Low tier standards

I love playing low tier marvel. Shit gets intense and its fun digging through the roster and creating teams that you never thought would be any fucking good and end up beastly.

The thing is there is no standard yet and I’ve brought this up in the past.

This is what I think are fair rules:

ban the following:

top 4, strider, doom, IM\WM, BH, spiral, sim and cyke.

tron and mando are allowed.

a lot of people complain about tron but all you need are assists that can stuff her and in the scope of low tiers, thats quite a few. yea she does hella life but if you get into that position where she hurts the point or helper, chances are you we’re going to get hit anyway.

imo, megaman kinda should be banned too but I would like to ask what other people think about it.

If those low tier rules aren’t fair, what do you suggest to make it more fair?

if you think a character thats banned should be in a this low tier tourney setup, list why.

If you just don’t like the rules, list why too.

I just want to see what people think are proper fair rules to low tier marvel. IMO, every tournament should have 2 marvel tournies. A top tier one and a low tier one. 52 characters in a game but we’ll only run tops. Yea, thats fine and all but some low tiers aren’t garbage! they just need their own rules to shine.

wow. that’s not a bad idea. just don’t make it too official or anything, because tbh it’s a waste of people time and effort and talent to go into something so ridiculous. it may be ridiculous but damn is it a fun idea. and it could really open up some characters as a whole too!

for the banned rules, I think

Top 4
spiral (I don’t know too much about her, is she ban worthy without her team?)
captain commando
maybe psylock
maybe rogue
maybe bh

the three maybes because they would most likely be the top tier “low tier” team in this format. BH would take sent’s place, rogue would take mag’s place, and psylock because of her godly as assist.

oh, and without doom, strider isn’t THAT scary. and why is dhalsim on your ban list? dhalsim IS sim right? is there something to him that I’m missing?

no Black heart has got to go.
spiral and strider can both work off of tron or some other stupid assist.
psylocke should stay. cap.com should stay. rouge should stay.

psylocke has a pretty good lockdown but the only people i’d worry about would be
Ruby Heart and Morrigan.

whats wrong with that pointsystem they were using for low tier

the biggest problem(s) with the current low tier system is:

cyc is allowed

half the cast that needs tron to deal with him doesn’t have access to tron. Limiting the tron assist to certain characters simply stacks the deck for cyc.

there is a decent reason why most “low tier” tourneys end up with a cyclops team at the top.

cyc is a mid tier killer, justinw likes it that way i’m sure.:sad:

well your list looks pretty good then

edit: thoughts about morrigan and ruby heart?

im mostly concerned about ruby heart i mean shes got really stupid 50/50 mix ups, nasty otgs and lawl glitches

F the point system. this is the new one. AMEN!

ruby and morrigan are just top mid tier char imo

ruby/morrigan/tron is rlly rlly goooood.

i dont feel like the quality mid tier + tron combinations should be banned, i’d rather let them shine.

the whole point of a low tier tourney is to get ppl to use characters that we never see alot of. Banning ruby morrigan would just defeat this purpose. I agree with only banning

No one really plays wm, bh, stirder or dhalsim so i can see why u wouldn’t want to ban them but they will just be like the next god tier, (bh/capcom etc.) so i say we ban bh strider and dhalsim even though they arnt readily used.

So i would say just ban those 12 characters, we don’t need to have a point system either.

Iceman should be banned if you’re going to ban those under the big 4.

he’s not that good imo, he’ll still get rushed down in close by a good pin assist + a mid tier with good rushdown(morrigan/psy/anakaris/chun)

I feel like we should leave the char that are good at keeping away(iceman/mm/ruby/sonson)

the char that are good at rushing need the other side of the coin.

imo no 1 mid tier char is worth banning.

sim/strider/bh/spiral/doom/im/cyc/gods all gotta go. nobody else really warrants a ban.

Please do not forget WM.

I like this so far.Alot.

guile ftw.


this has been my argument for about 2 years running, it took me about a year to get shoultzabbims to see my side of this argument. I’m glad other people are looking at this from another angle.:nunchuck:

Nah, psylocke and rogue are cool.

Rogue isn’t nearly as problematic as Magneto , she has a good tri-jump, be she doesn’t have the damaging shit that mag does. Not even close. If any character will replace mag i’d say it’s Morrigan. And she doesn’t even come close either.

and sim, if not for strider would be the best capcom character in the game. he has the second best runaway in the game, great damage, great mixups, scrubby combos that do alot of damage, etc.

psylocke has a great assist, but the four characters that put it to best use, (storm, IM, WM and Mag) are out of the equation so…yeah.

Hell, I play Jill, SM and Gambit with psylocke assist. Trust me, it isn’t as deadly with them. On the other hand, tron makes almost everyone better

ok, here’s the list so far based on popular demand.

Top 4
captain commando
maybe tron (she’d be a staple and in essence “god tier” in this low tier format)

did I hit it on the head? anything else? I’m still convinced that strider just isn’t as scary without doom or tron. sure he might be a great character in this format but really doesn’t make him “broken”

tron stays. She’s not that cheap and AA with decent priority will either beat her most of the time or @ worst trade hits.

striders has to go because strider\iceman is pretty cheap team. It does quite a bit of chip per pattern.

I’m sorry, but for alot of characters I think strider is a bitch even without a chip assist.

But moving on…

Ok, who’s up for a suggesting some effective teams WITHOUT tron?

HERE’S THE 99% OFFICIAL TIER LIST! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! the last 1% would be complete if we had some input from justin wong himself.


Iron Man
War Machine
Strider Hiryu
Maybe Tron

due to some issues Tron put back on the waiting list. I won’t have her long though, I only put it because I want everyone to know that there’s some debate shit going on about it right now. please take part.

There is no point system. All characters who are not on the Ban List may be played.

Comments : everyone please take part in the “Ban Tron or not?” arguement. any questions or edits that anyone would want to apply post it up! all criticism and idea’s are welcome!

Edits : CapCom taken off list. After some thinking I felt that more characters in the game plus more assist types is much better then buffing up characters a little. Tron put back on the maybe list.

The post above is going to be the edit’d holy post. But I’m thinking…for some characters would it be better to just ban the ASSIST? I mean doom and capcom for example. the only reason for them being played is because of assist. without them they’re just average characters.


I’ve been back and forth on the issue of Assist bans versus straight character bans and there’s good reasons supporting both sides. The characters in question are Tron and Doom, and to a lesser extent, CapCom and Psylocke. Looking at these characters, and keeping in mind that the goal here should be to ban as few characters as possible in order to create the most balanced, but widest scope of low-tier options, I immediately want CapCom and Psylocke to stay in the running bc 90% of the time, they only get play with God Tier. If Storm, Sent, and Mag are out, then why ban the assists that they abuse? Besides, if you ban Psylocke or CapCom, then what do you do with Ken?

IMO CapCom should stay. Take a look at that list. Every character there is banned because they have incredible point play- - i.e. even solo they would still be god or top tier. You’re only banning Captain Corridor Assist and imo its only Sent and to lesser degree Storm, Cable, and lately Magnus that benefit in anything close to a broken way. CapCom is lookin harmless compared to the rest of those names.

Logically, to my mind, you can’t ban a character on assist alone. That’s why Tron’s in there, and that’s why Doom is not-- his assist is incredible, but he’s got ridiculous screen coverage, free chip, infinite, etc. in addition to that assist, while Tron’s not quite as potent as Doom. “Not quite as potent” is giving Tron a lot of credit because she’s not played anywhere near to potential because its not worth it risk/reward to play tron on point when you’re running something like Mag/Storm/Tron. So let’s see Tron and CapCom step up in a low tier format.