Magenta Setup File share

I wanted to create a thread for people to share their code and explain why they were creating this custom code.
Original Project Magenta Thread


P1 - Sf shots
P2- T7
P3- charge characters
P4- stock


I have a super specific one I’m creating for Sailor Uranus mains in Sailor Moon S. I’ll try to share the profile when I feel like it’s optimal.

Thanks. P1 helped fix a problem I was having with getting a forward jump sometimes when attempting a dash to the left since my thumb is doing the pushing from a slight upward angle. I’ve had this issue before when trying to use a bigger actuator to get faster responses so I removed it, but with the magenta I can now have the best of both worlds. Faster response and no unnecessary jumps.

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I’m glad you like it! That is the exact issue I tried to correct with that profile :slight_smile:


Could you share with me a screenshot of your motion and charge SF profiles? I don’t really want to import anything that will cause me to lose my Uranus profile.

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Screen + Files = Marvelous

There’s got to be a more efficient way to display this than dumping screenshots…

You will never lose your stored magenta configuration when testing changes or importing profiles unless you press the “store” button.

I would still recommend that you export your favorite profiles for safe keeping on your computer hard drive. Exported profiles are interchangeable with any magenta lever of the same version. Only those still running the alpha and beta hardware sticks are out of luck.

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I have one of the betas, so that’s me.


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If anyone has new profiles they wish to share send me a PM. Trying to get everything collected so far up on the web site for download.