Marvel Comics Thread

This thread is all about Marvel comics. Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man Wolverine, Thor, Hulk, Daredevil, X-Men, Avengers and all of the Marvel characters you know from the Marvel vs. Capcom games and many many more! Feel free to discuss anything related to Marvel from comics, movies, cartoons, etc.

Just remember, not everyone is reading what you are so use spoiler tags when necessary.

“THIS ONE’S FOR JJ!” :rofl:

So to kick things off, here’s the Marvel comics I read this week.

Civil War The Initiative - Oh nos Bendis is talking about Xorn again, please make him stop! Silvestri’s pencils were great but parts of the book were reprints of a few pages from Captain America to Mighty Avengers.

Sensational Spider-Man - This was really cool because there was a bunch of Spider-Man knock offs and they all had different Spider-Man suits! One of them wore the Scarlet Spider-Man outfit and another wore the Spidey-Armor suit seen in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter!

Wolverine was… strange. Spoilers -



Okay, I was happy there was red blood in the book because there usually isn’t any when Wolverine and Sabretooth fight, they usually swap it out with brown, black, purple blood and whatever color they can come up with that’s not red. Granted, they didn’t use the bright colored 52 blood that I’ve been digging but so long as it’s a shade of red I’m happy. But this was… really odd. Wolverine chopped off Sabretooth’s hand off! Sabretooth put his hand back on and it healed back into place. Um… WHAT? Since when can he pull an Absorbing Man in Secret Wars trick? Oh J.Loeb what is you doing…

OH OH!!! I wanna be the first post!

The obvious…


Captain America is dead!!! NOOOOOO!!!

I read last week’s Amazing Spiderman and it was alright. For some reason, I’m not big on “angry” Peter Parker. But, when shit hits the fan for Aunt May, somebody’s gotta pay. And the fact that he had the suit hidden aside a building for so long almost makes me wonder if he just strolled by to keep webbing it up every now and again. There should a 12 part story discussing that. I’d buy it.

I wasn’t too keen on Civil War the Initiative. But…


making Xorn the new Guardian was pretty cool. I guess.

And I finally scored a copy of Cap A #25, so I’ll read that and The Confession this weekend.

Ultimate Power was pretty weak. It’s really playing out like any old school FF story where Reed does something stupid involving another dimension and fucking shit up for those people. I felt like I read this before in a past life. Excelsior?

5 paeg preview for hulk #105

there will be hell to pay

Guess this is my new home…

Yeah someone brought that up at Newsarama. Apparently Spider-Man when he had web shooters officially uses a weaker strain of webbing that will disolve in a few hours so criminals can get arrested by cops, but if not for that the webbing can last for years.

JMS messed up though. May’s Maiden name isn’t Fitzgerald, it’s Reilly. Unless this is something they decided to retcon or something…

I started reading Planet Hulk lastnight. I’ve never picked up a Hulk comic before because he doesn’t really interest me(except when he’s going apeshit on people), but I’m very much liking the fact that he can get his ass handed to him on this planet. Looking forward to WWH at this rate.

Seriously…what the hell are they doing? Looks like they are trying to give Wolvie and 'Tooth new origins or something. Really effin weird origins at that.

why couldn’t that be required reading for me when i was in school?

A lot of what they do with those two is retarded now, Wolverine should NOT be able to regenerate completely from just his skeleton in the time it takes for someone to be blown off in a short cell phone call. Hell, he really shouldn’t be able to regenerate from that state period. I guess he was just playing all those times that he took longer to recover, also one wonders how punching him or anything like that could actually cause enough harm to take him out of commission. It’s just…annoying.

I like angry Spidey, but I doubt they’ll take it anywhere. Also…doesn’t everyone already know who he is now? How are they going to take care of that little problem?

^ Isn’t One More Day going to fix that? And the marriage :frowning:

One More Day isn’t going to fix his identity thing according to Marvel, they are gonna keep Spidey’s identity known to the public for a while AFAIK, could be wrong but I haven’t read otherwise. Something is supposed to happen with the marriage though we just don’t know what. Quesada said before he doesn’t want to divorce them or kill of MJ because he wants to perserve the youth of Spider-Man and a divorcee or a widow isn’t going to do that. Well we’ll see what happens…

Man, how do you make EVERYONE forget who Spidey is? Unless they’re gonna do a Men In Black crossover and pull out a huge Neuralizer from the Statue of Liberty, I don’t see how you can execute this.

i think we should merge marvel and dc threads

Yay? Nay? What does everyone else think?

Daredevil ftw!

That is all :slight_smile:

It’s only been a few days but it seems like having both Marvel and DC Threads is working out great, so unless a large amount of people want me to merge them down the road I’ll keep it as is for now. :smile:

Yeah I prefer them separate since I don’t read DC. thanx

With Dr. Strange and all the high level psychics and reality warpers around, it is possible. The main problem is our reaction, an outrageous one would lead to a retcon. That’s why they’re trying to come up with something that will leave the fandom at ease.

So far I loved how the One More Day previews

One More Day


Peter literally webbed the crap out of Tony, stopping his Uni Beam and his Rocket Boots, HIS UNI BEAM AND ROCKET BOOTS !

Everyone already thinks civil war was a stupid idea though, so it might actually NOT piss everyone off as much as it otherwise would.

But, then it ruins the awesomeness of The New Avengers. And that book has been ridiculously hot post-Civil War. So in the end, it’s all gonna suck no matter what.

I’d hate to say it, but my money is on Scarlett Witch retconning shit. I just smell it. You just can’t bring her back and say, “Well, she’s back guys! EXCELSIOR!”

That isn’t gonna fly. Especially after Civil War ended so horribly.