Many Problems with arcade sticks

i was wondering if you may have some advice about my stick problems. Basically this is my second tvc stick, the first one i had worked for a few months and just all of a sudden became unresponsive, the buttons joystick and lights would not work at all
it happened randomly after i played the stick for awhile
it was still under warranty, so i went to eb games and i got the stick replaced, and just now the same problem happened again. I was playing tvc just 2 days ago and everything was working for fine, i spent a few hours in the training mode. Now i tried playing guilty gear and as soon as i got to the start screen it just died. I tried putting fresh new batteries in the wiimote but the problem was still not solved, and none of the buttons or stick were responsive in game or in the wii menu screen.

im thinking its something with the pcb, but im not sure if i should open up the stick and void the warranty, im gonna try to get this stick replaced for a brand new one again

On top of all this, i did have a mayflash converter, that i had many problems with as well. It worked fine at first but would sometimes need the usb to be taken out and put back in to make it work. This problem got worse as time went on, it became very hard to get the converter to work and if the wire was moved slightly it would disconnect from PC/ps3. Once it was working it would rarely stop though, so i left it plugged into my ps3 for a few weeks, and then after a finished a match against a friend, it just completely died, now it doesnt work at all. I now ordered the wireless mayflash converter hoping this model will do a bit better for me.

Im starting to consider just getting a brand new stick all together, i always really like the street fighter IV TE sticks, but my problem is I want something that will work for Wii/PC/PS3, tvc stick with mayflash converter seemed to be the best and easiest option but as you can see im having a ridiculous amount of problems with it.

If i want wii as well would my best option be to just get the new tvc stick right away, and replace the buttons and joystick voiding my warranty? Right now this seems to be my best option, im thinking of replacing the stick I have with a new one, and then getting new sanwa joystick and buttons for it right away. Should that solve my problems?

Honestly, if you still have warranty, I would turf the stick back to Madcatz for a replacement. However, if you really want to void the warranty and try to fix this yourself…

This suggests to me that there is a loose something in either the TvC or the mayflash converter. Pop the stick open and check for loose wires on or near the pcb. Also, if you have a multimeter, check for continuity between the wires at the pcb and the contacts at the wiimote end. Replacing the buttons would likely not work, because this sounds like a problem with the PCB, although new buttons might improve the feel. If the PCB is borked, there’s always the PiiWee from Toodles (

when i said the wire moving slightly makes it disconnect, i was talking about the mayflash converter. I was able to tell when the mayflash was converter wasnt being recognized by my CPU when the wire was slightly moved sometimes.

I see why replacing the buttons wont work, but what about replacing the joystick? i heard in the SFIV se sticks there was a problem in the past with the washer becoming loose and scratching the PCB board after hours of use, could the same thing be happening to my TVC stick because the models are so similar(although tvc was supposed to be slightly redesigned with better parts)?

Im going to try and get this stick replaced again by ebgames, but im not sure how it will go a second time, if i cant ill just send it in to madcatz and have them replace it. Thing is when i get a brand new one, i dont want this problem to occur for a third time! so i was hoping a new joystick could solve this problem?

Oh, I didn’t know that. I don’t think this is the same issue, but it may well be. Replacing the stick certainly won’t hurt anything other than the warranty. I still think that this is a wiring problem with the PCB. See: TvC stick having issues

I looked at the thread posted, i never had that problem with a stick getting locked in up forward but i definitely did get the problem of the stick becoming unresponsive.

I think im just going to get the stick i have replaced. Thing is this is going to be my THIRD stick, i tried to take care of this second one as well as i could. I put it in the box whenever not in use, and i also never wrapped the wire around the stick or anything. I still dont know the cause of the problem other than playing with the stick -_- so im wondering what are some precautions I can take to ensure this third stick doesnt have the same problem as my other 2 did.

You might have just gotten unlucky with your TvC sticks.

with both of them having the same exact problem? they were both completely fine at first, I do play with them a lot though, and after a few months of heavy playing they just went completely unresponsive.

What do you do with the wiimote when you’re playing?

If you’re wrapping the cable around your stick, stop wrapping/stressing the cable coming out of the TVC stick. Its not healthy for it and streches/pulls the wire strands resulting in inconsistent connections

Best way to “tie up” your USB cord, is to put the cord into loose loops like you would a garden hose, then tieing that bundle up with velcro cable ties.
There velcro straps specifically made for electrical cables. You can find these straps cheaply in Wal-mart, Target, Radio Shack, Fry’s, Best Buy, Home Depo and ect…

ya i remember hearing about wrapping the wire could be bad for it. I never wrapped it around the stick or anything, i usually just have the wii mote sitting beside my lap or something

okay so idk if this helps identify what the problem is or not, but when i plug the stick into the wii there is no response at all.

Today, i bought the wireless wii to usb mayflash converter. The lights on my stick now light up when i hit the appropriate buttons which they dont do on my wii. As soon as i tried this though, the buttons kept getting locked up pretty quickly. After i turned the mayflash converter off and on , the inputs on the stick were not being shown, but the lights on it were going off when pressed.

Looks like i cant get it exchanged, so i will have to send it in to madcatz which i think is a very big hassle as it costs a lot for the shipping and boxing, as well as a lot of time to ship it there and wait for it to get back. Would it be better for me to just look inside it and try to fix whats wrong?

This is forsure a problem with the stick because

  1. Converter connects and syncs to computer fine, also wii numchuk works properly with converter.

  2. wii tvc stick is no longer working on wii.

Do you have another Wiimote to test with? If it works with the Mayflash but not the pc, your Wiimote might just be on the fritz. Also, try connecting the stick to the Wiimote and the Wiimote to the pc and see if you get any inputs.

As for whether or not you should fix it yourself, it may help to think of the entire cost (in time and money) of sending the stick off versus the cost of the worst-case-scenario repair (buying one or more new PCBs and installing them) plus the value of the warranty. Honestly, I still think this is either the Wiimote or the cord, but it might be a stray bit of wire shorting somewhere, or the pcb might be dying in a strange way. Keep in mind, while there could be a cost to the repair, it’s very hard to make a fightstick completely irreparable.

In any case, if it were me, I would go for it. Of course, I would’ve popped the stick open on day two just for a look, so YMMV. And remember, whatever you end up doing, SRKTT is here for you.

yes i tested on wii with multiple wii motes all with fresh batteries. Nothing seems to work. Numchuk and wii classic controller work fine with mayflash converter on PC. When i try using my stick, on PC with mayflash converter, the buttons light up on the actual stick(the blue lights dont even come on when i try on wii) but inputs dont work.

im not sure how to plug the stick into the wii mote and then use the wiimote on PC.

I think im going to send it in for now, and see what they say the problem is. If something like this occurs again, ill just try fixing it myself.

so i ended up changing my mind about sending it into madcats, just seems like all the shipping back and fourth and stuff would be way too much of a hassle. And if it ever breaks again , id have to go through the same process so ill just try fixing this myself.

I took off the back panel of my stick and took a ton of pictures of what was inside. This is the first time ive ever opened up the stick and i have not performed any mods or anything to it. Anyone able to offer some suggestions on how to fix my problem?

A couple of things to try:
If you have a multimeter, check the cable for shorts and continuity (i.e. make sure that each wire from the cable connects to one, and only one, pin on the connector.
Unplug the button and joystick cables from the PCB and see if the wiimote recognizes it.

umm how would i tell if the stick is recognized if i unplug the joystick and the buttons? usually i check if its working by moving the joystick or hitting some buttons

Oh, I thought there might be buttons/lights directly on the PCB. If not, try unpluging all but one, then testing, then changing what’s connected and testing until you’ve tested them all.

sorry for how noobish this sounds, but im pretty sure i know what you mean now, yeah the buttons have lights on the front side of the stick in the corner where the pcb is. There are 2 wires that come from the buttons and plug into the left pcb and 1 wire that comes from the joystick and plugs into the right side of the pcb.

so just to make sure i understand everything correctly, you want me to unplug the 3 wires connected the pcb, and then test if the buttons light up on my wii?(also im sure i said this, but the buttons do light up when i plug it into my cpu with converter, but not on my wii at all)

Yes, that’s what I mean. If that works, plug in the rest one at a time until it fails. If it doesn’t, get a cheap multimeter and check the cable from the stick to the wii. If it does, whatever you plugged in last is the culprit.