M.Bison's nationality?

Where the heck is M.Bison from? One would assume he was from Thailand but he don’t look very Thai does he? I heard he was in Vietnam but then again he doesn’t look Vietnamese. Is he Middle Eastern? I heard someone once say he was Spanish but isn’t that Vega (the Spanish matador ninjitsu fella?).

Does anybody know? Thanx for your time.

I’ve always wondered too. Is he Asian or white? It’s hard to tell.

LOL Good question

If Bison does indeed switch bodies at will then chances are he doesn’t have a nationality anymore.

Nationality: Chances are that the Thai government renounced his citizenship or Bison renounced it himself in favor of Shadaloo or something like that.

Race: Bison is southeast asian(Thai/Vietnamese/Cambodian/Laotian). He has the same complexion as Sagat. Shadaloo capitol is in Thailand. Also IMO Bison’s relationship with Sagat was a small bit of trust through racial bond. Or something like that.

He’s African

Hmmm, Well, his original apperance, errr lemme say that again, when in Alpha series, he’s Thai, uhmmm and I think we all know his 2nd apperance (rose’s body)

Its Unknown, but my guess is he’s from Thailand

I thought I read he was Japanese? I hope this doesn’t break out into a “IS DUDLEY BLACK?” kind of debate…

His nationality has always been stated as ‘Unknown’ and in SFA3 he kinda’ hints that he’s taken many different forms and has gone by many different names, so it’s hard to say. He has no official nationality.

he GERMAN look at his ww2 german uniform…isnt ryus father german…hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ryu is not Hitomei.=)

Is Dudley black?

i heard that bison is cambodian …

It would explain alot considering Charlie died in Cambodia.

Maybe he’s Italian. Rose is Italian and she came from him.

He’s obviously Swedish.

How did you come up with that lovely conclusion?

common sense, duh?

Yeah, and meatballs too, duh.