Man to fight lion to boost tourism and defeat Israel

So he’s going to cage match a lion and fight it with his hands and fists, when he beats it put an Israeli flag on it and then stomp it. All of this to get tourists and defeat Israel. He’s practiced for this by jumping off buildings, punching dogs, and teaching children to chew glass.

The interview is pure gold.

this can’t possibly be for real …

LOLOL at the practice regimen

Dis gon b gud

This is what they invented Krav Maga for.

He’s gonna try to rape the lion

Damn it’s hard to tell my boss I only checked my phone for the time, when I fell down laughing

he’ll disconnect/rage quit as soon as the match starts.

lol he’s fought a dog, so of course he can beat a lion.

That’s like saying I can beat my little sister in Mahvel, so of course I could take on JWong.

I love trolling animal rights activists as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous. This isn’t animal cruelty, it’s feeding a lion. (Then again, they might have to kill the lion once it gets a taste for human flesh…)


It is retarded. Though really this will go one of three ways. Either the lion realizes he’s not a threat and an idiot just jumps around a cage with a lion that doesn’t care and sits there and takes some hits (there is no way this guy is strong enough to injure a lion and the lion knows that), it decides this is stupid and kills him, or it tries to kill him and the onlookers kill it.

I’m hoping for the second… lion battles don’t go well see this

There needs to be more man vs beast fights…Im all for this…

Nigga dead.

is this a pay per view or is there a stream link?

they have done a poor job of hyping it up

I headbutted a dog and climbed three trees. I’m now going into a cage match with a kodiak bear and a gorilla. Wish me luck.

Holy shit. I don’t even know if I can comprehend the thought process of this match. You think something would be done after at least 1 midget dying, but stopping 15 minutes after 28 midgets get killed and the rest brutally maimed, they finally call it a day? I also wonder how they went at it. They could have zerg rushed him or if they went single file like one of those action movies where mooks run to their death.

Also the Egyptian guy has confidence in his bitch slaps if he thinks it can take down the lion.

Please update thread with hd quality link when it goes down. This is awesome. Lol at PETA pussies.

He should feed himself to a monkey instead and a few hours later let the monkey throw him at some Israeli’s.

Man I don’t get why animal lovers are moaning about some guy feeding a lion.

Loved his reasoning as to why it’s ok though.

“Essawy: Undoubtedly because of the misguided international reaction, which I truly don’t understand. God made me, and he made the lion, and he put us both on the same planet, which means the lion is fair game. Ethically, there should be no problem.”

lololololol hoooly crap. if he survives…man i dunno…major props?

Oh god I haven’t lol’d this hard in a while. They better stream this.

This will not end up in sex like all of your wet dreams sir.