Making your stick and buttons respond faster

i am new to modding. I just saw this video:

I am very interested in making my stick and buttons respond faster. I get the actuator part. Is there a way to make the stick respond faster without folding pieces of paper and sticking them on top of the switches? What about the buttons?

I would rather just buy a product and switch it out than fold paper or do something that doesn’t seem like it will last.

a bigger actuator will help with quicker engage. you could also look into getting new switches that engage sooner. i have done the paper trick. it works good. use a business card tho. its stiffer. alternatively u could buy a sparkce and turn the sensitivity up if u have a jlf…

what switches engage sooner and where do i get them?


again…very new at this

Spark CE isn’t different switches, its a whole board replacement.
You are replacing the physical switches with a PCB that uses optical sensors to pickup your joystick level movements.
The Spark CE can be adjusted for sensitivity, so you can engage as soon as you want.
You also want to consider a stiffer spring as you no longer have the tactile feeling of the 4 micro-switches.

Alright thnx for the insight

If you want a simple way for a quicker engage and shorter throw just buy a ls-56. since you are new to modding that would be your quickest easiest bet. make sure to get the ls-56-01 so you get the 5 pin plug too. Also I believe you need the flat plate too if i am not mistaken. (its the 2nd one on the left i believe) been a while since i had a ls-56

I think its the last one, second one looks like its for ls32, could be wrong though

I looked. I was right. It’s the SE flat plate.

Also if you do this get the LS-56-01 so you can just use the JLF wiring harness.


True, what you linked is what he needs, the one in that pic is not the same. The hole in the center for the shaft is way too big. Still going with flat plate found on ls32 not the -01 model.

I also agree with trying a ls56 before trying all kinds of mods on the jlf. I used to play with a 56 and it improved my game alot. I’m actually installing a ls56 in my secondary case right now since I’m getting back into fighters. Ls40 is another stuck worth trying.

Yeah they looked the same at first hehe. Definitely the link is correct. thanks for clarifying…

Yeah ls-56 is sweet, especially with a stiffer spring and the octo gate. once of my favorite sticks.

How much of a stiffer spring are you talking? My usual stick is ls32, that for most games i play. I like to use ls56 on games like gg or mvc2. But im liking it more and more and will be alternating it during long game sessions with friends.
I even experiemented with the sanwa jlw for abit, it was a pretty decent stick for mvc2, then i tried a ls56 and the jlw was considered trash to me after that lol. JLW is a good stick for anyone still using it, but ls56 is sooo much better in more ways than one.

i just randomly found a identical spring (but stiffer) under my bed and it made the ls-56 supreme. it was aprox. double the stiffness of the stock ls-56 spring. just go to a hardware store and look.

Did the seimitsu fairy pay you a visit or what? Haha. I’ll have to give it a try, do you know the stock stiffness by chance?

2 lbf i believe

Man that would be sweet if there a Seimitsu fairy.

Instead of LS-56 you should buy LS-58-01.

Basically same price & stick, but with swag shaft cover & bubble top.

Pnoy- thanks

Dark- I would pull my teeth out all day like Charlie in sunny if I could get seimitsu parts

Kiki- I’ve seen the ls58 but never really looked into it since I was happy with the ls32 and 56. But if that’s the case ill stick with the 56, I’m old school, I like the black cover, would be nice if I could get a bubble top for the same price though. I’d buy the 58 if I ever decide to build a led stick for fun. Itll be my acid trip stick jk

I think markman is the closest thing to an “arcade stick swag fairy” that there is.

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yeah, the problem is just that if he comes change sanwa to seimitsu, people might be mad.

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