M. Bison ftw (Dictator Thread)

Boxer jumped thats why he was able to juggle.

Speaking of juggling, I’ve been able to land that crazy M.Bison juggle into super seen in the Capcombo vid quite often without the opponent being dizzied. :woot:

Cr. fierce seems to be the best anti-air against shotos, something about the hit boxes makes it work better for their air-to-grounds than most other characters, Especially if you time it late, it cleanly beats j. rh.

lol, it’s been that way forever. it’s part of the game. :wink:

as for anti-air, neutral jump roundhouse, jump strong (forwards and backwards), and if your sprite is higher than theirs in the air, use forward jumping roundhouse.

don’t try to beat the air hurricane kick.

with ken, bait him on the ground for jap DP’s, then standing Roundhouse his ass to punish. a couple of those dizzies him.

ryu? he’s a chore, and with his super, he controls the horizontal space on the ground…jumping on him against a good ryu is suicide. with dictator’s improved devil reverse, you can get out of crossups and if you anticipate the fireball, get out with the DR.

akuma? haven’t figured him out yet. :confused:

yes i know. it’s that anticipation on the jump that got me excited. :smiley:

yes it’s pretty good.

Yeah, I know. It was that way in vanilla ST. It’s just really frustrating when someone’s in your face and you can kill them with chip damage from the kick and get thrown for it. Heh, it seems like most of Dictator’s shenanigans can get you thrown for trying them because a lot of his moves are very unsafe on block. Hell, I only use Psycho crusher to hit people jumping back and for chip damage to finish a match, and occasionally in a combo. It’s too dangerous to use otherwise. It can be used for getting out of the corner too.

Thanks for the advice. That neutral jump roundhouse saved my ass today. A lot of scrubs online just jump in, and they’re easy to beat with anyone with reliable anti-air. I was getting into a bit of trouble with Dictator not knowing how to really counter it, but now I do, it’s all better :wgrin:.

I’m starting to hate that hurricane kick. I never try to counter one I see coming, I just run away. What sucks is when I see them jumping in and go to neutral j.HK and get smacked for it.

I love that shit. Sometimes I do a jab crusher in response or Knee Press to get a knockdown, and then bait a reversal and punish some more. My problem with Ken right now is just the HK Hurricane kick. I can duck it on reaction every time, but then I lose my charge as he goes over my head. Maybe time it and jump away as he lands?

I can jump in on fast fireballs on reaction, but mainly when I see a fast one I do the Head Stomp. I don’t follow up with Skull Diver though, because it can be hit with a shoryuken very easily. Sometime you can screw with them by using the right angle. Head Stomp followed by a Skull Diver and then s.MP dizzies. I don’t think it’s worth eating a shoryuken for it most of the time. So I just head stomp and fly back to where I was. A lot of Ryu players will throw a fierce hadouken back, and from there you can advance. Jumping straight up and then walking forward and then doing a roundhouse to knock him out of the fireball works well too…unless he has meter, then you’re just asking for it. Devil’s reverse is amazing for getting out of crossups and corners after a knockdown. I’ve been practicing the hell out of reversals just so I can do that.

Yeah…Akuma being low tier my ass. His fierce Hadouken recovers faster than Ryu’s jab Hadouken! He can shoryuken a jump in attempt after a Hadouken every single time unless you’re at the perfect range. His air Hadouken traps are nasty and are very hard for Dictator to deal with. If you can guess that he’s going to try, you can attempt to do forward j. roundhouse. That works most of the time, but sometimes he’ll pop the fireball off early in reaction. For the love of god don’t let him cross you up. His cross up combos do ridiculous amounts of damage. I’ve only fought one or two good Akuma players online, but man they are very hard to deal with.

…you still have your down- charge, so you still have access to the Head Stomp and Devil Reverse if you’re into trickery.

wait, they’re actually using ground HK Hurricane on you? :confused:

up-close are far away? if it’s far, then anticipate and spank him with a standing roundhouse or go into fierce psycho crusher. sometimes i even jump back to get some breathing space to mount another offense. in theory, have you tried using the few invincibility frames at the initial start-up of the DR to get out? i haven’t tried it myself…i usually train them to stay honest and smack them on the ground and play footsies; i rarely jump, due to his various DP ranges now. :bluu:

Oh, here’s a vid of Kimomaru’s Dictator vs. Aniken’s…Ken, lol; this is why you try to stay out of the corner: :wink:


Oh shit, you’re right. I think the head stomp would get punished, but doing devil’s reverse would probably work due to the invulnerability. If they’re far away, I figured out early on I could roundhouse it on reaction…up close MK works sometimes, but generally it’s a duck or block deal at that range. Blocking is bad because generally it means knee bash if you do anything other than mash jab. Though I did once get hit by the Tatsu and did c.MK into Knee Press when they went for the throw. Generally I’ve found that if they want to throw, it beats c.MK, but not c.LK.

