking system. Furthermore, just with a thought you’ll be able to access any recording devices in the immediate area. You can test it out now by thinking the words “Camera On!” and gaining temporary use of the wall cameras of this room. Give it a try!” “You want me to just think the words Reed? Come’on, you know when us heroes yell these words out so we can put a lot more energy into our moves!” Spidey assumed his bouncing fighting stance (the same one from the Capcom video games) and yelled “CAMERA ON!” “Oh brother how corny can you get…” chimed in The Human Torch. “And that’s coming from the guy who needlessly says ‘FLAME ON!’ whenever he turns on his powers…” Spidey pointed out.

Much the same way Iron Man can view multiple angles within his armor, four rectangular screens appeared before Spider-Man’s point of view, each on on the corners of his line of sight. He really could see himself and the rest of the Fantastic Four at different angles of the room. He rose up in a more natural stance. “Boy, that settles it Johnny. You really don’t have a good side. I think you need to pay Thing’s make-up artist a visit.” “At least I don’t have to hide my boyishly good looks behind a mask. I heard last time you showed your face Doctor Doom gave you his face plate and said you needed it more than he did!” “Yo momma’s so fat…” countered the costumed hero. “WHATCHYOUSAIDABOUTMYMOMMA?” Sue playfully jumped in. Smiling while her eyebrows were slightly curled in anger, even if she knew the two were just clowning around and there was no harm intended on Spider-Man’s part. “AHEM… you were saying, Reed…” said Spidey since he temporarily forgot about Johnny and Sue being siblings so he quickly tried to change the subject.

“Yes well, moving along…” said Reed Richards, always as serious as a heartbeat. Johnny snickered to himself and Sue jokingly bopped him in the back of his head rather hard so he could stop giggling. “HEY,” her brother responded to the blow. Reed continued, “…The suit also contains a healthy air supply so you will be able to breath while wearing the suit for hours on end. Also, just below your left Web Shooter on the watch I’ve even included buttons that will emit a small stream of fire and sonic waves, exploiting the two known weaknesses of the symbiotes. Even though the metallic armor covers the watch entirely, tapping down twice in the general area the buttons are located with your right hand will allow you to fire these projectiles similar to the way you emit webbing.” “Wow, and here I was just going to borrow a Sonic Disruptor gun again just like I did when I fought against Venom in the past, but now I don’t need one. You’ve really thought of everything Reed! Just one question, where’s the cappuccino button? Uh oh… SPIDER-SENSE TINGLING!”

A loud ringing noise went off in Spider-Man’s head. He knew danger was fast approaching!

About a hundred three foot tall floating black pyramids appeared all around the top floors just outside of the Four Freedoms Plaza. Each of them floated ten feet away from the building swarming it like bees before a beehive, sending green bolts of electricity to the skyscraper!

Suddenly the entire room started to flash red and the noise of a loud burglar alarm went off! “Someone is trying to break into this building! But that’s impossible, with all of our defenses in place…” pondered Reed. “Are you kidding me stretch-o? I broke into the old Baxter Building really early in my Spider career! But is that reflected in my 401K plan? Noooo…”

A huge explosion occurred on the wall that was farthest away from our heroes! The alarm died out and quickly the room shook as gigantic pieces of debris from the two floors above them came crashing down! A large chunk of the second floor above them was about to land on the Fantastic Four but The Invisible Woman created a forcefield to protect them! As soon as the blast was heard Spider-Man ran towards Franklin Richards as his Spider-Sense warned them that he was in the worst danger of all! Sue couldn’t even see Franklin since the piece of metallic floor that fell on top of them and and was now leaning on her hemispheric bubble that covered her teammates was also covering her line of view. And sadly Franklin was closest to the big explosion! Everything happened so fast that there was no time for her to react! “FRANKLIN,” She yelled in terror!

The little boy looked up and was frozen in fear. He dropped his toy Fantasticar as the real Fantasticar which the Fantastic Four park on the hangar of the top floor of the building was about to land right on his head!

Spider-Man shot a web up to a remaining portion of the ceiling and quickly swung counter clockwise, from six o’clock to twelve o’clock! He pushed Franklin several feet, safely out of harm’s way and the Fantasticar fell right on top of him instead dragging him two flights down!

As you could imagine, there was several pounds of debris on top of Spider-Man. He couldn’t move a single muscle. He managed to utter the words “Camera… On…” so he could partially see what the Fantastic Four was doing at the time and be a witness to their upcoming battle, even if one of the four cameras was taking down at this point.

