"Low Health, Low Damage" - The Yosuke Hanamura Thread

This is a thread to talk about and discuss strategy for Yosuke. I’ll be updating this post for awhile as new information seeps in. The title is a joke off the Day 1 speculation of Zero in vanilla MVC3,

Post Under Construction, More [S]Animu Bullshit[/S] **tech being added

Health: 8300
Playstyle: Rushdown w/ light zoning

Skill Moves
236A or 236B on Ground = [S]Dash Spring[/S] Bon Voyage (SB Version is Projectile Invincible)
236C or 236D (in air) = Kunai
236A or 236B (in air) = Moonassault (Crescent Slash Follow up press A or B)
2D or 2C (in air) = Mirage Slash (SB Version is a stationary teleport)
236C or 236D (on ground) = Tentrafoo [S]Stank Breath[/S]

Super Moves:
236236C (in air or ground) = Garudyne [S]Mighty Tornado[/S]

215215C = Sukukaja [S]Install Super [/S]
222CD = Brave Blade [S]Maximum Spider[/S]

Opening Moves (Combo Starters/Pokes, Safe on block)
(Note: Button transcription order NumPad/Marvel Notation/Street Fighter Notation)






2A/ :d: +


/ :d: + :lk:


J.B/ J.





[details=Spoiler]2B/:d: +

/ :d: + :lk:


(Unblockable against airborne opponent. Blockable against grounded opponent. Very Unsafe on block[/details]

Whiff Punishers






*Safe on block, long time to hitconfirm follow-up with Dash Spring, Risks Persona Getting Counter Hit.

2C/ :d: +


/ :d: + :mp:


*Safe on block, Fatal Counters, Risks Persona Getting Counter Hit.

Aerial Maneuverability


Tri-dash Glide (7:22) Done by air-dashing to air turn and then kara canceling 2B

Moonassault Flip


J.236A/B/ J. :qcf: +


or J. :qcf: +


/ J. :qcf: + :lp: or J. :qcf: + :lk:

*Main purpose is for combos. Secondary purpose is to lightly assist with kunai zoning. Third purpose is to make Dash Spring harder to punish (but its still risky) on block.

Counter Hit Fishin’ aka Tebbo’s Favorite Move :wink: (jk)



236A/B/ :qcf +


or :qcf: +


/ :qcf: + :lp: or :qcf: + :lk:
SB Version = :qcf: + (the two buttons)

*Godlike hitbox, carries into a full combo, SB version travels full screen and is projectile invincible, Unsafe on block but can be made significantly harder to punish by using repeated moonassault flips or kunais. Some characters (prominently Yu and Mitsuru) can punish this easily with a clean DP,

Combos (Number notation for now, Will be transcribing later)

DM = Damage
SP = SP Gain

  • = typical starter (Openers)*

Beginner Combos

** 5Ax12 [DM:3074/SP:37%(-50%)]**
2Ax2 > 2B > 2AB [DM:634/SP:6%]
j.C > 5B > 2AB [DM:972/SP:6%]
5A > 5B > 5C > 236A > j.236D [DM:1350/SP:12%]
2C > 236B > j.236A~A > j.236D [DM:2735/SP:16%]
j.236A~Ax3 [DM:2094/SP:13]
j.B > j.2B > dj.Bx3 > j.2B [DM:1173/SP:8%]

*** Midscreen***

Normal Starter
5DD > j.B > j.2B > dj.B > j.2B > j.236D > j.236236D [DM:3516/SP:14%(-50%)]
** 5Ax4 > Delay > 5A > j.2C > 236B > j.236D [DM:2601/SP:39%]**
5A > 5C > 2C > 236B > j.236D [DM:1873/SP:14%]
5A > 5C > 2C > 236B > [j.236A~A]x2 > j.236D [DM:2692/SP:22%]
2A > 5A > 5C > 2C > 2AB > 236A > j.236D [DM:1605/SP:16%]
CH 2A > 5C > 2C > 236B > [j.236A~A]x2 > j.236D [DM:2405/SP:22%]
5C > 2C > 236B > [j.236A~A]x2 > j.236D [DM:2977/SP:21%]
j.B > j.2B > dj.Bx3 > j.236D [DM:1544/SP:11%]
j.B > 5B > 5C > 2C > 236A > j.236D [DM:2004/SP:15]
j.C > 5A > 5C > 2C > 236A > j.236D [DM:2047/SP:16]
FC 2C > 236B > j.2C > 2A > 2B > 2C > j.B > j.2B > dj.B > j.2B > [j.236A~A]x2 > j.236D [DM:4612/SP:34%][/spoilers]

4 Peoplez who like to watch moviez instead of read numbuhs,
(Combo Vids and Resets)

[details=Spoiler]Thanks Scorpyn702!

