Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers Thread

Downloaded this today after playing the demo and finding it agreeable. I’ve never played Magic IRL but was looking for a nice turn-based board game-esque video game for psn.

Anyone else playing yet? I’m willing to play anyone at this point, still learning the ropes.

Could also use some pro-tips…

ya im gonna download it too me and my cousins play in a big group irl all the time i can teach u a TON about magic bro

Cool, right now I think Im just getting beat by people with a lot more/better cards in their deck.

It’s strange that there isn’t really any level of deck customization though…I thought that was the whole point of magic?

It feels like the win or loss is contingent on how good a starting hand you drew was for most battles.

it is thats the drawback to the online game they give u a set but you cant break it down or rly create ur own

i used to play magic back in the days… i got to check this game up.

lol people even ragequit in this game too.

ragequitters tonight:

mydementedmind - RQ at last second like a pussy

Never played magic before, I have played yugioh though and I gotta ask, is this game random, unbalanced and inconsistent like Yugioh?

Edit - playing the demo now, it seems to suffer the same problems as any card game, a bit of a random factor going on but I like the fact that it has many more options and is a bit less random than yugioh. Not sure what I think about it yet.

it’s starting to feel less random now, the more I know about my cards, how they can combo with eachother, etc. Once I figured out what kind of cards I needed to start out my hand with, it’s gotten pretty easy.

can you customize your deck?

not really

nothing like beating people who wasted their money on expansion sets :rofl:

does anyone know is it is possible to have a voice chat while in a duel??.. i tried with a friend but no luck… but the weird part is that i see the “voice icons” but no sound…

yeah it’s automatic, it should work for you. I’ll be on in a couple hours, let’s get some games in

i think i missed you i should be on today ill hit u up if i see u online.

I never played Magic but I want to learn. I downloaded the demo yesterday and I will give it a shot.

my problems with this game:

-75% of losses happen because you either get only mana the entire game, or no mana the entire game

-The other 25% happens because the other guy is using the vampire monoblack deck, which is like having 3 sentinels and infinite capcom assist

I just got this game and I really enjoy it. Only downside is you can’t mix and match decks.
Add me and i’ll play you whenever.

Are you getting the DLCs?

How much freedom do you have when it comes to customizing decks? I used to play MtG when I was younger and was wondering what you’re capable of doing in this game.

None. the decks are pre-made and you play single player to unlock more pre-made decks. the only customizable feature is whether to include the “unlocked” cards in your pre-made deck or not.

Revising my opinion…elf deck is best, vampire second

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