Magneto AD help

Ok, ok… Dj Clayface sent me some pics of slide and claw mehtod and I now I understand. Ima go practice on it later and come back with results. Thanks for all the input.

I never thought you would use your thumb… I thought you would use your ring finger. Oh well… live and learn.

i use my middle finger…

You must do the slide method? :rolleyes: Either way folks do have various of ways of playin’.

Well I done tried it out a couple of times and it has a akward feelin’ to it but I am able to perform the tri-jump hk… claw method.

After I get this down pack then Ima move onto either Storm or Sent, been messin’ around with them as well.

sometimes… sometimes i use a piano technique that i learned from liszt…

index / ring on the two punches, middle on the high kick. it depends on what hand position i’m coming from… if i’m doing something that requires assist one, i’ll use that fingering with my pinky on assist one…

the liszt piece im’ referring to is an etude of his where you’re hitting Gb and Bb (on the piano, the two outter of the group of three black keys), and alternating with G and A (the two white keys directly in between them) with your thumb and pinky on the E and and C respectively… so some awkward fingering is needed…

Storm is easy to pick up once you’ve got magnus down. use all of magnetos’ rushdown properties (with different buttons since she has different uses for her tri jumps and her low attacks, and can chain six attacks on the ground, although it wont hit, and magneto can only chain two)… then learn her advance floating air dashing, and it’s all gravy with her rushdown… her runaway is pretty simple… can get complex, but for the most part, it’s simple… just be aware of when you air dash, lightening attack, float, and what attacks are good against certain characters… generally, hp and lk are the two best options.

I tried out that piano technique just for the hell of it and it just threw me all off. :rofl:

I read somewhere on this forum that Storm was easier to learn than Magneto? Not sure if thats true or not but I jumped straight to Mag before I started messin’ with Storm. It was a long time ago that I read it somwhere…

well from wat i learned from playing mag and storm is that storm is def easier to use than mag… but if u master magneto first learning storm should be no problem… i noticed a problem i had… I started usin storm first, got good with her then i started usin mag… now when i started usin mag whenever i would tri jump the signs would come out every single time lol… then i realized i was doing an improper motion(i did the same motion wif storm and nothing came out)… so i corrected it and i dont have that problem much anymore:arazz:

The problem Im havin’ with Storm is when I try to add I end up throwin’ out a typhoon sometimes but rarely but I corrected that. I need to head over to the Storm section and read up on some info cause right now I just know basics for her. I rarely play with her tho, I always go through the game or beat whomever I play against with Mag… mainly OCVs. :rofl:

I dont really play the game n e more i just stay in the lab… work on combos and such… but on the typhoon while add… ur not doin the corect motion… ur doin a quarter circle… like wif me when i go up on the stick for sj i kinda let it go until im ready to come down(addf and lk)

make sure u press lp hp then lk not lp hp lk cause wat will happen is LA will come out and it could become a hard habit to break

EDIT: if i can get someone to hold the cam ill show u how i personally do my tri jumps wif storm and mag

When Im at the arcade I usually just play the arcade mode until someone comes around and challenge me but other than that Im at home just messin’ around in practice mode.

Yeah I stated that I wasn’t doin’ it right which is the reason why typhoon kept comin’ out but I got it down pack now, wasn’t used to leavin’ the stick in neutral.

I never press all 3 buttons when I play with Storm so I really dont have any problems with that. The only time I ever pressed 3 buttons is when I first was learnin’ how to do the ROM with Magneto… but in the end I learned that it dont work that way so that was a trial and error situation for me.

Good shit…
lol i never thought id be giving advice im marvel and shit… trust me I was a super scrub… lol im not where i wanna be yet but im gettin there… lol best thing i could say is get ur ass handed to you plenty of times… You will learn how to step ur defense up…
U mastered LA-LS yet??I still fuck that shit up sometimes… like ill do the motion for LS to fast and ill do the LA the other way… I hate when that shit happens

Yeah I be havin’ the same problem, I be doin’ some moves so fast that it doesn’t come out and I end up doin’ the next move… like when I try and do typhoon xxx hailstorm, I end up doin’ the whole combo but do the typhoon to fast and hailstorm comes out. :rofl:

Thats another one of my problems… I do my moves to fast that it dont come out. I gotta slow down.

I aint master LA-LS yet… but 8/10 I can get it done right, I do it better with just 1 LA than 2 for some reason.

try this for LA xx LS

sj (hold up/forward), lk, lk, LA (should go upforward), then start the following motion and hit the second LA (and hold the buttons), upforward, up, upback, back, downback, down, downforward, forward+ (let go of LK and hit LP), then let go of both. youre negative edge-ing the LA. Its easier for me to do it that way, but it wont get you max damage.

Your way seems weird, I really dont have problems with LA xxx LS that much, very easy to do.

Why is it that most people do LA up forward? I mean just doin’ a straight forward LA will get it done.

maximum damage buddy. you want them to be between the horizontal and the diagonal one, so they get hit by both. it does about 10 more hits, and about 20% more damage.

sj. lp sjlp uf LAx2xxLS does pretty good damage
im trying to get the up and straight one but i always miss the straight one… am i doing it too fast?? im guessin i gotta wait til the last possible moment?

yup. it’s really not that hard once you get it… for now, practice the two lightening attacks. you might be thinking too hard about the lightening storm…

then practice, sj, lk, lk, straight LA xx LS… and you’ll eventually just automatically link those two things up.

Whenever you have hard times with combo strings, analyze what you’re doing and fix the weakest link in it. break the shit down and work on it. it’s the only way to get shit like that, like magneto’s infinites if you want to mix it up, etc.

Realest shit I read today! I do this all the time, especially when I was learnin’ how to do Mags ROM and Im still learnin’ how to do Sent’s fly/unfly. This applies to so many things as well.

I didnt know the damage differed on how it was perform, I usually just do it straight LA, up forward LA xxx LS or just straight LA xxx LS. I really dont see the difference tho but I’ll check it out in practice mode later on today.

the difference is when you get about 15/18 hits vs. 25/28 hits, depending on what you do before the launcher

Oh your talkin’ about that… I been knew that. The more hits you do the less damage it does, I think it goes down after like 10-12 hits right?

What I was talkin’ about was the LA in different positions, it does the same amount of damage whether its up, down, etc.

no no…

your position will determine how many hits you want. If you get both of the diagonal and straight bolts to hit at the same time, you’ll do about 20% more damage with it.