M. Bison ftw (Dictator Thread)

So far, he really doesn’t seem that different. I haven’t had a whole lot of luck using DR as a reversal; it seems a bit better than before but the 2 frames of invincibility really don’t add too much. Main thing it seems great for is getting out of ticks into command grabs. Anyone else have more luck with it?

The new standing jab (besides now looking enormous) is great for anti-torpedo/ball situations and actually seems to work pretty damn well as a semi-far anti-air against some moves. Have to experiment a bit more with it.

I really, really like the new fake slide. It’s fast enough to be useful just to close in quickly (for example, after a s.mk if they fear scissors or another poke) and looks pretty much exactly like the real slide. Won’t be something I use constantly, but it definitely has plenty of applications. :bgrin:

i’ve actually been whoring the slide, with pretty good results. i’d say 65% success throws.

call me reckless, but i use it around less than sweep range to give the “oh shit!” deer-in-the-headlights look, then toss them.

with uppercutters, i’m wary, of course, but Dic has always been high-risk, high-reward.

I havent found the slide particularly useful, I’ve been using it to bait sweeps then go into headstomp.

What I’ve noticed about the slide isn’t so much that it lets you get a throw for free every now and again, but rather it makes his real slide actually valuable for pressure. Before I would only use the slide to get a knockdown on someone landing from a DP like move, and only then if I didn’t have charge for a Crusher or Knee Press. It was way too risky otherwise. Now with the fake slide being there, one can actually get opponents to fear the slide. If they block all the time, they’re screwed. It’s pretty funny getting the knee jerk reactions from some people who are used to the whole “block & punish” routine for the slide. Of course, the safe thing to do is just try to punish the slide before the block every time, but hey, that’ll probably take a while before everyone starts doing it. Even then, the slide will still be useful for movement and getting in after a knockdown. Hell, in vanilla ST I mainly used the slide to escape jump ins if I didn’t have a charge.

Also, his new straight up j.mp is sexy, especially if you have meter. One can now predict an incoming low attack and use the neutral j.mp to respond. That shit launches. That can then be followed up with j.mp x2 and then the super.

As far as devil reverse goes…it’s alright. It’s not really reliable because the invincibility window for it is only 2 frames. Meh, it’s another tool. Maybe in time more uses will be found.

All in all, I love the changes. They provide more risk/reward for Dictator, which is what he was always about in the first place.

Agreed. I’m loving this move.

Trying to see if I can time it to come down on a honda torpedo and combo from it. Would also like to use it as an instant overhead (since it knocks down into more pressure) but I don’t think it hit’s on crouching characters :confused: (at least not from the little bit of practice mode versus Ken I got in last night)

Ah, why do I have to wait another couple days before I can play again?!? So much stuff I want to try out. Damn you Thanksgiving!

I will definitely be keeping up with this thread though. :tup:

Hmm…come down on honda’s torpedo…I don’t know, it might work. The timing is probably a bitch though.

Oh, and I’ve found that following up with j.mp x2 after landing a neutral j.mp on a grounded Ken seems to have harder timing than on other characters for some reason. Who knows, maybe Ken just gets to me.

The instant overhead idea seems like cool, I’ll do some testing and report back if I find anything.

Can someone list Bison’s bnb combos for someone (me) that is new to ST?

Love the slide and haven’t tried the dr. Other than that its kick ass.

All his old ones in the wiki still work. The main one to use is j.HK > c.MK > Crusher. It does great damage and dizzies most of the time. If you’re confident you can do j.HK > s.LK > c.MK > Knee Press. That combo does insane damage and dizzies. Follow that up with the first combo for the win.

St jab is GDLKE for anti air. New dr reversal hasn’t been useful at all to me but straightup jmp is pretty cool dictator seems really good even with the buffs everyone else got st mk/hk pokes and his throw range coupels with the occasional cr mk into scissors is still great pressure.

Fake slide is alright but I find myself using real slide more.

i like mixing up knee press and fake slide in pressure. After a standing forward> fake slide I have got throw every time.

The combo I always go for when set up correctly is either jumping forward/jumping roundhouse> standing short> standing short> crouching forward> psycho crusher(FP) on crossup or jumping forward/jumping roundhouse> standing short> crouching forward> knee press(RH).

Some good pressure strings can be st.Short> cr.Forward> st.Forward> 1 hit Knee Press(WK)> st.Forward> Knee press. All knee presses can be replaced with head stomp, devils reverse, or fake slide for mixup purposes. And as you all know you can move up a little bit to make the pressure string last longer or go for throws.

