Marilyn Monroe, JFK, RFK Sex Tape Coming Soon!

Soon I can finally see this sex tape and beat my dick like never before.

The guy isn’t showing anyone the tape until after they buy it and is known to be a shyster. Besides, a sex tape from that long ago? It’s not as simple as turning on video on your phone. That took serious equipment I doubt any of them would’ve given permission to use.

too old dont care

what the fuck

If it were Einstein that would be something, otherwise meh.

That’s a lot if effort to film a sex tape back then. I bet all hands were on deck for that.

Ask not what your cuntry can do for you…

she didn’t make it now. Marilyn was fine as fuck. I wanna see how this shit goes down. Does she get spit roasted while the Kennedy’s high five over her back? Does she do anal? How’s her bj techniques?


I gotta admit, that’s pretty correct. They must have either had a full film crew on hand, or we’re gonna get some shitty video like that first Pam Anderson sex tape. Just a camera on a tripod in the corner of the room.

How many did she make???

she made two. One with Tommy Lee, but years before that she made one with Bret Michaels, and from what I recall, it’s pretty much just a camera on a stand just kinda watching some boring ass sex. Nowhere near as good as her getting impaled by Tommy on a fucking boat with zoom ins and shaved pussy and shit.

So…was LBJ the fluffer?

I can see Nixon just sitting there like fucking Hitchcock, directing it.

its gotta be fake

no way the POTUS would have agreed to have being filmed having an affair, let alone a threesome. and like people have said, they didn’t have camera phones back then, so it would have taken a full film crew. and they all kept silent about it this entire time? yeah right.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t imagine Marilyn Monroe having sex. I know she’s a sex symbol and all, but I can imagine her doing pretty much anything BUT having sex.

I have the opposite issue with Pam Anderson. I can’t imagine her doing anything normal EXCEPT having sex.

Bob Crane from Hogan’s Heroes was filming his sexathon’s back in the late 50’s before he got bludgeoned to death years later. Not too hard to believe JFK and his little bro couldn’t or wouldn’t film themselves using Marilyn fucking Monroe as chinese finger cuffs for their dicks.

Contrary to what your parents want you to believe, porn was pretty relevant even back in the day.

You HAVE to know the dialogue in this is gonna be fucking hilarious. I hope JFK does America nuking Russia jokes the entire time he stabs her in the box.

Actually, I don’t give a fuck.


I hope some borderline, bisexual-incest stuff happened. Just to really stick it to the Democrats. I’d be like, “At least Reagan never tasted his own kind B).”

not buying it, the resulting scandal would be too huge. its the POTUS, why would he risk the potential fallout by getting it on video. i mean look at how ppl reacted when clinton got his dick sucked by an intern. clinton, a smart guy, did not tape himself doing so. i consider kennedy to be smart as well. everyone already knew he was banging marilyn, why would he risk huge scandal by recording it!? the people in the 60s were ten billion times more conservative. yes, people have been jerking off to porn ever since a caveman figured out how to draw two titties on the wall, but that doesn’t mean that the repressive cultures of the times would have been accepting of it.

HOWEVER, in the off case that i am wrong, fap fap fap fap fap fap

Thought I read there was rumored footage of a roofied naked Monroe made by the mob to black mail her just in case. The Kennedy’s making home videos seems dumb, but arrogance knows no bounds.

Hope it’s real and there’s some awesome porno dialogue …“Er-ah, now-ah get ready for mah new england clam chow-dah” . Maybe Wicked buys it and makes it a parody…“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes…Who DP”.