A brilliant British crime drama about a genius detective filled with bombastic ire, Luther is definitely one of my favorite shows. The progression of DC John Luther over the course of 2 seasons have been very engaging and also saddening at times. I can’t wait for the 3rd season. The cast is superb and the plots are well-driven.

So fans of the show, let’s discuss!

Am I the only person who thought this thread was about Lex?

Yep lol I haven’t even seen the show, but Idris Elba’s reputation as an actor exceeds all things Superman

Planning to watch the show after I’ve finished watching a couple of other shows

Idris is a G… Last Nights Luther was good. Crazy ass villans…


Man I love this show, the last episode was awesome. I really hope they do another series. Idris is an amazing actor, I was reading that he was interested in doing Blade if they did another.

This show is absolutely great. action and emotional highs and lows. i try to get everyone in my office to watch it. now at least i got peeps on SRK to talk about it with now lol

^ This… I cant see anyone else as Blade except Snipes. Still waiting for Marvels/Spike lee’s version of a marvel hero team up - Blade (wesley snipes), Power man (Michael Jai White) and Black panther (idris) lol… that would be awesome.

lol That would be awesome indeed. If they couldn’t get Idris Elba for the Black Panther role they could also use Djimon Hounsou as well.

a lot of people tell me this is a great show but i havent had the time to watch it.

Women are hypnotized by Idris.
I’ve seen a couple eps on netflix, and it’s good.

Girls like men who are tall and brooding with anti-pussy powers.

I’m just fascinated by the great actors, smoky London backdrop, criminals, and…

Tell me why I had no clue season 2 was out and COMPLETE?! Here I am waiting for that shit to come out this fall or something and ya’ll talking about the last episode being great! FUCK MY LIFE! :rofl:

4 episodes tho??

Best 4 episode Season you’ll ever see…

I wanna bone Alice Morgan. That is all.

lol luther doesnt have anti pussy powers…his ex wife causes instant blue balls. doors/windows/offices get wrecked.

im finishing up season 1…sooo fucking good. im pretty sure they did a law n order reference. he said “get in touch with detective munch in nyc”

Yes they did do a Law and Order ref.

I don’t consider loving and wanting to get back to his wife of **18 years **something that would negate his anti-pussy. The fact that he got in that position was because he was neglecting her for his job.

Just finished Season 2.

Not a fan of the first killer, but the finale made up for it.

I very much enjoyed it. Being from London myself, it was great recognizing the settings! The crimes are genuinely terrifying and the tension gets revved up quite high in the race to stop the villains
The bad: This program can be so stupid at times, like almost 24 level of stupid. The villans aside from Alice are IMO completely non-threatening and soft. You want to see a good exmaple of threatening/intimidating? Look at Martin Schenk

Luther as a character is fantastic and Idris Elba plays it well. So well, in fact that the programme wouldn’t be worth watching if he weren’t in it. Some of the things Luther does IMO elevate him to an almost Bauer-like status

Idris is a damn fine actor, was hoping for more Alice/Luther scenes this season. I didn’t think the bad guys in this season was all that interesting this season, but the last episode made up for it. As disappointing as having a short season, its awesome seeing long high quality episodes (even though I just complained about the bad guys)

Yeah, season 1 definitely > Season 2, but DAT LAST EPISODE BOI! When’s season 3? This fall? Don’t tell me it already aired :rofl: