Martial artists+Fighting game = Tekken

ok if nobody has noticed the tekken characters are more or less based on real martial artists, i dont know wheter to make this a game or for me to just say who i think/know who they are based on

ill just say the characters who I think they are

Paul= Richard Norton (city hunter/twinkle twinkle lucky stars and more, richard norton does judo aswell and if you pick pauls second costume in T4 he’ll be dressed exactly the same as richard norton in one of his pic’s)
Feng= Dick Wei (my lucky stars/dragons forever, basically nearly all sammo and jackie’s early films)
Marshall Law= obviously Bruce lee (no need to name films lol)
Baek doo sang= hwang jang lee (millionaires express/ninja in the dragons den… loads of films, considered the king of kicking)
Hwoarang= tao ling tang (hand of death and more, one of the best taekwando masters in the world, used to keep his leg up in tournaments to repeatedly get the highest score)
Raven= wesley snipes (obviously)
Bruce irvine= robert samurels (red wolf, close friend of sammo hung and the first ever black hong kong stunt man, he also taught sammo english)
Nina williams= errr i think this has to be cynthia rothrock (millianaires express and Loads of films, who doesnt know her??)
ling xhiaoyu= possible helen au? (half japanese half chinese karate champion at age 16 and creator of wushu, known films Story of ricky, millianaires express)
heihachi mishima= possibly yasuaki kurata (he’s been in many martial arts films, ull know him in his role as jet li’s japanese girls uncle in Fist of legend, he’s also been in alot of sammo hung films)
Bryan fury= benny “the jet” urquidez (champion in nearly all forms of martial arts, he’s been in two films Wheels on meals and Dragons forever, fighting jackie chan in both, oh yeah and a very minor role with john cusack in Grosse point blank)
lei wu long= jackey chan.
Kazuya mishima= i have a weird feeling that he’s based on vegeta lol but i could be wrong
Craig marduk= Bill goldberg (wwe)
Lee chaolang= yeung biao (i have a strange feeling its him, he’s the youngest of the Hong kong legends trio, he’s VERY big in japan)

i dunno about the rest but feel free to put ur thought on it an who YOU think may be who :tup:

Paul = Chuck Norris
Kuma = Rosie Odonnel
Yoshimitsu = Christopher Walken

Kazuya Mishima – astroboy

Craig Marduk reminds me of Bill Goldberg, not that their styles are even remotely similar.

OMG !!! LMAO !!! kazuya got a pair red gloves instead of a pair of red boots .

Bill Goldberg was in fact the inspiration for Marduk. If you look at a side by side picture, the resemblance is almost uncanny.

Marduck reminds me of Bob Sapp.

iv updated the list for craig and lee

yeah i actually forgot to put craig there, shows how much i play as him LOL

lee is actually chinese, his style is like an acrobat version of jeet kune do aplied with tae kwan do martial arts so i believe he is the person i think he is

Hmm at first I thought this was a pretty big stretch but I thought about it more and it started making sense. Though when I think of Benny there’s always the image of him wearing eyeliner like he did in Dragons Forever.

nice av shaolin samurai

Eddie is Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha, the guy who did the motion capture for him (and under whom I studied capoeira for a year or so). I mean, their life stories are totally different, and they don’t even look all that similar, but that’s who I always think of.

Then who’s Christie? Or did he do the mocap and they just adjusted it for Christie’s bodyframe?

Yep, they just adjusted it to look like Christie. Some of the students thought it was hilarious that they made him into a chick.

Heh…yeah Feng does have a similar face to Dick Wei.

Law and Raven are obvious…but coming from a fellow martial arts movie buff, I can’t see any real similarities in the rest of your list. Some of those sound hella funny! :rofl:

But yeah…I think Carl Scott could be considered the first black HK stuntman…I think he did some stuntwork before he starred in his movies with Billy Chong.

Being a wrestling fan, when i first saw Marduk, the first thing i thought of was Goldberg.
Anyway, Kazuya has always reminded me of Vegeta, & Lee Chao Lan reminds me of Dante from Devil may Cry, but he was created before him. The guy who plays Jackie Chan’s partner in Police Story also reminds me a little of Lee Chao Lan. Steve Fox may be based on Ricky Hatton, but that’s just a wild guess.

Anyone think of who Jin could be based on?

Tekken could use a Van Damme and Seagal then the circle is complete.

Ganryu= Seagal lol:razz:

how is capoeira pronounced?


carl scott? if ur talking about someone else then no (i forget names FAST lol), im into movie making in a big way and i always watch the commentaries and the extra’s, the guy im on about is the first true signed up shook hands contarct framed first black stunt man lol he needed 3 top executives in the business to sign up to allow him to join, lar karwing, yuen biao, and sammo were the three who signed him up officially

baek if u look closely at his face is DEFFINETLY hwang jang lee

paul, DEFFINETLY richard norton no doubt in my mind (just watch twinkle twinkle lucky stars at the end, sammo vs richard), chuck norris? no.

hwoarang ok yeah his face isnt exactly like his but he does his famous flamingo stance and me and my mates call him"the guy with two bumps on his forehead" funnily enough hwoarang has a costume with goggles on his forehead :clap: LOL

jahat- i actually think they used steven seagals body and hwang jang lee’s face for baek, look at baek in tekken 2 LOL

im really not so sure about nina u kno but who else is a blonde martial artist? LOL probably like baek tho, has mixed martial artists inbeded into her