"Low Health, Low Damage" - The Yosuke Hanamura Thread

Throwing out Dash Spring worked for Days 1 and 2, but it’s really not all that wise.

Well, he doesn’t have health, or damage, but he has everything else-- great pressure; the best speed and movement out of anyone in the cast; fast, high-range normals; the ability to zone out slower members of the cast pretty effectively.

As for Dash Spring, every character has tools to punish the follow ups if the block it. If they don’t just DP, they can usually roll into a full combo. If you want to punish whiffs from range, just dash in and 2C for the fatal counter. I will say, though, that SB Dash is projectile invincible and gets you a full air combo, so that’s worth throwing out against zoning.

I believe dash spring can be made relatively safe for pressure. It can’t be thrown whenever you want but comboing into it, moonsaulting back, gives Yosuke manyoptions. Doing nothing allows one to punish Yu’s and Mitsu’s DPs clean. Moonsaulting back into C kunai catches most chasers if they call the moonsault away. Finally you can moonsault back into mirage slash, becoming a delayed low attack which can catch a rushed dp. The mirage slash can also be canceled into kunai throw. You can also cancel the mirage slash into another moonsault, giving you two moonsaults back! With all of this, dash spring can be made quite safe and is a great bait into varying punishes. It all depends on your opponent and how well you read them.

you’re describing gimmicks.
as a way of making an unsafe move safe.

and i don’t know what you’re talking about by ‘giving you two moonsaults back’. there is a limit of 3 moonsaults. that’s always the case. you can just flip back and forth 3 times. you can never flip in the same direction twice if that’s what you meant. if you use kunai you cannot moonsault again. if you use slash and it whiffs you also cannot moonsault again. except if you do SB kunai or SB slash (well, you SB the moonsault technically).

like basman said. 2C and also 5C are what you use to punish stuff. a blocked 2C is safe afaik. and 5C>2C gives you plenty of time to confirm. even just 2C on a counterhit gives you a long time to confirm. remember if you’re near the max range for 2C to hit, 236B will NOT combo. only 236A will combo at maxish range of 2C due to startup.

Not that I really give a fuck or that it matters but for the sake of conversation, is Yosuke difficult to use? It seems like he would be because of his speed. It looks like you have to input things much faster, especially with the mixups and moonsaults.

But you can’t deny that gimmicks can win games.
What I don’t like is how you’re saying "Never throw it out, it’s ***never ***going to work."
You never know unless you try. I could see your point if Yosuke had no options after moonassaulting but the fact is that he does.

This spring dash argument is basically the same as the Wolverine dive kick one. “Why would you raw dive kick? Who is stupid enough to fall for that one?” Still we routinely see Wolverine CH’ing the mess out of people off a move that “no one should fall for”.

In summation, try it out during a match (at a good time, like if your opponent keeps using a move with long start-up) and see what happens. There are no TOD’s in this game. You will probably have a chance to retaliate if things go wrong.

you can throw anything out at any time. there are always uses for something virtually whenever.
that’s a moot point.

dash spring isn’t safe. leave it at that. you said it was, it isn’t. don’t tell people it’s safe when it isn’t.

So i haven’t put as much time into this game as I want yet but I’ve played brosuke as my main. Quick question for you guys, the A, B, C, :d: C, :qcf: B chain I can’t seem to connect outside the corner. now i can do the chain with :qcf: A midscreen but then you don’t get the moonsaults. Also don’t forget you can do :d: C after dash springs and moonsaults.

I’ve also decided I hate his tornado super, if you do it wrong you can even be punished for landing it sometimes, no reason it needs that much recovery. Also what would your all’s 1 more combos go for spending meter, would it be to cancel a :qcf: A into another ground series? Since I feel his super is kind of bad I’m trying to find out what best meter use is for him if its alpha counters +1’s or whatever.

You need to start the combo into 236B point blank. You can do it mid-screen but you can’t be on the edge of 2C or it won’t connect. feels like it depends on what you use to combo into it (since different each move pushes differently). i’m not 100% sure what combinations combo and what don’t and if it’s just timing being off (kind of hard to be off in this game really). just practice different sequences and see what works.

i mostly just use A,A,2B,C,2C (236B or A if not started pointblank).

garudyne(super) is fine. just practice it.

as for OMC. pretty sure you could do a lot better than just cancelling a dash spring (236A/B). he has a lot of potential in the air so i’d look for places to OMC in the air.

You misunderstood. If you moonsault back off of dash spring into mirage slash, you can then moonsault back again in the same direction. This covers alot of situations and most people just won’t call it. I won’t call it safe because honestly, moonsault back into C kunai covers most basic punishes. You really only have to start involving mirage slash if they start calling you on it. Watch a few high level Yosukes that use dash spring in their block strings. They have a variety of tricks to make it safe and bait/punish chasing.

So New combo’s for you guys to consider. You can do A, A, C, :d: C, :d: A+B, :qcf: B into normal air finisher from midscreen for good damage. You can also doing A, B, C, :d: C, :qcf: A, :qcf: C+D, :f: :f: B---->> into air finisher of ur choice or go for air grab reset etc.

I made a video with some very simple mid-screen resets that work on neutral air recovery and is applicable to away recovery but the cross under is lost.

I wanna level up with Yosuke but i don’t understand num pad terminology could someone transcribe alot of this stuff with ABCD terms?

Has anyone found any Sukujaya [S]install super[/S] only combos?

I’ve pretty much been sticking with the challenge mode combos, lol.

Nice. Been looking for a decent mid screen combo. Experimenting for hours and really couldn’t come up with anything. I find it easy to do his Crescent Slash in the corner better then mid screen. Any ideas? I don’t just want to throw the persona out there to start the combo. To much risk against someone who knows what they’re doing.

Also any ideas for combo potential for Mirage Slash?

The only hard part I would say is finishing the opponent off. He doesn’t deal much damage, compared to others, so that makes it hard to get the finisher.

If you want a simple midscreen combo ANY opener : “:d: A, A, A” “:d: A, :d: B” “A, A” “j. C, 2 A, A, A” and so on you get the idea. Will combo into: “C, :d: C, :qcf: A, :qcf: D, :qcf: :qcf: D”. its very easy and reliable, you can also usually fit in a :d: A+B after the :d: C in the string for some extra damage.

Thanks. I’ll put it to work soon.

Mirage slash is only cancellable into other specials while in Sukukaja afaik.

TK or low to the ground sb Crescent slash combos into st.A, cr.B into an air combo. Airdash j.B xx sb Crescent Slash is a double - overhead… kinda gimmicky though.

Yeah, I am wondering this too. I always passed up the uberfast characters because I have the conception that you need a high execution level by default to play them. But this is Yosuke, and I wanna give him a go. So execution-wise compared to say, Kanji, is he just at another level?

As for the finishing people off, I would imagine it being the opposite. Wouldn’t the super fast mixup character be good at finding that one last opening to take them out? Or is that other characters can do so with the foe having a good deal more health?

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