Sue floated the debris away from her forcefield and made the bubble disappear. She saw Franklin lying on the ground. Shaken, but he was still alive. “SON,” yelled Reed Richards. “Spider-Man… It can’t be…” worried Johnny Storm.

When the smoke disippated, the Four Horseman of Apocalypse were before them. Famine and Pestilence were on the ground while War and Death floated in the air, all of them riding their robotic horses.

Franklin looked up and the Horseman of Pestilence was closest to him. He stared at the warrior wearing a white cloak with red symbols all around. Just upon looking at him, Franklin felt his life essence drain from him and he passed out. “So… tired… must… sleep…”

“FRANKLIN! WHAT HAVE YOU MONSTERS DONE,” shouted Reed. While his feet remained on the ground the top portion of his body stretched out in the general direction of the Horseman and his arms extended several feet long! Sue also went running after their child! Unfortunately, Reed wasn’t the only one who could stretch his limbs. The two sleeves on the yellow cloak that housed black hieroglyphics of the Horseman of Famine extended just about as far as Mr. Fantastic’s arms did and he placed his right hand on Reed Richard’s forehead! With his left he tried to touch Sue’s head but she stopped his arm with a small circular shield. It did no good because he was still close enough to use his powers on her. “THE… ENDLESS… HUNGER…” said Reed as he became really thin, nothing more than stretched out skin and stretched out bones. “His power… It’s too great…” said Sue who clutched her stomach and became quite thin herself. Both of them fainted. Reed’s limbs were still extended resting on the floor he looked like a paper thin deflated balloon.

“FLAME ON!” Johnny Storm’s body was engulfed in flames and he became The Human Torch! He started to fly right at the Horseman of War! But the Horseman (who we already know was Vega, cape wearing leader of Shadowloo) started to spin around on his horse clockwise while blue energy surrounded his body. With a Psycho Crusher maneuver he rammed right into Human Torch all while rotating and still riding his horse!" After the massive impact blue flames covered Johnny’s body! He went soaring away and his back crashed against the wall behind him! He fell twelve feet to the floor and when the blue flames vanished, there wasn’t any kind of fire surrounding his body. He rather hot headed young man was knocked out cold and was down for the count.

“That tears it! IT’S CLOBBERING TIME!” Thing took a gigantic leap, an amazing fifty feet up in the air (each floor in the building is twenty four feet high)! During the same jump he grabbed on to a gigantic engine that looked like it was meant for a large aircraft that Reed was working on and was suspended in the air by chains. Snapping the chains off and at a five o’clock angle he came barreling down towards the Horseman of Death who was still floating in the sky (this is exactly like Hulk’s Gamma Charge Super Art, only instead of a meteor it’s Thing coming down with a big engine). The Horseman’s right hand was quickly covered with red energy. He jumped in the air with a rising uppercut as his body twirled, yes just like a Shoryuken! When his flaming fist and and the engine collided it caused yet another tremendous explosion! When all was said and done, Thing fell to the floor lifelessly and the Horseman of Death fell back on to his floating horse without a scratch!

Each of the Horseman retrieved a fallen foe and put their dormant bodies on their horses. Death carried Thing, Famine had Reed Richards (whose body snapped back into place by now), War had Human Torch and Pestilence carried both The Invisible Woman and Franklin Richards. Once they had their targets they all teleported away.

The black pyramids floating around the building sent bolts of green electricity (actually, this was a portion of Abahextl’s / Abyss’s power) and it destroyed the top floors of the building! This sent Spider-Man flying away in his armored suit! Flying an incredible distance, he landed in Central Park’s Lake and thanks to his armor was able to survive this ordeal! The small pyramids vanished and soon after, New York was ravished with deadly earthquakes!

Spider-Man, back at Central Park stopped reminiscing about the past and stood up. Since his armored suit did prevent anyone being able to pick him up on radar, this protected him from Apocalypse’s forces retrieving him and even S.H.I.E.L.D. was not able to locate him at all.

He looked into the night sky and saw large that pieces of buildings were missing. Even Central Park itself was wrecked; bridges and roads were torn asunder. “What in the world happened?”

Attaching a web to the nearest tree, our hero started to swing away. He was heading towards the Fantastic Four’s building all the while taking a closer look at his beloved yet fallen city.

