Man Goes On Knife Attack In Store And Gets Gunned down by Store Owner (video inside)

here’s the video


I always thought if someone was shot at relatively close range you’d see a splurt of blood… guess i was wrong


Heres a video link with an explanation for the incident sent to me by The Furious One.

Pretty sure this isn’t allowed on SRK.

good timing on that dude who walked out right before it all went down

Nope. The bullet usually goes through the person so fast that it’ll appear like nothing happened. Shortly afterwards, blood begins to pour out of the wound.

When I was little, I saw a guy get gunned down at a bus stop in broad daylight. He was less than 10 feet away from me. I was still too young to understand it.

The only person that died was the robber. Slitting throats probably isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies.

Also, guns ftw.

Man that is fucked. I can’t believe everything went down so fast. Mad props to the guy who decided to step in.

However, it’s shit like this that makes you really wonder what your options are in a situation like this. I mean sure you can watch all the self defense videos you want and get as much training as you want, but it’s spur of the moment shit like this that really makes you realize how defenseless you can be at times.

I remember one self defense video I saw not long ago that said in a knife fight the key is to maintain distance away. Not sure how you would do it in this situation…:shake:

wow, I am so glad i live in Canada lol. Thats insane.

Probably gonna get yelled at for putting it up though…

Good instincts to run for the gun as soon as he had the opening. A lesser man would have panicked.

no it is, dude did it like a bitch. if you actually apply real power behind your knife youll easily cut his thraot and juggulars.

also a better man would have picked that gun before he got to him. and wtf was up with the dude trying to help the store owner, at least grab a bottle and break than stab the motherfucker in the neck so you wont get atttacked as fast.

Yes it would be a good idea to take your focus away from a man who is about a foot away from you trying to slice your throat. If he reached for the gun then he’d have been stabbed before he could even point it at him.

With regards to the gun not grabbing a bottle he didn’t exactly have a great amount of time, the man was getting hacked.

try to ignore mc187, he’s an idiot. also, since many have him blocked quoting him only makes it so those people can see his dumb posts (which is what the blocking was for)

too bad that wasn’t mc187 as he would’ve been seriously stabbed when trying to reach for the gun (instead of defending himself) or would’ve been stabbed when the guy who would’ve helped him took extra time to find a bottle and break it.

holy shit

Amateur, he should of gone for a stab rather than the throat slit. That’s movie influenced, going for the throat is only when they’re down or immobile. Stab to the back of the head/neck/spine region.

btw: Wrong forum section. Should probably go to the videos section.

Fucked up.

If I was the other customer I’d be outta there in a second, Glad they helped each other though.

That was fucked.

I couldn’t help but laugh though, I have a wierd sense of humor. :rofl:

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

One less piece of shit in the world. Good on the clerk. Shit was bonkers.

Found this video on the same site, Thought it was hilarious. But good shit on the Store clerk for taking that guy down.

Video: Don’t Speed Around This Cop! Goes Hard At Driver For A Speeding Ticket “You Know What Happens To Nice Lil Boys Like You. Ass Will Be Hurting For A Month. You Will Get Violated”

Big ups for the fucking “I was bullied in highschool” psychos talking about how they’d cut a dudes throat!! :rofl:

Real talk, that’s why you have no friends and your life sucks.

edit: @ GuiltyGearX104, All things considered the cop actually went pretty soft on him. Looks like he issued him a warning when the dude was going fast enough to get taken to jail outright.

It was because the guy was so fat that the robber just cut through the fat in his neck and not the artery.

Scary thing about this for me, is this is a proper knife attack, no warning no self control. Majority of martial art school teach nothing like this, stuff they teach will probably get you killed quicker.