Make yourself heard, SFA 2/3 remix

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frankly… i’d like all main contenders (a2/a3/3s) to be revised
if i have to pick: Alpha2 it is.

still… none of these games are so popular to be remixed.
neither has the legacy or the collective impact as ST.

i think Capcom will focus on the future now: SF4 and upcoming revisions/sequels.

Holy crap I think I single handedly destroyed the 3S vote by posting this rofl

A3 has always been the most popular among casual gamers, so I’m not surprised.
Lots of characters + deep single player in the PSX version.

I don’t know how much I care to be honest. I’d give the game a month before most of the population disappears due to being bitter about CC infinites and VCs in general. Unless they do a port of SFZ3 Upper, but that version really fucked with V-ISM and not just CCs.

To hell with remakes, I’d rather see something new.

The poll is worthless. Not just because any other poll has been discarded, but because of the choices and the votes already on it. SF3 would be too much work from the rebalancing and the animation quality. Alpha 3 is a broken game in my eyes. The only choice for me are Zero 2 Alpha/Alpha 2 Gold or SF1, and I can just whittle that to the first choice since an SF1 Remake would have to be a whole new game.

a2 would most definitely be the easiest game to remix and besides that the core game itself is great. not too long ago sirlin posted asking people with connections to capcom to ask them if they would be interested in making a remixed a2. heres hoping.

A2 would be the best choice.

I would go with A2 because it is similar to ST. 3S would be a waste of time at this point, even though it been around for a decade come tomorrow. A3 would take years to remake. 30 characters x cells per character. Think about it, really.

I still figure they’ll go with A3 just because the profit potential is much higher. That was probably the most financially successful SF game since SF2.


i say street fighter 1 cause that game was good it just needs a more easier way of doing things such as the way you perform special moves on that game not to mention the other charcters should be selctable, endings should be produced for the game and new win/defeat quotes. These are the only problem i see with the game and it would be pretty good to see that good old classic remixed

I would figure 3S and A3 would both be too much work to redo every frame of animation for.

I voted for SF1- it’s a terrible game, and you’d actually have to redo the whole engine instead of just modifying what was already there, like with ST HD Remix. It would be nice if that game wasn’t an abomination, though.

So A2 just seems the most practical choice, of those given.

A3 hands down. But I voted for A2

While the sprites may be a bit cartoony (in Alpha’s case), I don’t see any reason that they’d need to be “redone” a’la ST:HDR. If nothing else they could do a HD transfer of the sprites (rather than redrawing every one) and set the backgrounds up for HDTV…

alpha 2 or alpha 3, pref alpha 2

why would anyone vote for sf3, get daigo’s dick out of your mouth

Remixed gameplay?
I’d like to see SFA3, SF3, SFA2 in that order.

Nicer sprites?
SFA2, SFA3, SF3.


SFA2 is the closest thing to a modern SSFT2, not counting HD Remix. The gameplay is relatively similar to SF2, with the addition of AC’s, CC’s and air blocking to an extent. Gameplay wise, I’d just port SFA2 Zero. Otherwise the game is fairly balanced. Dan can actually win in this as opposed to SFA3.

A2 would be boring remix in my opinion. Its a great game, but to me there isn’t much in the game worth addressing or changing. CC’s might need an adjustment in damage as well as the cost to use it, which is fixed in Zero, but otherwise there just isn’t much to play around with. Add Cammy and make gief’s 360s into half circles… Alpha 3 is the game that needs some changes.

SFA3 is its own game and there is no other SF game like it. The game’s soundtrack is in serious need of a remix. I like many prefer SFA2’s soundtrack over A3’s. The remixes in A2 were better than SF HD remix tracks. (seriously HD remix tracks suck)

I’d also include an option to have the announcer on/off. Way annoying to me.

The sprites were fairly decent in a3, but the cast could use an extra set of colors. Instead of 2 colors per -ism, just have all six correspond to the 3ps and 3ks. Maybe add a start color.

Adding the PS chars would be nice too.

The gameplay is the big one. A3’s gameplay is what separates it from any SF game to date. The balance between 30+ chars will be an interesting challenge to tackle as opposed to 14-15 chars in A2, that can all pretty much hold their own.

V-ism is going to be the big thing. Not just talking cc inf’s here, but when you play v-ism you can learn a lot about the game’s mechanics. I will say that if cc inf’s aren’t fixed it may wind up being the same game, except lower tier chars might have some new perks with v-ism or everyone having some cc inf. This would defeat the purpose of remixing a3 all in itself, because it would still revolve around this one mode.

The key objective for remixing A3’s game play, is not totally crippling v-ism but not allowing it to totally to dominate the game and traditional aspects either. Amongst character balance, juggle mechanics, etc, I believe V-ism has the biggest impact on the game. Whether you’re talking about cc inf’s, the time freeze or the intitial start-up frames, v-ism is very powerful. When V player walks through a fireball while old school is trying to zone with a shoto, (which is a traditional sf tactic) it becomes a problem and shows you just how much game play V effects. Something like that just isn’t practical.


Regarding everything you said about A3, I agree entirely. Not so sure I agree with the A2 stuff though, but whatever.

Ugh, sucks to see no love for SF3 2I ;_;

I’m all for a remake of either game as long as it gets the same full treatment that ST got.

The vooting pool is closed =(