When knocking down you can wiff slide/fake slide and meaty cr.Forwardx2, head stomp, or wiff st.Short bait uppercuts. After throwing the opponent successfully or hitting them with a knee press or psycho crusher you can set up for the TOD combo.

Good tick throws can come from st.Short, st.Strong, or cr.Strong and sometimes cr.Forward.

Thats all I can think of that may not have been said.

I think the new invul. devil’s reverse is amazing. I’ve used it to get out of SPDs, out of the corner, and even as anti crossup. I think that move is awesome.

I used it to get out of sagat fb pressure twice it really is ALOT better then I thought:woot:

Anyone have some tips for defeating Boxer? Everytime I go on the offensive I usually end up getting headbutted constantly and if I try and play defense I get nasty rushdowns coming my way.


watch and learn. all about the tricks.:lovin:

Yuuvega is my hero. Taira is fun to watch too.

check out the insanely awesome trick Yuuvega does in the middle of the match against Tsuji:

d.forward xx Headstomp hits (angle to land behind Boxer), j.strong x 2 for juggles. wow. that’s a crazy trick.

That was ridiculous.

So I found something interesting today.

I was playing a dude online with Dictator, and he was using Fei Long. He managed to corner me and was using a lot of crouching pokes and rekkas to keep the pressure on. Due to him always crouching, I saw an opportunity to jump and go for an aerial. In this situation I would normally go for neutral j. HK > c. MK > HP Crusher because it’s generally a win/win/win if they don’t pop you out of the air. If it hits, big damage and a likely dizzy, which means you win. If they block it, you get out of the corner(You’ll most likely get hit for the crusher but it’s worth it to get out of that damn corner) . If they block and the is spacing wrong, you still might make some progress out of the corner, but at the very least you’ll get them to back off. So, rather than use my safe bet, I decided to try something. I did a neutral j. MP. He blocked it…from a crouch. I lost because I was in shock and just sat back on my sofa in disbelief and ate a Rekka for it.

That’s right kids, neutral j. MP isn’t an overhead. That means no instant overhead shennanigans. This makes me a Sadnord. :sad: It’s alright though I suppose. You can get some people to be afraid of it enough to freeze up and just block instead of using an anti-air.

Speaking of anti-air, what’s Dictator’s best option? So far I’ve just been using neutral j. HK and neutral j. MP if I think I can time it right. It seems to me like that’s another one of his weaknesses, a lack of solid anti-air. Half the time I just run away with a Crusher, or if the jump arc is right I might use Knee Press, but that’s a ghetto ass move to use for that purpose. I have no clue what to do when a Shoto does an Aerial Hurricane kick. I haven’t found a move yet that really beats it without trading. It seems like they can jump in for free (especially Akuma!).

Right now my biggest problem matchup is Ken, mainly because that new Hurricane Kick is hard to react to. You s.HK it on reaction if you have enough distance…but that shit just moves so fast. I’m going to try to crouch and use the Knee Press or Crusher to punish. That might work. I tried to do c.mk into Knee Press to punish a couple of times, but it seems like the can Knee Bash you for free if you try that and they expect it.

Also, am I the only one that thinks it’s bullshit that you can get thrown out of a knee press? Seriously, it’s happened twice to me. Both of Dictator’s feet were completely off the ground and his ass was in the air, just starting to bring his feet forward from the flip…and I’ll be damned if I don’t get thrown. I’m down with throws and all, I abuse the hell out of them, but getting thrown in the middle of a scissor kick is fucking weird.

His AAs are standing feirce and crouching feirce and sometimes standing Jab. To get out of Ken hurricain kick shenanigans I Devils Reverse. That seems to work better than trying to react and hit him out of it. That move is too fast for me.

I was messing with corner psycho crusher crossup with different characters and I don know if its the same as ST but I figured I would post who it works on and what side…
Ryu: Player 2 side
Honda: Both sides
Blanka: Both sides
Guile: Player 2 side
Boxer: Player 2 side
Ken: Player 2 side
Chun: Neither sides
Zangief: Both sides
Sim: Player 2 side
Sagot: Both sides
Dictator: Player 2 side
Cammy: Neither sides
DeeJay: Both sides
Fei-Long: Both sides
T.Hawk: Both sides
Claw: Player 2 side but cant short> short

This set up can be done after a Knee press, throw, or full screen slide.