Maj quits and thanks eventhubs for stealing!

Pretty much all from:

  1. Watching match videos
  2. Training mode
  3. Playing the character myself

And frame data is in the public domain, which helps immensely.

Pretty much? So some of the content you did steal…

People go to Eventhubs? I thought it was just a cover page for false information and bad tier lists, I didn’t know it had like a forum.

Well I was going to say from watching offline play at the local arcade, but that didn’t seem like a significant portion to be mentioned. Less than 10%.

Anyway you aren’t worth responding to because you don’t really know what you’re talking about, just riding a wave of hate.

Well, hopefully it’s not permanent, but in a way I’m glad that Maj is taking a break. For a while he was churning out so much content in such a short amount of time that it reminded me of years ago when I did pro bono work for a fansite and burned myself out in a similar way for little return.

Sucks that there’s more to it than “burned out a bit, so I’m taking a break” though. Eventhubs and other content leeches are definitely a cancer. Even if that problem didn’t exist, it’s hard to break even doing this sort of thing.

Maj isn’t exactly complainng about the person behind eventhubs… He’s complaining about the state of affairs everything has come to.

It’s at the stage where a site that doesn’t create it’s won content & instead borrows/leeches/links to & compiles data gets a massive amount more hits. Hell he even met the guy & said he sounded like a nice enough guy.

Maj has put a massiveamount of his life in to this stuff & for what? A joystick? Could you honestly say that spending multiple years on this kind of thing is justified because someone said thank you & gave you a fight stick?

I’m half half on it, i love Maj he’s a great bloke, very clever & even more creative, but he can’t deny part of the things he does is also for himself as well. But in his situation i could easily feel the same way. Whatever way it goes it’s a horrible shame.

& anyone who makes this kind of media will tell you that the very least a site should offer is credit to the auther, especially if the site is generating an income off it.

& fuck, lay off nyoronoru i mean i don’t agree with him but alot of people are really convoluting what he is saying.

Someone called my guides garbage, and called my friend a thief, and I am not allowed to respond?

Are you insane? Also, I am not head of the site! I just contribute content.

You’re like a little lamb willingly trotting itself into the abbatoir. Just walk away now whilst you still can, these flame wars can be pretty brutal y’know.

I don’t even know if it’s worth responding to anyone at all anymore. All that hard work I put into writing those guides to make sure they were accurate (and I still made mistakes that had to be corrected, like with Cammy’s Spinning Backfist and Adon’s Ultras!) and people say I am a copycat.

And Maj’s latest post essentially said that even if he didn’t make money off of his combo videos, he would want SRK to come out first in terms of presenting the content and having the community on SRK enjoying it there. That’s fine and he has the power to do that. I just didn’t think he would accuse 'Hubs of so many wrong things.

No, he actually had a valid point. If you’re going to defend SRK, don’t do it like this.

I don’t understand the situation too well, but if EH is stealing revenue from Maj, then fuck them.

Listen to DDC, he is the man, if you are going to debate with someone it’s a hell of a lot easier to be rational and think about it instead of just saying “Fuck you, blah blah blah” and going absolutely nowhere with it.

By doing what you did, you portray SRK as a whole like a group of jackasses that can’t spell properly and solve all their problems with cursing and/or threats.

I have no stake in this (Other than my troll post), I respect Maj and appreciate all his hard work, and I understand his feelings towards sites that do that. But without any personal stake in this or not knowing other sides to the coin I can’t honestly form an opinion about it. It’s sad to see Maj quit, but hopefully he’ll have more time to participate in tournaments and get his life on track.

So eventhubs has every possible sf4 related article and bit of news or info in one place and thats a problem? Why go to all of these sites when you can go to one? I like maj’s work but what are you gonna do man, its just the way it is now.

I didnt know that if eh has a embed that they got the ad revenue. That is stupid imo. If that truly is the case then why can’t people just ask eventhubs to just have a link to whatever they are posting.

yesh, drama. keyboard warriors unite

the vultures are circling, in anticipation of the strife that will soon follow.

come my brethen, let us feast on the kill tonight




Don’t be ridiculous here. Strategy information for fighting games basically follows open source principles. If we hold people who write guides to the standard that they must cite anyone who has taught them any bit of what they are writing about in the guide, you won’t see nearly as many guides. Certainly if you just copy and paste one persons guide to your site with little to no alterations you’re in the wrong, but there is a reasonable difference.

In any case I agree, original content is undervalued, and not very cost effective if you want to generate some revenue from fighting games. If Maj and others stopped with things of value like combo videos, enough stupid shit like Ono tweets, say nothing interviews, novelty shitty SF art of the day etc. will keep the blogs of the fighting game world filled. I don’t intend to sound mean by this, but not nearly enough people give enough of a fuck about the kinds of things people like Maj do.

I dont know who Maj is and I dont know what event hubs is but after reading the first page of this thread im fucking hungy.

That’s messed up. I’ve always enjoyed Maj’s stuff and it sucks that he’s quitting. EventHubs should do what SRK does and post a small teaser of the article instead of copying+pasting the whole thing.

I’m sorry but I don’t see anything positive coming out of this thread beyond a whole bunch of bashing and a whole lot of denying. Sorry.

Sweet lord I busted out laughing at work. This is the rebuttal of the year right here if there is a category for best lines.

It’s interesting how the presence of money transforms the interests of community contributors. You don’t mix business with pleasure sir. The moment you began to view your content as a potential source of income, you should have separated your feelings for the community from your wallet. It’s your decision to combine the two that has led to your current state of affairs.
That being said, your contribution is very appreciated and I look forward to enjoying any future content from you as your schedule and personal interest permits. I hope you can give the community another chance and perhaps return to creating content as a personal hobby.

I think this is a really interesting situation. To the general internet public, no single combo video or news article is particularly valuable, but having a site you can go to to reliably get news about your interests IS really valuable. From a financial perspective, being a content creator is not effective, especially when you can’t enforce a copyright on your material. Gathering and organizing every little tid bit of information and calling it news can generate hits, even though, especially from a creator’s perspective, it isn’t “really contributing.”

Things get complex when you start talking about “communities” when money is involved.

This is an interesting case study in online communities… the population exploded recently (SSF4) and it has completely changed the dynamics of the community… and it seems like everyday, things become more and more international as the Japanese are increasingly taking more interest in the world community.

There are a number of unresolved issues. If there is a fighting game “community,” who is the “government?” How can we enforce the community’s law? Who delivers the news? Who pays for which services? Who has the right to profit off of which content?

I think there are plenty of good issues here that should be addressed in public, and, whether or not you agree with Maj’s post, Maj did a really good thing to draw attention to them. Maybe it will raise people’s awareness of the challenges the front line faces when they try to get involved and make things better.

But… to Maj, I’ve always really enjoyed your videos. You just do what you gotta do, man. You might find yourself happier in the end.