You can actually slide right into Ken’s hurricane and neither move will hit :confused:

Fake slide is ridiculous, as is Devil’s reverse… I just wish I could control the DR better, what is the input for doing it but moving as little horizontally as possible?

So uhhh, for how long has Psycho Crusher been able to pass over Low Tigers?

Hmm…I did this today, and it worked, but it resulted in Ken hitting me because his recovery was shorter. I wonder if you could fake slide…because that would be an awesome answer. Also, for the record, don’t try to stand roundhouse Ryu’s Tatsu, it doesn’t work and you’ll get hit. This works on Ken though, and I’m not sure about Akuma. Sometimes you can hit them with the Knee press with the right timing, when their active leg is on the other side.

You just kind of have to move it back and forth. The control is fairly tight, so just angle it the way you want.

Wow…I didn’t know that. I did some testing and it seems like it works in Vanilla ST too. Now, it doesn’t go over it all the time, you have to be fully extended. But if Sagat throws a HK low tiger shot, you can do fierce crusher on reaction and hit him back during his recovery! Awesome find man, I’m going to exploit the hell out of this.

I haven’t tried it in ST/HDR yet but in CvS2, Bison could hit Tatsu’s cleanly on reaction with cr.Fierce.

Speaking of psycho crushers, all crushers now beat Honda’s hand slaps if you’re fully extended. Just use jab crusher and you’ll beat it clean.

Anyone mess with PC vs throws yet. It supposed to have slight invincibility now iirc.

Does anyone have any good strats for air fb spamming Akuma? His pussy air FB beats j. mp’s clean. It’s a frustrating matchup because I HATE having to play patiently. It seems like Dictator only wins because the Akuma player usually sucks, but I have a lot of fear of local players in my area picking up Akuma, they are all very good and I literally think I could not have a chance of beating a skilled player+Akuma cheese.

Man change your character then, playing dic well requires patience.

Most Akumas throw out air fbs like they are going out of style. As soon as I see Akuma jump towards me at all, I jump straight up and RH it. I sometimes get hit by the fb anyways on the way down, but the RH does more damage. Just be careful not to try going for the jumping RH too early too often in a short period of time or else he’ll air hurricane kick which usually beats the RH.

Also, if he’s really close, I just walk underneath and throw or give him a standing RH.

no it doesn’t…from Sirlin’s site:


    • Devil’s reverse (charge down, up+punch) has 2 frames of invulnerability at startup, and several more frames where feet and midsection are invulnerable, allowing it to pass through fireballs.
  • Stand jab has better priority, can stop Honda’s torpedo and Blanka’s roll but is not any better as an anti-air attack.

  • New move: df+roundhouse is a fake slide that travels short distance and recovers faster than the real slide.

  • Jump straight up + strong now juggles the same as jump toward/away + strong.

  • Super input window is larger and is a fixed size, rather than random size.*

it’s the Devil Reverse that got a couple frames of invincibility…if the PC did get invincibility; then it’d be too much, IMO. Dictator’s fine right now. :slight_smile:

Sirlin did that so the DR could get out of tick throws and corner traps, if you anticipate it.


Dictator’s offense-incarnate: kill or be killed.

charge db, ub

hitting uf makes him go horizontally to the other side of the screen and u makes him go mid screen.

When you’re running the show, sure you can be super aggressive. But once characters start locking you down or zoning you, you need to switch to super patient mode and look for your opening. Being overly zealous will get you beat down quick.

Has anyone found some fun uses yet for the fake slide besides fake slide -> throw? From further away, it seems like fake slide into head stomp or devils reverse might be fun to throw your opponent off, but I haven’t tried anything fancy like that. I keep forgetting I have the move when I play him :rofl:

Fake slide into cr.mk xx headstomp is fun. Dunno how good it is, but it’s fun. :wink:

Also, I think that jab PC had some invincibility frames in ST (like 3 or so). Think fierce has 1.