(Exceeded SRK’s word limit lol! Extra long ‘Info Bytes’ and ‘Next Up’ on the very next post… Sorry, I’m an omega huge Spider-Nerd… ^_^;)

Info Bytes: The Fantastic Four’s appearance in this story is rather generic, meaning I’m not trying to fit it into any place in their comic book storyline really. I thiiink around the point in Marvel time that I’m using for this story Thing was wearing some kind of mask because Wolverine clawed his face, yeah not going with that for this story lol! The Fantastic Four was going through plenty of changes at the time, even members were swapped out off and on again! I did keep their 80s/90s dark blue and white outfits though because they did wear those for several years before switching back. Besides, they even used those in the 90s cartoon so there might be a bit more familiarity to it for that time frame. Ah, and I grew up with the dark blue and white outfits since they wore them during Secret Wars so I suppose I have a preference too.

They are in the Four Freedoms Plaza and not the Baxter Building. In '86 the Baxter Building was sent off into space and destroyed by Doom’s son! The Four Freedoms Plaza is exactly like the old Baxter Building though, except for the four ‘4s’ on the top. So much so that I used mainly the 80s Marvel Universe book’s specs on the Baxter Building for this story. And hey, by chance I was wrong about something than no worries because I destroyed all of the FF’s floors anyway ha ha ha! In one of the Capcom game’s backgrounds you can actually see the big ‘4’ on the roof so which building to use is quite an easy choice. There’s quite a long explanation as to why the FF’s building is the Baxter Building once again in current Marvel comics, but that story involves the Thunderbolts and at the point in time this fan fic is taking place that team has not been created just yet.

Um, yeah, Franklin never ages (except when he was fast tracked aged to a teenager, long story - but he went back to being a kid yet again) so no age I come up for him is going to work! He’s a little kid right now, maybe like 5 or so? Well, Marvel doesn’t age him because if they do they have to age both Reed and Sue, it’s just one of those things…

I think I said this before, but Spider-Man’s story in this timeline takes place just prior to the main events of Maximum Carnage. Carnage escaped from Ravencroft just at the beginning of that story so that’s still in place. So like Spider-Man said, this is after he and Venom teamed up to defeat him the first time. However, here there is a delay between that escape and the rest of the story. Whether or not the rest of Maximum Carnage’s story will still play out in this world, well it’s entirely possible just that things happen a bit later somewhat. I guess it’s up to you, but there were some non Capcom made Maximum Carnage video games so if you played them and want them to be part of this world don’t let me stop you lol!

Venom is a hero right now, not a fan of this time really for the character as I liked him being evil but he was a hero during Marvel vs. Capcom 1 which happens just after this story. So it’s not something I feel I should remove. Around now, he has forgiven Spider-Man with regards to the past and is trying to move on for his life. Thankfully this doesn’t last forever and he becomes evil again in the comics.

So for Spider-Man we are in his comic book year 1993. Not only was Maximum Carnage written in '93 but his first silver and white Spider-Armor was created and destroyed in 1993! In Web of Spider-Man #100. Destroyed by The New Enforcers! Well he has this suit in MSH vs. SF, but I made the version of the suit slightly different. The video game one is a color swap anyway while the comic book one isn’t really; heh the one in this story is a color swap too. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t guessed, the way this armor comes on is a nod to the short lived Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon of the 90s where his suit there came on a similar way! I even retooled some of the dialog on how Spider-Man described some of the suit’s abilities, because I’m a hack lol! In the first episode, Spider-Man said he discreetly borrowed technology from Reed Richards, but I wanted him to work with him forthright. I remember seeing that episode and wishing there was a Fantastic Four cameo in the first episode. Ah well. Oh, and the transformation was kind of similar on how I had Dhalsim turn light blue back in my X-Men vs. SF fan fic. Still find it really funny that I went to all that trouble and in Udon’s SF comics they just had him Dhalsim turn colors at will! Props to Udon, wish I’d have thought of that. :slight_smile:

Other things that are going on in Spidey’s ‘comic book’ life right now, Harry Osborn just passed away and robots of Spidey’s birth parents are running around but I’m not going to mention either of these things… because well, Harry Osborn just may be alive in the comics right now and… I’m really not going anywhere near Spider-Man believing his birth parents were alive oooh…

Spidey’s married to Mary Jane, just haven’t found the opportunity to bring it up. Of course she shows up as Spider-Man’s wife in Capcom’s endings anyway. As a side note, recently it seems that Marvel is trying to say that in the comics Mephisto just made everyone including Spider-Man and Mary Jane forget they were ever married, so all of the old stories can remain in place. But it’s an ongoing thing with Spidey as of right now and we don’t know how Marvel’s going to play it.

