Maritimes Thread 2009

Well I see buddy’s N.B thread… and I don’t think he is going to get than one page. So I think there may as well be a thread of all the Maratime Provinces.

I’m in in Nova Scotia. I’m playing a lot of SF3 3rd Strike and Alpha 3 on GGPO to get ready for SF4.

I hope I can find some people in Halifax to play SFIV with, or at least some people in the Maratimes to play on XBL.

Looking to get into SF4 in a big way, up for XBL play for sure.

I’m in northern New-Brunswick and god damnit I want some comp, or at least other people who know how to fucking play fighting games (other than Smash Bros., if you count that).

Alright!!! Just got my sf4 stick in the mail yesterday. Gotta get used to it for next week since I’ve always played with pads. I’ll add you guys next week.

I’ve made a facebook group, join it if you guys have facebook. Hopefully it will be a good way to find a lot of people!

I believe there is a guy in Halifax waiting on SFIV as well, he used to live here in Winnipeg, moved out there for school. He goes by the name Mike, good guy to chill with.

Haha alright. I’ll look for Mike :smiley:

Do you guys have an arcade anywhere in the Maritimes? There’s gotta be one in Halifax or Fredericton or something…

I’ve never seen an arcade in NB. The closest thing is a busted up Tekken 5 cab at some mall.

There’s an arcade up at the uptown movie theatre, but it only has a DDR machine. No comp for us here. I’m thinking of setting something up at the university if I can find anyone interested.

There are not many arcades in Nova Scotia One of the theaters in Halifax has SF3 (the first one). But I think that is gone…

I think there was/is an actual stand alone arcade in Mic Mac Mall, in Dartmouth… I think that had a few SF games like 4 years ago. May be gone.

Most games were like 50-75 cents anyways, forget that.

This weekend I’m gonna take the time to add you Xbox players. Hopefully we have good connections!

Oh yeah I find MSN the easiest way to talk to and plan some fights since people don’t sit on XBL all day. So if anybody wants my MSN contact just send me a PM

Thinking of running a small tournament on Tuesday. Single elim, casual, just for fun. Post here or on the group if you’re up for it with the time that’s good. Prolly in the evening.


I live in Halifax, and am hoping to develop a small scene around here.

Unfortunately, there is only me and a friend of mine who are playing seriously at the moment. I am trying to drum up some interest with other people I know as well.

If you’re interested in playing online just add me, my 360 gamer tag is ryan for real.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some small tournis going later this year, depending on how things develop.

Cool, I may/probably will be moving to Halifax in may. Hoping to find some people to play with!

I added people from my facebook group today, tomorrow I’ll try to add you other folks from this thread!

Yeah man, if you’re moving down in May, definitely give me a shout. Hopefully a bit of a scene will have developed by then.

I don’t have facebook, so unfortunately I cannot join the group, but if there’s anything going on let me know.

To the NB guys, feel free to add me as well. If you guys end up having anything going on in the summer, make sure to post, because I head up to NB once in a while, and could likely make the trip up.


Hi guys

I’m from Moncton and am looking for some competition on PSN or in person. Does anyone organize tourneys in the east at all?

New Brunswick Thread

This is a long shot. I’ve always assumed that I’m one of the only serious fighting game fans in Saint John, New Brunswick. I’ve come here to test my theory.

I’m gonna put out the call. Is there anyone on SRK from New Brunswick, or more specifically Saint John?

Now I’m going to let that sit for a few weeks and see if I get any replies before I abandon all hope.


I’m in Saint John. I live on the east side just off loch lommond.



Man, we gotta get on live and play each other.
Are you a friend of Adrian Silva? Ray or Nelson Hum? Randle Daigle? They are some of the only other guys in this city that like fighting games. Not sure if they are as obsessive about them as I am, but they are really good.

Do you know Sandrock from forums?

I’m only on PSN for SF4, friend. Mainly cause I play pad and refuse to use 360’s shitty controller. You’d have to bring your stick and play in person I’m afraid. Don’t get your hopes up too much tho; I’m pretty average when it comes to fighters. I’m mainly playing starcraft these days.

I’ve only lived in SJ for a couple years so i don’t know that many people. Most of the people I do know moved out west or to moncton. Daigle is always a familiar name.