Magneto AD help

Been readin’ and lurkin’ these forums for quite some times, I know how to do ROM, etc. I think Im a decent Mag player.

The problem Im havin’ at the moment though is when Im on the right of the screen (2player) and try and Sj. addf I always tend to do Mags “Magnetic Blast” its like 70% of the time I do that move and it really messes my groove up but when Im on the left side (1player) I can Sj. addf all day so Im just wonderin’ if Im the only one experiencin’ this? Mind you… I hold the stick with a fist position… all that tappin’ stuff doesn’t work for me.

Also… how does one do a sj. ADD+hk, I can’t seem to do that fast enough.

I think, if you do Sj. stick in neutral position, lk, lk, them addf it would work.

The problem you are having with the MB special is because you are not returning the stick to neutral before you air dash, you are moving from up for the hyper jump going to down forward and essentially backwards tiger kneeing the move out. What you want to do is when you sj. short, forward try to let go of the stick, or at least return it to where it isnt hitting any switches, then after the sj.forward postition the stick in the air dash direction of your wish.

To tri-jump RH, you can either slide or claw. Essentially you want the RH button press immediatly after the air-dash, much like the rom. I slide, most ppl (it seems) claw. Try hitting the two buttons for the dash, then immediatly sliding to the RH button with your middle finger. Or you can use an extra finger to push the button immediatly as you dash.

I have no idea what your talkin’ about, I think your tryin’ to help me do the ROM? :wonder:

I understand what your sayin’ about returnin’ the stick in neutral, I can do it now but it feels kinda of akward lettin’ the stick go, Im so used to have a good grip on it.

I still can’t manage to do the tri-jump RH, the slide method is just outta the question, I can’t even do the slide method with the ROM dont feel confortable with it. Claw? What fingers are used to do it? I usually use my index+middle for 2 punches and ring finger for assist, etc.

I think if I actually see it done I can manage to do it, I realize that I learn best from trial and error. Thanks for the info about the AD help though. :woot:

well its funny cause i was goin thru the sameeee problem… to the T lol…

What I did to correct the mb special problem was basically relearning my mechanics… for example i would break each part down until i got it properly… Id do Launch then when i go up i let go of the stick then when i press hk i put the stick df and i hold it there when i press dash… i kept doin it over and over and over and over until it was second nature… during this process i went thru alot of different hand positions until i found one that was comfortable for me… i used to put my ring finger under the stick put my index and middle on top and thumb on the right side… but i realized doin certain motions (dragon punch) was kinda hard… so i switched to to nothing under the stick middle and ring behind and thumb on right side… doin this cut down the the amount of times the mb special came out… so tryn changing the way u hold the stick…

In regards to ur tri jump problem i also had the same problem… i used slide but it was too much work gettin the dash down… so i converted to claw-ism… the thing wif tri jumping hk wif slide is u wanna make sure ur index doesnt slide down wif ur middle finger… like when u press lp and hp slide down ur middle and raise ur index… thats wat i did…kind of like a gliding motion but wif claw u can use ur thumb… try doin addf HK cause if u dont go high enough and do add hk it will whiff… hope that helps:wgrin:

You know what? I used to hold the stick the same way you mentioned, I mean its exactly how I used to hold it when I first got it. It was alright at the time but it still felt like I didn’t have complete control of my Mag. I now hold it with a firm grip now (fist grip), I feel better and have more control.

I’m still workin’ on the tri-jump hk though. What Im doing now is Im pressin’ both lp+hp (index & middle) and pressin’ hk with the lower part of my middle finger. I can do it like 40% of the time but its kinda of akward and feels weird as hell. Feels like Im pressin’ all 3 buttons at the same time.

I just want to see a pic or somethin’ on how its done, slide and claw way.

I’m tryin’ tho… last thing I want to do is let a game get me frustrated. Anyways… thanks again.

noooo u dont wanna get into “3buttons at the same time habit” cause wat will happen is if u use storm at all when u tri jump LA will come out… ive seen it happen too many times and its also happened to me alot… I had to break myself out of that habit lol

Yeah… I was doin’ the 3button mashin’ when I was tryin’ to learn how to do Mag’s ROM. :rofl: It just never worked that way.

Im messin’ around with it now tryin’ to do the tri-jump hk. I think Im gettin’ the concept of what to do but now I can’t press lp+hp, its like Im to focused on tryin’ to hit hk. When I do hit lp+hp then I forget to hit hk and I hit lk instead, Im so used to lk… thats my second nature.

Ima get it though… tryin’ to get it done soon. Shit is totally different than playin’ on a PS2 controller.

So Im workin’ with usin’ the lower part of my middle finger to hit hk atm.

make sure ur practicing at game speed… and why not try and use ur thumb?

I do use my thumb, I use my thumb for lk.

I play on turbo speed like everyone else.

No i dont mean setting the speed i mean practice ur combos as how u would do it in a match… some people when they practice they dont practice at game speed…:looney:

Oh I get you… :rofl:

I thought you was thinkin’ I was playin’ on normal game speed or something, I was wonderin’ why would someone ask me that. :rofl:

Anyways… still aint got it down pack. :mad: Im tryin’ to get that down pack then move on to another character. I still can’t really find a team that I want to play with but I usually run with MSS.

Yeh im tryin out mag/storm/IM… My reg team is storm/sent/IM

I still can’t do the tri-jump hk. :rofl:

you should be able tri-jump hk if you could rom, what method do you use?

Claw… I can’t slide worth a damn. I can do the ROM easily. I can do the tri-jump hk like 20% of the time, most of the time the hk just dont come out. ROM to me is like my nature, thats like the first thing I taught myself to do when I got my stick.

I’ve tried to even use my ring finger to hit hk but no luck, its like I have to change my whole hand around just to hit hk and when I do then I dont hit lp+hp. Its just frustratin’ at times.

If I could just see a picture or video of how its done then I’d be alright, claw way and slide way.

Ops… Your having problem only when addf for a tri jump… I thought you did Magnetic blast in the ROM combo… sorry…

But the same advice, sj. stick in neutral, addf - or try to do the sj. with down, up/back, addf… it always works to me…

whats your e-mail i’ll send you a pic

I got what I needed…

i move the stick first… then just, while im’ holding d/f, hit 2P and slide to HK…