Maj quits and thanks eventhubs for stealing!

I’ve known Maj since ST days… sad to see it’s come to this. I hope you still keep doing your vids man!

sonic hurricane dot com - I Give Up :amazed:

He should play more, not get so stressed on some lame site.

It’s business. When you’re not making back what you’ve invested and then some…do you just play games? Fuck, no.

eventhubs is know for stealing stuffs. sometimes, they don’t even give credit to the source either.

It’s more than just business, imo. It’s having your own creations stolen right from under your nose and not get credited for.

The amount of misinformation and falsehoods in that article is startling. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Maj.

To say that I copy and paste SRK guides is 100% untrue. Everything I have written was from scratch and is my own work.

Lastly I don’t recall a single time where Sonic Hurricane or ComboVid wasn’t credited or linked to for making their content. SRK doesn’t get jobbed for embedding video links and linking afterwards, but Eventhubs does? Why?

well it probably has a lot to do with your website being completely awful

purchases stock from this post

It’s not startling when people know he’s speaking the truth.

The content from the site is taken from 90% of the time.
Even though it’s well compiled and organized (something this forum seems to lack), it’s still leeching.

If you opened a partnership with, or something similar, it would be understandable. The core info for what you do comes from here, or someplace else. Just crediting does nothing.

I could credit Metallica in my album of Metallica songs that I sell for 5 bucks a piece. It’s still stealing. No matter how much I re-arrange that shit, or how rich Metallica are.

It’s not illegal do put stuff up on your website taken from different websites. You’re keeping it tidy.
But it does fuck up the revenue for some people like Maj.

That’s when you should just stop, and listen.


PS: Mentioning how you lost respect for Maj won’t get you any pity. Everyone here respects Maj truthfully because the guy has been contributing to this community before half the users even signed up (way way before 2008, to be precise).

Trouble is, although it’s bad form to not credit the finder, data-related information cannot be regarded as stolen when the source is public.

It is not my website, I just contribute original content.

I lost respect for Maj because he is a consistent hard worker who puts up a lot of great work but he decided to make a post full of misinformation outside of his style. Not only that, he didn’t even contact the people he had a problem with before writing this massive post. Instead of working it out like an adult (or through PMs, as SRK posters like to do) he basically just sprung a shock-and-awe slamdown article. Not cool.

Also I don’t really know what to say to you. All the guides I write are 100% made from scratch and are not taken from SRK. You can keep repeating false claims, but they don’t make them any more false. Your analogy with Metallica is just awful.

Simple solution: Don’t allow embedding of videos, only links, and only post partial articles that link to the full, original source. Eventhubs will still get a lot of traffic, but it will get redirected to respective original sources.

Eventhubs right now, as it operates, is the Ray William Johnson of the FG community.

Maj keep doing your thing. forget about EventNubs

I rarely visit either site, but I know Maj is one of us. Good luck man. BTW if Maj decides to fight on, holla at me if you want some SEO tips, I will help you out for free hermano

Agreed, using a bog standard wordpress template sucks balls, especially when you can get really good looking ones for free, and plenty of folks in IMM i’m sure would love to make some fancy graphics too.

You’ve lost respect for Maj because he speaks the truth? Eventhubs steals content without credit. It’s a known fact. You may contribute the occasional garbage guide, but 99% of the rest of the site is leeched from SRK. Get real man.

moar like event scrubs…

srsly though, i didn’t think anybody took that site seriously. place is a joke.

and bullshit you wrote those guides by yourself. It takes YEARS, thousands of matches, and hours of rigorous testing to create that raw data, there is no way you played every char till you had advanced strats for all of them. No fucking way. Even the AE street fighter bible had MANY contributors besides the authors. I can’t and won’t buy that you wrote those guides all on your own. Maybe you put everything in a nice little package, but to claim that the work of the community is yours is complete bullshit.

thanks for all your hard work maj, i’m an infinitely better player because of you.

Even though I have no clue who this Mr Maj is, I just want to say…

FUCK Eventhubs. It’s a heap of shit.

dude helped me more than anyone learn not only to play fighting games, but to really enjoy them. this is a sad day.

So you’re claiming that all info in guides you write, including combos, frame data, which moves to use in what situations, etc. is 100% original, you went into the game and found it out yourself? No, I’m willing to bet you went to the appropriate subsection on these forums and found the info, then wrote it in your own words.

Completely untrue. Everyone and everything is credited in every post, and everything that exists on that site has been 100% written originally. Have some fun reading the guides that Catalyst made (and people contributed too!).

Guide to understanding Hit Boxes in Street Fighter :
Basic gameplay details: Street Fighter 4 :
Tips on switching from a pad to a joystick :
Street Fighter 4 rivals conversation transcript :
Character strength comparison for Street Fighter 4 :

And my guides are not garbage. Ultimately, there is no responding to you because you’re talking without reason.