Yeah, the first time Spider-Man got the symbiote suit off of him was when he visited the Fantastic Four’s building. Since he needed an outfit or clothes to go home, they lent him and old blue and black outfit and a bag on his head! The Human Torch then put a “KICK ME” sign on his back when he wasn’t looking ROFL! So that’s the “BAG-MAN” outfit Johnny was talking about. You can even unlock this suit in the first Activision 3D Spider-Man game! The symbiote does find Spider-Man and he gets it removed finally with the ringing bell in St. Peter’s Church and this is how Venom is created, as shown in the Spider-Man 3 movie and the 90s cartoon, the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon also.

Spider-Man and The Human Torch do tend to meet on the Statue of Liberty’s torch, it’s their special meeting place. They kid around but they are good buddies, similar to Johnny and Thing’s friendship. They meet up there in the first 3D Activision Spider-Man game too. PS loved that game. <3

LOL, Spidey’s comment on saying the words out loud. As you may know, Marvel characters don’t really shout out the names of moves before they do them in the comics. But they do in the Capcom games, so that’s my little rational of why. Watsuki, author of Rurouni Kenshin (where Sagara Sanosuke comes from and where I get my net name Sano from heh) had a character say the same thing in one of his stories as a way to rationalize why manga / anime characters scream moves out before they do them. I can’t remember which manga this happened for the life of me, it was either Meteor Strike, Gun Blaze West or Busou Renkin… Well it makes sense to me somewhat so that’s why Spidey has to say “WEB BALL” all the time, Cyclops says “GENE SPLICE” and so on, so borrowing that from Watsuki. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spidey did borrow a big purple Sonic Disrupter gun for the very first time he fought Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #300, just never got around to using it really.

And he did break into the old Baxter Building - the earlier version of the same building basically - in the very first issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Yep for all the defenses the building is supposed to have, people are always breaking into the thing ha ha! Hey Abyss powers, that’ll work! ~_^ As an aside, the floating black pyramids are loosely based on the floating small pyramids that showed up I thiiiiink during the last episode or so of the X-Men Evolution episode by Apocalypse. Well I have rather vague memories on how they looked exactly on that show to be honest with you… IIRC they created a big forcefield around his giant pyramid.

Thing coming down with the engine just like Hulk’s super with the meteor rock is my play on Orange Hulk. One of the many many things that I have heard about Marvel / Capcom games that I can in no way confirm as being fact or bible so please do not take my word on this, is that Capcom wanted to put Thing in their games but couldn’t due to a rights issue, so they made an Orange Hulk. Well… having Thing do a move kind of similar to Hulk’s is my insane way of having Orange Hulk in this universe. I mean having Hulk grab a meteorite from space is a difficult thing to pull of in a Fan fic anyway ROFL! But no, I’m never going to have Hulk turn orange in this world, sorry… Unless Marvel does some kind of major retcon type of thing to say Hulk was orange several years ago but I STRONGLY doubt that HAR! HAR! I mean, even if the story I heard isn’t true about Capcom not being able to get the rights to FF at the time (because some other gaming had the rights to them, as the RUMOR DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE goes) I can only guess that Orange Hulk is like a color swap way of getting Thing in the game… I mean seriously, ORANGE? x_x Eh there’s a Red Hulk now running around the comics if that means anything to you lol!

Yeah more clues as to who the Horseman are. Um, if you figured out who the rest of them are please keep it to yourself… Still a bunch of the Dark Riders left for you to take guesses about. :slight_smile:

Oh, I had to go back and slightly edit my info bytes earlier on the Hitler/Vega thing I was talking about on Chapter 10, because as per the latest Bionic Commando retcons the BC part one now takes place in 2029, far into the future! Um, I probably should of just mentioned this in a separate post but after not updating for a while I wanted my very next post to be an actual update. Even though it was so big I had to break it down into two posts oooh… ^_^;

