Marvel Nemesis: Anybody played the demo yet?

I got the demo for Marvel Nemesis a couple days ago. To be honest im impressed / not impressed. 1 attack button, 1 throw/pickup, 1 jump, and 1 block button. then the R trigger is used for “Super Power”. Only two playable characthers - Johnny Ohm, and Spiderman. This game is fun but I could never take it seriously. Pretty much run around the arena throwing explosive barrels at eachother and spamming the A button.

Anybody have any impressions?

Yea, I plan on breaking the hell out of this game.

It’s basically power stones marvel style.

I’m really curious about how long it will last.

I think this game will have the same design problem that CFE had, as the block button is going to do something different with each character. One character might just stand there and hold his arms up in traditional fighting game fashion, while Spider-Man is doing backflips. I played the demo for about 5 minutes, and it seems like the game is going to have next to no depth, but might make for a fun party game (like it’s “ancestor” Power Stone). I’ve got money on Iron Man being the best character :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I haven’t played the demo but that joint looks really pretty… will probably get it for the eye candy, of what I hear it’s not a deep fighter or something that we will be playing for years to come but it could be fun online for a while. Thank goodness they added blood and fixed Venom’s voice. Magneto’s outfit is uber lame, I hope you can unlock the old helmet head suit. The Imperfects are sort of corny too except for a few. And Captain America only available on the PSP, WTF? Anyway, check out the vids if you haven’t.

HazMat looks pretty cool. I wonder if he can cause status altering effects with his powers.

Its pretty cool, although Im betting most people are going to have problems with The Imperfects, ie they’ll soon relize that they could’ve had 8 other Marvel characters instead of some new original characters (who mostly just rip off pre-existing Marvel chars)

And yeah, it sucks that Captain America is only a PSP exclusive, but at least that means he’ll be in the sequel for sure.

I also noticed that Wolverine’s claws are like twice as long as they should be, to the point where if he put his arms down they’d drag on the ground.

Im a bit on the fence about the mostly cool color Movie/Alex Ross style of graphics they’re using, I kinda wish the style was more comic book like.

The Story Mode is pretty cool though. Instead of being like traditional arcade style story modes where you just go through one match after another, they made it more like a Action/Beat-Em-Up game instead (like Final Fight, Streets of Rage, Fighting Force, etc)

for a party game its alright, i played the psp version at e3 and i got to use ironman.

as a tournament fighter, its trash.

I saw rip offs of…

Nightcrawler, Forge, Sunspot, Avalanche, Electro, Luke Cage, Sage, and I dunno someone else.

The game looks fun I guess, but they should just make a marvel game with a shit load of marvel people in it .

What other game allows you to play as Spiderman, Wolverine or any other Marvel super hero?

Marvel’s greatest heroes take the gloves off for the first truly legendary super hero fighting game.

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Ill get it ones its 20 bucks its an ea game so that should be no more than a year ( since by then the sequal well be out)

EA will get the picture after reviewers, players, etc, voice their dislike for the Imperfects, and say how they wish their were other Marvel characters in their place.

EA didn’t even go about it well, its like they decided they should make some original characters for this game, okay thats fine cause its possible they could come up with some good new characters, but this isn’t what happend, they for some stupid ass reason got just one artist (who’s not even that famous) to design all The Imperfects, rather then doing something smarter that would’ve pulled in more money like I don’t know lets say getting some of Marvel’s most well known artists (or just comic artists in general) to design characters, ie they should’ve gotten Jim Lee to do one character, Joe Madueirira to do one character, Alex Ross to do one character, and so on, like there’s 8 Imperfect characters so duh get 8 really famous comic artists to design one each, cause that would (if promoted) get more people to buy it, and more variety with the designs, and much better overall characters, but nooo, EA could never come up with something that smart.

I also remember that originaly Kevin Smith was supposed to write the story, which would’ve pulled in more sales, and no doubt would’ve probaly resulted in a better storyline too, but that didn’t work out (probaly as some result of EA I imagine)

I think it’ll be fun in the same vein as Power Stone, as many of you have stated. I like the visual style, and I think it fits better than maybe going more comic-booky. (Because I’d be afraid they’d make it look like a DBZ game and just cel-shade stuff and call it “comic style”)

Though really, since the game hasn’t a lot of depth I really rather they had just loaded the game with tons of Marvel characters. Forget imperfects, because as some has said they don’t tend to be anything knew. (I like the psychological idea behind Brigade, but his design is rather boring.)

If they wanted to crossover with some new characters, they should have seen if they could work some DC characters in. I mean EA does tend to do DC games, so perhaps the three could have came to some mutual agreement.

The voice acting, at least in the clips also sounds good, which is something that can really throw off you’re favorite characters if done poorly.

EA is planning to do a Marvel Vs DC game, however they want to do seperate Marvel and DC fighting games first, so expect to see a new DC fighting game soon from EA, or hear about I mean, since itll be awhile before there will ever be any pics of it.

Well some of the voices were diffrient originaly, and its seems like they’ve changed them now (probaly due to the backlash of hatred they recieved) like Venom’s voice sounded HORRIBLE originaly, well not horrible but it defenitly didn’t fit Venom, sounded more like what you’d expect from Caranage’s voice.

Hmm so far it looks alright. Id rent it then if i like it ill buy it. But as stated before this wont be tourney material, itll be like rival schools/powerstone =/.

If you had fun with Power Stone, then Marvel Nemesis will fill the void…

Kevin Smith is way overrated as a comic book writer. He even points this out himself. It’s almost like the industry is biased in itself. “We can get a great comic book writer but if we got someone who does Movies/TV why that is so much better than writing comic books!” Anyway, Greg Pak is doing fine with the story and has written movie scripts in the past. It would be better if they stepped the artwork up a notch, kind of fugly.

I think Kevin Smith’s strength is movies really, people just flock to his stuff because he does movies. Jeph Loeb, Mark Waid, Bendis, Morrison, Peter David, plus a bunch of other guys can literally destroy Kevin Smith in terms of comic book writing.

Heh I remember Kevin Smith’s treatment for a Superman movie. It was TERRIBLE. Superman was going to die and be reborn in the same movie… Jay was going to play Jimmy Olsen? Man what a train wreck.

He makes great movies though, and I agree with everything else you said.

Ya, picked this demo up from work. It’s pretty mediocre. Played a couple of matches as Spidey and a couple as Johnny Ohm. It looks nice, but nothing else really stands out. I dunno, personal preference is gonna make or break this one for you.

Doctor Doom’s a PSP exclusive too.

If they changed Venom’s voice to way it’s suppose to sound, two voices on top of each other, then I’ll rent it.

I liked the demo actually im looking forward to it