MadCatZ PS3 TE FightStick: PC - Xp- vista- win7 32-64bit (read 1st post)

guide for users having trouble with The PS3 TE/SE and there PC’s

also if you run into problems try disconnecting other usb devices and try plug the stick in to the actual usb port.

if using a hub try plugging it in directly onto your computer

please play around with your usb connections do not plug the TE into any sort of hub.

having discovered not all chipsets support the ps3 TE/Se this is what you can do if your PS3 TE/SE does not work.

the PS3 TE is only compatible with UHCI (Universal Host Controller Interface), which is an Intel originated proprietary standard and far from universal. Any knowledgeable and experienced engineer developing a USB device knows and fully understands the differences between the various USB standards:

UHCI - USB 1.1 Proprietary Intel Standard
OHCI - USB 1.1 Open Standard
EHCI - USB 2.0 Open Standard

inorder to use you have to have a UHCI (Universal Host Controller Interface), i can personally recommend via chipsets as this was my solution and all that has bought pci cards with the via chipset have reported that it works.

ok guys,

i bought 2 pci cards because my nvidia chipset on my motherboard , was not registering button presses, or joystick movement, however it sees the stick.

pci card 1, belkin 4 5 port pci, nec chip on the board (presumming its a nec chipset), same as before sees the stick does not register.

Pci card 2, cheap brand (maxvalue), via chip on the board (presumming its a via chipset), sees the stick and yes the buttons work ok.

so i have got it working at last and yes the problem lays within what chipset you are trying to plug the stick into, nvidia is not working from what users have posted before, i can say that the belkin nec chip PCI usb card is also not working, and possibly ati chipsets also.

this is the pci card that is working for me

and it is cheap

unlucky for me i boght a more exspensive brand and it didnt work

please also note, that the stick while working does not like a USB hub i have and needs to be plugged into the socket directly,as it dont register inputs through the hub i have.


Good luck guys
updated to cut alot of the confusion here is the solution

also works with SFIV for pc, no need to configure keys everything is mapped just fine.

tip for all look at the via chipset, make sure this chip is on what ever usb device you purchase

I hope that it does work. Every time that I recommended the 360 stick for PC people would correct me saying that that the PS3 stick would definitely work as well. If it doesn’t then I’m sure someone will put together some drivers up for it.

Are there any wired PS3 Mad Catz pads? I’d try using the drivers from those if such a thing exists.

wheres the pc love ?

does the stick work on the console you bought it for?

i have it for ps3. and my ps3 is at a different location from where i am. so i cant tell. i assume it would lol.

anyways it doesnt say anywhere on the box that it is pc compatible. i just assumed it would be. silly me haha.

i hope someone creates a driver soon. :nunchuck:

Wasn’t there a PC driver to make PS3 controllers work on windows? If so then you probably need it.

i tried a method someone posted for sixaxis drivers. it did not work for me though.

A selling point for the TE stick was that it also worked on PC. If my HRAP3 works on PC than why can’t the TE stick?

yeah my Shitty hori FS3 worked on vista, windows even found the drivers itself.


That might help. I did exactly as the video said to get my PS3 DS controller to work on my PC.

i followed all instructions to the best of my ability, but it did not work. hmmmm

im on windows xp sp3, 32 bit professional edition

I remember Markman stating this week that he did test and it worked, no plugins or homebrews needed. That’s a bummer

ya im a lil bummed myself. ii got this joystick in front of me and i cant use it haha it looks nice haha

im surprised no one else has a ps3 version and has this experience ?

Well not everyone got this stick yet. I don’t think it’s too big a deal, I’m sure drivers will pop up online pretty fast if this is a major issue (by that I mean NO one’s stciks work with pc). I know similar issues happened with the Hori FS3, but some people had their’s (like me) work as soon as you plugged it in.

My PS3 TE stick works on my PC. Just plugged in and it worked.

WinXP Pro SP3 32bit

hmmm. what does it say in you game controllers section ?

Same as my specs. Yay

Says PC USB Wired Stick 8838. Sorry, just thought of uploading a screenshot now. You can see it in my post above.

gscarc…do the stick and buttons register?

wjl976, are you using a modified version of xp, like an nlite-modified xp?

Yes, the stick and buttons register.