Man attacks girlfriend with sauce over 50 Shades of Grey

The sauce was A1 Steak Sauce. Yea, it’s that important.

Sex joke involving a cumshot

Well, how else is a man supposed to add flavor to a well done steak?
Break out the sauce I say.

Book is a pile of fucking crap, good work

sexual tension from arguments make women feel saucy

I for one am on the man’s side. Women should not be doing dangerous things like reading books which will fill their heads with thoughts and ideas that they shouldn’t have. This man should be applauded and lauded (heh) with gifts and money for doing the right thing. The sauce bottle was a reminder that she should be putting her time towards more constructive things, like working in the kitchen…

I still can’t get over the fact that this 50 shades of grey shit started its life as twilight erotic fan fiction.

laundry needs to get done too homie…

Steak sauce and the last name is McCormick, anyone else noticing that?

Its pretty distasteful if you ask me.
H.P is MUCH better.

wtf is this 50 shades of grey? is it like the new twilight or some shit?

you can read the preview on amazon…IF YOU DARE LOL

ew read the wikipedia it is a twilight fan fiction

jesus christ

he should have shot her in the face. repeatedly. until she died.

I see a bright future for this topic.

Now she’s the Flavor of the month.

A1 sauce for a grade A bitch.

I would’ve used Tabasco.

Could’ve sworn that slapping and slathering with random foods is the kind of degrading shit that the book has in the first place.

If she really liked the book, she would’ve dropped everything from the waist down right then.

Oh Jesus, this explains why I have been wanting to choke the life out of my girl recently. That book is the DEVIL!!!

He was showing her the proper way to cook a steak. First you got to tenderize the steak by slapping it then after cooking it put some A1 sauce on it.