Makoto's Hitbox Data

I have gotten my hands on hitbox data and took a chunk of time taking screen shots of active hitboxes from the vids to post up so other Makoto players can see. Me after seeing ex karakusa hitbox :shake:
Edit: Fukiage wasn’t in the vids so I dont have the hitbox data on it

A little explaination of what is what for the hitboxes:
Yellow filled box is the space the character occupies so characters don’t walk through each other and etc.
Yellow filled long horizontal box represents the proximity where the attack will put your opponent in block animation
Green filled box is the active hitbox for projectiles
Red filled box is the active hitbox for the attacks
Blue filled box is the active hitbox for throws
Green outlined boxes are the character’s vulnerable hitbox, if Red filled box or Green filled box makes contact with it a hit is registered
Blue outlined boxes are the character’s vulnerable throwable hitbox, if Blue filled box makes contact throw is triggered
Red outlined boxes are the character’s vulnerable hitbox but have projectile invincibility only

Standing Normals



Crouching Normals



Jumping Normals


neutral j.hp:

Command Normals





lp hayate:
mp hayate:
hp hayate:
ex hayate:
lp oroshi:
mp oroshi:
hp oroshi:
ex oroshi:
lk tsurugi:
mk tsurugi:
hk tsurugi:
ex tsurugi:



regular throw:
lk karakusa:
mk karakusa:
hk karakusa:
ex karakusa:

FA & Ultras


U2 short:
U2 mid:
U2 long:

No data for her Fukiage?

I knew there was something missing from the vids the guy who made the vids said he might have forgotten some stuff im guessing fukiage was one of them

This is awesome. How’d you get them? Oh and am I right in thinking that the yellow boxes on Makoto are where she can be hit? No wonder oroshi beats so much stuff on wake up, that hitbox is huge haha.

I going to guess that they intend EX karakusa to be used more for frame traps. That hitbox is just :lol:

Great info ! Thanks a lot !

fuckexkarakusa.jpg… The way Capcom slaughtered karakusa never ceases to amaze me. Shitty range, slow as hell (but not slow enough to allow usual cancelling into from normals), no throw invincibility, really difficult to kara cancel into…

Yet it is still usable in some frame traps setup.
As I play and study the mechanics, I realise Makoto really has potential, but you have to know exactly what you are doing. You cannot go with the flow and play her randomly.

Oroshi hitbox is incredible :slight_smile: And we can also see why is her go-to anti-air, and that f+hp is indeed a good poke.

Well, she didn’t have an EX karakusa before so this is just another new use for the move I guess. Like something to beat jabs one you moved in with one of her command normals? And it’s actually the fastest of her karakusas.

Other then the range there isn’t really anything they did to karakusa actually. Which is the problem.

Kara karakusa isn’t really a minus as much as something we’ll have to learn.

where did you get the video from? do they show any other character’s hitboxes?

Wow, this is very useful data. Thank you for sharing. Now if you’ll excuse, I’m gonna go to lab with this info!

Sticky please? :slight_smile:

Amazing stuff, thanks. And now I can see why I’ve been getting a billion trades with cr.HK, Mak’s fat foot isn’t part of the hitbox.

Updated my post with a description for the hitboxes and for how i got my hands on it… benefits from hanging out somewhere :razzy:

Wow, no wonder cr HK sucks. The actual attacking hitbox is right in the middle of the vulnerable hitbox. :lol:

lol meaning unless the opponent empty jumps in, or does like…a jump in light punch, it will trade every time!!!

Very nice information. Thanks for posting.

I still don’t understand why Capcom didn’t just allow Hit-box display to be turned on in Training ala HD-Remix.

:rolleyes: @ Ex Karakusa range.

tagged, and lol @ex grab…

Thank you, now we know exactly why Makoto sucks in this game for now.

Are there hit boxes of the character just standing still, neutral jumping, angled jumping and crouching? I remember in 3rd Strike Makoto had a huge hitbox and could be hit by like large character specific combos or combo’d easier.

Yes, there are hitboxes of the various character states for all characters.

Also another thing to note, Makoto’s U2 has no active hitbox from the time she leaves the ground until after the screen freeze, meaning she’s completely invincible on the way up. However, on the way down after the ultra activates is a wholly different matter as it has no invincibility frames or crazy hitboxes or anything of that sort so she will trade/lose against a lot of attacks if timed right. At least the ultra is fast anyway and is a decent corner escape tool… =/

Capcom gets a big “FU” from me after seeing the different ranges of karakusa. None of them even extend to the tip of Makoto’s fists. :confused:

And EX Karakusa…I won’t even have words for that, only rage.