Great Japanese Player Dude

found some pretty basic BNBs with him. currently watching Japanese matches so i can learn his more advanced stuff.

seems like a decent character. very fast and mixup based. his pressure seems pretty good as well.

in Japanese matches i notice they are able to connect cr.AB into D. not sure how they get it to work

was it a counter or fatal counter?
also could have been before patch.

does sukukaja affect normal recovery? maybe that also?

Right now i’ve been playing around with his psudo tri dash… let me explain.

during an air dash kara cancel 2B into air turn to change yosuke’s trajectory causing him to glide to the ground which can lead to some very tricky set-ups and is a great mobility tool.

so far im really enjoying Yosuke. his knives are a surprisingly good zoning tool, especial in the Kanji match-up

as for bnb’s ive been using 2a 5a 5b 5c 2c 236b ((air)236a a 236c 236236c).

what have you guys been using?

First off I don’t know the persona button terminology yet but i’ll be going by the standard Xbox controller in this post.

A = X
B = A
C = Y
D = B

Please note that since I’m a Firebrand user and Yosuke’s attack-grab (236B) is nearly identical to Firebrand’s Bon Voyage. I’m going to skip the complicated japanese terminology and just call it Bon Voyage.

Yosuke’s Bon Voyage (236B) is a great high priority tool that has a an enormous amount of active frames. It catches many people during their start-up frames so Yosuke can Counter Hit all-day long. Even if blocked he can cancel it into Backflip (215A) for safety. On Bon Voyage’s hit I usually go (in air) 236a a 236 a 236 a 236236c.

Have you found anyway to implement his confusion persona grab (236D) into a combo?

There are some really cool fatal counter combos that end in tentarafoo. I’ll edit in a video later today.

What are you guys using to stage an offense with yosuke?
I haven’t really had time to cook up some fancy setups but I’ve been enjoying a hop into airD followed by 236b to lead into a mixup, or dash up throw, all out attack, hop attack into combo or sweep. It’s important to note Yosuke’s D attack gives advantage on block and is great tool to start up an offense.

Can anyone link me to a page explaining the properties of ex special moves?

that’s great that you play umvc3 dude but a lot of people don’t. don’t use terminology that has nothing to do with the game. it’s confusing.

as for starting offense, 5D for sure. or if close, 2C since i think it’s actually pretty safe? also j.C, stays out a long time, safe afaik.

this is a great video from a great yosuke player:

edit: the backflip from a blocked dash spring is not something i would call safe.

He recovers before the opponent does from blockstun at a far distance. I don’t see how that’s not safe. I mean its not ideal but you won’t be heavily punished.

Anyway has anyone got his tridash down? (7:22)


i’ll try to test that out later but i don’t think it’s always safe.

No rush. After I get back from an errand in a 1/2 hour I’m going to start consolidating real info on the thread’s first post.

12:26 in the video you just linked shows why Dash Spring is unsafe on block, lol. The Yu player pretty much drops the combo every time he punishes, but you can see that you can just roll after blocking dash spring, and anything Yosuke does will be unsafe (kunai, which would be safe on block, will whiff).

But yosuke had another moonassault he could of done instead of attacking. I’m pretty sure after the second moonassault then he could of thrown a safe kunai.
But anyway Mitsuru can definitely punish blocked [S]Dash Spring [/S] Bon Voyage into Moonassault because of this.



i hadn’t watched the video, good example. i’m not sure which characters can consistently punish it hard but that’s exactly what i’ve had happen. just wasn’t sure if it was me messing up or not.

you can’t just say oh moonsault again. ok well what if the other player decides to just wait? well now you’re right next to him in recovery. the other player can dash on reaction. so…that really does not work. i’ve had it happen to me and i’ve seen it happen to others.

it’s not a safe move. you shouldn’t be using it outside a combo.

Gotta disagree there, The move has really high priority, fast traveling, and its active frames are over the top.
And we can’t take for granted having the ability to do 3 Moonassaults in the air before landing.

In other words I see your point. It is punishable, it is a bit risky, but I hope we all can agree its not a guaranteed punish (thus far).
Also its only day 2 people, lets see what characters can consistently punish Dash Spring on block before we proclaim that its usage should be combo only.

Interesting view of Dash Spring’s Hitbox. Look how Yosuke’s hittablebox (blue square) is completely shielded by the red square. This is why I don’t think we should overlook its usage in neutral. Those are some awesome hitboxes during the move’s active frames (which last a very long time).




the game has been out for something like half a year.
these things have been tried. there is a reason you will rarely see someone use dash spring outside a combo.

ya ive been enjoying his tri-dash, its tricky if your not playing on stick… but extremely useful.
also the only way to make dash spring completely safe is to use meter. both ex kunai and j.2cd are safe options. anything else, although confusing, will not be completely safe on block.

Its too good of a move to completely ignore in neutral IMO. I occasionally throw it out to CH against moves I know have slow-startup or as a whiff punisher. But hey, to each his own.

Is it me, or does Low Health, Low Damage as a character thread title, not the best advertisement for a character?

Well…he is a low health, low damage character. It’s not a lie.