Next Up: What did I say, July for this update and I’m two months late? Man, it’s September now, dang I suck… Pushing for some time in October for the next update since November I plan to be busy with a few things. Ah that’s the plan anyway. So yeah, next time Sakura, Gouki, Shuma-Gorath and YES Norimaro from the Japanese version of MSH vs. SF will appear no I didn’t forget about him! Happy Labor Day and remember, with crappy fan fic writing skills comes crappy fan fic responsibilities yuck yuck! Have a good one. :slight_smile:

Narration sounds more like a blue-print for a screen play than an actual story. Nice that you tried to include Ingrid into the universe, though. Her conceptual design fits more into XvSF’s universe, rather than Street Fighter by itself. Not that I don’t like her design, but when she first came into SFZ3, she didn’t fit at all, imo.
I’d rather see her somewhere in Melty Blood or Arcana Heart. Not Street Fighter.
So, you won’t finish this until late '09?

Ballpark, early 2010. I’m not even halfway…

I’m gonna take a swing here…but have you posted some of this stuff back at the CapcomBBS?

Yes prior to the recent upgrade. For right now, there seems to be a few bugs they need to work out with that upgrade before I go ahead and do it again. I’ll probably just wait until I finish up here.


Majority of the next installment is worked out, trying to wrap my head around how to write the last part since I hit a few roadblocks during my Marvel research but it should be up either this weekend or next.

Oh hey on the plus side with Gen still bouncing around in the console version SF4 I’m glad I didn’t touch on the character in this world at all! Never planned on killing Rose here and Vega(cape), he comes back in SF2 no matter what I do. There’s Gouken, but I THIIIINK his death witnessed by Ken with Ojou-san bailing is still in place even though he’s running around SF4 so the way I depicted it in X-Men vs. SF still might hold up, at least for now maybe? My psychic powers are in full effect yippee! Hear that, it’s the sound of one hand clapping AKA no one really cares ROFL!

The Tatsunoko vs. Capcom endings, are all kinds of crazy. You can find them on Youtube very easily now. Doubt that that game fits into the Marvel / Capcom universe, Capcom’s games anyway. It can fit into the Yatterman universe easy which is pretty wacky and it is known to have lots of Tatsunoko cameos, if you want to place it somewhere… Then again, MSH vs. SF had its shares of wacky endings too I guess… Yeah I reference lots of stuff but still not touching anything in TVC with a ten foot pole… Well it would all still be years ahead of what I’m doing anyway and I never used Rival Schools characters for Batsu’s age to matter, psychic powers again, maybe! (?) It would only matter if Capcom did say it was in the same world, they did call TVC their 7th ‘vs.’ game. But nothing about storyline though, at least that I know of anyway. Up to the gamers I guess. Capcom claimed X-Men COTA, MSH, X-Men vs. SF, MSH vs. SF, MVC1 and MVC2 as part of that series in case you’re curious on TVC’s website. They didn’t include the CVS games as part of that series, course it plays differently and they made 3 CVS games when you count CVS 1 Pro. I always felt the CVS games were seperate storyline-wise, just my take on that.

Anyway, some Marvel Universe fun! Special thanks to Rabidrage for pointing this out to me! Clark Kent AKA Superman in the Marvel Universe! Lois Lane too! I won’t use him/them in this story for obvious reasons - gatherings of Earth’s greatest heroes and SUPERMAN stays at home HA HA but it’s a fun little tidbit. And hey if 10 miracles happen and they do make a Marvel vs. DC vs. Capcom game, I figure I can always come back and edit, have a bunch of DC guys captured by Apocalypse! Nah Batman fans will ask for my head or something… :blush:

I was reading before about James Bond being turned down by S.H.I.E.L.D. before! HA HA the Marvel Universe is a great place! Lots of things you can play with. No I won’t use James Bond, I figure for him to fit in this world and Cammy to still be part of the same MI6 (well she joins it by SF2’s time frame) he’d have to be the old Sean Connery character or even the Roger Moore version and beyond retired. Obviously he could be the same guy in the original books since those came out years ago heh! Or he could be the new James Bond character since that timeline puts his first adventure in our time and Cammy would be doing her FF Streetwise model thing by now, nah don’t think about it too much I guess… :looney:

Ah that takes care of my update filler post! Back to trying to figure things out… AKA more Marvel research for me, which just means reading more old comics. :lovin:

Damn, Sano! This is pretty impressive!
You deserve a appauld!

Hey Juni and Juli are in here along with the 12 Dolls and they should return towards the ending, which will be like in 2010 at this current pace lol! Just wish I could crank this out faster… Hoping '09 will be a more productive year. :smile: