Man's best friend is not dog...but..croc?

Just simply amazing! Never in a million years would I think this was possible, but the world is always full of surprises.

Croc and fisherman, BFFs in Costa Rica - Bing Videos

That is… pretty much the strangest thing i’ve read all week. How does one even begin to create a level of comfort with a GODDAMN CROCODILE.

Ahh, it always starts with goading crocodiles. Give it a few years and he’ll be face down in the ocean with a sting ray biting his ass off.

I didn’t know reptilian brains could form strong bonds the way mammals do.

Yeah this is very perplexing. My only guess is that its instincts made him think of his mother, since croc mothers guard young until they reach maturity.

Same thing happens when a newly hatch raptor (hawk/eagle) gazes at the first creature it sees; when it’s a human being it will actually think it’s a human for life.

I’d be scared shitless… I heard a crocodile’s bite can pierce through steel…

That’s pretty cool. I always love hearing about stuff like this. :smile:

Looks like n accident waiting to happen

wow… that’s fucking crazy…

That kinda challenges a number of things we think we know to be true about reptiles…


This will not end well.

Still a lot about animals we do not know. Some years ago there was a special about a particular type of spider which scientist discovered had some form of reasoning. Which is suprising because animals supposedly aren’t capable of reason nevermind insects. They showed some actual footage of it in the wild where it eats other spiders and it was really interesting. Apparently, it analyzes it surroundings and develops a step by step plan to catch it’s prey and if it doesn’t work it has back up plans.

If the back up plans don’t work, it sits still and “thinks” up a new plan to use to capture the spider. The end of the show said something about it truly being the most dangerous predator they know of on the planet because of its human-like planning. It was also observed coordinating in teams (fucking teams) to capture multiple spiders to eat.

How’d you like to have a pack of spiders the size of dogs planning out your death? 0_0


Cannibals were always the smartest when it came to hunting their preys.

uhh dolphins reason things out i’m pretty sure. And so do apes.

Warning right now, not for the faint of heart:


alpha. as. fuck.

that was barely even that bad lol


Nah, it wasn’t them, these spiders looked like jumping spiders. Also, surprising number of youtube videos now have commercials you have to watch. -___-